In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 52.2 – Four Little Eggs

Zhao Lingyu, however, only nodded to them indifferently and only greeted those who needed to be greeted. While Ren Sheng beside him didn’t even speak much and just wore a somehow confused smile throughout the whole process.

Seeing this scene, many people were puzzled. Zhao Lingyu was so outstanding after losing his fusion ability he woke up his S-class strength ability. How can such a person fall in love with a simple child who knows nothing?

The five great families do not care about their wives, but that was because the people they marry needed to give birth to their children. But Zhao Lingyu… did he hurt his head when he fought against the Zerg queen?

After receiving a lot of probing gazes, Ren Sheng couldn’t help feeling a little unhappy. Then he smashed the tip of his chin on Zhao Lingyu’s arm.

With his body nowadays, even if Ren Sheng took a knife and cut him, it wouldn’t be painful. But Ren Sheng acting like this… he reached out to hold Ren Sheng’s chin and asked with concern, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt. I only used a little force.” Ren Sheng said.

Leading Ren Sheng to the place where they could get some food, Zhao Lingyu handed him a small cake. “You bear with it, when it’s almost over, I’ll take you away first.”

“Good.” said Ren Sheng. He bit off half of the exquisite cake and criticized again, ‘This amount of food is really small. How many pieces of this cake do you need to eat, to become full? I want to eat the roasted suckling pig outside…”

For many women, this cake could be used as one meal. Maybe they will even lose weight because they feel that they have taken in too many calories. But Ren Sheng didn’t become fat at all, which was very enviable. No, there was actually nothing to envy. Zhao Lingyu thought that Ren Sheng doesn’t grow up no matter how much he eats and felt a little heartbroken.

“I’ll take you to eat later,” Zhao Lingyu said, but didn’t want to look up. Unexpectedly, he saw a commotion at the door.

What’s going on? Seeing that Ren Sheng had finished eating the cake, Zhao Lingyu prepared a few meatball he could eat while walking and headed over to the door,

The person who appeared at the door was none other than Yang Ye, and the reason for the commotion was because Yang Ye’s female companion was wearing a very loose evening dress, supposedly an evening gown for pregnant women.

“That’s right. My little Lu has been pregnant for more than a month.” Yang Ye said with a red face, and then introduced his fiancee Qiu Lu to the people present.

If Qiu Lu had not been pregnant, becoming Yang Ye’s girlfriend would provoke the jealousy of many people. But she was pregnant… For a time, the object of everyone’s jealousy would be Yang Ye.

Ordinary people had no problem giving birth to ten or twenty children in a lifetime of two hundred years. F-class, E-class, and D-class ability users could combine with each other, as long as their ability was not mutually exclusive. In their lifetime of hundreds of years, they could have several children, but children from B-class, A-class, and S-class ability users were very rare.

These ability users could generally live for four or five hundred years, so in such a long time it was not a problem to take care even of ten children, but if they could have two or three children it was already a blessing.

Not to mention that Yang Ye was also an S-class ability user… Every S-class ability user born in the Human Federation was a matter of universal celebration. This news would be broadcasted to the entire Human Federation!

Even those who didn’t like Yang Ye from the First Legion, couldn’t help envying him at this moment.

Receiving the jealousy and various blessings from people around him, Yang Ye proudly glanced at Zhao Lingyu. After finding that Zhao Lingyu was unmoved, he said, “I really don’t think this is anything. In fact, I have always admired Marshal Zhao, who for love couldn’t even want children.”

The Yang family has an heir, but Zhao Lingyu wanted to marry a man who couldn’t have children. At this moment, many people looked at Zhao Lingyu and sighed.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t care… “I only like him.”

All the attention was focused on Zhao Lingyu and Yang Ye, so no one noticed that someone else came at this time. The person who came was a middle-class nobleman from the Human Federation, who had been following the Yang family all the time. He was accompanied by a young man, who was similar to Ren Sheng.

That person of course was Roy.

From the time he landed on this island, Roy had been shocked. When he entered the Zhao family, he couldn’t help but look at everything around him jealously.

There were many expensive flowers and plants planted in the courtyard, and all the people coming and going were gentlemen and ladies. Even the movement of the cook who grilled meat for the guests was full of elegance.

In his opinion, barbecue at a banquet was something that only those upstarts who don’t understand etiquette would do. But now the Zhao family has prepared good ventilation equipment to prevent the fragrance from spreading in the yard and the actions of the chefs were so beautiful, that it made people feel that roasting meat was an elegant thing.

The dowry given by the Zhao family at the beginning was nothing to the Zhao family, but even then it has been able to bring the battered Thorn Chamber of Commerce back from the dead…

If only it was all his!

“Marshal Zhao is really dedicated.” Yang Ye said again.

“Ren Sheng is worth it.” Zhao Lingyu said and somehow looked forward to the next thing he arranged. By then, Yang Ye would definitely regret it.

Zhao Lingyu once again confessed in public, Ren Sheng’s face inevitably showed a happy smile, however, just at this time, another teenager’s clear voice suddenly sounded. “He’s not worth it, he’s a liar!”

This was a celebration banquet for the Zhao family. Even if the people present were envious and jealous of Ren Sheng, they wouldn’t speak nonsense. It was clear that Zhao Lingyu liked Ren Shen. The person who said, should have a brain problem, right?

Everyone’s eyes fell on the person who spoke and Roy, feeling the gaze of others on him shouted without hesitation, “Marshal, I’m Roy the son of the president of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, a Kay and plant ability user! My ship exploded on the way to Capital Star and I was stuffed into a lifeboat by my servant and drifted in the universe for a long time before I was saved. I wanted to come to you, but I had no money on me and was later sold to planet 12534 for mining. If you hadn’t saved me, Marshal, I’m afraid I would have died on that planet!”

Roy spoke very fast and while speaking, he also started to cry, looking very tragic. The people around could not help, but want to believe his words.

“Get him out.” Zhao Lingyu however frowned. He had seen Roy’s photo before, so he naturally recognized the man in front of him and could not help but feel a pang of disgust.

According to what he had investigated, the man in front of him clearly blew up his spaceship to escape the marriage. He allowed the crew of the spaceship to be killed by the explosion and changed Ren Sheng into his clothes, which could not help but be described as unscrupulous. Now, he even dared to come to his house.

“Marshal Zhao, wait a minute. This young man has grievances in his heart. Shouldn’t he be allowed to talk about it?” Yang Ye stopped Zhao Lingyu and made it clear he wanted to protect Roy.

“Marshal, someone hurt me! Someone wanted to kill me! Before the spaceship exploded, I heard that the Zhao family found Ren Sheng on Dream Star and brought him back as me, why would he impersonate me?” Roy was sobbing.

He knew Ren Sheng’s identity must not be normal. Dream Star was an agricultural planet that only recruited middle-aged people to take care of machinery, so there shouldn’t be any teenagers there. Even if there was a teenager, he wouldn’t lie alone in the forest, with only a few leaves wrapped around his body and without an identity chip.

Ren Sheng’s identity was not normal, his words will make people believe him!

If Roy had spoken up when Ren Sheng first arrived to the Zhao family, Zhao Lingyu might really believe that Ren Sheng was a spy sent by some organization, pretending to be Roy and trying to get close to him. But now Ren Sheng’s identity was known to him better than anyone.

Roy’s provocation would not make him feel suspicious of Ren Sheng, but rather increase the disgust he felt for Roy.

“How could there be such a thing?” Yang Ye had already heard Roy’s words once, but he still deliberately showed a shocked expression. “Marshal Zhao, what exactly is the identity of this Ren Sheng beside you?”

“He must be in a conspiracy with the person who blew up my ship. That spaceship had all my dowry and the servants who grew up watching me. Now there is nothing left.” Roy cried.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t believe Roy’s words, but some people believed him. They looked at Ren Sheng puzzledly. Did Ren Sheng really pretend to be Roy? No, the Zhao family clearly said that he was not a Kay.

Ren Sheng however was also bewildered and did not understand what was going on. What was this person saying? He had long been used to asking Zhao Lingyu about things he didn’t understand again, so at this time he asked, “Who is he? What is he talking about? “

“A crazy person who threw himself into a trap.” Zhao Lingyu said, while looking at Roy. “Do you know that the Zhao family has long stated that Ren Sheng was not a Kay from the Thorn Chamber of Commerce?”

“What?” Roy was surprised, how come he didn’t know about this matter at all?

“Yes Mrs. Zhao said that Ren Sheng was not a Kay, a long time ago.”Fang Chengjun helpfully said. At first, he was shocked when he heard Roy’s words, but he quickly came back to his senses. Ren Sheng was not that kind of person.

Did he not get enough information? Roy’s face turned white thinking of Yang Ye’s amused expression yesterday. He quickly realized that Yang Ye also knew about it. If he had known that Ren Sheng did not use his identity, he would have been more cautious, but now it was too late. “So what? He must have known that his genes could not be concealed. I can test my genes and prove that I am your fiance.”

Ren Sheng understood the word ‘fiance’ and immediately became angry. “You are talking nonsense! Zhao Lingyu is my fiance.”

“I came from the Freedom Alliance to marry Zhao Lingyu. I, Roy, am Zhao Lingyu’s fiance!”

Ren Sheng froze, suddenly remembering that Danio had called him Roy at the beginning. They recognized the wrong person then? The one who is going to marry Zhao Lingyu was actually this guy in front of him?

Ren Sheng suddenly felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He was not a person who would endure when he felt uncomfortable, so he looked at Roy angrily. “Zhao Lingyu is mine! You bastard!” If there weren’t so many people here, he would have hung this man up with his roots and burned him!

At this time Zhao Lingyu had received the information that Ivor passed over to him and lightly patted Ren Sheng’s shoulder to soothe him. “Don’t listen to his nonsense, I will only marry you.”

He quickly projected the report of their initial investigation of the ship onto the wall next to him. “When the Thorn Chamber of Commerce’s wedding ship exploded near Dream Star, I immediately sent someone to investigate. According to the investigation, someone tampered with the inside of the spaceship, which caused it to explode. After that, I asked the garrison to search for a long time in the vicinity, but they didn’t find any lifeboats, so what you said are all lies. As for Ren Sheng, although no one knows who his parents are, he grew up on the planet Vail, with a clean identity. He went to Dream Star to see his adoptive father’s younger brother. His uncle Daniu knew that he was a plant ability user and I needed a plant ability user to take care of me before, so he brought him to Capital Star.”

Zhao Lingyu had already arranged Ren Sheng’s identity, so with one move of his finger all of Ren Sheng’s experiences were projected.

Roy’s face immediately changed. He thought that Ren Sheng stole his identity to get close to Zhao Lingyu. Zhao Lingyu also didn’t make any moves against the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, so he dared to come to the banquet. But he didn’t expect that Zhao Lingyu had checked out everything and that Ren Sheng’s identity was even more impeccable.

“Roy, at the beginning, I didn’t think it was worth publicizing that you escaped. I also didn’t have enough evidence on hand and you were still missing, so I didn’t publicize this matter. Now that you have appeared, I will submit all the information found to the police and prosecute you for deliberately plotting to kill the crew of the spaceship.“ Zhao Lingyu said mercilessly. “You killed the crew of the ship just to escape the marriage, this is enough for you to be sentenced to death.”

“I didn’t, how could I have blown up my own ship? Also, his identity must be a forgery! It doesn’t even say who his parents are!” Roy said.

Zhao Lingyu had specially arranged it so that the identity of Ren Sheng’s parents would be unknown. He was afraid that it would look strange if he arranged for Ren Sheng to have a 100% human identity. At the end of the day, he could only take it seriously. “After you escaped from the marriage, you found out I was cured and now you not only want to stick to me again, but also pour dirty water on my lover? Roy, I contacted your father after I made sure you were missing. The engagement between the two parties was terminated long ago, so you trying to rely on me is impossible.”

Hearing Zhao Lingyu’s words, Reng Sheng’s eyes immediately bent from his smile. “Yes, you can’t rely on Zhao Lingyu. Lingyu is mine! Ouch!” Halfway through the sentence, Ren Sheng suddenly covered his head.

“Ren, what’s wrong with you?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng worriedly and then looked at Roy. “Why don’t you send this guy to the police station quickly? The person who brought him here, kick him out too!”

His plan was a complete failure! Roy’s face turned pale, but he made up his mind to not admit what he had done. “Zhao Lingyu, the spaceship explosion really has nothing to do with me. I like you, I really like you. I am a Kay. I can have your baby. Do you really want to marry this man and not me?”

“Zhao Lingyu won’t marry you! Who said that I can’t give birth to a child? I’m about to give birth!” Ren Sheng held his head and looked at Roy fiercely.

Ren Sheng’s words made all the people present stunned. What did he mean by “about to give birth”? Did this person have a problem with his head? He was a man, his stomach was flat, so how could he be about to give birth?

Moreover, even if he was about to give birth, how can he hold his head and shout that he is about to give birth? He should at least be a little more professional and hold his belly, right?

“Zhao Lingyu, is he crazy?” Yang Ye gloated as he looked at Zhao Lingyu.

“You’re the one who’s crazy.” Zhao Lingyu looked at Yang Ye with a slight frown and some tears of laughter. When Ren Sheng said that he was going to give birth, it should be that the fruits on his head were about to ripen. How is he going to explain this to others?

He could not help Ren Sheng this time. The fruits on his head were about to fall, but he couldn’t let others see them fall.

He didn’t even want to think about it. The first thing he needed to do was to go to the lounge that Shen Qiushi had prepared for them. Once inside, he immediately closed the door and flung himself onto the bed.

As soon as he jumped on the bed, Ren Sheng couldn’t help but become a plant. His plant body was just as big as his own body, so his clothes were still in good condition, but his trousers were all torn.

Soon after becoming a plant, four red fruits fell from his head. They were all the size of eggs. The four eggs rolled twice on the ground, then bounced into his arms.



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