In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 47.2 – Little Ginseng Mining

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng have known each other for some time, but apart from the refined soil, he has never seen Ren Sheng want anything. Now suddenly hearing such words, he was surprised and subconsciously wanted to ask.

However, Zhao Lingyu immediately remembered Ren Sheng’s special nature. The questioning words in his mouth turned into something else. “When everyone is on the warship, I will take you there.” It was rare for Ren Sheng to have a request, so he certainly wouldn’t refuse it.

“Okay.” Ren Sheng nodded obediently.

When Wu Shuai heard their conversation he gave Zhao Lingyu a shocked look. Was it true that heroes are weak to a beauty’s cry? The Marshal agreed to this after Ren Sheng just casually mentioned it?

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know what Wu Shuai was thinking, so after he made his decision he contacted Ivor. “Ivor, check if there are any bombs on planet 12534, then have the ability team come down. I’m going down to take a look later.”

Ivor answered and before long, several ability users arrived near Zhao Lingyu in a flying machine.

Corbien looked at those people around Zhao Lingyu from afar and frowned slightly.

Zhao Lingyu originally had a few experts standing around him, but now there were even more people protecting him. Sure enough, it was impossible for him to fight Zhao Lingyu openly. In this case, it would be better to try to steal some genes.

Thinking of this, Corbien felt a little complacent. He had specially calculated the max load of the First Legion warships. If there were no accidents and he boarded last, he would be able to board the central main ship.

The atmosphere on planet 12534 appeared abnormal because of the change in gravity. Those waiting for rescue found themselves able to gently jump three feet high, but at the same time it became difficult to breathe.

By this time, most of the people at the rescue site had already boarded the airship and only the largest rescue site, where Zhao Lingyu was still had 30000 people remained in place.

“Marshal, all the airships are already full.” Ivor contacted Zhao Lingyu. The load of all the other airships had reached their peak. now only the central main ship was not loaded with people yet.

“Let these 30,000 people into the central main ship, remember to keep an eye on them. No matter what their identity is, they can’t leave their cabins.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Yes, Marshal!” Ivor said. Not long after, the central main ship that had been parked outside the atmosphere began to slowly land. It did not land on the planet full of holes but hung in the mid air, while some large aircrafts landed.

The spaceship Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were standing on had already launched, so Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng to the ground, while clearly feeling the trembling coming from the ground.

The last 30,000 people were still there, so Zhao Lingyu needed to keep his promise and not leave. He watched from a distance while they boarded the aircraft and flew off.

His eyesight was extremely good and he even had direct eye contact with one of them.

That person looked a bit familiar… Zhao Lingyu was about to take a few more looks, when his clothes were pulled by Ren Sheng.

“What’s the matter?”

“Do you know of anything special on this planet?” Ren Sheng asked curiously. He didn’t feel anything different on this planet, so he became more confused about what his children really wanted.

“This planet? Most of it should be energy mines.”

“What’s an energy mine?”

“Energy ore is a kind of ore that can be used as energy. It is stable in nature when buried underground, but as long as it is connected to appropriate electromagnetic waves or other energy, it can make the two substances inside interact with each other to produce energy.” Zhao Lingyu said. In fact, the Human Federation could not effectively use all kinds of energy ore, so quite a number of energy ores were actually sold by the Human Federation.

“Can the energy inside it be absorbed?” Ren Sheng asked again. His children were obviously trying to absorb some kind of energy. Could it be the energy ores that were down there?

“Can’t.” Zhao Lingyu said. “An ability user can also stimulate the energy in the energy mine, but the energy there is chaotic and too strong, which can hurt ability users. Even Zhao’s family fusion ability could not fuse such a violent energy.”

“So…” Ren Sheng scratched his head. What was wrong with his children?

“Why do you want to go down there?” Zhao Lingyu asked curiously.

“I’m not sure…” Ren Sheng felt his children move slightly again with some anxiety.

At this time, there were still many people left so Zhao Lingyu looked at them and said directly to Wu Shuai, “You pacify them. I’ll take some people to look below.”

Wu Shuai answered, but was a little depressed. He also wanted to go below to have a look! He hasn’t seen the disintegration of a planet with his own eyes yet!

Planet 12534 had cracked into several pieces, but there were still many energy mines clinging to the walls of the huge cracks.

The star pirates did not dig up all these energy mines, but if the Human Federation wanted to dig up the rest of them it would be impossible. This kind of energy mine could only be dug by hand to ensure its stability. Now that the planet had begun to disintegrate, miners could not dig up the energy ores.

Ren Sheng did not even look at these energy mines as he put on the protective oxygen helmet. He would let his children give him directions, before he gave Zhao Lingyu directions.

They flew the aircraft forward along a long tunnel and eventually came to a huge hollowed-out mine cavern.

“This planet is worthy of being the planet with the largest reserves of energy mines in the Human Federation. There are still energy mines so deep underground.” Zhao Lingyu said with some emotion, but then he could not help frowning.

If the star pirates wanted energy ores, they just needed to dig on the surface. Why would they need to dig so deep? If Ren Sheng had something he wanted here, did the star pirates also have something like this?

Even when Ren Sheng arrived here he still couldn’t feel anything, but his children were obviously very excited. According to their clumsy instructions, Ren Sheng squatted down in the corner and picked up everything on the ground. Studying it for a long time, he finally found something different from the others.

The energy ores were all yellowish brown, but this fist sized energy ore was faintly glowing gold. After Ren Sheng got it, he felt that his four children’s movement became violent, as if they were cheering and dancing.

The thing they wanted was this?

“What you wanted was this piece of energy ore?” Zhao Lingyu was a little surprised.

“This isn’t an ordinary energy ore!” Ren Sheng said confidently.

Hearing this, Zhao Lingyu took a look at the energy ore and slowly nodded. “It’s really not an ordinary energy ore.” The energy inside this energy ore was very stable and completely different from ordinary energy ores. But he had never seen any information related to it in the Human Federation.

The entire Human Federation did not know that such energy ores existed in this world, but the star pirates already knew it and took a part of it. What exactly were Corbien and those star pirates under him thinking? How did they get to know about it?

“Lingyu, the children like it very much. When we go back, I will put it on my head.” Ren Sheng took the energy ore from Zhao Lingyu’s hand and said with a smile.

“Let’s go back first.” Zhao Lingyu nodded, then looked at the ordinary ores next to him, “These ores… what a pity.”

It was already lucky to get such a magical ore and find out a little bit about the star pirates’ wrongdoing, but when he thought that all those other ores might be wasted, Zhao Lingyu felt a little pity.

You want these ores?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“Energy ores are expensive.” Zhao Lingyu smiled. Ores that were usually found only at remote resource stars and had to be dug by hand, how could they be cheap?

“Then let’s dig a little back?” Ren Sheng suddenly looked at Zhao Lingyu, his eyes shining brightly.

Before he had heard others say that raising a child cost money and effort, so shouldn’t he make some preparations early?

“Good, let’s dig a few pieces to compare the difference.” Zhao Lingyu said, but just as his voice fell, he saw Ren Sheng fling out his long roots and easily knock the ores off the wall.

Basically, the roots of plants were very powerful and even ordinary plants could drill their roots into the cracks of rocks to break the rocks, let alone Ren Sheng who was a spirit.

Although his roots could be ripped off by Zhao Lingyu’s strength, compared with these crystal stones, Ren Sheng’s roots were harder. As long as he threw his roots and smashed them on the wall of the mine, all kinds of small and large energy ore would fall to the ground. Then he would use another root to roll all the energy ores into his Qiankun bag.

Although Ren Sheng’s Qiankun bag was not large, it could still hold many things. So Ren Sheng filled it with energy ores.

For a small man like Ren Sheng, his mining speed was amazing and he could even let his roots go through some cracks and chisel down energy ores as big as a house at one time. In the end the Marshal with his poor mining technology was left far behind.

What he needed to guard against was not others, but his men.

“The Qiankun bag is full, shall we also go?” When the digging was almost done, Ren Sheng found Zhao Lingyu with a blushing and excited expression. This was the first time he could make money.

If Zhao Lingyu was out of money in the future, he should be able to support himself and his children by going mining. Maybe he can also support Zhao Lingyu… Thinking like this suddenly made Ren Sheng a little excited.

“Let’s go quickly, this planet is about to disintegrate.” Zhao Lingyu nodded. Shortly after he pulled Ren Sheng into the aircraft, planet 12534 suddenly split into several pieces.

A meteorite belt or asteroid belt, would be formed. In the future after the Human Federation’s technology developed, maybe they will be able to find someone to dig up the ores inside.

Zhao Lingyu piloted the aircraft towards the central main ship parked above the planet.

As planet 12534 disintegrated, the escort and scout ships that were sent by Zhao Lingyu to attack the star pirates finally caught up with them and launched an attack.

The regular army against the star pirates even if numbers were small they could reasonably win, but as they were about to attack the cargo bay, those star pirates surprisingly used some new type of weapons.

A group of star pirates had weapons on their ship that could actually catch up with the First Legion’s… Hong Zhong, who was leading the group, retreated without hesitation, while passing the message to Zhao Lingyu.

Seeing Hong Zhong retreating, the spaceship of the star pirates continued to move forward. But not long after that, Hong Zhong appeared again and launched another attack.

Hong Zhong gave full play to the phrase, “The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue” ( from Mao Tse-tung, “A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire”, Selected Works ). The speed of the star pirate fleet, which was loaded with energy ores,immediately slowed down.


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