DOASCC – Chapter 20.2 – CP Showdown

The chicken leg in her hands no longer looked appetizing!

On the internet, a large number of netizens flocked that big fan of Fang Huiwang and passionately replied:

[Cheat to eat and drink!]

[Cheat to eat and drink!]

The first night of the premiere of ‘Somewhere Else’ the ratings directly ranked as no.1 in the country, and at the same time, it triggered a discussion boom on the whole network. From a glance, one could see that the Weibo hot search list were all program-related topics, in addition to the program team buying hot spots in advance, many of them were created by netizens spontaneously. These hot searches were almost all related to Xie Ran.

There were really too many topics related to Xie Ran.

In fact, up to now, the basic routine of the show had already been well known by the audience. Under normal circumstances, it was almost the time for it to enter a weak period. Therefore, many people felt that Snowball TV found Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang this season with the purpose of frying the Fang Ran CP and bringing popularity to the show with CP fans.

But they did not expect that the final topic while still being about Xie Ran, was not related to the FangRan CP but because he directly broke the show’s formula of several seasons.

This was the first time that a guest had actually enjoyed a travel vacation on this travel show, living a completely different way while the other guests still worked hard.

The most disturbing thing was that he still ended with the highest income.

Because of the strong revenge mentality against society of the program team, for the first time in the show’s history, the income of each guest was shown at the end of the first episode. The netizens who scolded Xie Ran, especially the fans of Fang Huiwang, were all instantly dazzled.

After Xie Ran won, Fang Huiwang’s big fan deleted his speech hurriedly, but the screenshot had already been widely circulated, and his account became a fan circle joke.

Xie Ran’s reputation also turned over instantly, the facts proved that not only did he not drag his teammate but also over fulfilled the goal. It was not too much to say that Fang Huiwang was basking in his light.

Netizens who originally felt suffocated by substituting themselves as Xie Ran’s teammates, now said that if their teammates could be as good as Xie Ran, taking out other competitors by themselves, not to mention him just wanting to take a break or vacation, even if they had to serve him personally, it would still be something they would consider.

On the other hand, Xie Ran also showed great personal ability in this episode. The segment where he communicated with the hotel manager in English was cut out separately by fans and put online, attracting a large number of netizens to watch.

In this conversation, Xie Ran showed not only an extremely fluent standard English level, but also mixed in a large amount of financial jargon. In the middle, even the hotel manager did not understand some of the stock market practices, so he also briefly explained them.

Afterwards, this video was also forwarded by a famous VIP of the financial circle who praised Xie Ran’s professionalism, which was very rare for a celebrity.

Overnight, Xie Ran’s Weibo followers skyrocketed, and the media index skyrocketed.

While Xie Ran’s popularity and reputation skyrocketed, there were even more discussion posts on the relationship between Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang on major forums.

If most netizens were still inclined to support FangRan CP in CP wars before the broadcast of ‘Somewhere Else’ after the program, everyone slowly typed a question mark.

After all, netizens were not as thick as CP fans. No matter how blind you were, you could see that the relationship between Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang was not like that of FangRan CP. Anyway, Xie Ran’s attitude toward Fang Huiwang was really not what the CP fans said.

At this time, a hot post appeared, directly bringing the conflict between Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang to the forefront.

Crispy Duck Forum

Title: Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang’s ten years of achievement comparison.

Content: 1. Film and television achievements: Xie Ran acted in both film and television. He is the winner of the Jinzhou Award. Fang Huiwang – idol drama elder brother, no award. Xie Ran wins.

  1. Studio investment: Xie Ran invested in the development of Meng Feixuan for the highest valuation of the current virtual idol whose future is unlimited. Yewang studio and Black Star co-produced Nangong. No offers till now, Xie Ran wins.
  2. Personal ability: As seen in the program ‘Somewhere Else’, Fang Huiwang’s performance is the same as before, no significant improvement. While Xie Ran made significant progress in language, investment, etc. Xie Ran wins.
  3. Business resources: Before, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang were basically equal in the industry, but after the show aired, Xie Ran’s price continued to go up and has now surpassed Fang Huiwang.

In addition, according to industry rumors, Fang Huiwang was in close contact with the high luxury brand Lan Si but because of his recent decline in popularity and unsatisfactory transformation, Lan Si’s willingness to cooperate with him is not very high. Therefore, this resource is temporarily on hold.

As you can see, in personal career, Xie Ran is undoubtedly in the lead compared to Fang Huiwang.

1L. Shocked, I didn’t think of this before but from this point of view, the gap between Fang Huiwang and Xie Ran is really so big?

2L. Also shocked. Weren’t Fang Huiwang and Xie Ran bundled together since their debut? In my impression, the two of them were almost the same, how come the gap became so big?

10L. Other than that, the interaction between Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang in the program was so awkward that my scalp became numb. What the hell are CP fans thinking about?

15L. Hahaha, what I am more curious about is if Xie Ran’s and Fang Huiwang’s relationship is like this, why did they go on the show together? How much money did Snowball TV offer them?

20L. Really, not as good as Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran. Who said that a virtual person will never be as good as a real person?

55L. The trampling in this post is so obvious that it really can’t be seen by people? Xie Ran was just lucky to buy profitable stocks, why is it a sign of being an elite? Don’t you forget that my brother is the one with the highest income among the other guests, and he really earned it through his own efforts! Isn’t it better than stock speculation?

57L. 55L really has selective amnesia, right? Let me help you recall that Xie Ran published his own analysis on several jobs and his data was detailed. The final result also proved that his analysis was correct, so it only proves that Fang Huiwang is more down-to-earth than Xie Ran and can only work harder. This also shows that Xie Ran has the ability to make better choices. If you really want to say something, it should be that Fang Huiwang was inspired by Xie Ran.

190L. After reading through everything, to summarize, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang now have really pulled apart due to their achievements. Even if Fang and Xie were in the same league ten years ago, they are no longer on the same level now. No wonder that Xie Ran doesn’t like Fang Huiwang in the program.




The popularity of this post was so high that Fang Huiwang fans were anxious to join it, but to everyone’s surprise, Yewang studio which had always had a radical style and attached great importance to the feelings of fans, suddenly kept a low profile. Despite the buzz on the Internet, it kept quiet from the beginning to the end.

The second episode of ‘Somewhere Else’ aired amid the silence of Yewang studio and the skepticism of fans.

With the first episode discussion added, the second episode viewership reached a new high.

In the second issue, Xie Ran not only made a high profit in the stock market again, proving that his stock selection on the first day was not luck, but also revealed the mystery of the location of the “New Old West” painting, which netizens had speculated for a long time.

This episode undoubtedly added another fire to Xie Ran’s heyday.

That night, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang’s personal achievements were once again shown on the front page. The netizens lamented that Xie Ran really surpassed Fang Huiwang in all aspects, even in artistic aesthetics.

For a while, Fang Huiwang’s reputation dropped to the lowest level since his debut.

At this point, the long-silent Yewang studio finally posted, retweeting a Weibo post.

Yewang studio: Strive for the future, forge ahead, let us join hands and use our strength to walk through the next ten years. //@LenceLanSioffical: ten years of star light, not to be outdone. Congratulations to famous musician, singing and dancing idol, actor @FangHuiwangV for becoming the spokesperson of Lan Si brand!//

Afterwards, Fang Huiwang also retweeted Lan Si’sofficial announcement.

FangHuiwangV: Efforts will not be buried, looking forward to the next decade. //@LenceLanSioffical: ten years of star light, not to be outdone…

When the news came out, the whole network was in an uproar. For fans, this was undoubtedly the best counter-attack to the many days of online cynicism.

In just a short period of time, Lan Si original Weibo was shared hundreds of thousands times and quickly climbed to the hot search list. With fans elated in the comments:

[Ah, I knew my brother wouldn’t let us down! ].

[Does the sunspot’s (anti fans) face hurt? He not only stepped on my brother to promote someone else but also swore that Lan Si does not want to work with my brother. Unfortunately, the circle view is different!]

[Great, great, let’s go through the next decade together with my brother.]

[I don’t know how long my brother’s extravagant endorsement had been arousing envy. The purpose of those recent posts should be obvious. Don’t think that my brother is easy to bully even if he doesn’t speak. We will all use our strength to hit you directly on the face!]




If the official announcement of Fan Huiwang as the spokesperson of Lan Si had not proved that his commercial resources were still on the top, the another Weibo released by the Yewang studio soon after was really a powerful counter attack to the network’s questioning this time.

Yewang studio: Yewang studio new generation of dancing and singing idol @Nangongofficial released his own first solo EP, joining hands with @BlackStarStudio and @TianYinidolStudio to start a journey to the starry sky. Click to watch the mv of Nangong and @FangHuiwang working together [link]

As soon as this Weibo was released, netizens were all really surprised. The reason was simple: Tianyin Idol Studio was one of the studios under the technology giant Seeking Technology. Before the rumors had been circulating on the internet that Seeking Technology had offered a sky-high price to Xie Ran studio to get the joint operation rights of Meng Feixuan.

Although Tianyin idol studio was technically just a project division of Seeking Technology, it was not like the same company would buy rights to two virtual idols at the same time to fight against each other, right?

If that was the case, didn’t it mean that Seeking Technology has given up on Meng Feixuan?

When netizens clicked into the link of Nangong MV with doubts in mind, they were shocked again.

In MV, they were not sure if Nangong’s modeling was redone or post-processed, but he looked significantly more exquisite and realistic than at the launch, his audio system also seemed to have been transformed and his voice became even more moving.

But what surprised everyone was the stage design and the interaction between Nangong and Fang Huiwang.

The stage of Nangong performance was all synthesized using digital technology, perfectly recreating the stage scenes from ten years ago from the days of “Tomorrow’s Starlight”.

Fang Huiwang and Nangong both sang on this stage and there was also a vivid dialogue designed making them look like real friends interacting with each other, breaking through the limits of dimension.


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