DOASCC – Chapter 15.1 – Promotion Of Chinese Food

The last task recorded for ‘Somewhere Else’ was a group task with the theme of promoting Chinese culture.

While previous seasons had promoted Beijing opera, embroidery, and traditional handicrafts, this year’s mission was to promote Chinese food.

The local tourism bureau of the old west city provided a downtown restaurant as a venue for the program team which was temporarily transformed into a Chinese restaurant. Then, a famous Chinese chef was invited from China to the restaurant, so the Chinese restaurant could be officially opened.

The task of the three groups of guests was to develop a publicity plan for the newly opened Chinese restaurant, attract customers to come in and spend money as well as complete the specified turnover within three days.

After the task, if the group’s turnover exceeded the target set by the program, the excess would be given to the group as a reward. But if the group could not complete the target turnover, the uncompleted part would be deducted from the group’s funds.

As the last part of the program, this task undoubtedly provided an opportunity for guests who were behind in terms of funding to turn the tables. 

On the previous days, both salary and task rewards were capped, so first place was about only 200$ ahead of other groups. Of course, this balance maintained for several years, in this season, had changed due to Xie Ran, so this last task became more and more important for the two other groups of guests.

Because in the entire show, only the final task rewards were not capped. In theory, as long as you could complete enough turnover, you could get more than enough rewards.

There was once a season when a group of guests who were at the bottom of the pile made a comeback with the last task and won the final victory.

However, the fighting spirit of this season’s guests was obviously not as high as that of previous seasons.

After listening to the requirements of the task, the girls group sisters and older generation group looked at Xie Ran.

Zhu Chuanjia also gave Xie Ran’s cup a water refill and respectfully asked “Boss Xie, what kind of coquettish operation do you have planned this time? Can you say it for our reference?”

The program group simply could not help looking directly at it. Zhu Chuanjia, you at least have made your debut more than ten years earlier than boss Xie. Isn’t it inappropriate for you to act like this?

On the contrary, Xie Ran’s face was very calm as if he was very familiar with this kind of situation and just smiled softly: “No.”

Zhu Chuanjia obviously did not believe him and asked suspiciously: “Really?”

Xie Ran repeated patiently: “No.”

“Then we can rest assured!” Zhu Chuanjia breathed a sigh and made a fist at the others: “Allies, the enemy was scouted, we still have a chance, rush up!”

The program team: “……” You also openly engage in alliances?

Are these people afraid that they will get Xie Ran PTSD?

But it was understandable, this season’s guests were just too difficult!

The program team actually felt very empathetic.

In the headset, Meng Feixuan also issued a sigh of relief: “Is this the world of the weak?”

He asked Xie Ran: “Sir, do you really have no idea?”

Xie Ran leaned back slightly against the sofa in resting posture: “There is no point, there is no space.”

Meng Feixuan, as Xie Ran’s right-hand man, immediately and skillfully analyzed it with his own processor: “I understand, if the goal is promoting Chinese food, the task is meaningless.”

Xie Ran took a sip of water. “Hmm.”

The promotion of a culture required a lot of resources and time, far from what could be achieved by a small three-day mission.

Although the promotion task of Chinese food sounded high end and classy, it was actually only an entertainment business task. The resources that the program group could provide were limited, and what the guests could do was nothing more than some immediate and short-term sales tactics. In the end, the audience of the program was also the domestic audience.

In other words, it was not difficult to achieve turnover at the end but it was a far cry from “cultural publicity”. That is why Xie Ran said that there was no way.

Sure enough, after the final discussion among several guests, the marketing strategy decided was more or less the same as in previous seasons, with nothing more than posters, food display shelves at the door of the restaurant, leaflet promotion, and handing some small handicrafts as gifts and so on. The rest depended on the ability of each guest to attract guests on the spot.

“It’s a good thing I was prepared!” When Zhu Chuanjia smiled and pulled out a pair of red spike boards from his pocket.

The sisters looked stunned. Chen Xiaoxuan sweated as she said: “Brother Jia, how do you still have this thing?”

“You don’t understand, do you?” Zhu Chuanjia said proudly. “This is called winning by surprise. If you think about it, we will be recruiting guests in one place at that time. When I play this, won’t it be more interesting than just relying on looks and voice? The guests will all run to me!”

Chen Xiaoxuan complained: “But if you do it like this, won’t the people think you are just an entertainer, right?”

Meng Xixi was even more ruthless: “Brother Jia, do you remember that you are a pop male singer? If you do something like this, aren’t you afraid that people will think you are switching to crosstalk?”

Zhu Chuanjia: “Go, I am dedicated to promoting Chinese culture!”

Now even his own partner could not help it, Jiang Wei grabbed him by the neck and stopped him by saying: “Come on, just admit that we are doing whatever it takes to win.”

When the trouble came to an end, the plan was finally settled.

However, before the meeting ended, Zhu Chuanjia was still concerned and uneasily looked at Xie Ran who didn’t participate in the discussion at that time: “Boss Xie, do you really have no idea?”

Seeing that he was serious, Xie Ran thought for a moment and said, “I have a little bit now.”

Several other guests were shocked at his words and Zhu Chuanjia directly shouted out: “Jiang Wei, you said you don’t know kung fu!”

Fang Huiwang also looked at Xie Ran and unlike others, his expression was a little more complicated.

Last night, Kuang Youfang asked him to get back together with Xie Ran, but he did not agree with him clearly. He tossed and turned all night, re-examining all the circumstances of Xie Ran during this time, however, the more he thought about it, the more alarmed he became.

Only after thinking about it did he realize that Xie Ran seemed to have completely become someone who he didn’t recognize at all, and that every decision Xie Ran made far exceeded his previous perception.

Whether it was the launch of the top virtual idol Meng Feixuan, the amazing performance in the stock market, or what just happened yesterday with discovering the location of “New, Old West”, what Xie Ran did was far beyond what Fang Huiwang could do.

Xie Ran himself, unconsciously, became calm, cold, but sharp. This kind of character was completely different from his past self and seemed difficult to get close to. The person in front of him had absolute strength, but also a momentum that could not be ignored.

The momentum that he had to look up to.

Looking back, Fang Huiwang suddenly realized that he had been trying to compete with Xie Ran during this period of time. He even wanted to suppress Xie Ran and defeat him completely, perhaps because of this unknown and imperceptible fear of today’s Xie Ran.

Once he and Xie Ran were neck to neck, so he could keep his cool. He always felt that as long as he was willing to work hard, he could always stand on the same height as Xie Ran.

But if the gap between them became too wide, what if Xie Ran surpassed him, or even left him far behind?


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