DOASCC – Chapter 20.1 – CP Showdown

‘Somewhere Else’ was the ace show of Snowball TV and could trigger a viewing craze and a network-wide topics every year. But because of the war between two major CP fandoms, it became even more popular than before. The ratings of the first night directly broke the opening records of previous seasons in one fell swoop.

Cao Pauli was an old fan who had been stuck for the past ten years. She was a big fan of the “Tomorrow Starlight” show since she was at school so even when Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang had not interacted with each other for so many years, she did not give up.

In the Xuan Ran CP and FangRan CP “fans struggle”, she was one of the backbone of the FangRan CP camp.

So on the night of the show, she turned on the TV early and kept in touch with her cp group, ready to take screenshots and analyze the details of Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang’s scenes together to prove Fang Ran CP’s unshakeable top position.

Sitting in front of the TV with Cao Pauli was her roommate Yu Man, a typical social animal, busy with work, who did not mix with fans and was not interested in online wars. However, she was also a veteran variety show enthusiast who would watch two episodes of variety shows every day after work as a way to relax.

Among the numerous variety shows, Yu Man’s favorite was ‘Somewhere Else’. She had watched the previous seasons over and over again and every time she saw bright stars in the show working hard to earn living expenses and breaking their heads in order to save money, she felt like she ate the most delicious meal and was motivated to work overtime.

——The happiness of social animals was very simple.

Yu Man, who had just come back from work and had not yet eaten dinner, ordered takeout while watching. She knew that Cao Pauli was a fan of Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang so she deliberately joked. “Let me say it first, if I laugh seeing your brothers suffering, don’t hit me.”

Cao Pauli also knew about this little hobby of her roommate, so she just rolled her eyes helplessly and hummed jokingly: “Don’t you dare, I will not only hit you, but also add you to our group!”

The two of them had a couple of laughs, and then the familiar title song of ‘Somewhere Else’ started, and the two of them hurriedly stopped and concentrated on watching TV.

Cao Paoli, with her hands cupping her cheeks and a fascinated smile appearing on her face, said smittenly: “As long as Xiao Ran and brother Fang are together, even eating bitter things will be sweet.”

Yu Man gave a thumbs up: “… CP fan’s ability to brainstorm is really strong.”

The ‘Somewhere Else’ show started with guests’ departure to the airport, and introduced the guests in turn. When Xie Ran appeared, Yu Man could not help but “wow” and exclaim: “Is this Xie Ran? He looks different from before and his aura is really strong.”

Cao Paoli nodded: “Xiao Ran seems to be transforming recently, his whole personality has really changed a lot.”

The corners of Yu Man’s mouth twitched: “Only you and your other CP fans can still call him Xiao Ran. To me, I should get on my knees and shout Boss Xie!”

Cao Paoli issued a brain-damaged fan voice: “I do not care, brother will always be our little baby!”

But as the show went on, the room gradually fell into an eerie silence.

Yu Man stifled and stifled but finally she could not hold back the embarrassed “haha”: “Is this just my illusion? Why do I feel like your baby Xie doesn’t seem to even look at your brother Fang….”

The program was about good friends traveling together so all guests would interact more in front of the camera to show their friendship. Therefore, FangRan CP fans were very confident that they would be able to intercept Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang’s sweetness in the program.

However, in the pictures currently broadcasted, Fang Huiwang was very enthusiastic toward Xie Ran. But Xie Ran’s attitude toward Fang Huiwang was visible to the naked eye and this attitude toward Fang Huiwang was not even as good as toward the other guests.

Cao Pauli was also a little dumbfounded, but still struggled strongly: “After all, they haven’t worked together for ten years, so they must have a period of getting used to each other, isn’t it normal…”

Just as her words fell, there was a sudden dispute on TV. She looked back and saw Fang Huiwang start a dispute because Xie Ran wanted to speculate on the stock market. This kind of argument episode was also very common in the program so even if the group of guests did not agree at first, after a period of discussion, they would always make up. This was also one of this tv show’s classic set up.

But the development of this event this time made all the audience fall short of sight.

On TV, Fang Huiwang asked Xie Ran: “Do you want to act separately from me?”

Xie Ran did not hesitate: “Yes.”

Then Xie Ran really unilaterally announced that he and Fang Huiwang had split up.

Cao Pauli: “…?”

Yu Man: “???? What?”

If this segment was a blow to Cao Pauli, then the next episode was a major hit to Yu Man.

After Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang split up, the show entered Yu Man’s favorite part – stars getting jobs. She couldn’t care less about comforting Cao Pauli and quickly grabbed the chicken legs from her takeout and ate while watching.

Then, she gradually felt that they had no taste.

Xie Ran really chose stock speculation and did not work. He even acted leisurely like he was on vacation!

It must be said that the editing of the Snowball TV was really the devil. In the later stage, they not only cut the shots of other guests and Xie Ran with each other but also put them side by side to make the contrast even more vivid and direct.

In the program, other guests left early to go to work in the scenic spot while Xie Ran ate a leisurely breakfast and then went swimming.

Other guests worked hard to serve guests and promote products, Xie Ran was basking in the sun and enjoying the sea breeze. The hotel waiter also came to add drinks and desserts to him from time to time.

In the afternoon, when the other guests were already sweaty and dusty, Xie Ran who just woke up from his nap, changed into comfortable and fashionable clothes, and took a taxi to the gallery to see the exhibition.

Halfway through, the person from the program group crew could not bear it anymore and said from outside the screen: “Xiao Ran, don’t you need to take care of your stocks?”

Xie Ran closed his eyes and relaxed: “No.”

The program group at that time: “……”

The audience at this moment: “……”

Yu Man was in a trance as she asked Cao Pauli: “Did Snowball TV cut Xie Ran’s video from another show by mistake?”

Otherwise, why were Xie Ran’s pictures so beautiful and romantic in this segment where stars usually suffered?

Blue sky, sea, sunshine, beach, food art, and Xie Ran himself who looked like an advertisement model, this should be the video of the tourism advertisement, right?

This was not a clip from ‘Somewhere Else’, right?

Cao Pauli and Yu Man were both dumbfounded: “……ah what?”

They were not the only ones stunned by Xie Ran’s operation. Similar scenes appeared all over the country at the same time. 

“What is this show trying to do? It doesn’t make people feel any better!”

“Xie Ran is so happy, isn’t that the life I want?”

“Damn it, this is not the plot I wanted to see!”

“Ha ha ha, it’s so funny. With the comparison of Xie Ran, other people look even worse!”

At the same time, the Internet was also fermenting. But the reaction of netizens was much more intense than in reality. Before the program was over, the voices denouncing Xie Ran had already become popular.

[Isn’t it too much? Unexpectedly, he really went to speculate in the stock market. Fang Huiwang is really miserable having such a teammate. ]

[Xie Ran is a teammate, if you can’t suffer, don’t go on this type of show. Did he really think he was here for a vacation?]

[Xie Ran is really handsome, aside from his character, he’s really attractive!]

[Why did the topic change to questioning his character? Xiao Ran did not violate the rules of the program. Winning or losing is his own responsibility, but now some fans take advantage of this opportunity to take advantage of the rhythm.]

[Has he considered his teammates, when he decided to win or lose?]

Such voices became the mainstream on the internet, especially the fans of Fang Huiwang who took advantage of this opportunity to come out and sell misery. Stepping on Xie Ran to highlight Fang Huiwang’s resilience and diligence.

The fans of Xie Ran could not let them bounce around, and for a while, both sides were at war again.

However, Xie Ran’s fans who had been pressed all the time could not let them jump all the time, this time the hate wave directed at Xie Ran was really too hateful.

People eating melon only thought that Xie Ran was looking down on his teammate and only felt that the other person was really miserable.

But the other side was still enjoying himself without any psychological burden!

Why! Poor comment, must be poor comment!

Why?! Bad montage, it must be a bad clip montage!

During all this excitement, there were also people who come out to tease: [2333, you don’t have to scold so hard, what if Xie Ran really makes money?!”]

A well-known fan of Fang Huiwang immediately replied: [“Laughing to death. How much can you earn with 1000$ starting capital? If he can win against the others, I will eat shit! //2333, you don’t have to scold so hard, what if Xie Ran really makes money!]

In the heated discussion of the audience, the program ushered in the settlement time of the night.

In accordance with Snowball TV’s usual routine, this episode would be deliberately ended before the guests’ income would be announced. Leaving the suspense of income for the next episode.

But this time, Snowball TV actually conscientiously broadcasted the income statistics segment directly.

Viewers familiar with Snowball TV’s usually vague style felt that something was wrong. The veteran fan of the show, Yu Man also sensed a hint of something unusual and asked Cao Pauli: “It’s not right, the show should normally end here. Why is it still on?”

Cao Pauli was also wondering: “Did Snowball TV finally grow a conscience and stop piquing everyone’s appetite?”

Soon, they learned that the Snowball TV did not gain conscience but wanted to take revenge on society!

Xie Ran, who had been trolled all night and had taken a relaxing day off, ended up earning more than all the other guests combined.

It was also the highest income of all the guests from previous seasons.

At the end, Xie Ran ordered the most expensive set meal in the hotel and the ending image of the show was the picture of this exquisite meal set.

Cao Pauli: “……”

Yu Man: “……”


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