In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 98 – Winning Over An Ally

“What did you say?” Master Fern’s entire body suddenly tensed up.

Zhao Lingyu came with Ren Sheng this time to allow Ren Sheng to get a suitable mecha and to get in contact with Master Fern and create an alliance.

To get on good terms with Master Fern, it was necessary to go through his daughter. But Master Fern’s approach was somewhat unexpected to Zhao Lingyu. If he was Master Fern, he would definitely give it to his daughter immediately after receiving the Nourishing Potion, but Master Fern did nothing…

“I’ve given you a potion, but you didn’t rush to give it to your daughter. Your daughter shouldn’t be like the outside world says, living in your upstairs studio because her body is too weak.” Zhao Lingyu said. As he spoke, he gazed at Ren Sheng who was not far away.

The mighty red mecha had begun to walk slowly. It was better to take care of Master Fern first, before Ren Sheng showed how special he is.

Master Fern, who had a suspicious expression on his wrinkled face, in addition to his tense body, shouted, “Who the hell are you?”

Zhao Lingyu did not answer Master Fern’s question, but continued instead. “Your daughter is said to be a very intelligent woman. Even though she was betrayed, she should also try to make herself well. Not willing to be trapped in the house and not go out normally…”

Speaking of this, Zhao Lingyu suddenly had a flash of inspiration. “Dounia?”

Master Fern’s eyes flashed. He said nothing, but several iron doors suddenly fell and the whole basement was sealed in an instant. He should have had other means, but he was held by Zhao Lingyu and couldn’t move.

“Am I right?” Zhao Lingyu raised his eyebrows in surprise.

After bringing Big Baby back, he investigated McCarthy and Dounia, whose information was very simple and couldn’t see any flaws at all. But Dounia’s physical examination table vaguely made him feel some familiarity.

He didn’t associate the ex-princess with Dounia, until he found out that Master Fern’s daughter didn’t stay here. Also some furnishings here were similar to some of McCarthy’s.

Saying Dounia was also his way of testing this theory, but now it seemed that he was right.

“What do you want to do?” Master Fern asked, alarmed. At the same time, the red macha suddenly rolled over and landed in front of him in a defensive position. Although Master Fern was very nervous now, he has been dealing with mechas for hundreds of years, so he couldn’t help but pay attention to the movements of mechas.

“He has revised his movements many times, so he can really control this mecha. He is really strong! Who on earth are you?” To be able to control this kind of top mecha and find out about his daughter, why would such a person go around in circles to learn about him and participate in some cyber mecha competition?

“What’s wrong?” Ren Sheng jumped out from the co*kpit and frowned at the iron plates around the basement. The iron plate around the room was very strong and it was also filled with very strong energy, which actually made people feel scared without any reason.

At this time, Zhao Lingyu had already eliminated some of his doubts about Master Fern. If Master Fern’s daughter was really Dounia, then Master Fern and Chapman must be really irreconcilable.

“Master Fern should have gone to the palace party some time ago and met Keith and Crohn.” Zhao Lingyu smiled.

After Master Fern discovered that Ren Sheng really could control the mecha, he became curious about Ren Sheng’s identity. He didn’t understand how Ruoya suddenly had such a young master, but at this time he finally remembered something. “Are you from the Human Federation?”

“Yes, we are members of the Human Federation.” Zhao Lingyu smiled.

“You sell Nourishing Potions. Do you have more?” Master Fern’s initial momentum disappeared as he asked eagerly.

“If your daughter is really Dounia, you don’t have to worry too much. She is much better now.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Master Fern frowned: “How is that possible?” Although she hasn’t contacted me for a long time to be on the safe side, her body should have almost run out of gas and even if this boy is kind to her, she won’t last long.”

His daughter didn’t volunteer to give everything up for her child. At that time, she would still do everything to keep the child, but Chapman still tampered with it. His daughter also thought of fighting Chapman at first, but then figured out – if they really fight with Chapman, they will only lose their own lives. So it was better to leave Chapman alone and live a good life.

It was with this in mind that his daughter started a whole new life with his help and the assistance of another person, and basically had no contact with him.

“We have seen her and she has helped us.” Zhao Lingyu said. In his view, Dounia would live anonymously with McCarthy, not only because she didn’t want to stay at home all day and be pitied, but also because she didn’t want Master Fern to blame himself for her weakness.

“Really?” Master Fern looked at Zhao Lingyu.

“Of course it’s true.” Zhao Lingyu said. At this time Big Baby, who was in his arms, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Master Fern. “Are you the grandfather that Auntie was talking about?”

“Auntie?” Master Fern looked at Big Baby in bewilderment.

“It was Aunt Dounia, who helped me.” Big Baby took out a picture from his pocket. In the picture, Dounia was holding Big Baby and smiling very gently, but Big Baby seemed to be a little displeased. “Auntie once mentioned that a grandfather would like me very much when he met me.”

“it’s Nia! You really know Nia! ” Master Fern said, looking at Big Baby vaguely excited.

Both he and his daughter loved children. He already found Big Baby cute before, but now he felt he was good everywhere. This was the child his daughter had held!

“He is the child we lost. Your daughter’s husband saved him and took good care of him for a while. We were very grateful so we gave her some medicine before. She should be fine after a short time.” Zhao Lingyu said.

The two people in front of him had no need to lie to him and the photo was also real, so Master Fern quickly believed it. “Thank you very much.”

“We should be the ones to say thank you. Chapman sent someone to capture our child. If it wasn’t for McCarthy in the first place, the child might have been killed.” Zhao Lingyu added.

“Chapman? Chapman again?” Master Fern gritted his teeth. “That’s an asshole! By the way, is the place where you guys are living now safe? Do you want to move in?” If these two people really live with him, then he could definitely get some more Nourishing Potion to regulate his daughter’s body. The more Master Fern thought about it, the more he thought that was the case, so his attitude towards Zhao Lingyu became better and better.

“No need. Mr. Master Fern, to be able to live on Imperial Star proves that we have some skill and there is someone behind us.” Zhao Lingyu said. He didn’t intend to depend on Master Fern, so let alone moving in together or anything. He just wanted Ren Sheng to have a mecha. Of course, if Master Fern could teach Gerd some mecha knowledge, that would be even better.

Zhao Lingyu’s words made Master Fern think of Keith and Crohn. These two people were obviously on Zhao Lingyu’s side. At the banquet they sang their praise and they should be able to protect the people of the Human Federation.

Knowing such a thing, he should reasonably be very angry. After all, Keith and Crohn helped outsiders, but in fact he only felt vague pleasure now.

This pleasure made Master Fern’s previous dissatisfaction with Ren Sheng disappear into thin air. He could already see at this time that although Zhao Lingyu was a leader, he cared about Ren Sheng very much.

Once Master Fern relaxed, he became the magnificent mecha master again. He smiled and suddenly patted Ren Sheng on the shoulder. “Little guy, you are very strong. I think you can pilot this mecha. How about I give you this mecha? This is my peak work, so I am afraid that I will not be able to make a better mecha. After some changes, it should also be the most suitable for you. How about it? Do you want it or not?”

“Yes!” Ren Sheng didn’t give it a second thought. Even if it hadn’t been changed yet for him, he already felt that the mecha was very suitable for him. This mecha was very strong so the feeling of driving it in reality was also very good.

“That’s good, come on and show all your strength and let me see how you are.” Knowing that his daughter was okay, Master Fern was now full of energy.

It was also at this time that McCarthy logged off and said. “Dounia I am very sorry, I wasn’t able to grab a Nourishing Potion.”

“It’s okay, my body is better now.” Dounia said.

“But you need a reason for your body to get better.” McCarthy fretted a little.

“Don’t think so much about it. I’ve only gotten slightly better.” Dounia said and sighed again. “It’s the kid, though…”

When Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu picked up the child, Dounia didn’t tell anyone. When others asked about the child, she just followed the information given by Zhao Lingyu, but she still knew that this child was a little strange.

But anyway, the child was very cute and Greenton also helped her, so she just pretended to be completely unaware of some things.

The two looked at each other with worry in their eyes, but tacitly agreed not to speak. Just at this time, the robot’s voice suddenly sounded at the door. “Mr. McCarthy, this is an anonymous delivery for you, please sign for it.”

Why did he suddenly receive an anonymous delivery? Baffled, McCarthy signed for the delivery and opened the package carefully.

Inside the ordinary gray box stood ten beautiful potions, exactly the same as in the photos they saw on the Internet.


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