In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 1 – Marshal Bride

Dream star is an agricultural planet, where 95% of the land is covered by vegetation. The remaining 5% was used to build a huge airport for transport ships to dock, and incoming and outgoing spacecraft to replenish supplies before they go.

Dino, an employee of the airport, was always conscientious in his work, but lately, he was somewhat distracted. Almost every few minutes he would use his tablet to check for the latest news.

“Dino, are you looking for the news about the Marshal again?” Dino’s colleague approached with a lunch box and asked while handing it to him.

Dino nodded with the tablet in his hand as a sweet looking host broadcasted Marshal Zhao Lingyu’s latest situation.

“It has been three months since the Marshal was injured. The Federal Research Institute and the Federal Medical headquarters are still helpless towards the Marshal’s injury, while those concerned about the Marshal’s injury have written more than 7.65 billion letters inquiring about his well being on the Internet…”

Seeing Dino’s sad face, his colleague understanding his fear, patted him on shoulder, “Dino, the Marshal is a good man, he’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, the Marshal will be fine! If it wasn’t for the Marshal, I wouldn’t have been alive in the first place, and if it wasn’t for the Marshal, the Zerg would have destroyed the Dream Star…” Dino’s voice choked.

He once served as a soldier under the Marshal, but had to retire because of a serious injury a few years ago. He then wanted to save money to buy body repair fluid so he could continue to serve the Marshal, but unexpectedly, the Marshal had an accident!

While fighting the Zerg army which attacked the Dream Star and killing the Zerg Queen who was about to lay her eggs, the Marshal almost died. He was now paralyzed in bed, without the possibility of recovery.

Nowadays, the only fortunate thing was that the Zerg, who had just lost their Queen, would be unable to threaten the Federation for some time.

“It’s not just the Dream Star, I heard that the Zerg Queen has to devour many planets before laying eggs, moreover she only chooses high-energy ones to swallow. If it wasn’t for the Marshal, I don’t know how many people would die and how many resources would be lost,” Dino’s colleague sighed.

If the Zerg Queen was really able to lay eggs on Federal territory… the human race might have been destroyed! Although the Zerg Queen was gone, the Federation had lost Marshal Zhao Lingyu, the young generation’s supreme powerhouse. Who will protect the Human Federation in the future?

“Don’t think about it, Dino. Let me give you some good news, the Freedom Alliance’s ship is about to arrive at Dream Star for resupply. I heard that the future Marshal’s wife is on it.”

“The Marshal’s wife is coming to Dream Star?” Dino’s eyes widened in surprise. 

Marshal Zhao Lingyu was the possessor of double S-class abilities and had been unable to find a genetically matched mate before. Now that he was seriously injured, finding a suitable mate would be even harder.

However, at this time the Freedom Alliance, where the Zerg Queen had wreaked havoc, took the initiative to contact the Zhao family and expressed their willingness to form a marriage contract.

In addition to human beings, many alien creatures belong to the Freedom Alliance. The bride who was sent to the Federation is a hybrid of the human and Kay people. It was said that he not only inherited his father’s plant-based abilities, he also inherited the gender-neutral traits of the Kay.

Kays are similar to humans, but there is no gender distinction. All of them are able to get pregnant and give birth. However, their IQ is generally not high, their figure is generally petite, and their children would also look more like a Kay. So most people were reluctant to have a Kay as their mate and Kay and human hybrids have always been classified as Kay, and not treated as equals.

However, the bride sent by the Freedom Alliance this time was an exception. He was the result of a hybrid Kay and the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce of the Freedom Alliance. As a rare plant power user, the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce was powerful and wealthy.  At first, he was unwilling to recognize this stupid child, however an unexpected accident occurred.

The half-blood Kay gave birth to a child who inherited his plant power! Even the lowest-level ability was precious to humans, so even if the child was a hybrid, the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce acknowledged his existence and intended to use him for a marriage alliance in the future.

Normally, the target of such a mixed-blood marriage would only be at most, a human ability user without a powerful family. But at this time, Marshal Zhao Lingyu was seriously injured and dying.

Marshal Zhao Lingyu, who used to be the most desirable marriage candidate for all human women, became a disabled man. Even the energy in his body would riot and attack the people around him uncontrollably.

Ordinary people would be killed if they were attacked by this energy and power-based ability users couldn’t stop the rioting energy generated in the Marshal’s body. In the end, only people with very soft abilities could get close to him. This mixed-blood bride happened to be a person with very soft abilities.

The President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce keenly seized this point and put forward the request for marriage, using his own hybrid son to exchange for a large amount of supplies from the Zhao family. When the Zerg Queen was wreaking havoc in the Freedom Alliance, the economy of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce suffered heavy losses.

“The Marshal’s mate will reach the Dream Star in half an hour. Let’s go and see him. I have heard that although Kay people have a low IQ and are relatively stupid, they are so beautiful that there are even many humans who raise Kays,” Dino’s colleague laughed.

“That is the future Marshal’s wife! And… it’s illegal to enslave Kays!” Dino glanced at his colleague with a frown. He was about to say something else when he suddenly looked into the air in surprise, “W-What’s that?”

A black spot was approaching the Dream star at a very fast speed! Dino ran to put on his telephoto (long-distance) glasses, only to find that it was a ship… a ship with the Freedom Alliance markings.

The ship suddenly exploded as it approached the Dream star, creating a powerful heat distorted image, while everything around it seemed to have turned to ashes.

“Get help!” Dino shouted in horror. Although he didn’t think this prospective Marshal’s wife was worthy of his own Marshal, it was still the future Marshal’s wife after all!

The few staff members of the Dream Star all took action at this moment.

At this time, in the place where the starship exploded, a lifeboat disguised as a fragment flew out and landed in one of the forests on the Dream Star. Very quickly, two people climbed out from inside.

One of them was two meters tall, with mighty muscles that made him look extremely bulky, while the other was only about 1.5 meters tall, with a petite build, too small to distinguish between male or female. However, looking at how the two of them were getting along, it was rather obvious that the petite one was dominant.

“Young Master, is it really okay for us to leave like this?” Emerging from the lifeboat and stretching his muscles, the tall Qiu Zhuang bent his back slightly to look at the petite teenager beside him.

“Of course it’s no problem, people will think we died in that explosion.” As he spoke, Roy destroyed the rescue capsule with a miniature bomb, his actions were very decisive, but his face was full of anxiety.

“But…” Qiu Zhuang was still struggling a bit.

“There are no buts, do you want me to marry an invalid and be killed by his energy riot at any moment?” Roy sneered and urged again, “Let’s move!

“That’s Marshal Zhao Lingyu… and the chairman already took so many resources from the Zhao family…”

“It is not like the Zhao family will lack this resource. Besides, you’d better stop calling that man a president! Those resources will be considered as me returning the favor for his upbringing. From this moment on, I will no longer have any relationship with the Thorn Chamber of Commerce!” Roy gave the tall youth a cold glance.

Qiu Zhuang shuddered and did not dare continue speaking. Roy tapped him on the shoulder again, “You better quickly carry me away, we need to get to the meeting point quickly!”

Qiu Zhuang nodded and was about to pick up his young master when his movements suddenly froze.

“What’s wrong?” Roy frowned and followed Qiu Zhuang’s gaze, where he suddenly saw a scene that surprised him greatly.

Just a short distance in front of them, there were several large trees growing far taller than the surrounding trees and a young man was lying down in the middle of them.

It was a delicate-looking boy of about fourteen or fifteen years of age, who was lying asleep among some extremely luxuriant plants. Beside him, the colorful flowers swayed with the wind and made his skin appear even whiter, just like an angel who descended to the earth.

Roy always boasted that he was good-looking, but he was far inferior to this young man. Suppressing his discomfort, he frowned and looked at the Cannibal flowers.

Although the attack power of Cannibal flowers was not high and they could only catch small animals, they couldn’t get along with other human beings, except for plant ability users. How could there be a teenager who might be a plant ability user in such a place?

“Young master, how can there be a person here?” Qiu Zhuang asked anxiously.

“Who knows…. But that’s a good thing for me,” Roy laughed.

Although Dream Star has been transformed into an agricultural planet which grew large quantities of crops, some areas were set aside for the growth of the native plants of the Dream star. The place they were standing now was part of the largest virgin forest among these reserves.

The Dream Star only had a small staff and the forest was not in their custody, which was very favorable for his escape. But the Federation has many talents and maybe someone from the spaceship which exploded saw what he did and would chase after him.

Although he has some connections, he doesn’t have many. So he was afraid that unless Marshal Zhao Lingyu’s bride did not come up missing, he wouldn’t be able to escape this time.

Taking out a suit of clothes from the package, Roy approached the lying teenager. Finding the other side motionless, he quickly helped the teenager, who only had a few leaves around his waist, to put the clothes on.

“Young master?” Qiu Zhuang watched this scene in bewilderment.

“Because all the information and images of me on the ship were destroyed, he will now be Roy of the Freedom Alliance.” After pulling the leaves from the teenager’s body and finding that they were extremely strong, Roy gave up and helped him put his pants on over them.

“But if someone finds out…”

“If someone finds out it would be someone else who tampered with the spaceship and then pretended to be me, trying to sneak into the Zhao family house. Then, I would still be only a victim.” Roy helped the unconscious teenager get dressed, controlled the vines around him, and looked at the Cannibal flower that was eyeing him covetously. He then looked at Qiu Zhuang and said, “Someone is coming, let’s go!”

Qiu Zhuang picked him up and quickly ran into the forest, while Roy used his ability to control the plants to remove all traces they had left on the road.

In the end, all that was left In that forest was the ship that exploded and an unconscious, mysterious teenager.


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