In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 68 – Award and Provocation

No matter how much uproar Crohn caused in Ruoya, the upper circle of Capital Star was already very restless at this time.

The things that happened before in the Zhao family were already amazing enough and now adding things such as a higher civilization, men having children, and so on…

There were too many unscientific things!

It was just that it was not scientific, so for some people, it was something that made them both frightened and angry.

Yang Ye has no time to care about his wife anymore. He and his father, who was no longer the head of the family, kept walking back and forth and the more they thought about it, the more frightened they felt.

They offended Zhao Lingyu a long time ago. In the past, although Zhao Lingyu was good, the Yang family and the Locke family were not bad either, so they were not afraid, but now…

The Ged and Fang family were already on Zhao Lingyu’s side and Zhao Lingyu even sucked up to the higher civilization.

If it goes on like this, will the Yang family and the Locke family still have a foothold?

In the end, the Yang family contacted the head of the Locke family and the two sides discussed for a long time, but they couldn’t come up with anything. Finally, Yang Ye’s wife suddenly said, “Zhao Lingyu said that only he could cultivate those herbs, but who doesn’t know that Ren Sheng is a plant ability user? In my opinion, these potions and pills have been made by that Ren Sheng. Didn’t you hear the news that even Elder Teng called him ‘master’?

“This… Elder Teng should be doing this for some benefit.” Even if Ren Sheng grows up inexplicably these days, he was still too young in their eyes. How could such a young man really be Elder Teng’s master?

“Who is Elder Teng? Could he call Ren Sheng master because the Zhao family is powerful? If that was the case, Elder Fang wouldn’t have waited for so many years.” Yang Ye’s wife knew that Yang Ye had always looked down on Ren Sheng, but she didn’t.

Yang Ye had a feeling of enlightenment, but couldn’t help but frown just a moment later. “Even so, what can we do now?”

“You can sow discord between Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu. It’s best if these two separate or find someone to seduce Ren Sheng and let him abandon Zhao Lingyu.” Yang Ye’s wife had such an idea. She doesn’t know anything about politics, but as a girl who was bent on marrying into a wealthy family, she was very good at house fighting.

According to Yang Ye’s idea, of course he would rather kidnap Ren Sheng or kill him, but Zhao Lingyu protected him so well… How could he do it casually? Besides, he was afraid to do it.

While Yang Ye and others wanted to sow discord between Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng, the Zhao family was having dinner. Sitting at the dinner table was the Zhao family, Elder Teng, Crohn, and Corbien.

Feng Kexin had already gone back. Now that Zhao Lingyu had told all the news, she could say there was naturally no need for her to live with the Zhao family anymore for the sake of secrecy.

Her husband had also bought her a house. She would be the head of that house, so she should go and have a look. The food on the table was very delicious, but Ren Sheng thought about the spiritual power and only ate a few bites. Seeing this, Zhao Lingyu suddenly felt that the food in his mouth was a little sour.

Ren Sheng was always the only one in his eyes, so he didn’t want him to pay attention to others.

Ren Sheng had an average appetite, but Crohn ate a lot. Even though Ruoya civilization had a small population, everyone pursued power so there wouldn’t be so many kinds of delicacies.

After dinner, Shen Qiushi asked someone to bring tea. It was at this time that the communicator on Ren Sheng’s hand suddenly rang.

On the grounds that Ren Sheng and Mr. Teng had made great contributions to mankind, the federation government awarded them the Federal Special contribution Award, hosted a banquet for both of them, and invited Crohn, saying it was to make up for the previous banquet that went wrong along the way.

Ren Sheng was a little at a loss when he heard it at first, but immediately became interested after looking it up on the Internet. This kind of award was only awarded to a few dozen people in the Human Federation History and it’s gold content was very high!

“Master, let’s go and receive the prize tomorrow. After receiving this award, we can still get a large bonus.” Elder Teng was even happier than Ren Sheng. Although he had left the Human Federation a long time ago, he had grown up here after all, and was naturally excited to receive such an honor.

“Good!” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

Shen Qiushi was also happy for Ren Sheng. “Ren, mom is going to order your tuxedo now so tomorrow you will definitely be the most handsome one!”

“En!” Ren Sheng nodded, his smiling eyes curving up. He was now 1.8m tall, but his movement still looked a bit childish. Such childishness on others might make them look a bit silly, but on Ren Sheng it only made other people think he was very pure.

“Pregnant women shouldn’t work too hard.” Crohn, who refused to leave after dinner said. Corbien who was behind him just gazed at them, hoping that no one else would notice him.

The Duke was the famous God of War in Ruoya who had done many heroic deeds. He was shocked by the other party’s momentum when he first met him, but now… Why does this domineering god of war behave like an old nanny who was always chattering around the heroine in some ancient plays of the Human Federation?

Was it hard to order clothes? Shen Qiushi looked at Crohn wordlessly.

The clothes that Ren Sheng wore the next day was made according to a clothes design given by Crohn from the Ruoya Empire. After wearing it he looked particularly handsome.

The award was not made public because of the special circumstances, so there was no media attending the ceremony, but it was still very lively. When the award ceremony was finished, many people gathered around Ren Sheng to talk.

In the face of such enthusiasm, Ren Sheng was at a loss for a moment, but he soon became a little happy.  In the past, everyone regarded him as a vassal of Zhao Lingyu, but now they have recognized him for himself.

Thinking of this, Ren Sheng subconsciously wanted to find Zhao Lingyu to share his feelings, but he couldn’t find him.

“Ren Sheng, you are so amazing that you are the idol of all plant ability users!” A 17-or 18-year-old young girl looked at Ren Sheng with admiration.

“No…” Ren Sheng was a little embarrassed. The girl’s plant ability user aura made him feel very comfortable and he liked her even more because she looked a little like Zhao Lingyu.

“How can’t it be? Most of us plant ability users can’t fight at all. They can only grow flowers and grass, and they have always been looked down upon by others, but you and Elder Teng are not the same. You are very good, even great… letting even us shine.” The eyes of the young girl were sparkling.

It was the first time that Ren Sheng had been praised by a person from outside. He was so flattered that he didn’t know what to say. At this time the young girl took out a few seeds. “Ren Sheng, I found some seeds I don’t know. Can you help me see what they are?”

“I can’t tell by looking at the seeds alone. They have to be planted.” Ren Sheng said.

“There is a small flower bed on the balcony. Shall we try it? The man who gave me the seeds said these are magical plants! ” The young girl asked eagerly.

When Ren Sheng and the young girl went to plant flowers, Zhao Lingyu was talking with Yang Ye.

Although he was stopped by Yang Ye, he was always focusing on Ren Sheng so he could naturally see Ren Sheng’s behavior with his own eyes and couldn’t avoid feeling some discomfort.

Ren Sheng was more and more dazzling, he should be happy for Ren Sheng, but he couldn’t help feeling a little sour. The flower that was originally treasured by only him were now blooming in front of a lot of people.

“It seems that Ren Sheng likes that girl very much.” Yang Ye said with a smile.

“Really?” Zhao Lingyu did not deny it.

“They are very close and I am reminded of my younger days again.” Yang Ye added. He found several different people to approach Ren Sheng, both male and female. But he didn’t expect that the one who would finally succeed would be this girl.

Not far away on the balcony, Ren Sheng and the girl leaned very close to each other. From their place, it seems that the two people were whispering and the girl’s hair even touched Ren Sheng’s cheek.

Zhao Lingyu at first did not understand his words, but then immediately guessed the original reason.

Yang Ye was trying to make him jealous?

If an ordinary man sees his partner and a girl doing something intimately on the balcony, he would be  jealous. Even if he wouldn’t do anything irrational, he would still feel uneasy in his heart, but Zhao Lingyu… Zhao Lingyu wore a small earplug in one of his ears. Many people have earplugs that connected to their people and it wouldn’t be noticeable because many people wore them. So except him, no one knew that he could hear all the conversations between Ren Sheng and the girl.

Although the surveillance watch worn by Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were usually not needed because they were always together, it still faithfully reported Ren Sheng’s situation to Zhao Lingyu at this time.

Zhao Lingyu looked at Yang Ye like he was an idiot. Now he only knew how to use these means used by these women.

“Don’t get so close, you smell terrible.” Ren Sheng looked at the girl next to him with a little dissatisfaction. He was very fond of the girl, but she was getting closer and closer, which made him feel a little annoyed.

“I’m sorry.” The girl hurriedly apologized.

“They are all very common plants.” Ren Sheng looked at the flowers and plants, and was a little disappointed. What was so magical about these plants? They didn’t even have any kind of special energy.

Ordinary? These were very precious plants! The girl opened her eyes wide, but smiled sweetly. “Is it ordinary? What are they?”

“I don’t know.” Ren Sheng said: “But you can take pictures and ask others online. People on the Internet know everything!” He knew the appearance of most plants in his original world but he did not know the plants of this world at all. But the people on the Internet really knew a lot!

“… Ask the Internet? ” The girl was a little dazzled.

“Yeah, go ahead and ask, I’m leaving.” Ren Sheng said. He was just about to leave the balcony when Gerd suddenly rushed toward him. When he saw him, it was like he saw a savior.


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