In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 33.1 – Strength Ability

It was already the middle of the night, but the more Shen Qiushi tried to sleep, the more restless she felt. So she simply got up and dialed Zhao Peng’s communication number to complain to him.

Zhao Peng was sleepy after a day of training, so when he was called by his wife, he was unable to rest. He could only nod his head to deal with the situation randomly until Shen Qiushi talked about what happened at the banquet yesterday. “Lingyu, I’m afraid has already fallen in love. He can’t help it if he likes him. Just pay more attention to the two of them.”

At the beginning, Shen Qiushi and his match rate was also not high and it was extremely unlikely that they could have children. But he still insisted on marrying Shen Qiushi, so now he would naturally not try to stop his son.

“What else can I pay attention to? My son is already so old and I can’t control him.” Shen Qiushi rolled her eyes at the man on the other side of the video who was getting more and more handsome as his body recovered.

“He’s your son, no matter how old he is, you can control him!” Zhao Peng smiled at his wife in a pleasant manner.

“Nonsense, why don’t you try for me to see? Ren Sheng is a good boy, but unfortunately…” Although Shen Qiushi liked Ren Sheng, she still felt a little lost about not having grandchildren.

“You want a child, so why don’t we have another one?” Zhao Peng said with a smile.

“I can’t give birth, so why don’t you give me one?” Shen Qiushi glared at Zhao Peng. She and Zhao Peng were both less than 200 years old, so among ability users, they were still considered young. Therefore, she should still be fertile, but when she was pregnant with Zhao Lingyu, it almost drained her ability and damaged her body. Wanting to give birth, she could only think about it.

“OK!” Zhao Peng responded in a good mood and was about to say something more intimate to his wife, but seeing Shen Qiushi’s strange expression he asked. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I saw someone splashing water outside your son’s room.” Looking down from the window, she could see Zhao Lingyu’s metal room.

It was weird for there to be swage with the room’s cleaning system. It was even stranger to throw out water after midnight. What did her son do?

Shen Qiushi was a powerful ability user, so she simply didn’t sleep all night. Even in the early morning she still hung around her son’s room.

When she saw her son and Ren Sheng coming out of the room together, she couldn’t help pulling the corners of her mouth. 

In the past, she thought that Reng Sheng was young, so she didn’t take his attachment to her son seriously, but now… was it really okay?

“Auntie!” Ren Sheng smilingly ran to Shen Qiushi after getting his hands on the refined soil.

“Mother.” Zhao Lingyu nodded towards Shen Qiushi, pulled out a large knife, and began to exercise in the courtyard.

Ren Sheng took a seat next to him and held the hibiscus soap in his hand while he was practicing and watching Zhao Lingyu. Beside him, Little Green, attracted by his ginseng smell and the scent of refined soil, twisted his body around trying to please him.

“Ren, Lingyu didn’t do anything bad to you, did he?” Shen Qiushi asked tentatively.

“What’s the bad thing?” Ren Sheng asked subconsciously.

“Like kissing and touching…”

“Are these bad things? Lingyu doesn’t like it?” Ren Sheng looked over his shoulder. This was something he did everyday!

“…” It suddenly occurred to Shen Qiushi that her own son seemed to have been a “victim” all along. Of course, the victim was more than eager to return the favor, half-heartedly hoping Ren Sheng would try harder. “Ren, Grandpa Housekeeper ordered some fresh dishes from the hotel today, they should already be delivered. Would you like to try them first?”

“Yes!” Ren Sheng said without hesitation. Although watching Zhao Lingyu exercise was nice, the food was equally delicious.

When Ren Sheng left, Zhao Lingyu, who had been paying attention to the situation, came over. “Mother, are you looking for me for something?”

If Shen Qiushi really wanted to give Ren Sheng some delicious food, she would definitely let people bring it to him. Now it was clearly a situation in which his mother gave Ren Sheng some food in order to talk to him about something.

“Of course I have something to tell you!” Shen Qiushi said. “I was going to ask you about your relationship with Ren Sheng.”

“Mom, if he doesn’t leave, we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.” Zhao Lingyu didn’t call her ‘mother’ anymore, but called her ‘mom’ instead.

“I know….. I wouldn’t object to you guys. But what’s the matter with you now?” Shen Qiushi’s gaze swept over Zhao Lingyu’s lower abdomen.

Zhao Lingyu’s answer was a bit cryptic. “Mom, what are you thinking of?” Ren Sheng was so small now, they couldn’t do it.

“I’m just planning ahead, if you’re really set on him and not changing your mind, why don’t you get engaged to Ren Sheng first and then get married in two years.” Shen Qiushi said.

“Ren is too young. He doesn’t understand a lot of things right now. There’s no rush on this.” Zhao Lingyu said. He knew that he liked Ren Sheng but he didn’t know whether Ren Sheng liked him or not. The most urgent thing right now was to teach Ren Sheng a little more to enlighten him.

“Young people nowadays, why are they not in a hurry to get married?” Shen Qiushi glared at her son and said in an old-fashioned manner.

“Mom, this tone doesn’t suit you.” Zhao Lingyu said. Shen Qiushi originally looked young and probably because she was in a good mood lately, she behaved younger and younger.

“Not for you? By the way, if you two were ordinary people or a boy and a girl, I would have already forced you to get married quickly, so that you don’t accidentally make a baby.”

“Now you don’t have to worry about us getting pregnant out of wedlock. We can take our time.”

“Pregnant out of wedlock?” Ren Sheng, who came over with a plate of food, asked curiously.

“It means having children without getting married, but they are aristocrats! They all have to wait to get married to have children.” Mr. Teng said with emotion, while following Ren Sheng.

Is there such a thing? Ren Sheng nodded his head and took note.

“Mr. Teng, why didn’t you attend yesterday’s banquet?” Shen Qiushi was puzzled as she looked at Mr. Teng. When she held the banquet yesterday, she also wanted to invite Mr. Teng to come out, but he ran off somewhere.

“I don’t like excitement.” Mr. Teng waved his hand and laughed.

Thinking that the old Mr. Teng didn’t even return to Capital Star much in the past, he really didn’t like much excitement, so Shen Qiushi didn’t ask any more questions, but instead looked at Zhao Lingyu again. “Who was talking to Ren Sheng yesterday?”

“One was Wen Yue’s aunt and the other was a woman from the side branch of the Fang family.” Zhao Lingyu said. “Wen Yue’s aunt talked a bit tough so I found someone to speak with her husband. The Fang family was a bit difficult to deal with.” The Fang family had been doing business peacefully and was on friendly terms with the Zhao family. Fang Rumeng spoke about some things but she didn’t do anything evil.

“Fang family?” Mr. Teng suddenly asked, looking a bit strange.

“Yes, called Fang Rumeng.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Shen Qiushi had heard Fang Rumeng’s name before. She also knew that this person was sent away from Capital Star because she liked Zhao Lingyu. So once Zhao Lingyu said it, she guessed the cause and consequence. “If she didn’t say anything too much, we shouldn’t find trouble with others because of a little girl’s few words. Just stay away from her in the future.”

“I know.” Zhao Lingyu also had the same intention. Anyways, he had made it clear yesterday. Fang Rumeng also knew what he was thinking, so they should have nothing to do with each other in the future.

While talking about the Fang family’s affairs, the old housekeeper suddenly walked in at a healthy pace. “Young Master, Madam, the eldest young master of the Fang family has come over with a gift, saying that he wants to apologize for yesterday’s incident.”


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