In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 97 – Fern Daughter

As Master Fern spoke, his tone was not very good. The man in front of him was very amateurish in his requirements and if he really followed his requirements, a large part of the final mecha functions would not be used unless the pilot had the spiritual power of a level 8 or 9 ability user.

But what does this have to do with him? The person in front of him asked for this, so he can let his students do it. Anyway, the materials were provided by the organizers of the competition. After Master Fern finished, he stood up and wanted to leave. He was looking forward to getting a Nourishing Potion every day these days, but he was never able to get one, so his mood was not very good.

“Mr. Master Fern, who will make the mecha?” Zhao Lingyu asked when he heard Master Fern mention his students as he spoke of Ren Sheng’s requirements. “I don’t have enough time these days, but I think my students can do a good job.” Master Fern said. He was one of the most famous mecha making masters in the Ruoya Empire, so naturally his students were also not far behind. Helping a kid who is not yet an adult to make a mecha was not difficult at all.

“Master Fern, we have ten bottles of Nourishing Potion in our hands.” Zhao Lingyu suddenly said.

Originally, the almost spiritless Master Fern who was about to leave, hearing these words suddenly regained his spirit. He quickly turned around and sat down in front of Zhao Lingyu, his movement not at all like that of an old man. “You have Nourishing Potions? Ten bottles of Nourishing Potions and I can help you customize a mecha!”

Although he was a mecha master, he was fascinated by research in his youth and spent too much money on buying materials. A few years ago, he was discouraged and broken-hearted when he thought of his daughter. He didn’t have much cash on his hands and now that the potions were almost priceless, he could only ask for medicine by making mechas for others.

However, apart from warriors who liked to fight, where would ordinary people need mecha? The really powerful warriors also already had their own mecha, so he hasn’t been able to get any Nourishing Potions.

“I just want you to make a good mecha for Greenton.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Come to my studio tomorrow… No, you go offline now and come to my studio. I will personally help him measure all kinds of data.” Master Fern said.

“Thank you.” Zhao Lingyu smiled and soon took Ren Sheng offline.

“Will having him measure my data expose my situation?” Coming out of the simulation pod, Ren Sheng asked with some concern.

“Don’t worry, it will be fine.” Zhao Lingyu said. “This Master Fern is a very famous person in the Ruoya empire. There is another thing he is famous for besides being a mecha master. He and Prince Chapman are enemies. The two of them had fallen out many years ago. These years, Master Fern spared no effort to find trouble for Chapman, otherwise he would not be getting poorer and poorer.”

“Ah?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu curiously. He had checked Master Fern’s information before, but he clearly didn’t see this.

“At that time, a lot of the news was suppressed and cannot be found online. But I learned some of it.” Zhao Lingyu followed Crohn to investigate Chapman before and naturally learned some hidden secrets. “Prince Chapman once fell in love with Master Fern’s daughter, Nia. Later he also married Nia as his wife and the two of them were very much in love. This was originally considered a good story in the empire, but then that woman got pregnant.”

Wasn’t that a good thing? Ren Sheng was even more puzzled. “At that time, the fetus that Nia carried was not stable and reasonably said, it should be given up. But Chapman did not want to, using some methods that would damage the mother he wanted to save the child. However, in the end, the mother was damaged, but the child was not kept, so Chapman divorced his wife and married the current Princess.” Zhao Lingyu said. There were many ways to damage the mother to keep the child, but in general, the public would not use them. But Prince Chapman not only used them, but used the most ruthless method. It was said that when he used this method, he still hid it from his consort.

“That Chapman is a real scum!” Ren Sheng frowned. The wife was in bad condition, but he still divorced her immediately… He was really too much!

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu said. He was also the person who sent people to kidnap Ren Sheng and their children! Prince Chapman, on the one hand, did not want the Emperor and Empress to have children, but he still wanted to have his own…

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu’s eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness. Ren Sheng was originally very cute and carefree, but now he needed to worry about so many things…

“So then Master Fern fell out with Chapman?” Ren Sheng asked again.

“Master Fern’s daughter’s body had been seriously injured by miscarriage and then it went from bad to worse. It is said that now she is only hanging on for her life and has not appeared in front of anyone for a long time. Master Fern is now naturally at odds with  Chapman. If I’m right, Master Fern wants to get the potions, probably in order to recuperate his daughter’s body. But if his daughter’s body is as seriously injured as it is said, then the potion may not be very effective.”

Ren Sheng nodded, the function of the Nourishing Potion was to recuperate the body. Even if you wanted to calm the fetus, you needed to eat more for it to be effective. If a person really runs out of oil and the lamp is dry… he was afraid that only by eating it like Elder Teng did, they could recover completely, or by using Ren Sheng’s authentic Face Nourishing Pill, refined with spiritual power.

Zhao Lingyu explained Master Fern’s situation and then pulled Ren Sheng’s hand. “Well, you know what you should know, let’s go to Master Fern first.”

Master Fern’s studio was not far from Zhao Lingyu and the other’s residence. Zhao Lingyu first went to drive the aircraft, but when he came back, he found Ren Sheng standing at the door with Big Baby in his arms. “This child?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng in disbelief.

“Big Baby’s hair has been dyed and he doesn’t look related to the person on the search notice at all, so it’s okay to take him there, right?” Ren Sheng asked. Big Baby has been stuck at home since he was brought back. He had promised to take him to see McCarthy, but he couldn’t go there for the time being, so he had to take him somewhere else.

“It doesn’t matter. In fact, if you take him, it can lower the suspicion. But he has to change the way he calls you outside. He can’t call you dad, only brother.” Zhao Lingyu stroked Big Baby’s head. If Ren Sheng told everyone he was dad to a three or four-year-old child, he was afraid that everyone would suspect him.

Big Baby was very smart, so he immediately called out towards Ren Sheng, “Brother.” The child’s voice was soft and melodious, and after hearing it Ren Sheng felt his heart couldn’t help but tremble. He couldn’t resist rubbing Big Baby’s face and kissing it a few times.

Zhao Lingyu suddenly regretted agreeing to take Big Baby with them. Master Fern studio had the usual characteristics of the Imperial Star house, which was very large. The area was large, not to mention that the basement was connected to the second and third floors. The rooms were also special. It was just a pity that even with so many rooms, most of them were filled and in the yard there was also a large pile of scrap.

This courtyard was somewhat similar to the McCarthy’s and was piled with garbage even at the doorway. Master Fern told Zhao Lingyu to go over immediately, but when Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng arrived, they were still received by his students. He himself came out after a while, with still wet white hair.

In reality, Master Fern was even older than he looked online. His back was already a bit bent, but his eyes were still clear. The first thing he looked at after coming out was Zhao Lingyu, but then he looked involuntarily at Big Baby.

“This child is so cute.” Master Fern, who had a full head of white hair, smiled towards Big Baby before looking at Zhao Lingyu again. “Your Nourishing Potion, did you bring it?”

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu took out ten small sealed bottles. Master Fern opened one of the bottles, sniffed, and his pair of eyes suddenly became a little moist. Then he put the cherished Nourishing Potion away, before looking at Ren Sheng. “Come with me, I still have to discuss with you about your mecha. As for your previous request, if the machine rack is loaded with so many weapons, it will make the mecha bulky and impractical. I suggest reducing it by half. The current standard for a mecha is ten types of weapons, but most people would only use three or four of them…”

When talking about mecha, Master Fern was very attentive.

“I know, but I still insist.” Ren Sheng said.

“That’s too wasteful of energy and when it really comes to the battlefield, you can’t even squeeze out the time to change energy…”

“Master Fern, we can do a test.” Zhao Lingyu came up with an idea. Master Fern became silent and then nodded. “It’s a good idea. I actually made a less practical mecha before, so we can let this kid try piloting it and see.”

Master Fern took Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu to the underground basement. In the spacious basement, there was a beautiful red mecha, which looked very flamboyant. Master Fern looked at the mecha with a bad expression and even a little disgust.

Soon, however, the disgust turned into sadness. He sighed and said, “I made this macha for someone before, but it will never be given to that person again… The man was an eight level ability user with strong mental power, so it was more difficult for me to make this mecha. Greenton, you can try it.”

Ren Sheng nodded. Seeing this, Master Fern immediately sent him a document. “This is the information on this macha, you can take a look.”

Ren Sheng climbed into the mecha, and Master Fern watched the mecha move in front of him, with even more odd eyes. This mecha was his peak work. At that time, he wanted to make the best mecha for his son-in-law, so he studied for a whole year. But when he finally came out, something had happened to his daughter.

Originally, he wanted to destroy the mecha, but he was really reluctant to destroy his painstaking efforts, so he finally put it in the basement and left it alone. “Master Fern’s daughter doesn’t live here, does she?” Zhao Lingyu, who was holding Big Baby, suddenly looked at Master Fern, who was in a bit of a trance.


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