Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 78 – Hiding the Filth

Taiyin Mountain, the original location of the Purple Spirit Pavilion.

Two years ago, the mountain fire in Taiyin mountain destroyed the Purple Spirit Pavilion with the power of heaven and earth. The fire lasted for a month before it slowly stopped, and two years later the ash-covered area slowly became lush and green. The fire had changed the landscape around Taiyin Mountain so it was a good thing that Taiyin Mountain was located in the remote area, without any people nearby. But there were still a lot of dead and injured animals and plants, making all loving creatures here undergo a cleansing and making the new creatures become much stronger than before.

After the outbreak of mountain fire, a spiritual vein was formed under the Taiyin Mountain, and the spiritual energy here became much more abundant, so if there were no new cultivation sects here a few spiritual beasts of heaven and earth or new species could be bred in a thousand years.

Yin Hanjiang chose this place because Taiyin Mountain was remote and a war would not affect people from the mortal world. Although the vegetation was lush, no life after the disaster was born yet so fighting here would not hurt too many innocent people.

Even though he was confused and full of hatred, Yin Hanjiang instinctively chose the location that would cause the least harm to the human world.

He had been watching Wen Renhe for many years and even if he didn’t understand it, many of his ideals still influenced him subconsciously.

All the sects who came here this time were threatened by Zhong Liqian so they tacitly arrived at Taiyin mountain in advance. After confirming that the demonic path hasn’t set any traps, they were the first to lay out heavenly net indenting to wipe out the demonic path with one move.

The origin of the last war between the righteous and the demonic path was that Xuanyuan sect had less internal conflict under the control of Wen Renhe and its power was growing day by day. The demonic path’s cultivation method speed was faster than righteous path so in just a few decades, the Xuanyuan sect would have the strength to oppose the entire righteous path as a sect while Wen Renhe would become the number one cultivator in the cultivation world that no one could beat.

For this reason, the righteous path felt that it was a must to  suppress the development of the demonic path and compete for the limited spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Of course, this was also because whether it was a cultivator from righteous or demonic path, they both calculated that there must be this battle to deceive the way of heaven.

The last time, the righteous path made a random excuse to start a war. At that time a small sect was slaughtered by who knows who and everyone believed that it must have been done by the demonic path so they used it as tagger to start the massive demonic war.

But this war was not about fate but about Yin Hanjiang who insisted on seeking justice.

The truth was that when altar master Yuan colluded with the scums of the righteous path, he also secretly cultivated his own forces. His death was linked to too many hidden secrets and when Yin Hanjiang dug up these secrets, each of them was enough to bring even a great sect into disrepute. Zhong Liqian understood the importance of reputation for the righteous path or big cultivation families but Yin Hanjiang was in a hurry and Zhong Liqian also had his own selfishness so using the power of the Xuanyuan Sect, he threatened all these sects.

Several formations recorded in ancient books were discovered as on small Taiyin mountain, there were more than ten kinds of arrays, such as “Enchanted Dreams Forgetfulness Formation “, “Lightning Flame Formation “, “Delusional Heavenly Formation” waiting for Xuanyuan sect’s people to arrive so they could kill them in one move.

A red shadow flew up Taiyin Mountain first, the person lurking in the shadows saw that it was Yin Hanjiang so he ordered the beginning of the formation.

The majestic aura of heaven and earth rushed towards Yin Hanjiang but he didn’t dodge or evade as he just looked at the cultivators who kept coming up.

Venerable said that he could do whatever he wanted to do and didn’t need to pay attention to the rest.

Just as the force of overwhelming power was about to crush Yin Hanjiang’s thin body, a long halberd cut through the sky and pierced countless formations.

When Wen Renhe appeared behind Yin Hajiang with a casual gesture, the heaven and earth spiritual energy gathered by the formation was immediately obediently controlled by his chaotic energy.

Heaven and earth were born from chaos, and all spiritual energy originated from chaos and returned to chaos. Once Wen Renhe understood this, the means of the cultivation world were nothing more than the conversion of energy to him. The formation method was used to transform the spiritual energy into swords and attack people using various techniques. Then he could use his own chaos energy to return this sword to heaven and earth, there would be no need to use his own power to resist like he did In the past.

Then he saw a vortex of spiritual energy gradually form around him, whether it was the power of the formation or the power of the magic weapon they were all absorbed by this vortex. When the people of the righteous path no longer dared to attack or could not attack , Wen Renhe waved his long sleeve and that dreadful vortex of aura rotated in the opposite direction, turning it into spiritual dots. A spiritual rain fell on Taiyin Mountain.

Baili Qingmiao, who was behind Qiu Congxue, looked at this scene of earth recovery and felt something in her heart, sitting on her knees in the air on the spot, it was an epiphany!

Qiu Congxue, Zhong Liqian and Xie Huai did not expect that Baili Qingmiao would have an epiphany just when a big battle was about to take place. What kind of epiphany was this? She was already at the peak of the void realm so when she woke up from her meditation, she should advance to the Mahayana realm, right?

Wen Renhe felt the aura change and looked sideways at Baili Qingmiao, it was clear in his heart. In those days, the Taiyin mountain fire was influenced by Baili Qingmiao and there was the warning of an outbreak. Although the fire was triggered by the battle between Wen Renhe and the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, the real trigger was Baili Qingmiao’s calamity disposition.

It was her job to start disasters, and wherever she went any hidden natural disaster would be launched in advance. In the immortal spirit illusion realm what Baili Qingmiao saw before her eyes was also the darkness and terror closest to her.

But after she closed her eyes, the immortal spirit illusion realm became peaceful, bright and dazzling, and full of spiritual treasures.

The scene of the immortal spirit illusion realm was similar to the Taiyin Mountain at this moment. They encountered a disaster brought by Baili Qingmiao but after the disaster the new life began.

Since Baili Qingmiao cultivated the merciless path, she didn’t focus her gaze on a single person, but looked deeper and further. When she gazed at a person, what she saw was not a person but a world beyond that person.

Her path seemed heartless but there was love, this was heaven and earth.

After the fire started, there were  always fresh and tender flowers blooming, facing the new world with a brand-new attitude

For hundreds of millions of years this was how three realms operated, with destruction and rebirth alternating, repeating itself again and again, endlessly.

While meditating,Baili Qingmiao always felt as if she heard a person whispering something in her ear, the content of which she could not remember, but vaguely remembered a sentence that she never said out loud.

“You are not right.” Baili Qingmiao who was in meditation whispered and only Xie Huai who was helping to arrange the chairs beside her, heard them.

When Xie Huai came closer to his master and heard her whisper: “The gods of the heavenly realm if they focus their gaze on one race, are not worthy of being gods.”

As she whispered, He Wenchao, who looked like he was dead, was thrown towards Yin Hanjiang. Yin Hanjiang casually caught him with one hand glanced around before landing in front of the sect master of Shangqing Sect and throwing He Wenchao to his feets.

“You completed the oath so I will return your disciple to you.” The man in red said coldly and arrogantly.

“Wenchao!”The sect master of Shangqing Sect rushed to He Wenchao and saw that he was covered with array symbols and was unconscious. It seemed like even his soul was sealed.

The Sect Leader said angrily: “Yin Hanjiang, I was the one who led the siege of the Blood Demon that day. It has been recorded in the Shangqing School since ancient times that when the Blood cultivator appears, the entire cultivation realm would be devoid of every blade of grass. Therefore, we must get rid of blood cultivators. Even if I didn’t kill Wen Renhe, I will fight with my life to get rid of blood cultivators! But all of this has nothing to do with my disciples, if you want to attack just come at me, there is no need to hurt the innocent!”

Today, when Wen Renhe showed up at Taiyin Mountain, the people knew that they hadn’t gotten rid of the blood demon. They also didn’t know what kind of encounter he had in the Sea of Blood, but his power had increased greatly, and he destroyed their carefully arranged formation with one move. At that time, many people wanted to escape, but were stopped by the Xuanyuan sect members but there were also many people who were ready to fight to the death with the blood demon today.

The new abbot of Wuxiang temple folded his hands and said to Yin Hanjiang: “Master Yin, the blood demon is different from other cultivators. If you insist on harboring the blood demon, even at the risk of our lives, we must stop Master Yin from making such a big mistake.”

“Harboring? Hahahahahahaha!” The man in red laughed loudly in the spiritual rain, his eyes full of contempt, as if these experts of the righteous path were just a bunch of silly sheep.

Yin Hanjiang spread his sleeves and stood in front of Wen Renhe saying aloud: “If you want to kill the Blood Demon today, I will definitely not protect him but who is the real Blood Demon, we should talk about it.”

As he spoke, Yin Hanjiang quickly performed a spirit spell and the formation symbols of the Meridian Soul Locking Formation on He Wenchao body became fainter and fainter, the power of the formation that sealed him gradually became weaker.

During this month, the Meridian Soul Lock Formation was consuming the blood demon ancestor’s soul so if he wanted to continue to live he must consume his genuine Qi to fight the absorption of the formation. As the time passed, the power of 17 experts he absorbed had also been exhausted.

Before the formation was broken, Yin Hanjiang brought out the Burning Sky Drum which banged in the air with a “dong dong dong”. Cultivators wanted to use all their power to resist or attack Yin Hanjiang to prevent him from continuing this spell but only after two blows, they unexpectedly discovered that the sound of the drum was not directed at them.

The sound waves of the Burning Sky Drum were all concentrated on He Wenchao body.

The sound of the Burning Skyum had the ability to awaken the demonic nature, Yin Hanjiang was deeply affected by it. But he still wanted to see if the blood demon ancestor with such a heavy demonic nature could withstand the sound of the drums.

The blood demon ancestor and He Wenchao regained consciousness at the same time, this month was very hard for the both of them. He Wenchao had a godhood and innate lightning fire protection so he could withstand the Meridian Soul Locking Formation, but the blood demon ancestor was deeply affected by it. He had already used the genuine Qi he absorbed before, and in the last few days, he relied on secretly absorbing He Wenchao innate genuine Qi and godhood to fight the power of the formation.

He Wenchao didn’t know that the blood demon ancestor was absorbing his vitality and only thought that this formation was malicious.

He opened his eyes and saw his master in front of him and was overjoyed, thinking: was it his master who came to save him?

But the blood demon ancestor was hungry, so hungry as if he starved for thousands of years. The soul that had not been nourished by spiritual energy for a long time was now dried up. It seemed like without eating one or two people, he would not be able to live.

At this time the drums sounded, the blood demon ancestor was in a trance as if he had returned to ten thousand years ago, when he was surrounded by people in the cultivation world. So many people were looming in front of his eyes, each of them trying to desperately attack him. When the blood demon ancestor ran out of his genuine Qi, he grabbed one of them and absorbed them using the power he just gained to attack others. In that battle, countless people died or were injured as the blood demon ancestor with his red eyes looked at each dead cultivator and laughed madly.

Hungry, he was so hungry, only a wisp of his soul was left so he really needed to replenish his genuine Qi after enduring for tens of thousands of years, the genuine Qi he got from absorbing the few experts had disappeared again.

Reason told the blood demon ancestor that he shouldn’t fully control He Wenchao yet, he had not yet understood the situation, so he had to be patient and wait until the situation around him became clear.

But if reason could suppress the demonic nature, how could Yin Hanjiang have been trapped by his heart demons in the first place and become insane?

This madness, only those who have experienced it could understand, and only Yin Hanjiang could recall it.

The blood demon ancestor hooked his head and saw the Shangqing sect’s master through He Wenchao eyes. He Wenchao dragged his tired body to crawl towards his master and was helped up by him.

The moment He Wenchao hand touched the sect master, the blood demon ancestor also felt the vigorous power under the sect master’s skin and flesh.

At that moment, no one could stop the blood demon ancestor as he instantly seized He Wenchao body and forcefully released his power, taking advantage of the fact that the Sect Master was unprepared, a blood mist wrapped around sect master of Shangqing sect.

The sect master screamed as his body gradually melted into blood, watching his disciple’s face with a fierce smile as he ripped off his thigh which became blood before absorbing it.

Thanks to the quick reaction of the new abbot of Wuxiang temple who struck the sect master of Shangqing Sect with his scepter separating him from He Wenchao and then using his Buddhist power to dissipate the blood mist, he was able to save the sect master’s life.

But at this moment, most of the Sect master genuine Qi had already been absorbed by the blood cultivator who was his own disciple. Looking at He Wenchao, he said with an uncertain expression: “Wenchao?”

Yin Hanjiang said in a loud voice: “You said that my lord is a blood cultivator but who had seen him absorb a cultivator with their own eyes? You say that this Patriarch is harboring a blood demon but I would like to ask the sect master of Shangqing Sect, what is He Wenchao in front of you?”

Taking advantage of the shock of the righteous cultivators, Yin Hanjiang clapped his hands again and ordered his men to throw out those righteous path scums who had been tortured for a month by altar master Miao and had already lost their fighting spirit.

Yin Hanjiang reached out and kicked a man in the chin as he shouted: “What did you do, say!”

“I, I am a disciple of Biluo sect. Our sect needed to sign a contract with ghosts when cultivating and help them to fulfill their wishes so they would serve us for a few years. I, I wanted to get powerful ghosts, not to be inferior to other disciples so I pretended to be a demonic cultivator and killed a woman after humiliating her for several months. Then I showed her my real appearance and told her that her enemy was from the Xuanyuan sect and in exchange for avenging her death, I made her make a contract with me, and forced her to swallow the souls of her own family members to become the strongest powerful ghost.”

Yin Hanjiang kicked another one: “What about you?”

“I, I am from the Nanguo family, I…”

One after another the righteous cultivator ware bought out, telling everyone what they had done and then pushed on Xuanyuan sect later. After listening it for some time, Qiu Congxue couldn’t listen to it anymore and angry kicked the head of Biluo sect disciple, angry saying: “you dare to do it but not admit what have you done! What the hell!”

Biluo sect disciple’s body died but his soul was still there as it shouted in the air: “I’m not the only one who did this, the strongest ghost in our sect was also refined with evil methods!”

After he yelled, several other people also shouted out about their own sect’s deeds under Yin Hanjiang’s gesture. For example, what the Heavenly Sword Sect did in order to refine the immortal sword, what the Gongxi family did to frame the Liangqiu family while even disregarding the lives of people, they released a plague. There was not a single innocent person present.

It’s not that all sects had never done good deeds. It’s just that there were many people in the sect and there were always some people who did evil things for power and influence. It was like a white paper stained with dots of ink marks that could no longer be called white.

“Shangqing sect, Heavenly Sword sect, Jiuxing sect, Biluo sect, Nanguo, Gongxi, Zhong, Liangqiu… the four great families of the righteous path as sects that have thousands of years of heritage, doing what was in line with the heavenly path, just to save people but this is how you save people?  What a way of heaven and justice! A place where ordinary people should be the most important but is actually a place to hide such filth! ” Yin Hanjiang said.


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