Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 14.1 – The End of Massive Demon War

The Desperate Spirit Formation forcibly changes the spiritual veins of the heavens and earth. There are 108 flags and 108 people who cultivated above the Nascent Soul realm and reached the threshold of experts among cultivators. No matter which sect, the one that could send more than 50 Nascent Soul cultivators at one go would be the number one sect in the cultivation world.

With 108 Nascent Soul realm cultivators, it would take the combined efforts of the entire righteous path to gather them together. But all it takes to dissipate the Desperate Spirit Formation is misplacing one person.

When choosing the candidates for Desperate Spirit Formation, they were extremely careful fearing that they would choose someone with ties to the demonic path, weak-willed or easily influenced by evil spirits. Thus the 108 Nascent Soul cultivators that had gathered were all future pillars of the righteousness path and dared to attack the demonic sect only because they were sure that this formation would never be broken.

Who knew that Shu Yanyan had already planted an irremovable nail in the righteous path eleven years ago, and after eleven years she would shake the Desperate Spirit Formation and the entire righteous path’s plans.

In mid-air, a girl in pink dress was holding a Righteous path cultivator’s Nascent Soul cultivation in her hand and casually inserted it in her own magic weapon, a budding otherworldly flower.

Shu Yanyan’s life-bound magic weapon was a quasi-magic weapon, which was as greedy as her. Every time she used it, she needed to feed it Nascent Soul cultivation before it would work.

After swallowing He Wenchao’s Nascent Soul cultivation, flowers slowly bloomed and paved a blood-red path among the fierce ghosts summoned by Qiu Congxue. Making a path that would lead souls to the other side of life.

The remaining 107 disciples could only watch these two beautiful yet poisonous women. The disciples gradually lost consciousness amidst the fragrance of Manzhushahua ( // story of flowers.

“Shu Yanyan!” Qiu Congxue said angrily, “Your flowers have swallowed several of my fierce ghosts!”

Shu Yanyan said lazily: “You know my Manzhushahua, I can’t control it myself, it eats whoever it likes, can you control your own fierce ghost? As soon as I get close to you, I can hear hungry ghosts gnawing on your bones, doesn’t it hurt? No wonder you couldn’t beat Venerable even at Mahayana realm.  You can’t control your own weapons, which make you too weak.”

The two women mocked each other as they harvested the lives of their enemy. Qiu Congxue also said discontentedly: “Lord forbid me from devouring their souls, I feel bad.”

After saying it she gritted her teeth.

“Venerable said that dead cultivators can still reincarnate as ordinary people, so if one holds a deep grudge, one must not destroy people’s souls. When we kill a cultivator who fights against the will of heaven, heaven will not count these sins on us. But if we destroy the people’s souls, we will break the rules of Six Reincarnations. Heaven will count it as sin and our heavenly tribulation will be very bad.” Shu Yanyan said.

“As a demonic cultivator, he kills people without blinking, but he still has an obsession in strange places.” Qiu Congxue continued disapprovingly: “When I entered the merciless path, I didn’t plan to turn back.”

Shu Yanyan shrugged: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t approve of Venerable. But you should beat him first before you can say anything against him, we in the Xuanyuan sect always follow the strongest one.”

As Manzhushahua flowers bloomed, Dubhe star (star symbolizing lust) gradually dyed red. The crimson star shone brightly in the sky.

“As expected,” said the Master of the Jiuxing sect: “Polis, Alkaid and Dubhe star are the biggest obstacles in this Massive Demon War.”

The Bilou sect master said: “Fortunately, we have a back-up.”

“Amitabha.” The abbot of Wuxiang Temple gently flicked the Buddha beads in his hand and uttered the Buddha’s name, then threw the rosary into the air.

At the same time, a peaco*k shining with multicolored Buddha light appeared above Shu Yanyan’s and Qiu Congxue’s heads, under the Buddha light the flowers on the other side withered. Shu Yanyan’s smile froze in the corner of her mouth, and she said dryly, “No way, they even invited  Buddist master peaco*k Wang Faxiang this time?

According to Buddhist legend, the peaco*k was born from a phoenix. Because he was hungry he swallowed the Buddha one day, but the Buddha cut his belly and wanted to kill him. The deities stopped him, believing that the Peaco*k was destined to give birth to Buddha, he was escorted to Mount Lingshan, where he was named “Buddha Mother Peaco*k Mahamudra”. (

The Peaco*k King has the power to stop disasters, eliminate diseases and prolong life, so both the flowers of Shu Yanyan and the hungry ghosts of Qiu Congxue were suppressed to death.

Under the Buddha’s light, the flowers on the other side of the shore withered and resentment souls re-enter the circle of six reincarnations.

Shu Yanyan was better, this was because she was still clean minded. She had less desire, and the power of her charm was greatly reduced, but it did not hurt the origin of her strength. But Qiu Congxue was different, she was originally a ghost cultivator, this time suppressing her entry into the circle of reincarnation almost killed her.

At this time, among the remaining dozens of Nascent Soul cultivators, eighteen of them suddenly who took off their hoods, revealing eighteen shiny bald heads. They sat cross-legged and started reciting Buddhist scriptures.

“What the heck!” Shu Yanyan shouted in shock “I haven’t heard anything about  a bunch of bald heads in the formation, I can’t do anything about these blades!”

Qiu Congxue in the Buddha light said with a smile: “We only need to fight for a while. Most of these righteous disciples were either killed or severely injured. So it is impossible for the injured to fight again. Our missions here are completed. Wait for me to break this Wang Faxiang’s array and you can escape.”

“Are you crazy? Do you want to get reincarnated?” Shu Yanyan said: “”Are you, Qiu Congxue such a self-sacrificing person?”

“Shut up.” Qiu Congxue kicked Shu Yanyan and flew to the sky by herself. Countless white bones appeared in front of Qiu Congxue to block the buddha light.

A string of rosary beads were faintly seen in the Buddha light. Qiu Congxue smelled herself burning as her white bones armor dissipated in the Buddha light.

Saw it!

She stretched out her white fingers and grabbed the string of buddha beads before throwing them into the distance with great force.

Shu Yanyan heard Qiu Congxue let out a miserable scream as her figure disappeared in the Buddha light. The eighteen Buddhist cultivators were spitting blood from their mouths, apparently without any fight both them as well as Qiu Congxue lost.

As the Buddha light disappeared, Shu Yanyan looked at the wounded righteous monks and those Buddhist cultivators who could no longer fight, put a smile on her face and faintly said, “You guys go.”

The crowd who had thought she was going to kill them all, looked at Shu Yanyan in puzzlement, only to hear the evil girl from Xuanyuan sect say: “Ten years of this war has resulted in countless deaths and injuries, whether it’s the righteous path or the demonic path. We all need a hundred years to recuperate. Enough people died, I’ve also killed enough.”

With a piece of black clothing in her hand, she turned around and left, leaving still alive righteous cultivators dumbfounded.

On the outskirts of the Xuanyuan sect mountain range, Baili Qingmiao kept picking up the fallen cultivators who were still breathing. In order to rescue them, she walked farther and farther away from her group. Seeing a black figure floating by the river, she hurriedly used her magic weapon which reflected the mysterious frost of the moon to pull this person from the river.

“Thank God, you’re still alive!”, “Oh My God! All the flesh and blood on your body is actually gone!” “Your face is all black too, so I can’t see which sect you are from.” “Are you male or female?” “Don’t give up, you must keep living!”

Qiu Congxue eyelids moved, conscious of the noise near her ears. She opened her eyes slightly and saw a woman in a goose-yellow dress tearfully healing her.

“Too noisy.” Qiu Congxue opened her mouth, finding that her own voice was burned out and could only produce a non-male non-female hoarse sound.

“You’re still alive, oooooh!” Baili Qingmiao cried sadly: “Don’t die, too many people have died. Already so many elders have died, you can’t die. I don’t want to see anyone die in front of my eyes ever again.”

Qiu Congxue: “……”

She opened her eyes and for some reason, a paragraph appeared in her mind – ‘only a ray of rising sunshine was sprinkled on Baili Qingmiao. Her expression was gentle and determined, her appearance was truly beautiful as she was fighting to help.’

What the hell with this mess? Qiu Congxue wrinkled her burned eyebrow, why did such a sour word suddenly appeared in her mind?


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