Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 77 – The War is Coming

Yin Hanjiang had been in seclusion for a month since he returned from the Shangqing sect. Seeing that tomorrow was the seventh day of the first month, Zhong Liqian had already arranged things early. He couldn’t force all major sects to come but he also didn’t know if Yin Hanjiang would be able to come out tomorrow.

Zhong Liqian, while the two patriarchs were in seclusion used a variety of means to “pacify” several altar masters, urging each one of them who were more individualistic and lazier than the other to do things. Then he finally finished the tasks assigned by the two patriarchs, thinking that he could finally rest, but these two refused to leave seclusion.

In fact, the tracking spell and compulsion Gu were not a big deal, after more than 30 years he had already gotten used to them. Moreover, when Baili Qingmiao advanced to the Mahayana realm they would no longer need the two altar masters to undo them. Zhong Liqian and Baili Qingmiao combined could also lift the spell and force the compulsion Gu out of the body.

But the position of general altar master, Zhong Liqian really did not want to do it. He hoped that after the blood demon ancestor matter’s was finished, the two patriarchs would let him go so he could travel the world and prepare for his heavenly tribulation.

“Altar master Zhong.” The feminine looking altar master Miao came up to Zhong Liqian and asked: “The method of cultivating the king Gu that you helped me improve a few days ago, has already formed a cocoon and in a few days it will have the ability to kill a scattered immortal. In addition, I also have some other ideas, after king Gu emerges from the cocoon I want to breed several different kinds of gu with different effects, and I would like to ask altar master Zhong for help.”

Zhong Liqian kept smiling, never mentioning that he wanted to resign from the Xuanyuan sect after tomorrow.

“Go away!” Altar master Ruan squeezed altar master Miao away: “Altar master Zhong you were right, things can turn around and everything needs to reach a balance to become the strongest. My turtle armor became more defensive than ever after adding a touch of flexibility. I even tried a few gu worms that used to be able to find a way to get in but now can’t break through my turtle armor.”

Altar master Miao’s face became pale: “Ruan Weiyi you stole my gu worms?”

“No, I just borrowed a few disciples of the righteous path.” Altar Master Ruan’s neck stiffened as he denied it.

“Master Zhong, master Zhong!” Helian Chu came up with a book: “Thanks for your guidance. I showed the new poem I wrote under your guidance to the Protector Shu yesterday and she liked it very much. Today I wrote another poem, can you help me correct it?”

Zhong Liqian smiled.

“Cough cough cough!” Altar master Shitan coughed as he squeezed forward: “Altar master Zhong, I have a question about the seven sufferings ‘seeking is not allowed’ I am still a little confused, please help..”

Zhong Liqian still smiled.

He did not have the strength of Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang that far exceeded the cultivation world so in order to make several altar masters do things, he first remedied the problem by casually saying a few words and letting them willingly help.

The four altar masters of Xuanyuan sect gathered together happily, it was a sight so strange that it had never been seen since the establishment of the sect. Shu Yanyan yawned and leaned on the door to observe them, a little confused about whether Helian Chu followed Zhong Liqian to get his help in writing poems to please her or simply wanted to spend more time with Zhong Liqian.

“Shut up!” A woman in black entered the hall with a cold face, it was Qiu Congxue.

She was in a very bad mood recently and the flesh that she previously already lost had grown back. Although her realm strength had increased again and she would be able to ascend to the Heavenly Immortal realm after a period of time, Qiu Congxue was still unhappy.

She was followed by Baili Qingmiao and Xie Huai. Baili Qingmiao wanted to leave Xuanyuan sect, until the sect master did not expel her from the sect; she was still a Shangqing sect disciple. Her situation in Xuanyuan sect was a bit awkward, the ghost cultivator who served her was the Spirit Pavilion Master who was turned into a puppet by Qiu Congxue, so she sat on pins and needles every day, waiting to leave after the gathering.

In the past, Qiu Congxue’s words would have caused several altar masters to fight with her, but now Zhong Liqian was there. He cleverly greeted Qiu Congxue and calmly pacified several altar masters subtly, avoiding the fight.

“Did altar master Zhong bring us here to prepare for tomorrow?” Shu Yanyan yawned and asked as she slowly walked up.

“Precisely.” Zhong Liqian said: “Tomorrow the righteous cultivators may attack us so we better make adequate preparations. All of you are pillars of Xuanyuan sect so no matter which one of you is injured, it would be a loss. The patriarch Yin did not allow us to make preparations in advance, but we should at least be able to protect ourselves.”

He was really good at talking, after some words, every altar master showed a proud look and even altar master Shitan who was a bit guarded against Zhong Liqian, felt that Zhong Liqian was really good.

Suddenly a black figure flew into the main hall from outside, and said loudly: “No need to make preparations, just follow this venerable.”

This person was none other than Wen Renhe.

With a wave of his long sleeves, the upper seat changed from one to two, then Wen Renhe sat down on the chair on the left while the other man in red flew from outside the door and sat down on Wen Renhe’s right hand side, it was Yin Hanjiang.

The people of Xuanyuan sect immediately stood according to their positions and said in unison, “Greetings, Venerable.”

At this point they got stuck and only Shu Yanyan and Zgong Liqian continued: “Greetings to Patriarch Yin.”

The rest also hurriedly followed to pay respectful greetings to Yin Hanjiang, and then secretly spied on Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang very puzzled.

According to the Xuanyuan sect custom, when Wen Renhe was away, Yin Hanjiang took the throne so when Wen Renhe returned, shouldn’t he teach the new patriarch a good lesson and reclaim his position? Why weren’t the two of them fighting now?

Especially alter master Shitan Xin who thought that he already sided with Patriarch Yin. Who would expect the two lords to be so friendly and reconcile? Then what should he do?

Altar master Shitan secretly looked at Zhong Liqian, feeling a little sour. Zhong Litan had been the confidant of the two lords from the very beginning, how could he be so accurate?

After scanning the crowd, Wen Renhe held Yin Hanjiang’s hand with his right hand and said calmly: “Today, I have an announcement to make, from now on in Xuanyuan sect Yin Hanjiang and I are the same. The words of Patriarch Yin are the words of this venerable. If I don’t agree with patriarch Yin’s words, listen to patriarch Yin.”

The aura emanating from both of them was beyond the realm of cultivation, making the crowd not understand how these two devils were not taken away by the heavenly tribulation to ascend to the immortal world. But they didn’t question why they still stayed in the cultivation world and just obediently said: “Yes.”

Shu Yanyan lowered her head, cursing in her heart: “Learned this old lady cultivation method in seclusion for a month? Ugh! Useless!”

She raised her head with a smile on her face, calculating that she seemed that she could not only teach Yin Hanjiang. The key to the length of seclusion was still Wen Renhe.

No matter how many messed up thoughts the crowd had, Zhong Liqian attitude remained the same as he stepped forward and said humbly: “Reporting to the two venerable lords, things have been arranged and tomorrow at noon, people from the righteous path and cultivation families will gather at Taiyin Mountain, the ‘Xinxiao’ sent a message that they have already set up a net in Taiyin Mountain and are waiting for us to come to them.”

“Oh?” Yin Hanjiang seemed a little tired. He propped half of his body with his hand and lazily glanced at Zhong Liqian: “How did you get them to come to the meeting obediently?”

Zhong Liqian said with a light smile: “I just commissioned the ‘Xinxiao’ to investigate some things as well as the disciples captured by Lord Yin before I asked them about various sect secrets. This subordinate sent letters to each sect that if they refused to come these matters would be made public so they would naturally come.”

“Well done.” Yin Hanjiang praised.

“It was Lord Yin who first captured the disciples of righteous path, with the help of altar master Shitan, altar master Miao, as well with Protector Shu and Protector Qiu who come from the sect to help with interrogation of disciples while altar master Ruan left the Turtle altar to hold off those who were trying to harass the main altar. I just gathered the strength of all of them.” Zhong Liqian said in a loud voice: “It would be difficult for one person to accomplish what the two lords entrusted to me within a month.”

His words made everyone feel more comfortable and unconsciously straighten their chests.

Wen Renhe pondered for a moment, thinking: ‘When did Xuanyuan sect become united?’

Yin Hanjiang was tired, hearing that Zhong Liqian did a good job and got things done, he no longer wanted to talk about it so he closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair to rest. He didn’t care how Xuanyuan sect’s people associated with each other as long as they didn’t fight in front of him.

Wen Renhe noticed that he was tired and knew that Yin Hanjiang was saving his strength for tomorrow, so he took the matter over and said: “Zhong Liqian, you have done a good job, altar master Shitan, altar master Miao you will immediately lift the tracking spell and compulsion Gu for altar master Zhong.”

Zhong Liqian shook his head and said: “It is only thanks to Venerable that Liqian is here today so I want to thank the venerable for giving me a chance to leave the Zhong family.”

The prestige, power, and strength of the Zhong family were things that the children of other families longed for, but for Zhong Liqian who was raised as an heir from birth, it was a shackle. From a young age, he cultivated faster than his other brothers, but everyone thought that it was not because he was talented, but because of the family prestige gathered in him. What the Zhong family needed was not Zhong Liqian, but a person who could gather more fame. This person could be Zhong Liqian or anyone else with the surname Zhong.

He had always wondered what kind of face Zhong Liqan made when he left the Zhong family. According to Zhong Liqian’s own ideas, what path would he take and with his own strength would he be able to ascend?

Now, he already knew the answer.

After lifting the tracking spell and compulsion Gu, Zhong Liqian removed the blindfold. The main hall of Xuanyuan sect was quite well-lit so he blinked a few times, feeling that the world in front of him was different from before, as his white hair gradually turned back to black.

Baili Qingmiao also removed the blindfold from her left eye, her heart was light. She knew that all these years of walking together had finally come to an end, and that she and Zhong Liqian would go their separate ways in the future.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled and then bowed toward each other. Thanking each other for the past, and also silently expressing their blessings for each other’s future.

When Wen Renhe saw that they had completed the ceremonial farewell, he said: “For tomorrow, you don’t need to prepare much, just follow me closely. Those traps of righteous path can’t stop me at all. As for what to do with He Wenchao and how to negotiate with the righteous path , leave it all to patriarch Yin, you don’t need to interfere.”

The battle in the Underworld Blood Sea was expected by Wen Renhe, he just wanted to use the hands of the righteous path and blood demon ancestor to achieve his own goals so this revenge was never Wen Renhe’s, but Yin Hanjiang’s.

He hated that the righteous path slandered Wen Renhe indiscriminately, and hated that the scum of the righteous path pushed countless evil deeds on his lord.

Wen Renhe did not care about this meaningless reputation but Yin Hanjiang did.

Tomorrow, he will escort He Wenchao and let the righteous cultivators see how much dirt was hidden under their noble appearance.



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