Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 29.1 – Scorpion Beauty

“Lord.” Shu Yanyan presented Zhong Lifei Nascent Soul with both hands to Wen Renhe.

“Here you are.” Wen Renhe did not look away: “Put on your clothes.”

He still underestimated the toughness of his right protector, he originally thought that Shu Yanyan would at least dress up to fight Zhong Lifei for a few rounds, but who knows the right protector wrapped only in a thin blanket would make her move and Zhong Lifei did not have even time to react.

Zhong Lifei was also a decisive person, seeing the other person move so quickly without giving him a chance to explain he simply gave up his psychical body and Nascent Soul and let his soul leave the body so he could escape. But he never thought that the man in the black and the one with the sword would remain calm and rational no matter what happened in front of them. The man with the sword stopped Zhong Lifei’s soul, not letting him escape.

“Who are you? Kill me and the Zhong family will never let you go!” Zhong Lifei’s trembling soul said.

“Is that so? Didn’t you always think that the Zhong family didn’t care about you even if you left home? Or that you were regarded as Zhong Liqian’s stepping stone and they would send you to your death at any time?” Wen Renhe asked.

Zhong Lifei’s soul became unstable after being told what was on his mind. People can lie, but the soul was hard to deceive, and the manifestation of the weakness of the soul let people see at a glance that what Wen Renhe said was exactly what was on Zhong Lifei’s mind.

During the conversation between persona and soul, Shu Yanyan already got dressed and gracefully got out of bed. If she did not hold Zhong Lifei’s corpse with one hand it would be a very beautiful picture.

The words “viper like beauty” were simply tailor-made for Shu Yanyan.

“Venerable, Zhong Lifei has revealed a lot of news these days.” Shu Yanyan said: “Whenever I showed good feelings towards Zhong Liqian, he would say that Zhong Liqian was a hypocrite who only wanted to exercise his power all day to oppress them: concubine born sons and children from branch families. This subordinate observed that Zhong Lifei hates Zhong Liqian extremely and deeply, which was not far from what Venerable said.”

“You wicked bitch!” Zhong Lifei’s divine soul was filled with hatred, and resentment, making the dark mist scatter around.

“So what if I am a ‘wicked bitch’?” Shu Yanyan laughed: “Did  you really think just because this wicked girl was hungry, anyone would do?” I didn’t even see you at first, I was after Zhong Liqian but who knew that such an insolent toad like you would take the bait? This demonic Lady will not even bother to absorb your nascent soul. I will refine it into the pill and after returning to the sect I will reward it to some subordinates of this Protector so they will happily say a few sweet words.”

“Why did this Venerable remember that protector Shu no longer has subordinates?” Wen Renhe looked at Shu Yanyan, poking a knife in her heart.

Shu Yanyan’s face stiffened, she lowered her posture and obediently said: “The entire sect is yours Venerable. This subordinate is also Venerable’s pawn, everything… ouch, why are you kicking me!”

Standing beside Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang who heard Shu Yanyan mention ‘pawn’ could not help but kick her in the knee.

“This Venerable’s subordinates are not pawns, you are this venerable right arm.” Wen Renhe said to Yin Hanjiang.

After hearing this, Yin Hanjiang withdrew his feet and nodded to Shu Yanyan saying: “Pawn.”

Shu Yanyan: “…”

If she had known that Wen Renhe had survived the siege of twenty-one experts, she would have put aside her sadness about Qiu Congxue death and gone after the badly injured Wen Renhe first!

It could not be helped, she missed her chance! Now she was just a fish in Wen Renhe hand that he could cut at any moment.

The right protector who could only bend and stretch said: “Venerable I will refine Zhong Lifei’s body into a puppet.”

“No!” Zhong Lifei’s divine soul cried out in pain: “You! Don’t you want Zhong Liqian? ? Yes, I hate him and can’t wait for him to die. You give me back my body and I will trick him into coming down the mountain so you can do whatever you want to do to him.”

His Nascent Soul was gone but he could still find a way to recover with some pills but if his body was refined into puppet Zhong Lifei would have no other choice but to become a ghost cultivator.

“You are good with your words.” Wen Renhe said.

The Zhong Lifei in 《The God of Destruction》was also like this, never hiding his hatred for Zhong Liqian in front of male lead, claiming he needed to kill Zhong Liqian to take over the Zhong family. He Wenchao was annoyed that Zhong Liqian stole his favorite little sister and liked Zhong Lifei who was hostile to Zhong Liqian and empathized his childhood hatred of being bullied by the sons of the good family toward Zhong Liqian believing that none of the sons who grew up in this much-loved families were good and they were all bastards who lusted after other people wives and daughters.

In this way He Wenchao became the mastermind who helped the Zhong Lifei backstab Zhong Liqian which eventually led to Zhong Liqian’s downfall in fame and strength. Then Zhong Lifei, who successfully stole his reputation, killed him.

This part of the plot in 《Abusive Love Affair》was never mentioned, it only wrote that Baili Qingmiao refused all Zhong Liqian good intentions, instead insisted on being with her elder martial brother. Zhong Liqian was a true gentleman who then told Baili Qingmiao that if she met with trouble in the future she could come to Wuliu village to find him and then left in disgrace. Zhong Liqian was never mentioned in the book after that, so who knew that after letting go of Baili Qingmiao he was killed by He Wenchao and Zhong Lifei.

The most interesting thing was the comments about Zhong Linqian in the two books, most of the comments in 《Abusive Love Affair》were like this…

[Wuwuwu, Zhong Liqian is too good, he is a true gentleman who is hard to find. He respected and loved the female lead and was willing to accompany her. However, when Baili Qingmiao finally chose He Wenchao he was able to let go and tell her that “Liqian will always be your way out.” I liked him so much!]

[The eyes of Baili Qingmiao are useless and can be donated to the needy. Don’t grow a pair of “shimmering” big eyes for nothing. Every time the author writes that she looks at Wen Renhe, Zhong Liqian and Yin Hanjing , she uses the word “shimmering” . Now I’m going to get “shimmering” PTSD!]

[Upstairs cross out Yin Hanjiang, I don’t want that one.]

[Why do all of you want to cross out Yin Hanjiang? Why do I think this kind of illness that kills you while you are sick is so emotional? ].

[Zhong Liqian and Wen Renhe are two handsome men with different styles but with their own advantages. But in front of them, Baili Qingmiao could still choose He Wenchao….. blind, really blind. In the days you will be tortured to death by He Wenchao, the organs you can’t use can be given to those in need.]


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