Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 20. 1 – Blood Demon Ancestor

Baili Qingmiao said as she hugged Qiu Congxue’s arm, although it was subtle, it could still be seen that the gaze she gave “Liu Xinye” was provocative.

Wen Renhe “…”

In the Xuan Yuan Sect if someone dares to look at him like this, he would probably never be able to see the world with his eyes again in his life. Wen Renhe would dig up their eyes and hang them in the main hall of Xuanyuan Sect to let those impudent eyes see him every day!

Baili Qingmiao was so obvious that even Qiu Congxue could see her hostility toward ‘Liu Xinye’. Altar master Qiu instinctively observed Wen Renhe’s expression. Seeing that the lord’s face was not good she stretched out her hand to cover Baili Qingmiao’s eyes.

The glaring Baili Qingmiao, who knew nothing about what just happened, lowered her head and buried it in Qiu Congxue chest when she reached out her hand saying: “Master Qing Xue, I really miss my elder martial brother. Please.”

“It’s good to have a look. After all there won’t be another chance to check him, isn’t it?” Qiu Congxue pulled Baili Qingmiao out of her arms and looked kindly into those big watery eyes.

Her last word “isn’t it” was directed at Wen Renhe as a plea for Baili Qingmiao. Plea for mercy to let her see her most important thing before she becomes blind, but also considered to be the end of this short-lived master and disciple relationship.

Wen Renhe glanced coldly at Qiu Congxue action and said slowly: “It’s not necessary.”

He will spare Baili Qingmiao pair of eyes, who was completely unaware of the crisis as she hid behind Qiu Congxue and said to Liu Xinye: “Elder martial sister Liu, elder Qing Xue promised me a visit to elder martial brother. You have no right to stop me!”

But I have the power to stop Master Qiu from digging out your eyes, thought Wen Renhe.

After listening to the conversation between devil venerable and Baili Qingmiao, Qiu Congxue touched the face of her cheap disciple kindly and said with a gentle smile: “That’s right, your eyes, here or not, don’t make much difference.”

“Hmm?” Baili Qingmiao rubbed her eyes and looked at her master, her eyes were fine… huh?

Qiu Congxue unintentionally agreed to Baili Qingmiao’s request and ‘Liu Xinye’ as Golden Core realm disciple, was not able to refute the words of the scattered Immortal elder.

Qiu Congxue opened the formation, and Baili Qingmiao glared at her “rival” again, before leaving protection formation and boarding the flying boat.

Just after she got on the flying boat, she felt something strange behind her, and turned around to see Elder Qingxue and “Liu Xinye” following her in silence.

“Why are you following me?” Baili Qingmiao said unhappily, her tone very bad.

When the elder Qing Xue heard this, she unconsciously took out a small flying sword and played with her finger, thinking that her tongue could be cut off if she didn’t behave, and she didn’t need that mess to cultivate.

“This …… I also need to leave Aoxue peak.” “Liu Xinye ” did not even look at Qiu Congxue who was playing with the small flying sword, Qiu Congxue seeing this situation retrieved the small flying sword, it seems that venerable did not need her to work for him.

Baili Qingmiao did not know that she had already escaped two major disasters and muttered as the flying boat started. She did not like elder martial sister Liu. From the first time she saw her she was bullied and often robbed of her contribution point, making it almost impossible for her to receive heart cultivation techniques and foundation building pills at the Deacon Hall. If her elder martial brother hadn’t taken care of her all this time, she might still be an ordinary disciple at Qi Enlightenment period.

But now with Elder Qing Xue, elder martial sister Liu certainly would not dare to bully her. Baili Qingmiao was also backed by Elder Qing Xue, so she dares to show some dissatisfaction with “Liu Xinye”.

Baili Qingmiao stood at the front of the flying ship while Wen Renhe was behind her, transmitting a message to Qiu Congxue, asking: “How did she overcome the Heart Demon Tribulation at the Nascent Soul realm?”

Baili Qingmiao’s Heavenly Lightning Tribulation at the Golden Core realm had directly split her newly comprehended understanding of mercilessness into dust so Wen Renhe guessed that Baili Qingmiao’s Nascent Soul realm tribulation should also be related to this.

Qiu Congxue replied calmly: “When she advanced to Nascent Soul realm, she saw He Wenchao having sex with Protector Shu, as well as the body possessed by His Venerable, and countless women whose faces could not be seen. At that time, she was in tears, almost unable to advance to Nascent Soul and even her Golden Core cultivation almost collapsed.”

“How did she get rid of the heart demons?” Wen Renhe asked.

Qiu Congxue said: “When she was about to be possessed, she suddenly became calm and advanced to the Nascent Soul while the illusion disappeared completely. I asked her afterwards about it and she told me that in the illusion elder martial brother smiled tenderly at her and said that the person he loved most was her. The rest of Nascent Soul tribulation was just for show once her heart calmed down because her elder martial brother loved her. “

Wen Renhe: “…”

Now he felt more and more that there was a hidden force behind the calamity of Baili Qingmiao.

In the original book, the heroine gave up her divine status after she gained it and she was possessed by the idea that “elder martial brother wants her to protect the common people” it was not something she was forced into, right?

Seeing the dignified expression of her lord, Qiu Congxue thoughtfully suggested: “Your excellency, although this subordinate became a scattered immortal, I still know something about ghost cultivation. How about I summon some ghost cultivators to dig out her brain, and stuff a man-hating ghost into it?”

Wen Renhe looked at his subordinate, who was “loyal” and “sharing his worries”, and said through transmission: “Altar master Qiu, now that you have grown your brain again, find a chance to contact Protector Shu in the future and learn how to use your brain. It can’t grow up in vain.”

“Just like the venerable says.” Altar master Qiu obediently responded.

During the transmission, Baili Qingmiao had already piloted the flying boat to the main peak. He Wenchao , who was the personal disciple of the Sect leader, was injured at the same time as the Sect Leader. So they were placed in the Sect Leader’s living area together.

“Elder martial sister Liu we are already at the main peak. You can go now.” Baili Qingmiao said very rudely.

Wen Renhe was already used to Baili Qingmiao’s attitude towards Liu Xinye and didn’t care so he followed Baili Qingmiao in silence.

“Why are you following me?” Baili Qingmiao became angry. if Senior Sister Liu kept following her how was she going to say goodbye to her elder martial brother?

“I am going to meet He Wenchao.” Wen Renhe said.

He wanted to see with his own eyes how He Wenchao would balance these two women, Baili Qingmiao and Liu Xinye at this moment, and how he actually managed to coax them all.

Baili Qingmiao could not knock Liu Xinye unconscious at the main peak and prevent her from going to see her elder martial brother. So she could only bring Elder Qing Xue and Liu Xinye to the place where He Wenchao was recovering from his injuries.

As soon as she entered the door and saw He Wenchao lying weakly on the bed. Baili Qingmiao’s tears flowed out and she cried: “Elder martial brother, Wuwuwuwu…”

“Younger martial sister…” He Wenchao opened his eyes and looked fondly at Baili Qingmiao …… and “Liu Xinye” or “sister Liu” behind her.

Baili Qingmiao did not care about Liu Xinye as she jumped on elder martial brother and asked with concern, “Elder martial brother, did the Medicine Hall elders say how your injuries are?”

He Wenchao smiled bitterly and shook his head. Instead of mentioning his injury, he raised his hand and touched his younger martial sister’s smooth long hair, his eyes showing relief: “Younger martial sister, are you already at Nascent Soul realm? It’s a few years faster than when your brother advanced to Nascent Soul. In the future, the elder martial brother can be at ease. “

He wiped away Baili Qingmiao’s tears with difficulty and said softly: “Don’t cry, younger martial sister. As the core disciple at Nascent Soul realm and the pillar of the future of the Shangqing sect, you should be stronger and should set an example for younger martial brothers and younger martial sisters.”

When He Wenchao said it, Baili Qingmiao cried even louder. The pillar of the sect was clearly her elder martial brother. When her elder martial brother said this, did he already give up on everything and was going to hand over the burden of the sect to her?

“Master Qing Xue!” Baili Qingmiao turned her head to look at Qiu Congxue and cried bitterly: “You told me before that there was a way to save my elder martial brother after I became a Nascent Soul cultivator. What should I do?”

Qiu Congxue: “Well, after advancing to the Nascent Soul realm you can practice a secret technique that marks another person’s soul. It makes it easier to find them after they reincarnate. I will teach you this technique , this way you can mark He Wenchao and then kill him, this way you can find his reincarnation and raise him just fine, eighteen years will pass in a flash.”

Baili Qingmiao: “……”

He Wenchao: “……”

Even Wen Renhe wanted to clap for Qiu Congxue after he heard it, Xuanyuan Sect was really full of talents.

Baili Qingmiao was stunned for a moment and then hugged He Wenchao was in despair as she cried out “Elder martial brother!”


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