Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 79 – He Wenchao Death

Self-righteousness, there was no way that righteous path cultivators could say anything back. A traditional righteous cultivator was like the sect master of Shangqing Sect who had never done anything wrong in his life. But he did not expect that the blood demon he claimed he wanted to destroy was his own direct disciple. He was so devastated that he could not speak for a moment.

Yin Hanjiang was not interested in killing all these righteous cultivators, he only cared about Wen Renhe’s reputation. His lord’s cultivation method was about people so he would rather risk his life to enter the underworld blood sea to seek a way out than to indulge his demonic nature and absorb other cultivators. But such a person was slandered to be a blood demon, of course Yin Hanjiang was not willing.

He looked at the master of the Shangqing Sect and saw that his genuine Qi was almost completely absorbed by the blood demon ancestor and it was estimated that he would not have much longer to live, not caring about his old master who taught him for so long.

For the blood demon ancestor, absorbing one Shangqing Sect master was certainly not enough so he looked around for someone else to absorb. Yin Hanjiang moved behind the experts who surrounded Wen Renhe with very strange moment technique and one by one kicked them to the blood demon ancestor saying mockingly: “Don’t you want to get rid of the blood cultivator? This patriarch already sent the blood demon to you, get rid of it!”

A final angry cry came from the souls of several experts, they all sacrificed their soul- bound magic weapon to fight blood demons.

However, the experts of the righteous path just used all their strength to set up a formation to surround and kill the Xuanyuan sect disciples so all their genuine Qi was transformed into spiritual rain by Wen Renhe and now they had very little strength.

The blood demon ancestor had just recovered some of his strength with his attack on the sect master of Shangqing Sect and his demonic nature aroused by the Burning Sky Drum had also subsided. He knew that his identity was revealed and he could not hide it anymore, so he grabbed the nearest female disciple of the Shangqing Sect and absorbed her with his blood mist.

Coincidentally, this female disciple was actually Liu Xinye.

When Liu Xinye saw that He Wenchao was actually the blood demon, all the love she had for him turned into hatred. She knew that after the dust settled, she would be bullied for marrying the blood demon after coming back to the sect. Liu Xinye used to take advantage of other female disciples’ love for He Wenchao and their jealousy of Baili Qingmiao to ostracize Baili Qingmiao in the sect. No one knew better than her what it was like to be bullied and she didn’t want to be treated in such way.

At this time, the only way was to be righteous. If she stabs He Wenchao with her sword first, even if she didn’t get rid of the blood demon, she would still be admired so she hid behind an expert and secretly made a move.

Unfortunately, Liu Xinye had never met any opponent in her life so her combat experience was too poor. She thought she was hidden well, but she did not know that her every move was detected by the blood demon ancestor. But what kind of person was blood demon ancestor?  Ten thousand years ago he was the enemy of humankind and was attacked by all the experts of the cultivation world so he accurately found a woman in the crowd who was the easiest to deal with just to replenish his genuine Qi.

Liu Xinye’s cleverness turned into a mistake as she died at the hands of blood demon ancestor.

The blood demon ancestor who absorbed her blood soul became more powerful and attacked the others, fighting with the experts of righteous path.

At this time, Yin Hanjiang led the Xuanyuan sect’s people back as he watched with cold eyes as the people of righteous path fought with the blood demon. From time to time kicking the scum of the righteous path into the area of battle.

Zhong Liqian, who only regained his sight yesterday couldn’t bear it but he couldn’t persuade Yin Hanjiang and Wen Renhe to help the righteous path cultivators and force them to repay grievances with virtue. Zhong Liqian himself was not that selfless, although while knowing that Zhong Lifei was malicious to him, he was still willing to go and save him, he could not use his own moral standard to place demands on others.

He sighed lightly, he unfolded his bamboo book and flew into the battle area to protect the righteous disciples affected by the battle.

“Don’t you hate He Wenchao?” Wen Renhe didn’t know what Yin Hanjiang was thinking at that moment so he couldn’t help taking his hand through his wide robe.

Wen Renhe was not a person who cared about false reputation, so he didn’t care if someone put the blame on him. Whether it was his doing, the heavenly dao used its own judgment. Besides, for a devil venerable it was better to have a fierce reputation than a merciful one.

But today, when he saw Yin Hanjiang dealing with injustice for him, being angry for him and scolding this cultivator of the righteous path for him, Wen Renhe heart was filled with warmth.

“Of course I have to deal with him myself, but these righteous cultivators have to eat their own evil deeds.” Yin Hanjiang said.

When he was saved by the venerable, he vowed to be a pawn and follow the devil venerable for life. But now, Yin Hanjiang didn’t want to be Wen Renhe’s follower, he wanted to stand in front of Wen Renge and protect the one who was willing to condemn himself for the sake of the people.

“Venerable can continue to practice his own path. There is no need to care about the gossip of the outside world.” Yin Hanjiang looked at Wen Renhe and said: “But, the things you don’t care about, I care about. The things you are too lazy to care about, I will care about!”

After saying that, Yin Hanjiang saw that several people in the righteous path had already been absorbed by the blood demon ancestors one after another, and the blood demon ancestor’s power had increased so much that even he might not be able to deal with it if it continued like this. Those righteous path cultivators also learned their lesson so it was time.

“Go away!” The man in red leaped into the air, waving his sleeves to push away the righteous cultivators who formed a group that were more likely to be used as supply for blood demon ancestors and confronted the blood demon ancestor in the full view of the public.

Some righteous cultivators wanted to join hands with him regardless of the past, but were kicked away by Yin Hanjiang.

“Yin Hanjiang!” A man shouted in anger: “This is not the time to be concerned about the past, the righteous and the demonic path should join hands to get rid of this blood demon, how can you still attack us?”

“If you stay here, you’ll only be in the way. If you don’t want to become blood demon pig feed, get lost!” Yin Hanjiang said.

The man still wanted to say something, but was knocked unconscious and dragged away by Zhong Liqian behind him with a bamboo book. Before leaving, Zhong Liqian also gave Yin Hanjiang a “don’t worry, I’ll clear the scene” look.

At the same time, a cold glowing Alkaid triangular bayonet was split into countless shadows, surrounding the blood demon ancestor who was possessing He Wenchao.

The blood demon ancestor tried to melt the Alkaid triangular bayonet and absorb the power of Yin Hanjiang’s soul bound magic weapon.

But just when the blood demon ancestor touched the Alkaid triangular bayonet, the Polis star in the sky brought down star power, and Wen Renhe holding a halberd, stood behind Yin Hanjiang. Under his chaos energy protection, the blood demon ancestor could not hurt alkaid triangular bayonet at all.

Jiuxing sect master looked up at the sky at the seventh start of Big Dipper, and murmured, “It’s actually the Alkaid phrase of fortune transformation.”

Alkaid was the vanguard in the battlefield that often didn’t care about the death and life as it went deep into a battle. If they failed to receive help, they would lose their troops and lose their general, which was extremely dangerous. But if there was enough backup, they would be able to destroy the military force and establish a new situation.

If the Polis star did not give enough backup to the alkaid, the alkaid would become a solitary army that was unable to exert its full strength, But if there was a master in the back, the alkaid will turn into a bayonet that penetrates deep into the enemy’s army.

Countless Alkaid triangular bayonet pierced deeply into He Wenchao body and nailed the blood demon ancestor to death. During the time when Yin Hanjiang was fighting with Wen Renhe for the robe, he also discussed ways to deal with the blood demon ancestor.

Blood cultivators were invisible and colorless, making them the most difficult to deal with. The cultivators of ten thousand years ago used all kinds of methods but still left the trace of a residual soul, resulting in the return of today’s disaster.

The best way was to freeze his soul body so he wouldn’t be able to leave He Wenchao body. Wen Renhe also taught Yin Hanjiang the art of carving souls, taking advantage of the fact that the blood demon ancestor could not let go of He Wenchao’s godhood to seal him into it.

After the alkaid triangular bayonet stabbed the soul of the blood demon ancestor, Yin Hanjiang let out a cold laugh as he cast a technique he had learned from the Burning Sky Drum and used the fire pulse of Taiyin Mountain to execute it.

A red flame rose up to the sky as the flame dragon surrounded He Wenchao. The blood demon ancestor wanted to escape but found himself completely unable to leave He Wenchao’s body.

He could only use his genuine Qi to fight against Yin Hanjiang’s flames, and when his genuine Qi was about to be exhausted, the blood demon ancestor started to absorb He Wenchao godhood regardless of his body.

The power of the Godhood was strong and even if Yin Hanjiang was strong, it was only slightly beyond the level of the cultivation world.

Just when Yin Hanjiang clenched his teeth to hold on, Wen Renhe held Yin Hanjiang hand in the full view of everyone and said with a low laugh: “The other side is two people, why don’t you and I join forces?”

Seeing Yin Hanjiang bite his lips unwillingly, Wen Renhe leaned closer to him and said: “Patriarch Yin wants to protect Renwu, Renwu understands. But this Venerable also wants to protect Yin Hanjiang, is Yin Hanjiang willing to give this venerable this opportunity?”

Yin Hanjiang originally wanted to rely on his own strength to get rid of the blood demon ancestor, wanting to give Wen Renhe a break but in this moment when he heard Wen Renhe’s words, the stubbornness in his heart gradually disappeared.

He understood more than anyone else the feeling of wanting to protect, so how could he bear letting Wen Renhe worry?

Chaos energy surged into Yin Hanjiang’s body, and the spiritual rain in the air merged into the flames before turning into his strength. The tongues of fire coiled firmly around the blood demon ancestor’s soul making it difficult for him to support it any longer so he was forced to release the soul control on He Wenchao’s body.

He Wenchao had been dazed and confused, suddenly he became a Foundation Building realm cultivator and then he was captured and sealed in the Xuanyuan sect for a month. Then he hurt his master and then was trapped in fire as his genuine Qi was emptied while he was tortured.

He loudly pleaded for help: “Master, senior martial uncles, what is happening? Why am I in the fire!”

The sect master of Shangqing Sect covered his heart and asked: “Wenchao, let me ask you, did you know that you had another soul inside you?”

He Wenchao stiffened for a moment but immediately afterwards, he let out a miserable scream of being burned to death by fire.

Seeing his appearance, the sect master of Shangqing Sect understood, spitting out blood he said: “Then did you know that he was the blood demon?”

He Wenchao opened his mouth to speak, but then suddenly stopped, unable to speak.

Before he might not have know, but after battle in the underworld blood sea, the blood demon forcefully possessed him to attack Wen Renhe so He Wenchao vaguely feel that the person attached to him may not be something good, these expert of righteous path perhaps were also not killed by Wen Renhe.

But he didn’t report it to the sect, perhaps fearing the blood demon’s backlash, perhaps he was afraid to bear this crime, or perhaps ……

Seeing his expression, the sect master of Shangqing Sect let out a long sigh: “He Wenchao is my disciple but he made such a big mistake, I as the master deserve to share his punishment. If Baili Qingmiao hadn’t assisted Patriarch Yin in capturing this blood demon, there’s no telling how many people would have been killed. The disciples of the Shangqing Sect listen to the order, Baili Qingmiao has done a great service to the people, after the death of this cultivator, Baili Qingmiao will inherit the position of Sect master of the Shangqing Sect!

As soon as he spoke, he took his last breath and leapt into the fire.

“Master!” “Master!” The people of the Shangqing sect cried out in alarm while some people even jumped forward to save the Sect master regardless of everything.

But who knew that the sect master of Shangqing Sect would just wave his hand and say: “The righteous path was not right and deserves this punishment.”

“Amitabha Buddha.” The abbot of Wuxiang temple spoke the Buddha’s name.

Everyone knew in their hearts that Yin Hanjiang tore all the faces of the righteous path today and if they didn’t do something it would be difficult for the righteous path to gain a foothold in the cultivation world. The Shangqing sect master was determined to die, not only was his heart ashamed, but also for the descendants of the Shangqing sect to establish authority. If there were disciples who dared to go astray, they should think of the today’s ending.

In the darkness of the night, a blazing fire burned all night, like a bright light in the deep night, illuminating the sky of the whole Taiyin Mountain.

At dawn, the three people in the fire had all been turned into flying ashes, and only the alkaid triangular bayonet remained in the burning fire.

Yin Hanjiang retrieved his soul bound magic weapon and proudly looked down at a circle of ash-headed and dirt-faced righteous cultivators, coldly snorting: “The Shangqing sect is quite responsible, using two lives to correct their mistakes. As for you …… this patriarch will return these disciples to you, what you will do with them is your own decision. Only one thing, in the future, each sect should do their own work and not think of finding someone else to take the blame!”

After saying that, he led the Xuanyuan sect’s people to leave Taiyin Mountain.

Just after Yin Hanjiang left Taiyin Mountain, his body became distorted. He just fought with the blood demon ancestor and suffered an injury but he didn’t want to show his pain in front of people so he held on.

Suddenly a hand held his cold fingers, and warm genuine Qi was injected into Yin Hanjiang’s body.

Two people looked at each other and smiled.

At the last moment before sunrise, Polis and Alkaid stars were dazzling, illuminating each other, and the light was even brighter than the brightest star of enlightenment which should be the brightest star at this time.


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Yin Hanjiang (restraint):  At the end, lighting a lamp is enough.


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