In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 60.1 – Big Price

The Zhao family’s auction house has many beautiful auctioneers, but the most famous one is still this very ordinary looking woman in front of them. So every time something important needed to be auctioned, she would be the one to make an appearance.

Some people once wondered about it, but after attending the auction held by this auctioneer they soon understood the reason. This woman always managed to heat up the atmosphere, but also always sold the things she wanted to auction for a higher price. As for her looks… When you really want to auction important things, you won’t spend more money simply because the auctioneer is good-looking.

In fact, at this important moment people preferred the auctioneer to look ordinary, so she would not accidentally divert their attention.

“The biggest role of the Nourishing Potion is nourishing the body. It can repair damaged body cells and treat hidden injuries in the body, as well as have a beautifying effect. Among which various…“ The auctioneer said with a smile. She did not look at any documents, but she still reported various data on the Nourishing Potion. As she finished mentioning all the data, she said, “I think that those of you who came to the auction are more concerned about the influence of the potion on fertility. There is no data to show that the Nourishing Potion can improve conception rate, but because it has a very soft energy, it has an impact on the fetus.”

The auctioneer introduced it in great detail and even brought up a video, which didn’t contain the slightest element of falsification.

“Surprisingly, it can’t improve the conception rate.” Fang Chengjun sighed.

“What? Disappointed?” Elder Teng asked, but his gaze fell on Elder Fang.

Elder Fang smiled. “In fact, whether there is a child or not, it also depends on fate. Chengjun you don’t need to be too persistent, you just need to find someone you like. Grandpa has already thought about it.”

Elder Fang was already more than 500 years old. Although he was an ice ability user and ability users aged slower, he had still almost reached the end of his life, so he also felt a sense of relief when he said this.

“The effect of this medicine is really good. With your financial resources, you can buy some more to improve your body.” Elder Teng couldn’t help saying. He once wanted to see Elder Fang’s old and feeble appearance. However, now when he really saw it, he felt no pleasure, but instead felt sad in his heart.

“I, an old man, don’t need this.” Elder Fang smiled, “Chengjun, wait and try to buy two groups. If the Zhao family sells it in the future, you can also buy more then. When there is someone you like, the two of you can adjust your bodies together.”

“Grandpa, this is still something far away.” Fang Chengjun smiled bitterly.

“You’d better take care of yourself first.” Elder Teng glared at Elder Fang and looking at that old face, he couldn’t help but remember how the two of them looked when they were young.

Elder Teng, formerly known as Jian Shaojun, was Elder Fang’s father’s cousin.

The Jian family were all plant ability users and although there were no S-class ability users, they were all originally A-class and were considered famous on Capital Star. But of course like other families’ their numbers were meager.

In Elder Teng’s father’s generation, the Jian family had a rare two children. The eldest Jian daughter and then head of the Fang family had a high match rate, so she married into the Fang family and gave birth to Elder Fang. While the Jian’s family’s son only had Elder Teng.

Elder Teng and Elder Fang grew up together. One was an S-class ability user, while the other was an A-class plant ability user. Both were very handsome and dashing. When they were young, they were naturally loved by many young girls on Capital Star.

But the biased Elder Teng fell in love with Elder Fang and Elder Fang, who has been taking care of his cousin for a long time also had feelings.

The Human Federation has long passed a same-sex marriage law, so if they were two ordinary men, not only could they get married, but they could also have children through technological means. But they were ability users as well as Human Federation rare S- and A-class ability users. Not to mention their families, even the Human Federation, did not want them to be together.

After people learned about it, they were blamed by everyone and Elder Teng was especially blamed.

Elder Fang’s mother, Elder Teng’s aunt, the woman who used to love and care for Elder Teng, started hating him and wanted to let Elder Teng die after she found out about it. While Elder Teng’s own parents were also bent on blaming their own son. At that time, between the two of them, it was also true that Elder Teng fell in love first and again he was the active one.

Both Elder Fang and Elder Teng were very young at that time and had no ability to confront their parents. With the elders of both families stating that they would rather die than let them be together and even injecting the hunger-striking Elder Teng with a coma-causing chemical to keep him only partly alive, Elder Fang finally compromised.

He admitted his mistake and begged his parents to release him and then they parted ways. Then his parents took him away from Capital Star to another planet at the request of the Fang family.

Ten years later, Fang’s family found a low-level water ability user with a high match suitability with him and the two of them signed a contract to live together without marriage. After another ten years Elder Fang had a daughter.

At this time, Elder Fang had already started to take over everything in the Fang family. Although his parents were unhappy with him for not getting married, they did not force the matter of already having a child. It was at that time that Elder Teng finally returned to Capital Star.

After leaving Capital Star, his parents met with an accident and both eventually died, so he was just able to return to Capital Star for Elder Fang’s daughter’s birthday.

On the day of Elder Fang’s daughter’s birthday, Elder Teng had already found Little Green. His plant ability user attack power was not very high, but with the help of Little Green it was different. That day, Elder Teng not only drove away the guests of the Fang family, he also destroyed the Fang family’s old house, then threw in a few small bombs, completely destroying the small floating island that Fang family lived on.

Elder Fang did not stop Elder Teng, who did it and it was not until Elder Teng left that he began to clean up the mess, eventually even suppressing all the reports, so that no one knew of Elder Teng origins later on.

At that time, Elder Teng had already left Capital Star and had not set foot there again for hundreds of years afterwards.

The thing that Elder Teng did was simply a slap to the Fang family’s face, so he hid for a while, afraid that he would become a wanted criminal. But he later found that the Fang family didn’t issue a wanted notice, so on one hand he was angry and on another he felt a little guilty… so he simply didn’t return to Capital Star.

It was because of this mood that he avoided Fang Chengjun and couldn’t help finding fault when he finally saw Fang Chengjun.

Looking at Elder Fang’s even older appearance that looked much older than his before he took the Nourishing Potion, Elder Teng fell into a momentary trance.

Time was too long and he could no longer distinguish his feelings for Elder Fang. He loved this man, but when Elder Fang proposed to break up, he thought that he would change his mind and they could reunite in the future. But the Fang family drove his family out of Capital Star and later his family was unlucky to meet with Star Pirates. His parents were then killed by the star pirates.

After spending more than ten years on a remote planet far from the Human Federation, he went through a lot of trouble to return to Capital Star only to meet his beloved’s child’s first birthday.

However, all this was already a long, long time ago. Their generation was almost dead now and it would be pointless to hold the grudges of the past.

“The Nourishing Potion will start the auction. The first group of ten potions will have a base price of 10 million.” The auctioneer’s voice rang out, letting Elder Teng sober up.

The average income of the common people in the Human Federation was 3000 per month. The state subsidy for poor households was eight hundred per month. Ten bottles of potion cost 10 million. It was a really amazing price. But with the effect of the Nourishing Potion, how could it only be worth so little? For Capital Star big families, this amount was actually just the price of an aircraft.

“20 million!”

“50 million!”




“200 million!”

“300 million!”

“500 million!”

The bidding sounded one after another and when the price reached 500 million, Fang Chengjun did not hesitate to call the machine in front of him, calling “One billion!”

“Box 2, one billion…” Before the auctioneer could finish her words, Gerd’s voice came from box 3, “Two billion!”

“This guy…” Fang Chengjun felt helpless when he heard Gerd’s voice. The Fang family was rich and had many resource stars, but he was not happy to spend all of it. But he was afraid that he could not help himself if he ran into Gerd.

In fact, Gerd was his elder and he didn’t mean to steal his favorite woman. But even if this guy didn’t identify himself, that woman should not have come to him. He was really wronged! What’s more, he never touched that woman!

“Two billion ten million.” Fang Chengjun said.

“Three billion!”

“Three billion ten million.”


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