In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 38.2 – Extraordinary Pilot

As expected, all those guys who were free came to see the match. After such a show, no one would underestimate Ren Sheng anymore.

When Zhao Lingyu brought Ren Sheng to the base today he found that many people on the base were hostile to Ren Sheng. As for the reason, he didn’t know.

In the army, strength was respected and these people respected him very much, so naturally, they wouldn’t like Ren Sheng who looked very weak. After finding this out, his original plan was to first show Ren Sheng’s importance and then let Ren Sheng show a little strength. However, he did not expect to mistakenly develop Ren Sheng’s talent in piloting warships.

Letting these people see Ren Sheng’s strength was good for Ren Sheng so he didn’t stop him. Of course, after going back, he’ll have to supplement Ren Sheng’s knowledge of warship piloting so that he won’t be exposed in the future.

Ren Sheng had a lot of fun, but Zhao Lingyu had to eat. “Ren, it’s already noon. Let’s go to eat first.”

“Mm-hmm.” Ren Sheng stopped operating the battleship, glanced reluctantly at the console, and then took off his helmet.

Seeing this, Zhao Lingyu reached out and wanted to pick him up, but this time Ren Sheng refused. “Let’s go together.” He let him carry him, because he wanted to let other people know that Zhao Lingyu was his, but now that everyone was gone it was not easy to let him hold him.

Zhao Lingyu opened the door of the simulation room and saw that room was surrounded by people. When he and Ren Sheng came out, a lot of people looked at them.

“What are you all standing here for? If you are too idle, go exercise! Everyone here go run ten laps around the training ground!” Zhao Lingyu glanced around. These guys didn’t believe that Ren Sheng was the one who had just piloted the warship… so running a few laps would sober them up.

The soldiers who had already focused their admiration on Ren Sheng couldn’t help but cry out – it’s noon, they were all hungry. Most of them would have nothing to eat after going to the canteen after the run …. Marshal, why are you so cruel?

Seeing that all those people went running, Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng to the canteen and then found the chef, “Make me some special dishes today.”

“Yes, Marshal!” The chef was instantly excited. Although their Marshal didn’t eat nutritious meals all day long, he was not picky. Every time he came to the canteen, he would order a meal B or C in turns. He originally thought he would order an E meal, keeping the order this time, but unexpectedly he also knew how to use his officer’s privilege to make a separate meal!

The chef excitedly went to cook, while Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng to the private room upstairs. “There are too many people here, so I can’t order too many things for you to eat, but I have nutrition solution in my lounge, so I’ll take you there later.”

Ren Sheng nodded obediently, his heart sweet and his smile brightened.

Seeing Ren Sheng smile, Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of the scene where Ren Sheng was smiling at Komozi.

Now that he has calmed down, he naturally knew that Ren Sheng was not interested in that guy, but still felt a little sour in his heart… Before, Zhao Lingyu would never ask for such a thing, but thinking of Ren Sheng’s frank attitude, he still asked, “Ren, why did you smile so happily at Komozi before?”

“Komozi?” Ren Sheng thought about it for a moment and then remembered, “I misjudged him and felt embarrassed.”

“Misjudged him?”

“Before I thought he liked you and hated him, but then I found out he didn’t seem to like you.” Ren Sheng explained.

Ren Sheng’s answer was a bit unexpected to Zhao Lingyu, but it also cleared his previous depression. “Why did you think he liked me?”

“Before I went to see his concert, he specifically thanked you and said you were his hero, and others said he was better than me and was a better match for you!” Ren Sheng remembered what happened before and got angry again. “I was jealous!”

Although he knew Ren Sheng’s age, Zhao Lingyu always regarded him as a child. He didn’t dare to take Ren Sheng’s ‘like’ seriously. He always thought that Ren Sheng would have to wait a few more years to understand his feelings, but he did not expect to hear these similar confessions so soon.

“Ren, you like me and will be jealous over me. Is it love?”

“Of course it’s love! The two of us will have a child!” Ren Sheng gently patted his head.

“Yes, it’s love.” Zhao Lingyu, who only had the word “love” left in his ears, laughed and thought he had thought too much before.

Even if Ren Sheng doesn’t understand feelings, so what? He was the closest person to him. As long as he keeps spoiling him and loving him, will he still start to like others?

He was not inferior to others and there was still refined soil in his body. He really doesn’t have to worry too much. With that technique, it was better to treat Ren Sheng better and better, so that Ren Sheng won’t be able to live without him.

Ren Sheng received Zhao Lingyu’s acknowledgment and happily continued to eat.

“Ren, actually I was also jealous before. You liked that star so much and smiled at him so I wanted to throw him out.” Zhao Lingyu already heard Ren Sheng say he likes him, so he also wanted to be honest with Ren Sheng as well.

“Really?” Ren Sheng was really happy to hear it. “Don’t worry, I like you alone, if he hadn’t played as you, I wouldn’t have gone to see the movie he was in!”

“Of course it’s true!”

“Didn’t you say he was handsome?” That man was indeed more handsome than him, at this point Zhao Lingyu still has some self-awareness.

“He was the most handsome when he played you.” Ren Sheng, however, was already blind.

“I really picked up a treasure.” Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s for sure, I’m a treasure, my whole body is a treasure!” Ren Sheng was very confident.

Zhao Lingyu’s mood became better.

After eating, Zhao Lingyu, who was in a good mood, saw that the runners had not yet finished running so he specially instructed the chef, “Save some food for those guys who are running.”

“Marshal…” Wu Shuai, who was the first to run to see the fun, was also running in order to eat. He ran without a break till he was exhausted – if he knew that he could have a meal later, why would he need to run so fast? Asking people to run ten laps without using their abilities, was simply trying to kill people!

Not caring about him, Zhao Lingyu took Ren Sheng directly back to his room and then found a stand-alone version of the warship simulator co*kpit for Ren Sheng to practice. “Using roots can be very advantageous and might be explained as you being a plant ability user, but it might also be the reason why you would be exposed. If you can, practice your hand speed first. I think your hand speed still has a lot of room for improvement.”

The first time Ren Sheng tried to pilot, he showed a B-class hand speed, so his reaching S-class speed should not be difficult.

“Then I’ll practice my hand speed first.” Ren Sheng answered. He now lives in the human world, so he should get used to behaving like a human.

In the afternoon, Zhao Lingyu dealt with official business, while Ren Sheng learned to pilot a battleship. Because there were many scenes to choose from and he could also fight with virtual teams, he didn’t feel bored at all. When it was time to go back, he was even a little reluctant. “Lingyu, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“I’ll bring you back tomorrow.” Zhao Lingyu said. Before he did not bring Ren Sheng because he was worried that Ren Sheng would not adapt or have nothing to do. Now that Ren Sheng has something to do here, it was okay to let Ren Sheng follow him over in the future.

With the little ginseng by his side, he became more energetic in his work.

On the way back, Ren Sheng excitedly talked about the scene of fighting with others by piloting a warship. Zhao Lingyu also played it before but he still listened to him very seriously.

“I died eight times in one afternoon! Each time, a hundred points were deducted, fortunately I am very good and won more points than I used up.” As he walked off the aircraft, Ren Sheng was still talking.

At this time old Teng came over. “Ren Sheng, did you think about accepting me as an apprentice?”

Before he was in a hurry to accept Ren Sheng as an apprentice and now he was in a hurry to become Ren Sheng’s apprentice. Elder Teng felt that he led a really sad life.

But after a day of thinking about it, he became more concerned about Ren Sheng’s abilities and could hardly wait to accept him as a teacher to learn everything he knew.


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