In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 74 – Decision Of Going To Ruoya

In the Human Federation, several photos became widely spread. The background of these photos was the Convention Center that became a ruin.

The main characters of the photos were Ren Sheng, Elder Teng, Elder Fang, and Zhao Lingyu, who ended up with a charred black body, as well as many people who suffered in the exhibition center.

That day, because the two people from the Ruoya Empire manipulated all the robots to attack recklessly, many ordinary people were killed. But there were also many people who survived, who used their equipment to film the situation in the Convention and Exhibition Center.

Elder Teng who saved everyone with Little Green, as well as Elder Fang who tried to intercept those two to his death, Fang Chengjun and Zhao Peng, who didn’t give up the resistance even after being seriously injured, all of them are now the idols of the people.

But the photo with the highest click rate belonged to Ren Sheng.

In the photo, Ren Sheng’s body was covered in blood as he held his three children, looking up at the sky while the whole background was the picture of the ruin.

Destruction and renewal. The photo formed a strong contrast, which made many people cry.

These materials… these photos… spread all over the entire Human Federation in a very short time and together with the news of the higher civilization.

The existence of aliens in this world has been known to humans for a long time, but the existence of higher civilizations was not known to the ordinary people. This news can be said to have caused a huge uproar in the Human Federation, causing most people to not have good feelings towards higher civilizations.

Because of this, when Zhao Lingyu dealt with the Locke family and the Yang family, it didn’t cause much resistance. Even the Yang family legion didn’t cause much resistance and integrated with him in a very short period of time.

However, although a lot of things were done, Zhao Lingyu let others do it though the internet, because he has been staying by Ren Sheng and his three children’s side these days.

Now he didn’t dare to leave these people easily.

The Yang family’s second legion doesn’t need to be broken up, just promote some ordinary officers to lead soldiers according to different military regions. The first Legion will do the same. In the future, the  Human Federation will not be divided into legions, but only in military districts.” Zhao Lingyu said to the other end of the screen.

The Human Federation was formerly divided into seven legions, which were respectively controlled by different S-class abilities users families. Later many families could no longer produce S-class ability users, so the seven legions gradually became two legions.

In fact, such a configuration was not very reasonable. As the Human Federation became larger and larger, it also became more convenient to divide it into military regions for management.

Zhao Lingyu had thought of this for a long time. Ever since he was pulled from his death bed by Ren Sheng, he started setting things up. At that time, he thought he would have no offspring so he planned to accumulate strength and promote it so the Yang family wouldn’t act as they pleased without the Zhao family’s control. But he didn’t want to do things one by one.

“Yes, Marshal!” Several people on the other side of the screen answered in unison.

Zhao Lingyu originally wanted to say something else, but from the corner of his eyes he suddenly found out that the ginseng spirit in front of him moved. So he said, “Go ahead and deal with it, contact me again if there is something.”

After saying this, Zhao Lingyu immediately turned off his communicator and then saw the large ginseng lying in the bathtub suddenly shrink and eventually became Ren Sheng.

Previously, after he and Ren Sheng double cultivated, he had grown into a youthful appearance. But this time because he was injured, he once again became smaller.

A young man who now looked at most sixteen or seventeen years old, opened his eyes with a quiver of his eyelashes, after he had completely turned into a human form.

“Has the child been found?” Ren Sheng immediately asked after regaining consciousness.

“No, I’m sorry.” Zhao Lingyu said apologetically. He wanted to go find the child regardless, but there were too many things that the Human Federation had to deal with right now.

“I don’t blame you, it’s my own fault.” Ren Sheng said. If he was stronger, he wouldn’t have been unable to protect his own child.

“Ren, don’t worry. When you become better, we will go to find the child together.” Zhao Lingyu said. hH was now arranging various matters of the Human Federation, when all these things were almost arranged, then they could go.

“I’m already fine. Have I been unconscious for a few days?” Ren Sheng stood up from the water and at this time, his three children swam to his side.

“Four days.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Four days? Ren Sheng gritted his teeth. As a plant, he never had a concept of time as he lay in the sun for hundreds of years… four days? For the past him, four days was just a blink of an eye.

But now, he knew that four days was not a short time, at least that has been enough time for those people to take his children away.

Standing up, Ren Sheng didn’t even bother to put on the clothes Zhao Lingyu prepared for him. Instead, he used his own leaves to conjure up a green casual outfit. “I’m already well.”

Zhao Lingyu could understand Ren Sheng’s eagerness and in fact he was also desperately hoping that he could go to his child quickly but… “Ren, let’s go to Elder Fang’s funeral first.”

Ren Sheng froze. As he remembered it, his face became pale.

In the previous battle, it was the first time that someone died in front of him and Elder Fang was someone he knew.

“Dad!” A voice suddenly sounded, Ren Sheng lowered his head, only to find that it was his child hugging his leg.

Although the four children were born together and broke through the shell almost at the same time, there were some differences in their appearance. Ren Sheng has never seen the first child who came out of its shell, but he has seen the remaining three. Naturally, he could recognize at a glance that the child in front of him was the second one who came out of its shell.

The child hugged and happily nibbled on his leg, leaving a lot of saliva. While one of the other two children was lazily floating around him and the other was making an expression with its small face.

Before, all Ren Sheng could think about was the child who had been kidnapped, but at this time he came back to his senses. He picked up all three children and buried his head in the middle of them.

The most lively child hugged him and licked the tears from his face.

“The children are very smart, they can already call us their fathers.” Zhao Lingyu said, while taking a look at the three children with some surprise.

He was very busy these few days and hadn’t taught them anything at all, so it was completely their own idea to call them dads.

Only a few days old and they can already speak. His children were really smart.

“After all, they are also ginseng spirits, so they should inherit part of my memories. But I am afraid I can only pass them a few memories.” Ren Sheng said. When a spirit was breeding its offspring, if he wanted to, he could pass on part of his memories, he certainly had such an idea at first.

But he knows very little and his children were only half-spirits, so their inheritance of memories would not be much. But even if it wouldn’t be much, calling them ‘dad’ shouldn’t be a problem.

“There is such a thing?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng with surprise. The news from Crohn came back that his child was lost in the wormhole. Before, he had been worried about the child’s ability to survive, but now hearing Ren Sheng’s words he became relieved.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Sheng raised his head. He felt that Zhao Lingyu should have something to say. In the past, even if he had this feeling, he wouldn’t have asked, because he wasn’t interested in what Zhao Lingyu wanted to say, but now everything was different.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t hide it and directly told him the news Crohn sent him.

“I’m going to the Ruoya Empire.” Ren Sheng held the child in his arms and said firmly.

In the past, Ren Sheng wouldn’t have asked for anything so firmly. Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng’s head… “Alright.”

Elder Fang’s funeral was not grand and only some close relatives and friends were invited. The one who came out to receive these people was Fang Chengjun.

Originally, such a funeral should have been presided over by Fang Chengjun’s mother, but his mother couldn’t be reached, so everything was left to Fang Chengjun.

Four days later, Fang Chengjun looked thinner, but he was in good spirits. At least there was nothing wrong with him and Gerd stood beside him.

Gerd had not believed in Fang Chengjun’s feelings for him before, thinking that Fang Chengjun was with him for the sake of the child. But now that the enemy was at hand, he suddenly found that his thoughts were too hypocritical.

He was a man. It was really meaningless for him to think about these things all day long. His two children have different abilities, so it was normal for each of them to have one after birth. Since Fang Chengjun was willing, there was nothing wrong with them being together.

When Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng came over, they were both very surprised. Fang Chengjun said hello to Zhao Lingyu and then looked at Ren Sheng. “I’m glad you’re alright.”

“I’m sorry, if it wasn’t for me…” Ren Sheng felt guilty.

“It has nothing to do with you. It’s people from the Ruoya Empire who don’t treat people like human beings.” Fang Chengjun sneered at the mention of the Ruoya Empire.

“Those people also tried to capture me at that time.” Gerd said. If it wasn’t for Ren Sheng, he might have died: at that time. “Also, if it wasn’t for me, everyone wouldn’t have gone to the convention center.”

“Let’s not talk about that now.” Zhao Lingyu whispered, “Let’s go see Elder Fang first.”

Elder Fang was lying in a crystal coffin, looking no different from when he died, while next to the crystal coffin sat Elder Teng dressed in black.

Although Elder Teng wasn’t young, his mentality had always been lively, so he could be described as youthful. But now with his indifferent expression, he has changed drastically compared to the past.

Seeing Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu, he jerked his head up. “I’m also going to the Ruoya Empire.”


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