In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 93 – Ruoya Is Shocked

Zhao Lingyu was a national idol of the Human Federation and basically all adults knew him. Crohn’s situation in the Ruoya Empire was similar. Of course, Crohn hasn’t done anything to save the Ruoya Empire; the reason for his fame should also be related to the relatively small population of the Ruoya Empire.

As a young man who has been trying to show his sense of existence for hundreds of years, if there were still some people who didn’t know him, what he did was really useless! Therefore, Duke Crohn was famous in the Ruoya Empire and his relationship status has also always been talked about by others. Crohn has dated a lot of women, but he has never publicly acknowledged anyone. However, he now actually brought a man to the palace banquet…

In the Human Federation, it was not unusual for ordinary people to get married to the same sex, but the appearance of homosexuals among ability users were opposed. This was because ability users were powerful and important existences in the Human Federation and could only reproduce if men and women got married. The tragedy of the elder Reng also comes from this.

But in the Ruoya Empire, it was even more serious. This was a country where there were fewer and fewer children and their whole race was on the verge of extinction. Because of this, same sex marriage was not blessed there. Of course, although not blessed, many young people still did it in private. Anyway, it was not illegal, but no one would be open and honest about it…

This man must be Crohn’s true love, right?

“Huh, the person in the aircraft is a pregnant woman!” A reporter who was close to Crohn suddenly said excitedly and after his words were out, many people also found this information on their contact terminals. Duke Crohn didn’t bring a man to the banquet at all, but a pregnant woman! As for why this pregnant woman was tall and wore men’s clothes… maybe it was just that the tall body was good for childbirth! Wearing men’s clothing should also just be a hobby?

Everyone expressed understanding, but they quickly became bewildered again as they looked at the man who was helped off the aircraft by Duke Crohn. This person was clearly a man! Keith’s skin was very white, but didn’t give people an unhealthy feeling. After he got down from the aircraft, he stood at Crohn’s side, his aura not losing to Crohn at all.

No, he simply must not lose to Crohn. Keith’s aura was simply stronger than Crohn’s, who consciously subdued his own aura and became a little smaller in front of Keith, making himself much smaller. 

The powerful Duke Crohn had such a side, but if their wife was with a child… what was becoming small and lowering themself? Even if they were asked to walk on their knees in front of them, they would be willing!

Keith took Crohn and calmly walked towards the banquet venue, but those who originally wanted to interview them froze. Duke Crohn brought a pregnant, completely manly looking, and dressed in men’s clothing person to the palace banquet, what the hell is going on?

Unlike Crohn, Keith had always kept a low profile, so most of the reporters didn’t know him. But it was impossible for all the people who came to the banquet to not know this man.

“His Excellency Keith?” A small noble who had been waiting at the entrance, who intended to show off with these big nobles and powerful people, gave Keith a shocked look and looked at his contact terminal again in shock. His contact terminal must be broken! This thing actually told him that Keith, a super cold man, was pregnant! How could it be possible? He’s definitely blind.

The little nobleman became speechless and at the same time another aircraft stopped where Crohn’s aircraft just stopped. This time it was Prince Chapman and his Princess who came down from above. Prince Chapman’s identity enabled him to become more popular than Crohn, but today the reporters were not enthusiastic about him and after taking a few pictures of him hastily, those reporters looked at the man beside Crohn again.

Who was this pregnant man? Or, was it a man or a woman?

The reporters were full of questions, but Crohn simply didn’t let them come close to the person he brought and no one dared to squeeze up to a pregnant woman, so they could only watch Keith and Crohn go inside. Fortunately, at this time, someone instead of these reporters did something that the reporters really wanted to do.

Prince Chapman, who was almost ignored, caught up with the person in front of him in a few steps and called, “Crohn, Keith, I didn’t expect you to come together.”

Prince Chapman was smiling, but this smile disappeared after he got closer to Keith. Keith… was actually pregnant? How was this possible?!

Prince Chapman’s pupils contracted and at the same time, he remembered something. A few months ago, Crohn had reported that a man became pregnant in the Human Federation. At that time, after hearing about it, he only thought of capturing the man to study him and thought he was some special case, so he didn’t pay close attention to him. But he didn’t expect that Keith would be pregnant now.

Keith, who was a man, could get pregnant… the queen who was already so old, could also get pregnant. What technology exactly was in the hands of the Human Federation?

“We will soon be married, of course we have to come together.” Crohn said with a smirk, slightly stepping forward just to shield Keith behind him and clearly showing his exclusive desire.

“Marry? You…” Prince Chapman subconsciously wanted to ask, but suddenly stopped. In the Rouya Empire, everyone’s personal terminal has the function of checking the surroundings for any pregnant women, but if you actually wanted to avoid this kind of checking it was actually very simple. For Keith who was a scientific research master, it was even easier to do so and was just a small trick.

But Keith showed all this generously, so it seems that he was premeditated to announce his pregnancy. If he asked any more questions here, he would inevitably let the surrounding reporters know more information. Prince Chapman keenly thought of this and finally just said with a smile, “Congratulations.”

Prince Chapman was calm, but he forgot that he came to the banquet with his wife Adela. “Keith, you’re a man, how did you get pregnant? What did you do? Or did you interfere with our contact terminal with a program?” Adela followed Chapman in her high heels and then glared at Keith.

This person who looked like a man, was really a man! The reporters were looking at Prince Consort Adela, hoping to get more information from her. Adela lived up to their expectations. “Keith, I never thought you would do this! You are also a duke and your position is not less than Crohn’s. Is it really necessary to fake your pregnancy?”

That man was also a duke! Those journalists were even more shocked. They subconsciously looked it up online and then froze.

“Duke Keith, the last descendant of the Vick family. An eighth level ability user. The director of Ruoya Institute, the deputy director of the Ruoya Mecha Institute, and the deputy director of the Ruoya Weapons Institute…” Keith’s resume alone could kill Crohn in seconds! There was no photo of Duke Keith on the internet, but if these two Keiths were really the same person…

“Could it be that there is some progress in the research of the Institute?” Someone subconsciously asked and everyone else’s eyes glowed.

“I’m really pregnant.” Keith faintly glanced at Adela and then entered the banquet venue. With Adela’s help, he was now done with what he had to do outside the banquet hall.

“How is that possible…” Adela looked dazed. Chapman glanced gloomily at his wife before pulling her inside, his hand unconsciously increasing his strength.

“Chapman, what are you doing!” Entering the ballroom, Adele looked angrily at her husband. “Can’t you be any smarter?” Chapman asked.

Adele knew she must have done something wrong again, but she wasn’t afraid of Chapman. “Nia was smart at first, but what happened? Didn’t you just want someone to give you a baby? Now you want to have demands?” Chapman’s first wife, because of the failure to conceive a child, was abandoned by Chapman without any hesitation.

Chapman froze and couldn’t say anything. At that time the banquet hall, which was originally full of people, had become quieter and quieter and finally fell into silence. 

The news that Keith was pregnant was even more shocking than the queen’s pregnancy! A few of the great nobles who had received Crohn’s report about Gerd’s pregnancy were both shocked and delighted at this time.

There was a man in the Human Federation who became pregnant andKeith also became pregnant. Did this mean that there was really such a technology there? They didn’t mind finding a male partner, or even having one themselves, as long as they had a child.

“Get out of the way guys, Keith needs plenty of fresh air, You can’t get too close.” Crohn ‘chased away’ the people surrounding him and Keith. The faces of those people were still filled with surprise, but when they heard Crohn’s words they began to slowly disperse.

However, although they scattered, their eyes were still firmly locked on Crohn and Keith. Keith’s contact terminal also didn’t stop ringing with a variety of noises. Keith sat in his chair drinking milk that was handed to him by Crohn, looking very idle. It was the right thing to do to impregnate himself, instead of Crohn. If Crohn was pregnant, it would be more difficult to collect data. Not to mention, he would need to step out to solve the problems at this time. Just thinking about it was troublesome.

Now… he can make Crohn do this and that as he pleased, which felt really good.


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