In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 5 – You are a Good Person

No one would be happy if they are being taken advantage of, unless the one taking advantage of them is the one they love.

Zhao Lingyu felt offended, even disgusted, but this feeling disappeared after he looked at the satisfaction in the bright eyes of the young man.

The young man’s eyes were clear, without even a hint of the slightest desire, making him feel baffled by his disgust.

This kiss was no different from being bitten by his subordinate’s son last year. Although he wiped the saliva off immediately afterward, he didn’t hate the chubby baby at all.

So now, he couldn’t hate the young man who was on top of him either.

His heart instantly calmed down, but Zhao Lingyu soon felt something wrong again – his mouth was unusually bitter as if something had been fed into his mouth through this kiss.

His first reaction was that he had been poisoned, but the boy was too innocent for him to even think that… and that was when he suddenly felt that a warm current had been injected into his body which seemed ready to collapse at any moment, causing him to heal quickly.

Even though the energy in his body was still destroying it, this warm current could sustain him for a while longer. In the end what had this teenager given him to eat?

Zhao Lingyu was a bit shocked, but knew it was bound to be something good. And the fondness of the young man on his body for him didn’t seem fake at all!

His current appearance was terrifying. There wasn’t a single healthy piece of skin on him, but this boy could still look at him like this. Zhao Lingyu felt his heart jump.

“Roy… no, Ren Sheng, are you all right?” Shen Qiushi asked from outside, but did not dare to approach them. She wasn’t able to help, with all of the energies around her son.

“I’m fine. I want to stay here. Isn’t it necessary to marry the Marshal to stay here?” Ren Sheng turned his face and then stealthily touched the wound that was about to heal under him with his finger and stuck it on another wound. At the same time, he rubbed Zhao Lingyu’s body, rubbing all the blood from Zhao Lingyu onto himself.

He was a ginseng spirit and was much more powerful than these human beings. Human beings only had one mouth to eat, but he could consume food with his entire body!

When Shen Qiushi heard Ren Sheng’s words her eyes soured. Many people worshiped her son. Many of them would be willing to sacrifice their lives to save her son when he was in danger. However, no one would risk their life to get close to him now.

In the past, she might not necessarily like this child, but now she was touched.

Dino was also shocked and suddenly felt that he was too much of a jerk before – how could he feel that Ren Sheng was not worthy of the Marshal? He himself would not have been able to pounce on the Marshal without hesitation at this point in time, but Ren Sheng did. The Marshal even looked a little scary, but this boy had no problem with it.

However, the other few private soldiers coincidentally recalled a word that had been passed down from ancient times – brain-damaged fan. This Kay was definitely a brain damaged fan of the Marshal, which was why he didn’t care about his own life and safety when he directly rushed to him.

Of course, no matter what they thought about this brain-damaged fan, from this moment onwards, their suspicion about Ren Sheng had disappeared.

Even if there were spies in this world who were reckless with their lives, there certainly wouldn’t be one who would risk their life to pester a dying man.

What’s more, although the Marshal’s fame was now unrivaled, the Zhao family had already been ostracized from the Federation’s core circle, due to their lack of successors.

“It’s dangerous here, so you get out first.” Zhao Lingyu immediately said, as the warm current from his body gave him some strength. Even though this person wasn’t directly attacked like his mother due to the softness of his ability, he was still cut by the energy around him, and his clothes and skin were also cut. If something happened to him accidentally….

“It’s okay, I have thick skin.” Ren Sheng was straightforward and he was telling the truth. If it had been an ordinary person who had just pounced on him, he would have been cut into pieces by that bit of energy, but he was different. Although he had been growing himself to be fresh and juicy, more than ten thousand years had passed making his skin thick enough.

Is he talking about himself? This boy was really stupid. Everyone said that the Kay people had low IQs and it really seemed to be true. But even if his IQ was low, such a sincere smile was still pleasing. Zhao Lingyu slightly lifted the corner of his mouth and wanted to say something, but the heat in his body began to flow around, causing him to have a spasm which made him unable to open his mouth again.

Ren Sheng upon seeing this, wrapped around him even more tightly and some of his hair-sized roots also began to collect Zhao Lingyu blood, sucking some of the refined soil from his wounds.

He is like a tumbleweed which has been tumbling away in the wind because of a drought, and has now finally found fertile land, absorbing both nourishment and moisture.

Of course, during this time he was inevitably cut a few more times, but with the support of the refined soil, these wounds quickly healed and blood did not even flow out. Only one piece of root could not be reconnected.

After chewing the root a few times, Ren Sheng fed it to Zhao Lingyu mouth to mouth.

He got injured and bled a lot for this Marshal. He had already paid a huge price, so now he certainly won’t allow himself to be driven away!

Zhao Peng had been waiting for his wife to bring the Kay to see him, but until now he hadn’t seen anyone. As a result, he came by himself to have a look, only to see his son being assaulted?

Shen Qiushi, who still hadn’t regained her mind looked at her husband and saw his lively face. After that, she discovered that her son was being assaulted again.

With the corners of her mouth twitching, Shen Qiushi said again, “Ren Sheng, you come out quickly, and be careful to not get hurt. You also still need to change your clothes.”

“You’re not kicking me out?” Ren Sheng looked over curiously.

“I’m not driving you away.” Shen Qiushi saw the tattered clothes and blood on Ren Sheng’s body. This child really liked her child so much, she would definitely treat him well and treat him as her own.

Ren Sheng nodded, climbed down from Zhao Lingyu’s body and walked a few steps before looking back at Zhao Lingyu, “I’ll come back later.” Now that the refined soil that had fallen out of Zhao Lingyu’s body and all the energy he could absorb around Zhao Lingyu’s body had been absorbed, he couldn’t digest it for a while. Although he still wanted to stick to the Marshal, it would be all right to leave for a bit.

Besides, his Master had said to not be naked in the human world.

Ren Sheng turned back and reluctantly walked out of the house one step at a time. He was then immediately wrapped up in a piece of clothing by Shen Qiushi, “Just now, did you want to die?”

“I’m fine though.” Ren Sheng said.

“How are you okay with so much blood flowing?” Shen Qiushi pointed at Ren Sheng’s exposed blood-soaked leg. When Ren Sheng went in just now, she saw with her own eyes that rioting energy had cut a big wound on it.

Although she didn’t know why Ren Sheng was just like her son and healed as soon as the wound appeared, she knew it must still be painful.

“All this blood belongs to the Marshal.” Ren Sheng said. He had only rubbed all of the Marshal’s blood on himself, so he felt soothed in the places where the blood covered his skin.

Shen Qiushi only thought that Ren Sheng was comforting himself and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, before saying, “You must be very tired travelling all the way from the Freedom Alliance, go take a shower first, then eat something and go to bed.”

Ren Sheng nodded and pointed to Zhao Lingyu’s house, “I want to sleep there!”

“There?” Shen Qiushi was stunned, sleeping with her son? The boy was too free-spirited…no, too desperate also.

“I need to eat lots and lots of food and the Marshal needs to eat too, he must be hungry.” Ren Sheng added. the Marshal had a lot of energy in his body, but if his body broke down it would not be something that could be mended by energy alone. “He lost a lot of blood and he needs a lot to replenish it.”

Zhao Lingyu had all the energy accumulated by the Zerg queen to reproduce her offspring in his body, and he hadn’t eaten anything for the past two months, yet he was still alive, so they had forgotten about it. It was only now that a kid who had just come here reminded them of it. Shen Qiushi blamed herself for a moment, but Zhao Peng held her hand.

There was so much energy around Zhao Lingyu that the needle would bend if they tried to give nutritional injections.

“I’ll feed him when I’m done eating!” Ren Sheng said again. This was a person who will give him food and clothes in the future, he must take good care of him.

“Thank you, I’ll leave it to you to take care of Lingyu from now on.” The corners of Shen Qiushi’s eyes became wet.

Hearing the second half of Shen Qiushi’s words, Ren Sheng’s eyes glowed, “No need to thank me, you are all good people!” Dino and the others saved him from falling through the space-time rift and brought him here, and the Marshal also gave him refined soil. They were so kind! As good as his master!


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