In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 24 – Mr. Teng

To keep the secret of being a ginseng spirit, Ren Sheng always lived on guard, but a few days ago after talking with Zhao Lingyu, he put down the big stone in his heart, became more lively and cheerful, and spoke more. 

Zhou Lingyu originally thought that Ren Sheng was close to him because he liked him, but as a result, he found that although Ren Sheng did like him, he liked the refined soil inside him more.

Although he had lived  for more than a hundred thousand years, Ren Sheng had only communicated with his master. At other times, he rooted himself or sunbathed. However, not long ago someone broke into his master’s cave and wanted to catch him and turn him into a snack. But then he fell into a space-time rift…

Would you expect him to understand what love is?

Zhao Lingyu held the little ginseng in his arms and couldn’t help but feel a bit torn as he watched him carefully read the information in his hands. In fact, even he felt like he didn’t understand love.

He had obviously always liked full-figured females, so why had his preferences completely changed now?

It’s not just his preference that changed. In the past, he thought that he could wait for Ren Sheng to grow up and then propose a relationship, but now… would the Human Federation still exist if he waited for Ren Sheng to grow up?

Ren Sheng was not aware of Zhao Lingyu’s entanglement. One of his hands became roots and firmly wrapped around Zhao Lingyu’s body, while another became a long root that crawled into the bowl with nutritious food next to him. After a while, the nutrition meal in the bowl suddenly disappeared and the root climbed into another bowl full of nutritious food.

“Do you want me to make some nutrient solution?” Zhao Lingyu looked at the empty bowl next to him, thoughtfully.

“Nutrient solution? I ate it last time Auntie gave it to you and it wasn’t good.” Ren Sheng frowned.

“It was a nutrient solution specially formulated for me that was mostly amino acids. Of course you wouldn’t like it, but there are other nutrient solutions.” Ren Sheng’s identity needed to be kept secret. But he didn’t want to treat Ren Sheng badly and only let him eat nutritious food so he had to find another way.

This would be much more reliable than Ren Sheng consuming countless nutritional meals to plant some flowers and grass, which would soon arouse suspicions.

“Good.” Ren Sheng immediately nodded and both of his hands wrapped around Zhao Lingyu. Ever since he became honest with Zhao Lingyu, he had become more and more fond of getting close to him. “Lingyu, you’re better than my master!”

After his master had lured him home with refined soil, he never hung out with him all the time or told him stories like Zhao Lingyu did.

“Yes?” Zhao Lingyu touched the little ginseng’s head. He needed to treat him even better.

“Of course!” Smiling, Ren Sheng asked again, “Lingyu, why aren’t you practicing?”

“I need to adapt to my current body first and then I will practice.” Zhao Lingyu said. Of course, that was by no means the real reason why he didn’t cultivate.

If he wanted to cultivate, Ren Sheng would need to feed him ginseng seeds and if he continued to cultivate, Reng Sheng might not be able to completely absorb the refined soil from his body…

He was already in a good situation anyway, so it was okay to put it off for now. But of course, he wasn’t going to talk to Ren Sheng about it.

Ren Sheng didn’t doubt Zhao Lingyu’s words. “Yes, you need to adapt well so you can eat with us and sleep in the building!” Zhao Lingyu still didn’t have much control over his strength and even crushed his holographic helmet before…

“Good.” Zhao Lingyu nodded his head.

“But you must cultivate hard so you can live for a long, long time.” Ren Sheng added. Zhao Lingyu was a good person. If it wasn’t for him, he didn’t know what would become of him now. Since this was the case, he didn’t want anything to happen to Zhao Lingyu.

Human life was really too short. If he buried himself in the soil to sleep for a while, when he woke up again, Zhao Lingyu might be gone.

Zhao Lingyu was stunned, he didn’t even know there was such a thing.

“By the way, there’s something else I want to tell you…” Ren Sheng suddenly looked at Zhao Lingyu with a little entanglement.

“What is it?” Zhao Lingyu asked puzzledly.

“That is… I found out that you have some refined soil in your saliva. Will you give me some?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu with great interest. He had been told by his master to be careful to not be eaten. Therefore, he kept away from Zhao Lingyu’s mouth, afraid that he would be bitten if he wanted to sip some saliva.

How would the saliva be sucked? Zhao Lingyu’s eyes were filled with images that were not suitable for children and then he finally nodded.

Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng with burning eyes, but Ren Sheng’s hand that was originally wrapped around him suddenly reached to his mouth and in the next second, something entered his mouth, making the saliva in his mouth disappear completely.

“There doesn’t seem to be too much refined soil in your saliva, but it’s still better than your sweat…” When Ren Sheng finished eating, he opened his mouth with some disappointment. No wonder Zhao Lingyu didn’t feel as much like refined soil when he was talking or eating.

Zhao Lingyu looked at Ren Sheng, suddenly a little disappointed.

However, Zhao Lingyu’s complex mood did not last long, because at this time, the communicator in his hand rang. The message was sent by Wu Shuai, asking him to watch the news immediately.

It was easy to read the news. Zhao Lingyu didn’t even touch the holographic helmet. He switched on the computer on the wall with the sound control and then flipped to the headline news related to him.

The news was very easy to find and the content was also very detailed. The federal government had found Teng Lao, the most powerful plant ability user who disappeared many years ago. He would arrive on Capital Star in three days and then treat Zhao Lingyu with doctors from the Federal Medical Headquarters.

The news released by the federal government received numerous favorable comments and many people thought that the Federal government had done a good job in treating Zhao Lingyu’s injuries, but Zhao Lingyu knew that this was the work of someone who was anxious.

At first, Shen Qiushi had revealed in front of the media that his condition had gotten better, but after that, the Zhao family closed its doors tightly and never let anyone in again, let alone anyone get the slightest bit of news. Those people were unable to find out about the Zhao family’s situation and that’s why they thought of such a method to try to enter the Zhao family.

It couldn’t be denied that this method was used very well.

The entire Federation knew that only a plant ability user could get close to Zhao Lingyu’s energy riot and now that the Federation had painstakingly invited the strongest plant ability user, Zhao family couldn’t turn them away. If they really did that, the public might even think that Shen Qiushi had done something to their Lord Marshal.

Therefore, in three days, the Zhao family would be opening their doors to welcome guests.



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