In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 91 – The Queen Is Pregnant With Twins

The petals falling from the sky disappeared after they touched the ground, but soon more ribbon petals fell from the sky, painting the whole world with extraordinary beauty. This was the central computer system’s flower system. Usually it would only appear when the Ruoya Empire had a big event. But what kind of happy event could the Ruoya Empire have at this moment?

Everyone was very curious, so countless people went online, trying to find some clues. It has been over 300 years since the last time the central computer system’s flower system was used. While everyone else was curious, Zhao Lingyu took a look at the sky, but was already ready to go offline. Crohn guessed his intention, so he grabbed his arm. “You can only see other people’s real reactions on the Internet, aren’t you going to stay and have a look?”

“No, I think you’ll keep a close eye on everything.” Zhao Lingyu said. It was only the beginning, so he didn’t need to face the enemy yet. In contrast, he would rather go and see Ren Sheng.

“This is definitely favoritism!” Crohn said and then realized that Zhao Lingyu, whom he was calling, had already disappeared. Sighing, Crohn sat in the audience and didn’t move. It was also at this time that all kinds of fireworks suddenly appeared in the sky over the entire virtual world, while a message appeared on all the forums and was sent to every citizen’s contact terminal.

The Empress of the Ruoya Empire was pregnant with twins. Many people were guessing what good things had happened, but they didn’t expect to get such news in the end. So they were all stunned for a while.

Although many low level ability users in the Ruoya Empire could still get pregnant, it has been thousands of years since someone has been pregnant with twins. As for the upper echelon of the Ruoya Empire… no one knew how many nobles had already disappeared in their long history, not because there was a war, but because they couldn’t have children.

In fact, even the current Emperor was originally just from a side branch. His Majesty was already very old, so almost everyone thought that he could no longer have children. Because of this, Prince Chapman had become more and more important in the political arena over the years.

But now, the Empress was pregnant? And with two at once? This happening… was simply impossible, right?

Seeing this news, the first reaction of most people was disbelief, but the Emperor simply didn’t have a reason to lie to his people. In the end, the entire virtual world fell into silence as everyone waited for the next news of the royal family. The internet was like this, but in reality, many people who were working subconsciously stopped their work after learning the news and no one blamed them for it.

Of course Ren Sheng also received this news. But although he felt that the sound of the contact terminal this time was a little different from the usual, he didn’t have time to check it because he suddenly found that Big Baby had fought with Second Baby. Or rather, Second Baby chased after Big Baby, while Big Baby dodged left and right.

When Ren Sheng came out, Big Baby had just gotten rid of Second Baby and walked to his side. “Woah woah!” Second Baby shouted and crawled towards Big Baby. He didn’t know if it was his ability, but his crawling speed far exceeded the speed of Big Baby who walked on two feet. He then lunged and held Big Baby’s feet without letting go.

Dragging his brother, Big Baby walked a few steps with difficulty, before finally giving up the idea of leaving on his own two feet. Perhaps tired of being wrapped up by his brother, he suddenly sat on the head of the second child and farted. Second Baby finally stopped struggling. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Big Baby got up.

“What’s going on here?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“He wanted something that was mine.” Big Baby said solemnly. As soon as he paused, he was hugged by Second Baby again.

“What does he want?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“Your blood dad.” Big Baby patted the storage bag on his chest.

Seeing Big Baby’s action, Ren Sheng finally remembered the thing he left for Big Baby. “You didn’t absorb it? It’s good for your body.” Big Baby grew up fast, but because of this, there were certain problems with his body and his blood would be good for him.

“I absorbed it, but kept a little.” Big Baby said.

“Give it to me!” Second Baby’s voice immediately popped out, while looking at Big Baby with pitifully wide opened eyes. “Brother, give me, give me…”

Seeing Second Baby like this, he seemed really pitiful… but begging for his brother’s things was not worth advocating!

Even if Big Baby was a little bigger, their actual age was the same! Ren Sheng grew a root and pulled Second Baby away. Second Baby who hugged Ren Sheng’s root, looked even more aggrieved. “I want!”

A hint of hesitation flashed across Big Baby’s face. “No, I want to give this to Dounia.”

Ren Sheng thought that Second Baby was just robbing things and wanted to teach Second Baby a good lesson, but unexpectedly Big Baby mentioned Dounia.

Ren Sheng had a good memory and naturally remembered that Dounia was the wife of McCarthy, who had previously taken care of Big Baby. After Big Baby came back he didn’t mention McCarthy and the others, so he thought that he no longer cared about them anymore. But unexpectedly, he heard Dounia’s name from his mouth at this time.

“Why?” Ren Sheng looked at Big Baby curiously.

“Dounia is sick. If she eats it she will get better.” Big Baby said. “Dad, will you take me to see her?” After returning to Ren Sheng, he lived a happy life. Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu were good to him and his brothers were cute. But he still thought of McCarthy from time to time and after discovering the effect of Ren Sheng’s blood in recent days, he decided to leave some behind.

As a result, he talked to his brother about giving this blood to Dounia, but his brother was reluctant, pestering him to give him the blood instead.

“Dad can take you to see her, but this blood… you have to ask your father first to see if you can give it away.”

“If you want to heal Dounia, you don’t have to give her your dad’s blood at all. As long as we have Face Nourishing Pills later, I will go with you to give it to her.” Zhao Lingyu said as he came in. His face, which fell on Big Baby’s storage bag, was a little conflicted.

It was Ren Sheng’s blood… he once swore that he would never hurt Ren Sheng again, but at that time, Ren Sheng had shed a lot of blood

The effect of Ren Sheng’s blood was not comparable to the Face Nourishing Pill. This was clear to Zhao Lingyu, but he didn’t want his beloved’s blood to fall into the hands of others.

“Okay!” Big Baby immediately smiled. Second Baby also settled down. If Big Baby wanted to give something to others he wanted it, but if Big Baby kept it for his own use he wouldn’t ask for it. Of course if Big Baby couldn’t eat it, he wouldn’t mind helping him with it.

It was just impossible for Second Baby to not love to eat… thinking about it, Second Baby gulped rather sadly and he was afraid he would continue to do so…

After settling Big Baby and Second Baby’s matter, Zhao Lingyu only looked at Ren Sheng. “Have you read the message sent by the Ruoya Empire just now?”

“No, what is it?” Ren Sheng asked, while tapping on the contact terminal in his hand.

The first message was that the Empress was pregnant with twins and the second message was a picture of two embryos, which were really just of two embryos. There was no way to distinguish the gender yet but one was already called Andir and the other Moga, both of which were beautiful words in the Ruoya language.

“This is the first step of our plan, what do you think?” Zhao Lingyu asked curiously.

“We forgot to name the children!” Ren Sheng suddenly said, he originally wanted to name the children after finding Big Baby, but he had forgotten! The topic was changed, but Zhao Lingyu just smiled. “I thought of many names, I’ll send them to you later, so you can pick four for our children.”

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded his head.

“Next, the matter of the Face Nourishing Pill and the Pregnancy Pills are up to you.”

“I know.” Ren Sheng said again.

At this time, people looked at the embryo photos sent by the emperor of the Ruoya Empire and already started discussing the Empress’ pregnancy.

“The Empress is at this age, how could she suddenly get pregnant?”

“The Empress can get pregnant, is there some special method?”

“Can we find ways to improve our fertility?”



Crohn sat expressionlessly in his seat, listening to what the people around him said and sighed secretly. If the radicals hadn’t intervened, these people would have gotten the news a little earlier…

Ordinary people were talking about it, not to mention the people in the upper echelons of the Ruoya Empire. The Empress’s health was not very good and she didn’t meet anyone for some time. They all thought that it was the Empress’ life ending, but it turned out that she was fine and actually pregnant! Many people thought of the Human Federation, which they had suddenly heard no news about, as well as  nourishing potions.

At first, many people wanted to get potions, but later because some people were so aggressive they didn’t get anything. After that, the emperor restrained them from attacking the Human Federation and now the Empress was pregnant with a baby… was there some relation between the two?

Was this nourishing potion really so magical? How should they get it?

Many people’s minds were moved and it was at this time that all those who knew about the Human Federation received invitations from the palace, inviting them to attend the banquet.

They all received invitations. Many others who knew nothing about the Human Federation, also received invitations. Almost all of the upper echelons of the entire Ruoya Empire were invited to the banquet at the palace the next day.


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