In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 64.1 – The Arrival of the Ruoyan

Men can get pregnant after eating it? What the hell is this? Gerd’s already black face was about to crack. He was inevitably reminded of his abnormality these days.

It was said that it was very very hard for women to get pregnant, because the children in the body needed a lot of energy. They wouldn’t be able to use their abilities to full strength and they would get tired easily… wasn’t that just like him now?

There was also nourishing medicine, wasn’t it medicine for calming the fetus? After he drank it, he always felt better!

Was he pregnant? Thinking of this answer, Gerd felt uneasy.

However, because he didn’t feel well he had a medical examination before, but there was no problem. Wasn’t it because the child was still young at that time?

Gerd’s expression looked ugly, but Fang Chengjun couldn’t believe it. “How could this be possible?” At first he thought it was a drug that could increase the pregnancy rate, but Zhao Lingyu said that even men could get pregnant if they took it. How could there be such a magic medicine in the world?

If that’s the case…  Fang Chengjun suddenly remembered what happened with Gerd before. Gerd ate the Pregnancy Pills and the two of them had a relationship. Was it possible for Gerd to be pregnant?

“I’m not sure, maybe the chances of pregnancy are lower.” Zhao Lingyu vaguely felt that the atmosphere between the two men was rather strange, so he finally gave such an answer which should also be true. The Pregnancy Pill made by Ren Sheng wasn’t used yet, so it was still uncertain whether the child could be conceived or not.

Hearing Zhao Lingyu’s words, Fang Chengjun immediately looked at Gerd.

Gerd had already straightened his expression at this time. He wasn’t sure if he was really pregnant, but he was sure he didn’t want Fang Chengjun to know about it.

Even if he was really pregnant, the baby was his and had nothing to do with Fang Chengjun!

Although Gerd didn’t look good, he didn’t show any signs of shock or anything like that. Fang Chengjun thought that this man had been helping the First Legion upgrade the warship as usual these days, with no abnormalities at all, obviously he couldn’t be pregnant. He couldn’t help feeling some disappointment.

Zhao Lingyu could more or less see that there was something wrong with the two of them. Gerd began upgrading warships when Yang Ye wasn’t yet married and Fang Chengjun would come from time to time, but suddenly he stopped appearing. What happened between these two people?

Zhao Lingyu was curious, but didn’t ask any more questions. After teaching them about the Pregnancy Pill, he took out forty bottles of Nourishing Potion and distributed it to them. “These Nourishing Potions, use them to recuperate your body.”

Ren Sheng and Elder Teng have been refining a lot of Nourishing Potion lately, so the Zhao family will start to sell them soon. Therefore, it didn’t matter if he gave a little to these two as a favor.

Seeing the Nourishing Potion, Gerd was startled. He was afraid that Zhao Lingyu could see something and it took him a lot to maintain his facial expressions, but Fang Chengjun was quick to accept. “Thank you, if there is a need for me in the future, just say it.”

After taking the Nourishing Potion, Fang Chengjun and Gerd left the First Legion together. Gerd didn’t even look at Fang Chengjun and as soon as he went out, he went inside his aircraft. Seeing this, Fang Chengjun immediately squeezed in.

“What are you doing in here?” Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun with a cold expression and wanted to use his ability to drive him out, but his stomach suddenly throbbed a bit.

His ability could not come out so Gerd took a deep breath and set his aircraft on autopilot.

“Thanks to this Pregnancy Pill, men can get pregnant after eating it, should we try it?” Fang Chengjun asked. Originally he wanted to be like his grandfather and mother, find someone to have a child with and then live the life he wanted to live, not at all intending to get married, but if he could have a child with someone he liked…

Gerd was shaved clean today, but his hair was a little long. The side of his face also looked very soft so Fang Chengjun felt his heart move a little. He has always had a clear goal and now it seemed that he took Gerd as his new goal on impulse.

Although Gerd was not very good at socializing because he was addicted to research, he hasn’t lived two hundred years for nothing, so he naturally reacted quickly. “You believe such words?” He didn’t want to have anything to do with Fang Chengjun, he had no doubt about that.

“Maybe it is true, didn’t Ren Sheng give birth to children? Seeing his current appearance, he shouldn’t be a Kay.” Fang Chengjun said.

“If you want someone to give birth to your children, you shouldn’t have a problem, but don’t look for me!” Gerd said. Although that accident before happened because of his own initiative… but being pressed down by a junior… this is simply a disgrace to him.

“I like you a lot.” Fang Chengjun smiled. This month he thought a lot about Gerd and it was the first time he was so worried about another person.

Gerd  looked at Fang Chengjun’s smile in a trance and then frowned. “I don’t like you.” Fang Chengjun liked him? He really didn’t feel it.

Fang Chengjun isn’t sure whether Gerd liked him or not. Gerd was very warm to him that night, but something was obviously wrong. What’s more, Gerd has been in love several times before and he should like women. “Feelings are everywhere. Zhao Lingyu said that this medicine can make men pregnant, so maybe we can have several children.”

“You can’t expect me to give you a baby!” Gerd said angrily.

“It doesn’t matter, I can do it.” Fang Chengjun said. As long as he could have children, he didn’t mind having them himself.

As a man who was very confident in himself, Fang Chengjun doesn’t feel ashamed to carry a child. In fact, if he could carry a child, it would only mean he was capable enough. “Or we can take turns having children?”

The metal door next to Fang Chengjun suddenly disappeared and before he could react, he was kicked in the face and plunged headfirst downward.

Gerd was still thoughtful of him, so when he kicked him out he deliberately found an ocean first.

Fang Chengjun, who had frozen the sea with his ability, was in a great mood. He made an ice table and chair for himself and sat down as he sent a message to his subordinates.

“This gentleman! This is my fish farm! It’s the spawning season for sheep fish. If you freeze the sea it will affect my fish!” A small aircraft stopped in front of Fang Chengjun and a man peeked out from inside the machine. “Even if you are an ability user, I won’t give up on claiming compensation.”

“… I’ll pay for it.” Fang Chengjun looked around and found that the area frozen by him was a little too big. He was, after all, an S-class ability user, so accidentally freezing…

“You can get someone to come here and calculate the damage with me.” Hearing Fang Chengjun say this, the fish farm owner’s expression eased up. He was worried at first that Fang Chengjun wouldn’t pay, but fortunately this ability user was not a bad person.

Even if the whole sea was frozen, with Fang Chengjun’s wealth, he didn’t have to worry about not being able to pay. After teaching his subordinates about the fish farm, he pondered for a while and simply went back to the First Legion.

“You checked Gerd’s body more than twenty days ago? He was not feeling well?” Fang Chengjun found the military doctor of the First Legion.

“Of course, Mr. Gerd was just a little overtired.” The First Legion’s doctor didn’t conceal it, because in fact there was nothing to conceal.

According to current technology, even pregnant embryos could be checked out. But this doctor didn’t find any abnormalities in Gerd. It seemed that Gerd was really not pregnant. Also, was pregnancy something that easy to do?

Everything was normal with his body?” It was also at this time that Gerd got his blood test report.

After returning to the old mansion of the Ged family, he brought his family doctor and then took a blood test to check it, but the result showed no abnormalities at all. Could it be that he wasn’t pregnant?

“No, you are obviously a little tired and slightly malnourished. Was the food in the First Legion not good?”  The family doctor asked again, but didn’t take it seriously. In the past, when Gerd forgot to eat and sleep because of the warships, his condition was even worse than this.

“Give me another full-body examination.” Gerd said again and then laid on the scan box.

He had never liked the feeling of having his whole body scanned by a machine, with all his musculo-skeleton visible to others, but at this time he couldn’t care less.

“Mr. Gerd, you are in excellent health… No, you have two tumors in your abdomen that need to be surgically removed!” The family doctor suddenly said. “Fortunately, these two tumors are still small and don’t pose the slightest danger to you.”

“Tumors?” Gerd looked at the scan next to him.

“These two tumors possess a very strong vitality and their cells divide quickly, so it is recommended to remove them as soon as possible.” The family doctor pointed to the two peanut-sized dots on the abdomen on the scan.

Gerd enlarged the ‘tumor’ picture in his hand and searched for the embryo pictures then after a while he looked at his family doctor and said, “I’m fine, you can go now.”

“The tumors…” the family doctor asked worriedly.

“I’ll take care of it myself.” Gerd said and after shooing the man out, he touched his stomach with a bit of bewilderment.

There was no increase in hormones or anything like that in his blood, but he was carrying a child in the form of something like a growing tumor, or two!

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were right, this medicine really allowed a male to give birth to a child. Even men could get pregnant, and after taking two pills, he will give birth to twins.

Gerd looked at his belly and frowned tightly, now what was he going to do?

He definitely wanted to keep these children. He has wanted a child for more than a hundred years. How can he not want a child after finally having it? How to take care of himself, how to give birth, these things he had already studied before…

At the thought that he might have a big belly in the future, Gerd’s face changed. This was too damaging to his image! He mustn’t let others know! But how was he going to hide it?

Gerd suddenly thought of Ren Sheng. When Ren Sheng had four babies at once, could it be because he took four pills at once? If his child was only the size of an egg when it was born like Ren Sheng’s, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Thinking of this, Gerd took a bottle of Nourishing Potion and drank it.

At this time, Zhao Lingyu found a scout ship and took Ren Sheng to the training ground in space.

There was a training ground built by the First Legion for practicing warship piloting near Capital Star and now they were in the primary area.

“You have been practicing driving warships for a long time. Before it was all simulations, but today it will be a real one.” Zhao Lingyu said. Ren Sheng has always liked to pilot warships and these days he has been studying hard. He just never had a real battle, so they can practice today.

“Good!” Ren Sheng nodded and used both hands to pilot.



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