Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 72 – Meridian Soul Locking Formation

The Burning sky drum flew all the way back to the Xuanyuan sect in less than half an hour.

Yin Hanjiang completely threw off Yao Jiaping’s skin and stood on top of the drum, wearing a red robe as he flew against a strong wind, outlining his strong and thin body. The silver belt against his red robe made his waist look thinner.

When he arrived above the main altar, he did not land immediately, but said loudly: “Disciples of the Xuanyuan sect, listen to this patriarch’s order, lay out the Meridian Soul Locking Formation.”

Everyone at the main altar heard his words and were shocked beyond measure.

Qiu Congxue, who had been depressed since Yin Hanjiang cut her flesh suddenly cheered up and grabbed the book-clutching drooling Xie Huai who was sleeping by the table and smiled wildly: “Come, disciple, follow me to set up the formation!”

“What, what formation?” Xie Huai, who was shaken awake by Qiu Congxue, suddenly pulled out the Emotion Extinguishing Rod and said: “Why, what’s wrong? Is there an invasion?”

“It’s the Meridian Soul Locking Formation, I have only seen this formation once in 300 years.” Qiu Congxue licked her lower lip excitedly: “A hundred years ago, Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang killed in main altar and the old patriarch who was devoured by the Burning Sky Drum and was already dying asked us to set up the Meridian Soul Locking Formation to seal them off.”

At that time it was so dark that day and night turned upside down. Hundreds of experts from the Xuanyuan sect laid down a formation, trapping the wounded Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang in the formation. At that time, everyone thought they would die, Qiu Congxue, who had been stabbed in the brain, tried her best to protect the formation and to trap the two of them.

The formation was maintained for three days and three nights, when everyone thought they were going to die in the Meridian Soul Locking Formation, the Polis and Alkaid stars shone brightly in the sky. Blood red sword and seven stars killing halberd flew out of the Meridian Soul Locking Formation. Wen Renhe, who also flew out, called back his seven stars killing halberd while the blood red sword turned into Yin Hanjiang who fell down unconscious and was caught by Wen Renhe and held in his arms with one hand.

“To be able to force me to this extent is admirable,” Wen Renhe said slowly: “ I originally thought that the Xuanyuan sect was full of villains so no one should be left behind. Now it seems that it is possible to govern.”

When the halberd was waved, a new star map formed above Wen Renhe’s head.

The battle intent made Wen Renhe feel no pain in his body or soul, and the star power replenished his overdrawn genuine Qi. His black robe fell as the star shone behind Wen Renhe’s back.

It was not a deliberate cultivation technique but rather a mark left on Wen Renhe when he was still a mortal, when he survived near death on the battlefield.

These scars miraculously formed the star map of the fourteen main stars, absorbing star power continuously. When the seven stars killing halberd was swung, more than hundred sect disciplines in the formation were severely injured.

At that moment, Wen Renhe stood at the edge of the sky with Yin Hanjiang in his arms. Some Xuanyuan sect people were thinking of joining forces to kill him, but those who could get up, all kneeled down with both knees and hands on the ground, their heads deeply bowed.

Kneeling was to pay respect to Wen Renhe’s strength that beat hundreds of them. It was not only the two men that made the whole Xuanyuan sect fall to their knees, they also kneeled to the miracle of the starry sky.

From that moment on, Wen Renhe deservedly became the devil venerable.

Meridian Soul Locking Formation also became the Xuanyuan sect’s secret formation but as long Wen Renhe was with them they would never need this formation so even during the massive demon war they didn’t use it.

But today, Yin Hanjiang wanted to use the Meridian Soul Locking Formation. What kind of enemy deserves such caution from him?

“Your master, this master, from that time onwards made up her mind to advance to the Mahayana realm, and finally gathered courage to enter the hungry ghost path.” Qiu Congxue said: “I was afraid of pain and death, but only after that did I realize that cultivation is like sailing against the current, only the word “courage” can determine the situation!”

But Master, your “Brave” seems to be written as “reckless”…. Xie Huai pursed his lips but didn’t say anything, afraid that his master would beat him.

“Meridian Soul Locking Formation needs at least ninety-nine nascent soul experts, but I do not know if we can still get so many people,” Qiu Congxue said: “Let’s go, master will take you to see the fun.”

Qiu Congxue and Xie Huai were the first to arrive, followed by Zhong Liqian, Shu Yanyan who came with a dozen subordinates, all of whom were above the nascent soul realm.

Baili Qingmiao fell gently. At that moment, Wen Renhe had already left her body so she said to Zhong Liqian: “Brother Zhong.”

Zhong Liqian who rarely took off his blindfold, took them off to look at the state of Baili Qingmiao, enduring the dizziness in her eyes he put back the blindfold and said with some relief: “You have entered the path of dao.”

“I still have to thank all the seniors for their help.” Baili Qingmiao said softly.

“Who is the Meridian Soul Locking Formation for?” Shu Yanyan asked.

“For He Wenchao as well as blood demon ancestor.” Baili Qingmiao said: “Patriarch Yin broke into the Shangqing sect alone and captured He Wenchao. Now He Wenchao is only at the Foundation Building realm but blood demon ancestor is still difficult to deal with, so he should be sealed.”

“Yin Hanjiang captured He Wenchao and you didn’t stop him?” Shu Yanyan didn’t care about the life and death of He Wenchao but she looked at Baili Qingmiao with slight concern.

Protector Shu wasn’t interested in falling in love but she admired lovers. She was also fond of Baili Qingmiao who was an innocent, non-pretentious, kind-hearted woman who did not place demands on others excessively. If it was possible, Shu Yanyan hoped that Baili Qingmiao could be treated better but it was a pity that fate got in the way and this kind of passionate love met such a heartless man.

Baili Qingmiao smiled: “Thank you for your concern, Miss Shu, Baili has already seen through the mortal world and decided to become dedicated to merciless path.”

Hearing her call her “Miss Shu” obviously made her remember the past so Shu Yanyan said with a smile: “When we first met, you were still a little girl who got angry with me for the sake of your senior martial brother. But after 40 years passed you got on the best path of ascension.”

The beautiful woman tilted her head slightly to the sky and sighed quietly: “The Shu path is difficult and it’s harder than going up to the blue sky. There are countless dead bones under the main road and the slightest mistake can cause the destruction of the soul. If you can’t find a person who can join hands with you to go against the heavens, it’s better to let go of your love and go alone.”

She said this to Baili Qingmiao, as well as to herself. But it was one thing to be moved by your heart and whether you were willing to risk your heart for this feeling was another.

Shu Yanyan was never a person who was obsessed with love, she was only after strength!

Protector Shu did not look at Zhong Liqian, but Zhong Liqian still understood. His eyes might be blinded but his heart was not. This intelligent woman’s good intentions Zhong Liqian always understood, so he appreciated protector Shu. Zhong Liqian never said it because he was clear that this one was a scorpion beauty who always wanted to live her life freely and never be tied down by anything.

But …… Zhong Liqian felt the harsh killing intent from the sky and thought that if he was like these two, the mutual support and love wouldn’t be so bad.

It was hard to ascend to the top but it was even harder to understand people.

“Is everyone here?”Yin Hanjiang said in a cold voice: “Set up the formation!”

The square in front of the Xuanyuan Sect’s main altar was originally a huge formation; the ninety eight experts stood in a position consistent with their own attributes, reserving the middle position for Yin Hanjiang.

Yin Hanjiang dropped down with the unconscious He Wenchao in his hand and placed the Burning sky drum over the main altar before opening the formation.

The genuine Qi of ninety-nine experts circulated with Yin Hanjiang as the center, he controlled the power of so many people with the strength of one person and directed it toward He Wenchao, wanting to seal this person completely.

In theory He Wenchao was only a Foundation Building realm cultivator so he didn’t need a leash so tight. However, Yin Hanjiang had read《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》in which He Wenchao was in trouble numerous times and once he was even forced to explode his own nascent soul. But as long as he was not completely killed, he could always come back from the dead and crush his opponents with even greater strength.

In this regard, Yin Hanjiang decided to be very cautious and not only keep his guard up against the blood demon ancestor but also against He Wenchao.

Therefore, he made an exception to open the Meridian Soul Locking Formation which was powerful enough to destroy a whole nation in one strike, if it was used for attacking. If it was used to trap someone, even the Golden Immortal would not escape.

The formation lasted for seven days and seven nights, during which Wen Renhe spell’s failed and the blood demon ancestor woke up. In the formation, the blood shadow was so heavy that He Wenchao, an ordinary cultivator, let out the roar of a true demon.

“You people, you guys! If this ancestor was in his heyday, how could a mere Meridian Soul Locking Formation stand a chance against me! When I get out of this trap, I will absorb the souls of you all !!!” The blood demon ancestor roared.

He absorbed the power of seventeen experts before, so now it was already very difficult to deal with him. The disciples with low cultivation could not support themselves, and even Shu Yanyan gradually became powerless.

Only Yin Hanjiang didn’t move a muscle, pointing one hand at blood demon ancestor, he continuously injected his genuine Qi into the formation, consuming the blood demon ancestor power while with the other hand, he performed the spirit spell making burning sky drum sound loudly while the blood mist faded with each drum.

This stalemate lasted for seven days and seven nights, exhausting the blood demon ancestor’s genuine Qi. After being burned by the burning sky drum, he was no longer able to bear it.

In fact, Yin Hanjiang was also at the end of his strength but his expression remained unchanged. He held on until the blood demon ancestor was exhausted and maintained his authority, his voice not wavering at all as he shouted: “Destroying the reputation of my Lord, attempting twice to assassinate the lord in the Underworld Blood Sea, blood demon ancestor, kneel down!

With an angry cry, Yin Hanjiang’s finger pressed down hard, and ninety-nine channels of black and white Qi entered He Wenchao’s body. The blood demon ancestor, who struggled for a long time with the help of He Wenchao’s body finally lost his strength and knelt down with both knees facing Yin Hanjiang.

The black and white Qi locked his genuine Qi firmly, making it difficult to escape.

Yin Hanjiang’s body had been emptied, but his face hadn’t changed as he said to altar master Shitan: “Throw him into a water prison and make the ghost cultivators guard him day and night. At the slightest movement, immediately notify this patriarch!”

After recovering from the sickness qi, his cultivation increased greatly so he just said: “I will obey the orders”

“You two,” Yin Hanjiang pointed to Shu Yanyan and Qiu Congxue: “Watch Baili Qingmiao for a month, she has not yet attained Mahayana realm with the merciless path so I’m afraid there may be something that confuses her mind and makes her let He Wenchao go.”

He added: “Altar master Miao, take the disciples of the righteous path to go to altar master Zhong and discuss it with him. Let those righteous paths not dare to disobey this Patriarch’s invitation.”

“Altar Master Ruan, go to the water prison with Altar Master Shitan and set up a formation to guard it, you have the strongest defense armor, in case of an accident, protect the ghost cultivators as much as possible before this patriarch arrives.”

“These subordinates will follow the orders.” All of them said in unison.

At this moment, Yin Hanjiang had already proven with his own strength that he was definitely capable of becoming a new Devil Venerable.

Withdrawing the Burning Sky drum, Yin Hanjiang returned to Wen Renhe room and covered his heart, forcing himself to hold on.

The heart demons and the forceful use of the burning sky drum as well as the Meridian Soul Locking Formation were all too much for Yin Hanjiang to bear, but he still did it.

“Venerable, I have finally … subdued the blood demon ancestor.”Yin Hanjiang smiled, although he was exhausted his smile was still cheerful and happy.

He was obsessed with revenge, even if Wen Renhe was still alive, he still wanted it! Not only to take revenge, but also to announce to the whole world that they won’t be able to touch the single hair of the devil venerable he protected so if they wanted to kill Wen Renhe they would have to go through Yin Hanjiang first.

“You have done very well, better than me.” An “illusion” beside him, the most unlike the venerable, came and said softly to Yin Hanjiang.

“Are you venerable?” Yin Hanjiang looked at him in confusion.

“Close your eyes.”

Yin Hanjiang obediently closed his eyes.

Wen Renhe slowly touched his head, “Yin Hanjiang did really well.”

Unknowingly, fifteen days had passed.

Wen Renhe took advantage of Yin Hanjiang’s closed eyes and slightly lowered his head, kissing his lips before he pressed his forehead against his forehead.

Even if he didn’t have a solid body at that time, Yin Hanjiang still felt a hint of warmth on his lips.

What’s happening? He wondered.

When he thought about it, he felt sleepy, and even his soul fell into a deep sleep as Wen Renhe entered Yin Hanjiang consciousness and started the second soul healing.


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