Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 22 – Secret Realm

After seeing the immortal spirit illusion realm, ordinary cultivators would definitely think that this is a heavenly opportunity that couldn’t be found twice and would rush to the illusion realm before the entrance closes.

Qiu Congxue was exactly like that. When she felt immortal qi, she immediately wanted to rush in, but unexpectedly, she was stopped by Yin Hanjiang.

“Venerable has not entered yet.” Yin Hanjiang held his sword with one hand and protected Wen Renhe with the other, not allowing Qiu Congxue to take even half a step forward.

Qiu Congxue’s current strength far exceeded Yin Hanjiang, but she still remembered the time when Yin Hanjiang fought against the Xuanyuan sect’s experts when he was only in the Soul Combination realm.

Admittedly, at that time, several Xuanyuan Sect experts seemed to be in harmony with each other and no one was willing to harm their own strength so as to avoid being plotted by their own people. However, there was no denying that Yin Hanjiang’s ruthlessness was indeed frightening. At that time Qiu Congxue was only in the Void realm and did not dare to break into the hungry ghost path. After all, once she enters this path she will eventually become a ghost. Qiu Congxue still had a brain and body at that time so how could she be willing to give up her body in order to feed the hungry ghosts?

She first met Yin Hanjiang when she helplessly watched him beat Shu Yanyan to the ground. He also slashed his sword through Qiu Congxue’s temple and into her brain.

After that battle, Wen Renhe took his time to reorganize the Xuan Yuan Sect, so Qiu Congxue rushed to the hungry ghost path before Wen Renhe would dispose of her. Twenty years later, Qiu Congxue was promoted to the Mahayana realm and came out of seclusion with countless fierce ghosts to challenge Yin Hanjiang. But she was beaten to the bone by the bored Wen Renhe at that time. Therefore, Shu Yanyan laughed at her for a long time.

Even if Yin Hanjiang was only at the Void Realm, Qiu Congxue did not dare to take him lightly. She held back her desire for the Immortal Spirit illusion realm and waited patiently for Wen Renhe to speak.

Wen Renhe was squatting on the edge of the cliff and saw that the entrance to the Immortal Spirit illusion realm was not only opened but also started absorbing Baili Qingmiao into it. He didn’t rush to enter it and instead pulled Baili Qingmiao back from Immortal Spirit illusion realm and cut off a piece of flesh from Qiu Congxue to extract the essence of the Jiu Yang and fed it to Baili Qingmiao to help her detoxify the poison of the blood bat.

Qiu Congxue, who had her arm cut casually: “…”

In the original book, Wen Renhe had Jiu Yang’s body and absorbed it, leaving nothing after it entered his body. But Qiu Congxue was different, her flesh and blood were made from Jiu Yang. Before refining it thoroughly, she could still be used as some spiritual medicine.

The effect of Jiu Yang was immediate and Baili Qingmiao woke up with a “wooing” sound. When she opened her eyes, the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm disappeared.

“Elders?” Baili Qingmiao saw Wen Renhe standing beside her with a cold expression so she rubbed her eyes and sat up saying: “Senior, Baili is still too incompetent and can’t even avoid a little blood bat. She needed to bother the Elders to save her.”

“I didn’t save you.” Wen Renhe moved sideways, revealing Qiu Congxue who was without an arm.

“Master Cong Xue!” Baili Qingmiao jumped up and quickly ran to Qiu Congxue, heartbreakingly looking at her arm, tears flowed down uncontrollably: “You crippled yourself to save me, I …… This disciple has no way to repay you. I will only serve you as master for all my life.”

Qiu Congxue covered her arm and said stiffly: “If there is enough aura it will grow out. I didn’t cut it voluntarily so you don’t have to thank me.”

In the final analysis, it was a bad debt . The arm was cut by others and she didn’t cut it herself. Qiu Congxue was also forced. The two of them were not completely sincere, so she did not feel that she deserved Baili Qingmiao’s thanks.

Wen Renhe said to Baili Qingmiao, who held Qiu Congxue in her arms: “You can’t relax too much. I’m just verifying my guess. In order to find the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm, you’ll need to get hurt later.”

After that, he picked up Baili Qingmiao’s weapon, the windless silver moon ribbon and tied it around Baili Qingmiao’s waist. At the same time, he slapped Baili Qingmiao on the back of the neck and knocked her unconscious.

Wen Renhe used the windless silver moon ribbon as a fishing rod, dangling the unconscious Baili Qingmiao down the cliff.

This time, Wen Renhe didn’t follow the plot in the book. Instead, he treated the wounds and let the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm disappear before personally injuring Baili Qingmiao and hanging her from the cliff.

The situation was completely different from the book, but Immortal Spirit Illusion realm appeared once again.

Even Yin Hanjiang, who doesn’t think much about everything, wondered “Venerable, why is it like this?”

According to reason, the appearance of the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm was a rare once in thousand years occurrence. They were lucky enough to come across it once, but who would have thought that if you let go of this opportunity, this hidden realm would once again appear?

“Let’s go in first.” Wen Renhe didn’t explain. With a single move of his hand he wrapped the windless silver moon ribbon around himself and Yin Hanjiang and took Baili Qingmiao to enter the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm.

Qiu Congxue, who was not tied with the windless silver moon ribbon, was not willing to be outdone and she jumped off the cliff despite her crippled hand. But unexpectedly the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm did not pay any attention to her, and disappeared decisively after absorbing the three people. After Qiu Congxue fell off the cliff, her cultivation was suppressed and couldn’t fly. Not being able to touch the line with “poof” she fell into the sea.

In the Immortal Spirit Illusion realm, Wen Renhe tied the unconscious Baili Qingmiao into a dumpling and carried her on her shoulder. Looking at the already closed entrance he said, “Sure enough, Qiu Congxue didn’t follow us in.”

“She obviously followed us closely, but the entrance of the Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm completely jumped over her just now.” Yin Hanjiang was puzzled.

“This Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm only wanted to absorb Baili Qingmiao alone.” Wen Renhe pointed down the dumplings Baili Qingmiao and said “If we were not tied together to her by her life bound weapon we would also not be able to enter it.”

In the original book, Wen Renhe held the unconscious Baili Qingmiao firmly and naturally did not get separated from her. This time, Wen Renhe deliberately left Qiu Congxue behind to verify whether the Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm was only for Baili Qingmiao.

It seems that all heavenly treasures in this world favored the female lead. But he did not know if it was because she was an innate deity or they just wanted to absorb her power.

This Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm was only a small hidden realm in the cultivation world. The scenery inside was of the courtyard outside the palace. The palace was covered with white fog and protected by a powerful array. Making them unable to leave.

There was a red bird in the courtyard. This bird had only one leg and was sleeping on a tree covered with red fruit.

There was also a green carp in the river, occasionally opening its mouth to eat the fallen vermilion fruit, and wagging its tail happily.

A turtle was crawling on the stones near the river and a white cat was picking at the turtle with its paws, turning its shell over and sharpening its claws with the shell.

The two looked across the palace windows into the courtyard. Looking at the animals, Yin Hanjiang hesitated and asked: “Venerable these are the four holy beasts, the Green Dragon, the White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird, even in Immortal World they should have supreme strength and guard the four directions and maintain the stability of heaven pillars. It is very unlikely that they would appear in a small courtyard of the Immortal World at the same time, right?”

Wen Renhe opened 《Abusive Love Affair》and flipped through it and said: “Interestingly, the Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm recorded in the book is completely different from what we see at this moment.”

They should enter a dark cave with countless demonic beasts guarding the cave. Baili Qingmiao’s wound from being bitten by the blood bat was not yet healed and it’s the smell of her blood that attracted many demonic beasts. In order to protect the female lead, Wen Renhe desperately killed demonic beasts hiding in the cave and finally found a large piece of Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron in the depths of the cave.

The Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron shone with a cold light and would not let them touch it, so Wen Renhe used his  Seven stars killing halberd to suppress its murderous intent. After the two of them took the material, Baili Qingmiao found a detoxification herb to apply to her wound and stopped bleeding. The exit of Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm appeared and Wen Renhe carried her out of the hidden realm on his back.

After repeating the plot, Wen Renhe said: “There are two differences. First Baili Qingmiao is unconscious at this time and second, she is not poisoned nor is she bleeding.”

Two differences in exchange for different scenery of Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm.

“Is this place and what is written in the book, two locations, or two sides of the same place? Yin Hanjiang asked as he casually picked up an iron box on a table inside the hall.

Wen Renhe took the iron box and smiled “Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron.”

Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron which had been discovered through a thousand difficulties and dangers, was now peacefully placed on the table waiting for someone to take it away.

The unconscious Baili Qingmiao was placed on a bed in the side hall while Wen Renhe put away the Broken Mountain Meteorite Iron. Looking at her he wondered if the environment outside would change when she woke up.

When the blood bat bit her earlier, Wen Renhe did not feel the difference in her blood. But it did not mean that other beings could also not detect it.

In this way, Wen Renhe used his genuine Qi to cut a wound on Baili Qingmiao’s arm. The blood flowed out, but nothing changed around.

Wen Renhe thought about it and raised his hand to force out the bloodlust that he had left in Baili

Qingmiao body. Baili Qingmiao woke up, rubbed her eyes and exclaimed: “Where is this? Why is it so dark?”

The moment she opened her eyes, the Immortal Spirit Illusion Realm turned into a dark cave.


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