Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 73 – Re-Entering The Soul

The last time Wen Renhe entered the soul, the situation was urgent, so he only wanted to stabilize Yin Hanjiang’s emotions and did not penetrate into his soul. If Yin Hanjiang resisted the other party and refused to open up his soul, it would be futile even if he entered his soul.

The previous time, Yin Hanjiang’s soul was confused so after Wen Renhe entered, it was constantly replaying the memories of confessions and reading books. After the last treatment, plus this period of stability, Yin Hanjiang had become much better and there were countless light spots in his soul.

Wen Renhe approached one of the light spots and saw it flickering with the scene of Wen Renhe obtaining the snow flame for Yin Hanjiang.

He approached another larger light spot which was the scene of Yin Hanjiang capturing He Wenchao.

After looking at a few more, Wen Renhe understood that the different light spots, large or small, were all things that made Yin Hanjiang feel joyful and happy. If the feeling of joy was weaker the light was smaller and if the joy was bigger the light spot was bigger.

The largest light spot was the one that Yin Hanjiang saw in the 《Abusive Love Affair》when Wen Renhe confessed to him through Baili Qingmiao, that light spot hung at the highest place of the soul sea, big and round, like a sun.

But that largest light spot had some blood-colored stains inside, Wen Renhe consciousness probed into the stain to check it and found some confusing and dark thoughts. There were also traces of heart demons, which was the most painful place for Yin Hanjiang.

Wen Renhe somewhat understood that while these light spots were things that made Yin Hanjiang happy, the blood stains were heart demons.

He drifted in and out of Yin Hanjiang’s soul sea, always searching for the deepest and most painful root cause. Finally, in a deep, deep place, he found a huge blood stain, bigger than the “sun” in the soul sea.

That was probably the root cause.

Wen Renhe tried to enter the blood stain, but the blood stain was resistant, not wanting him to enter it.

He had to coax softly: “Patriarch Yin, it’s me Wen Renhe.”

As soon as he spoke, the blood stain shrank even tighter, not letting him in at all.

This was how Yin Hanjiang resisted and didn’t want Wen Renhe to find out.

What should he do? Wen Renhe floated in front of the blood stain, all spots of light and blood were things that already happened. In other words the biggest blood stain in front of him was something that Wen Renhe didn’t know about and that Yin Hanjiang wanted to block from him.

Even if it was a double cultivation partner, there would still be some forbidden areas, if the other party was not willing to show it, he shouldn’t forcefully explore it.

But without solving these blood stains, there was no way to cure Yin Hanjiang’s heart demon, so it was really a dilemma.

Wen Renhe thought for a long time, remembering all the time he spent with Yin Hanjiang. He also remembered that he had a past that he did not want to be known, and suddenly he understood.

Since Yin Hanjiang didn’t want him to explore it, then let Yin Hanjiang understand him.

Wen Renhe opened his arms and said to Yin Hanjiang: “This venerable will never try to invade your forbidden area, I only wish to merge with your soul’s sea, and dissolve the barrier between you and me.”

As he spoke, the blood stain gradually shrank and became so small that Wen Renhe could wrap his arms around it and hold it in his arms.

Even with Yin Hanjiang’s dark past, Wen Renhe firmly shielded it with his body, as the blood stain gradually merged into the Wen Renhe soul sea.

“A – Wu, A – Wu!” A strange but nostalgic voice rang in his ears. Someone patted him gently on the shoulder as Wen Renhe opened his eyes in daze and saw a beautiful woman standing in front of him, whispering: “It’s time to get up.”

It was his mother, it was that strange woman who could go into battle with her armor when the border town was in a state of emergency. The woman who was able to lead the people of the city to defend the walls for five days, until reinforcements came before fainting on the city wall.

Wen Renhe found that his body turned into the appearance of a 14 or 15-year-old boy, and understood in a trance that this was his memory.

“Practice martial arts, read, study…. you have a lot of homework today, do not let the teacher wait for you.” Mother’s palm held a pair of light and short double swords. If Wen Renhe didn’t get up, these double swords would probably cut his hair.

“I’m up, Mother!” Wen Renhe jumped up, put on his clothes, and washed up quickly.

He had grown up in the border town since he was young. The manpower in the border town was so tight that he had no maid and only one boy who practiced martial arts with him. He always did everything himself and only when he was in a hurry like now he would yell: “Give me the towel and handkerchief!”

A pair of small tanned hands handed over a white handkerchief, Wen Renhe froze for a moment when he took it. His boy was gone, replaced by a child who looked only five or six years old, this child’s whole body was blue and purple. Majority of his body was either rotten, dirty or smelly as he held up the handkerchief tremblingly.

It was Yin Hanjiang.

Wen Renhe incorporated the blood stain that Yin Hanjiang was most unwilling to face into his divine soul so Yin Hanjiang who could find a suitable place to stay within his soul sea, turned into his little boy.

This was not a reality, it was Wen Renhe’s memory.

He took the towel and handkerchief, but did not wipe his own face, but picked up the tiny Yin Hanjiang and soaked the handkerchief before gently wiping the little Yin Hanjiang body with a warm towel.

The swollen and rotten little hand slapped the towel away and squeezed a word from between his teeth: “Dirty.”

Little Yin Hanjiang was not saying the towel was dirty but that he was afraid that his body would dirty the towel.

“The towel is washable, you need to heal your wounds and change your clothes.” Wen Renhe said.

A change in his mood could affect the people in his soul sea’s memory so Wen Renhe’s mother no longer urged him to do his homework but gently touched little Yin Hanjiang’s head and said: “How did little Hanjiang get hurt like this? A Wu, quickly help him clean up and send for doctor Li for medicine.”

Wen Renhe obediently boiled water to clean little Yin Hanjiang while also finding his own childhood clothes for Hanjiang to change into. Then he carried him all the way to the medicine hall of the border town’s doctor with his light steps.

When he was a teenager, Wen Renhe was a white-robed general who always wore a white brocade coat. He leaped over countless houses with Yin Hanjiang in his arms, making many people in the border city look up and discuss that general Wen Renhe had almost started to fly.

At that time, Wen Renhe was a bright young man, his whole person was brilliant and clear, even the color of the sky of the border town was azure blue.

“A – Wu?”The little Yin Hanjiang in his arms asked in confusion.

“Before I entered the path of dao, my parents named me Wen Renwu. They also discussed the word for the title and it just so happened that the word ‘Wu’ was broken up with the words ‘stop fighting’”Wen Renhe replied.

Unfortunately, that day did not come, Wen family was killed and Wen Renwu changed his name to Wen Renhe.

Stepping on the eaves of the house and falling through the door, he shocked the doctor Li. The elderly but energetic garrison doctor picked up the broom beside him and waved to Wen Renhe: “You scared the hell out of me, you little kid! Can’t you ever knock on the door properly for once? Every single time you either jump from the room or run in from the backyard, I’m so old. I can’t bear to be scared by you!”

Before the broom came, it was caught by a pair of hands, and little Yin Hanjiang looked at doctor Li with a gloomy face.

Even the dark part of Yin Hanjiang’s soul body was very strong. Wen Renhe, who was worried that he would take action, was just about to stop him when he heard doctor Li say: “Oh, whose child is this? How did he become like this? Come in quickly, I’ll bandage him.”

“He was picked up from the corpse pile, his parents and relatives were slaughtered by invaders.” Wen Renhe whispered to Doctor Li.

The old doctor’s wrinkled face was suddenly filled with compassion as he told Wen Renhe to put little Yin Hanjiang on the bed while he himself took out the strong wine and a knife to scrape the rotten flesh from little Yin Hanjiang.

When Wen Renhe saved Yin Hanjiang, he cured the child with a single pill and his genuine Qi. The injuries of mortals were nothing for cultivators and Yin Hanjiang had no real feelings about the treatment.

But this time Doctor Li carefully scraped the rotten flesh and disinfected it with strong wine making Yin Hanjiang’s face twitch with pain. Why did he feel pain? What was Yin Hanjiang thinking at this moment?

Doctor Li who was afraid of hurting the intact flesh didn’t dare to go too fast so it took him a full five hours to clean and the sun moving from the east to west before he could apply the medicine to all the wounds and bandage them up.

Little Yin Hanjiang’s face was sweaty from the pain and after doctor Li said “It’s done” he immediately fainted, his face wrinkled in pain.

“When you found this child, for how many days he was already injured?” Doctor Li pulled Wen Renhe to the side and asked in a low voice.

“About three or five days. I found him in a pile of corpses.” Wen Renhe didn’t know if Yin Hanjiang could hear them and there was no voice transmission allowed in the soul sea so he lowered his voice to answer.

“There is something wrong with this child,” Doctor Li said seriously: “He is too young. I was afraid of hurting his brain so I didn’t dare to use drugs and had to do it the hard way. Some of the rotten flesh is non-sensitive, so it’s fine to scrape it down; but some of the half-rotten but unsalvageable flesh should feel very painful to touch. Such a small child, I have been treating for such a long time, during which I also used strong wine to clean the wounds but he didn’t even say a word. If it were you, a face-saving monkey, this old man believes you would also grit your teeth and not cry but if such a small child doesn’t cry, I am afraid he might have a problem here.”

As he spoke, Doctor Li was a little bit embarrassed as he pointed to Wen Renhe’s heart.

Heart? The doctor saw the problem with a glance, but back then Wen Renhe left Yin Hanjiang In mountain regardless. He thought it was enough to give him enough food, brand new clothes, the ability to cultivate as well as revenge should be enough. A strong man could not be cowardly. But Wen Renhe didn’t think that at that time Yin Hanjiang was still not a man but a five years old boy who still could cry.

“it’s not too late to save this boy.” Doctor Li shook his head and said: “The left leg is probably going to be lame, and his face and body will probably be full of scars. I know you are busy and Marshal Wen and his wife are very strict with you, but you still have to find time to take care of him more. When I was scraping the rotten flesh, he was in pain but just stared at you. It is obvious that he sees you as his savior, so you should spend more time with him.”

“Junior knows.” Wen Renhe said with a low sigh.

Junior, what junior!” Doctor Li slapped him on the back of his head: “Come with me, you are old enough to be my grandson.”

“Wu knows that.” Wen Renhe only had to pick up the name he had discarded for a long time.

When Dr. Li patted Wen Renhe head, little Yin Hanjiang had already woken up and stared eerily at Dr. Li’s hand that had patted Wen Renhe head.

After observing silently for some time, Wen Renhe, who gained some understanding from Yin Hanjiang’s eyes and thoughts, knew that little Yin Hanjiang was angry at Dr. Li for hitting him.

So he sat on the bed and picked little Yin Hanjiang to let him rest his head on his lap and introduced Dr. Li to little Yin Hanjiang: “This is Dr. Li, who was also an imperial doctor back then.”

“I am just an old man who was expelled from the palace and exiled to the army for improperly treating concubines!” Doctor Li turned his back to the two of them, his back looking a bit depressed.

Wen Renhe laughed: “Let’s not mention what happened back then, but Dr. Li is an excellent doctor, since he arrived at the border town, he saved the lives of 6,148 border town soldiers. In previous years, he also went to the battlefield with the army and rescued dozens of wounded soldiers for three days before collapsing from exhaustion at the rear. My father and brother’s lives were hanging by a thread many times and it was all because of Dr. Li’s rescue, that I also…”

He saw Dr. Li’s ears had become red so he couldn’t boast about it anymore so he just whispered it into the ear of little Yin Hanjiang: “When the border town entered the state of emergency, my mother who was nine month pregnant at that time went on the city walls in her armor. When the reinforcements came and she was carried down from the wall, she Had already almost had a miscarriage so if it wasn’t for Dr. Li’s miraculous hands, I would have died in the womb.”

Little Yin Hanjiang blinked his eyes.

Wen Renhe whispered: “Actually, I am his grandson.”

Little Yin Hanjiang’s eyes lit up as he said his first words to someone other than his lord after entering Wen Renhe soul sea. He turned to doctor Li and said: “Grandfather!”

His voice was still hoarse and a little weak, but when Dr. Li heard it, his beard trembling with joy as he turned around and came to the bed saying: “What a good boy!”

Little Yin Hanjiang grabbed his beard and grinned, touching the wound on his face that had just been bandaged, causing him to “hiss” in pain.

Dr. Li grabbed back his beard and gave a wink to Wen Renhe, meaning that the boy was finally a bit more happy so he should try to sustain it.

Little Yin Hanjiang was a little tired, so he fell asleep on Wen Renhe’s hard, muscular legs after a while.

Before falling asleep, he thought, these are the people that his lord wanted to protect.


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