Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 71 – The End of Friendship

The sect master of Shangqing sect stood in the side hall according to Yin Hanjiang’s position and began to cast the spell. It was said that after setting up this formation, the genuine Qi of the person who performed life transfer technique could still be retained. The sect master did not move, after a while he found that his genuine Qi was not getting depleted as much as he thought and became a little happy.

He Wenchao who was standing outside, looked at Yin Hanjiang and Baili Qingmiao angrily. At first, he was so overcome with anger that he didn’t feel anything, but gradually he realized that the genuine Qi in his body was depleting. No matter how much he absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy, it couldn’t match the rate of loss.

Suddenly, He Wenchao found that he could not move his legs to leave the place where he was standing. He was not stupid and immediately looked at “Yao Jiaping” and said: “Did you do this?”

The flesh under the skin of “Yao Jiaping” smiled slowly. He had already asked other people of the Shangqing sect to retreat on the ground of needing quietness so at this moment there were only only five people in the side hall, including the sect master, Qing Yue, He Wenchao, “Yao Jiaping” and “Baili Qingmiao”.

He Wenchao struggled to use his genuine Qi to resist, but found that the more he resisted, the faster he lost his genuine Qi.

“What exactly did you do?” He Wenchao asked.

“Nothing much, it’s just that I feel very sorry for your master who had to fall back to the Foundation Building realm at a very old age, as a disciple, isn’t it only natural to share the worries of your master?”: Yao Jiaping” leisurely said, enjoying looking at He Wenchao’s shocked and angry expression.

This formation was indeed researched by Yao Jiaping, the use of it very clever. The person inside was not actually the one who was transferring his lifespan but used his genuine Qi to maintain the formation, constantly absorbing the genuine Qi of the guardian outside, substituting one person for another. Yao Jiaping, who could come up with such a formation, was indeed a strange person with a twisted personality.

However, this formation did not have the ability to trap the guard’s footsteps, what really Yao Jiaping wanted to see was the guardian of the formation fleeing to preserve his genuine Qi at the same time killing and injuring the two people healing inside the formation by the formation backslash. Betrayed by someone they trusted, it was the original intention of Yao Jiaping.

Yin Hanjiang naturally did not want to let He Wenchao to escape, so Wen Renhe refined the talisman that Liu Xinye gave to He Wenchao.

The spell was specially designed to restrain the blood demon ancestor, Wen Renhe as one of the only two blood cultivators in the world during his battle in Underworld Blood Sea, the blood demon ancestor attacked the blood pattern on his soul, making him comprehend the method of restricting the blood cultivation. He made the talisman with chaotic energy and after He Wenchao drank it, the blood demon ancestor’s blood pattern would be suppressed and he would fall into a deep sleep.

As for why He Wenchao could not move, it was because Yin Hanjiang had cast a body immobilization spell in time. Without the help of the blood demon ancestor, He Wenchao with his strength could not win against Yin Hanjiang, who had already experienced the tribulation.

“Yao Jiaping, you are too vicious!” He Wenchao cursed.

“Vicious?” “Yao Jiaping” said: “Inside is your master and uncle who is your life-saving benefactor, isn’t it only natural for you to give up your cultivation and share the worries for your master? The Shangqing Sect still needs a sect master who understands the big picture.”

He Wenchao knew it was useless to talk to “Yao Jiaping” so he immediately sent a voice transmission to his master asking him to stop the technique but unexpectedly his message was blocked.

Yin Hanjiang had already sealed the courtyard, so He Wenchao’s voice could only be heard by him and “Baili Qingmiao”, and could not be transmitted out.

Seeing that he had already lost most of his genuine Qi and his cultivation had fallen from Mahayana realm to soul transformation realm, he no longer scolded “Yao Jiaping” but said to“Baili Qingmiao”: “Sister, sister, please save me, if this continues, I will become an ordinary person who just started cultivating!”

“You can answer him yourself.” At this moment, Wen Renhe handed the body back to Baili Qingmiao and let her decide.

If Baili Qingmiao was dazed by the influence of the divine consciousness, then Wen Renhe didn’t want to pay attention to her anymore. It would be better to cherish the time he spent with Yin Hanjiang before the destruction of the three realms.

Baili Qingmiao who regained control of her body, silently looked at He Wenchao and asked: “Senior brother, master Yao is indeed a bit radical, but what he did was not wrong. You have received great kindness from the two seniors, and you have already advanced to the Mahayana realm so you should be the one to do it.”

“Since I was a child, you have taught me that a cultivator should not be concerned about momentary gains and losses, but should put the greater good first. I always follow your teachings and act in accordance with them. As long as I can save a life, I would not hesitate to get hurt.”

“If you can save your martial uncle’s life, what is the loss of some cultivation? The sect master is already old, if his realm is reduced to the foundation building, even if he still says he can still cultivate and come back but in reality, he is already more than 800 years old. How can the cultivation of a foundation building stage sustain his age of 800 years old. Once the life transfer is finished, the master’s life expectancy will shrink according to his realm, this is life for life.”

“But you are different, you are less than a hundred years old and the foundation building realm can let you extend your life expectancy to one hundred and fifty years or even two hundred years. But you can help with life transfer for material uncle Qing Yue, this is the only way for everyone to survive.”

This was also the reason why Baili Qingmiao did not step in to stop Wen Renhe. She herself also thought it would be best if He Wenchao could step in instead of the sect master.

“Junior martial sister? Are you being controlled by Yao Jiaping?” He Wenchao’s heart was anxious, but he still maintained his affectionate expression: “Junior material sister, think about me too. I am a direct disciple of the sect master and fellow disciples are watching me to follow my example. If my realm falls to the level where I am not even as good as outer disciples, what will they think of me? How hard would my life in the sect be?”

Hearing his words, the only remaining confusion and deep feelings in Baili Qingmiao’s eyes disappeared. She shook her head and said: “Sect master’s situation would be even more difficult than yours.”

She had always believed that her senior material brother was very righteous. Even if he was involved with other women, the matter between men and women was the only thing he could not see clearly. Baili Qingmiao herself also understood how disturbing the word love was, but she didn’t blame her martial brother and just felt sad.

At this moment, the things He Wenchao said were very different from this from the past, he taught Baili Qingmiao things he himself didn’t do.

“Senior martial brother, you really disappoint me. I had thought that you at least had great love in you.” Baili Qingmiao shook her head in disappointment.

She mercilessly turned to Yin Hanjiang and said: “He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao are now finished with each other and they are no longer related. You and him have grievances and if you want to repay your grudges, Baili Qingmiao will not interfere so our agreement is null and void.”

Previously, Baili Qingmiao promised Yin Hanjiang to bring him to the Shangqing sect on condition that he would be judged fairly and not killed. But now, Baili Qingmiao was completely disappointed with He Wenchao and had no more feelings left for him. So she only felt it was natural that Yin Hanjiang wanted to take revenge and decided to no longer stop him.

“Originally, I didn’t intend to comply either.” Yin Hanjiang swept a satisfied glance at Baili Qingmiao, “This honor is very pleased that you could make this decision.”

He was relieved that Venerable’s efforts had not been in vain and that Baili Qingmiao’s decision allowed Wen Renhe to no longer be compared to He Wenchao.

“It’s about time.” Yin Hanjiang nodded slightly when he saw He Wenchao realm gradually drop to the Foundation Building.

The sect master of Shangqing Sect in the room saw that elder Qingyue had regained his youth and his cultivation had reached the soul transformation realm, while his realm had surprisingly not fallen, but still remained at the Mahayana realm!

Only his genuine Qi was depleted, but this was not a problem. Take some pills to supplement his Qi and go into seclusion, he should recover after a month.

The result was better than he imagined so the sect master excitedly sent a message to “Yao Jiaping” outside the door: “Master Yao is really a miracle doctor, my younger brother has completely recovered, and your formation has even preserved the cultivation of this poor cultivator.”

“After healing, this honor can collect the consultation fee, right?” The man outside the door said.

Honor? The sect master didn’t think too deeply about it and said: “Like I said to master Yao before, as long as I can do it, you can have it.”

“It’s wouldn’t be a problem” Yin Hanjiang transmitted: “On the seventh day of the first month, the Sect master should summoned the Sect Leaders and important elders of Heavenly Sword sect, Jiuxing sect, Biluo sect and Wuxiang Temple as well as the four great families of cultivation world to meet at Taiyin Mountain, this honor has something important to announce.”

“This is naturally not a problem, I just don’t know what master Yao plans to do?” The sect master wondered.

“If you are suspicious that I will secretly set up a formation in Taiyin Mountain, you can send your disciples to scout it out in advance. If you agree, make an oath. “

Seeing that Elder Qingyue had gradually awakened, the sect master thanked “Yao Jiaping”. In his heart he also felt that nothing would happen if so many experts went to Taiyin where there was no longer a sect so he vowed to invite experts.

“Oh, this karma, you can write it down, I’m leaving .”

When the sect master heard that “Yao Jiaping” was leaving, he quickly accepted the prescriptions and comforted his younger martial brother before rushing out of the room.

As soon as he went out, he was shocked to see his favorite disciple, He Wenchao had turned into a forty-year-old man and was being carried by “Yao Jiaping”.

“Yao Jiaping”, “Baili Qingmiao” and He Wenchao, who was unconscious, stood on a huge drum. Probably no one in the Shangqing sect was more familiar with this drum than the sect master. Eighteen months ago, Yin Hanjiang used this drum to chase them all the way to the sect.

“Yao Jiaping” tore off the skin on his face, revealing a handsome but somewhat gloomy face, before smiling calmly toward the sect master:”I am Yin Hanjiang.”

After that he threw He Wenchao to the “Baili Qingmiao”and cast spiritual technique with both hands and two transparent drumsticks condensed from his Qi frantically struck the burning sky drum. A crimson flame rose to the sky, taking the burning sky drum into the sky.

The Shangqing sect was guarded by the Moon Departing Bell so you couldn’t fly in the sect. But how could Yin Hanjiang, who had the burning sky drum care about the small restriction of the Moon Departing Bell?

At this moment, there were three people in Shangqing sect who could control the Moon Departing Bell, the sect master genuine Qi was exhausted, elder Qingyue was recovering from a serious illness while He Wenchao’s cultivation was reduced to the foundation building realm. He was also taken away by “Baili Qingmiao”, the sect’s protection formation was difficult to enter but easy to exit, so who could save the Shengqiang sect?

There was no one.

If the sect master wanted to stop them, he would have to rush to the Moon Departing Bell and use the maximum power of the formation, but to arrive there he must take a flying boat. By the time he arrives by the flying boat, Yin Hanjiang would have already left.

“Yin Hanjiang! Do you want to start another war between the righteous and demonic path?” The sect master spewed a mouthful of blood from his mouth as he exclaimed.

“So what?” Yin Hanjiang said lightly: “Sect master, have you forgotten you lost the massive demon war 30 years ago? If it wasn’t for the benevolence and kindness of my lord, who sought a way out for this world’s people, how could the righteous path survive for ten years?”

“Let go of Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao!” The Sect master roared.

“Baili Qingmiao needs to return to Xuanyuan sect to lift the compulsion Gu and tracking spell, as for your disciple …… what he owes to this patriarch, this patriarch will take it back one by one. Please tell the other sect masters that your disciples are in the Xuanyuan sect and if you want to keep their lives, we will see you at Taiyin Mountain on the seventh day of next month.”

After saying that, the huge flames broke through the mountain protection formation of the Shangqing Sect, and Yin Hanjiang rode the burning sky drum away. After two battles in the massive demon war and in the Underworld Blood Sea, no one could stop him so everyone could only watch as the patriarch of Xuanyuan sect came and went from Shangqing sect as he pleased.


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