Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 8.2 – The Master of Ziling Pavilion

Yin Hanjiang caught her, without asking why. Then following Wen Renhe’s example he single handedly carried Baili Qingmiao by clothes and flew away. In the original book, Wen Renhe regarded this girl as a treasure, that needed to be kept safe in the palm of his hand and needed to be cared for, so Yin Hanjiang took care of this girl as if she was the life of the devil venerable himself, now that Wen Renhe treated Baili Qingmiao as common grass, Yin Hanjiang also acted casually towards her.

After the two of them left, Wen Renhe walked towards the blue dressed women and recalled the smile used by Shu Yanyan when she pulled her subordinates together as he smiled at the blue dressed woman.

The Supreme Elder of Ziling Pavilion was so frightened as she used a kneeling posture in the air and said in a trembling voice: “You, you, what are you going to do?”

Why did she act like this? I just smiled gently. Wen Renhe felt it was strange in his heart so he withdrew his smile and said with a straight face: “I am very interested in the remains of the ancient gods you mentioned. Find a way to get it, I won’t expose your true face in front of Baili Qingmiao

The blue dressed women looked at Wen Renhe suspiciously, he was clearly not interested!

“If you can not believe it, this venerable will not force you” Wen Renhe said: “but this venerable will still come for you in a hundred years, and I hope that by then your strength will be worth fighting for this venerable.”

The blue-dressed woman shuddered and said, “What kind of monster are you? How could the Mahayana stage have power that is comparable to immortal? “

“Xuanyuan sect, Wen Renhe.” Wen Renhe left his name and address then left the Wanli ice field.

Baili Qingmiao who was just crossing the border didn’t hear their conversation, nor did she know of blue dressed women’s malicious intentions toward her. Baili Qingmiao only thought she was a well meaning senior.

She also didn’t know that Wen Renhe was the sect leader of Xuanyuan sect, so she foolishly waited for Wen Renhe with Yin Hanjiang at the entrance of the Wanli ice field.

Still worried about the blue dressed women she wandered around Yin Hanjiang: ”Is the elder all right? Is the lady of ice fields all right? They should stop fighting, it’s obvious that they are all good people, so why are they fighting, it is all my fault.

Yin Hanjiang seemed to turn deaf, no matter what Baili Qingmiao said, he didn’t respond.

Wen Renhe sighed when he heard this, there must be something wrong with this Baili Qingmiao’s brain, right?

“Elder!” Seeing that Wen Renhe returned safely, Baili Qingmiao’s eyes brightened as she ran up to him. Seeing that he was fine, her expression was once again one of concern: “The elder on the ice field…”

“Not dead.” Wen Renhe words were simple and comprehensive.

It was only then that Baili Qingmiao became relieved and bowed to Wen Renhe: “Thank you for your help. If you hadn’t sent me to the Wanli ice field to gain experience and taken away the fire feather cloak, I would not have been able to achieve enlightenment in Dao and ascend to golden core.

Hearing these words, the cold-hearted Wen Renhe really wanted say: No, I really wanted you to die

“Hmm.” He nodded. “You’ve been down the mountain for a long time, I still need to help him heal, Go back.”

Baili Qingmiao hearing Wen Renhe’s words, was happy to return. You could even see a trace of joy in her back.

Wen Renhe palm landed on Yin Hanjiang’s arm, displeased, he said: ‘Venerable originally wanted to treat your body coldness, but instead, he injured you.”

“It’s because I am not strong enough.” Yin Hanjing said as he bowed his head.

“Go back to main altar, this Venerable will help to heal”

After that, Wen Renhe wrapped one arm around Yin Hanjiang’s waist and wrapped him in the light as they vanished. In an instant, they returned to the Xuanyuan sect main altar. As for the overturned Wanli ice field, Wen Renhe did not care about it. Anyway, the environment of Wanli ice field was special and full of extremely cold Qi. In another hundred years or so it will probably recover by itself.

 When they came to the spiritual spring at the back of the main altar, Wen Renhe asked Yin Hanjiang to soak in it. But Yin Hanjiang took three steps backwards: “This is the cultivation place of Venerable, this subordinate cannot use it.”

“Yin Hanjiang, don’t let this venerable repeat his order,” Wen Renhe said in a deep voice as he pinched Yin Hanjiang chin. “If you dare to refuse this venerable again, I will cut off your tongue.”

Warm fingertips rubbed against Yin Hanjiang skin, making his face burn red. Yin Hanjiang had the courage to take a closer look at Wen Renhe before he resignedly closed his eyes and took off his clothes to soak into the spiritual spring.

Most of the clothes in the cultivation world were protection magic treasures just like Wen Renhe robe that was specially refined by him to integrate attack and defense. Otherwise, it would be unseemly for everyone to wear mortal clothes, their own aura alone could turn their clothes to dust, not to mention defense.

 Since clothing was a defensive weapon that would block most of the aura from the outside world, it was necessary to at least change into ordinary clothing before practicing into the Spiritual Spring or use Qi to heal wounds. Yin Hanjiang still had a single layer underneath, which stuck to his body when his body immersed in the water.

Wen Renhe also took off his robe as he walked into Spiritual Spring, putting his hand on Yin Hanjiang’s back heart, helping him separate from his soul bound sword.

The blood-red sword was forced to leave Yin Hanjiang’s body, spinning reluctantly in the air as Wen Renhe summoned his Seven Kills halberd, the halberd buzzed as the sword returned to its scabbard honestly.

“You need to refine your own soul bound weapon,” Wen Renhe said. “This sword can forcefully enhance your strength, but it can’t be refined or used at will. The magma under the Wanli ice field is a good place for refining magic weapons, but there are no suitable materials.”

Yin Hanjiang felt like his body was drained after the sword left his body, making him unable to speak. He closed his eyes tightly and began to absorb the Qi with the help of Wen Renhe.

Wen Renhe took a moment to guide him, and when he saw that Yin Hanjiang had successfully settled down, he got up and left Spiritual Spring, he then arranged a gathering array, and waited for Yin Hanjiang to slowly refine the snow flame.

He took out a jug of spiritual wine from his sleeve and leaned against the stone beside the spirit spring, watching Yin Hanjiang cultivate while secretly pondering what to do in the future.

This time when Wen Renhe went down the mountain, he had close contact with Baili Qingmiao. He ran into the leader of Ziling Pavilion and also indirectly contacted the male lead He Wenchao through Shu Yanyan. Through this contact, he found out that things were very different from what he had imagined.

He pulled out the book and read it again, many details were shocking to him. The plot he thought was full of mistakes, now made sense to him making him very thoughtful.

For example, the leader of Ziling Pavilion, at first Wen Renhe only thought she was a poor woman who had been coaxed by He Wenchao’s flowery words and blinded by love and did many irrational things because of her jealousy, using all sorts of methods to make it difficult for Baili Qingmiao.

But, after meeting the blue dressed women, he realized that everything the Ziling Pavilion Master did was reasonable. Without the ancient gods’ relics as bait, how could He Wenchao make a woman love him so much?

Since her character was so reasonable and since there was a source for his willingness to sacrifice his life for Baili Qingmiao. Was there any other mystery in other seemingly blindly written content?

Wen Renhe was drinking and flipping through the book, noting down every unreasonable point waiting for future verification.

He could have ignored everything, and it was written on the title page of the book that he was not interested in fixing the plot BUG. But since Baili Qingmiao was one way or the other his master the kindness needed to be paid back, will the plot always go according to the book, is his death and Yin Hanjiang madness also destined?

There was no reason for him to back off when he was already involved in this situation. Besides, escaping was not the character of Wen Renhe. If that was his fate, then he’ll change his life against the will of heaven!

The spirit wine still had some influence on cultivators, Wen Renhe who was deep in his thought, half dropped his eyes and leaned against the stone wall as he fell asleep.

Deep in cultivation Yin Hanjiang in the Spirit Spring moved. He had already absorbed all the power of snow flame and recovered his severed arm, his body’s corpse qi had also been swept away. His cultivation directly jumped from the first layer to the ninth layer, making the void stage very close.

 Yin Hanjiang saw that Venerable seemed to be asleep. He climbed out of the Spiritual Spring and gazed at Venerable sleeping face. He stared at him intently for a moment before he picked up the rob he had thrown on the ground and hugged it in his arms before he covered Wen Renhe body.

Afterwards, he looked at the remaining half of the wine of Wen Renhe like a woodcarving, he became motionless.

Wen Renhe woke up when Yin Hanjiang covered him with robe, he just didn’t open his eyes, wanting to see what Yin Hanjiang would be like when he was unconscious.

He was usually submissive, and recalling the madness in the later period of the book, he thought that it was impossible for a person to change so much at once, so maybe he didn’t notice it before.

Yin Hanjiang has been frozen for a long time, seeing that Wen Renhe didn’t sober up. He reached out his hand and picked up the half of the wine that was already cold, sticked out the tip of his tongue to taste it before putting it back in its place.

He didn’t drink it at all, but only tasted the wine. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have noticed it.

Yin Hanjiang’s heart was beating like a drum and he was having trouble breathing, when he heard Devil Venerable behind him say: “Left Protector, do you want to drink?”

Yin Hanjiang turned pale from misery, but he didn’t dare to look back at Venerable, so he said in a trembling voice, “Venerable, this subordinate…”

“You’ve always restrained yourself. Even if you drink, you won’t do anything wrong, so why repress yourself to this extent?” When Wen Renhe stood up, his clothes casually moved from his upper body.

He picked up the wine pot and the half full bottle of the wine, and stuffed it into Yin Hanjiang hand: “In your spare time, this Venerable will allow you to drink.”

Yin Hanjiang: “…”

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