Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 45 – Discipline Is Unwilling

After figuring out this section, Wen Renhe took out 《Abusive Love Affair》 and wanted to see how Baili Qingmiao was being treated at this time in the Shangqing sect, which needed to deal with the matter of Qiu Congxue’s exposed identity. He had already read the book many times in front of Yin Hanjiang without avoiding him but Yin Hanjiang never peeked at the contents of the book and just gazed intently at the side of Wen Renhe face as he read.

What happened in Purple Spirit Pavilion caused readers to discuss passionately –

[Wait a minute. Wait a minute, what’s going on? The male lead’s wife, the final female rival in the novel, has become a man and wants to marry the heroine! What did you eat, author!]

[I don’t know what author ate but I know that the plot is so exciting that it started to climb popularity gold list. ]

[First we need to discuss whether the Purple Pavilion master is still the original character. In the original plot she tried to assassinate the heroine because she loved her and wanted her to see what kind of scum He Wenchao is?]

[I think it’s the original Purple Spirit pavilion master. What happened is probably that the original Purple Spirit pavilion master is dead and there is a new one now who has fallen in love with Baili Qingmiao at first sight . A new handsome and rich male lead, I am looking forward to it!]

【Wake up upstairs, the real boss Wen Renhe expressed dissatisfaction, lurked in Purple Spirit Pavilion and face slapped Purple Spirit Pavilion master, before overturning half of Taiyin Mountain, devil venerable is too handsome! 】

[Reading this novel now is like riding a roller coaster. In one second Purple Spirit Pavilion master wanted to marry the heroine and in the next he was beaten like a dog and taken by Wen Renhe. You can’t even become a fan of characters in this novel because they can change their face at any time.]

[Upstairs is right, I was a fan of immortal Qingxue who turned out to be the left protector of the Demonic sect Qiu Congxue who directly took care of Baili Qingmiao’s elder martial brother and was even more ruthless than sister Shu! At most, my sister Shu just took out the nascent soul but Qiu Congxue took out the whole soul directly! Do you Xuanyuan sect left and right protector practice Nine Clouds White Bone Claws? The famous technique of never looking back?]

[My Xue CP really melted and dispersed, turning into water vapor. The heroine is hurt by the deception of mistress and her whole person feels broken. Hugging the female lead.]

[I have a question, why before the revision when He Wenchao abused the heroine I just wanted to beat these scum men and women but after modification when Qiu Congxue betrayed Baili Qingmiao I just want to cherish the female lead? I also don’t hate sister Qingxue, covering face…]

[Because of different positions, the female lead and Qingxue are not wrong. Qingxue also didn’t seem to hide her identity as ghost cultivators and it was us readers who were blind. Selectively ignoring her mistakes, maybe it’s because… she was too straightforward.]

Wen Renhe left with Purple Spirit Pavilion master, leaving Zhong Liqian. So the second male appearance in the end is for what? You want to marry my daughter, but this old father doesn’t agree and wants her to stick with Liqian? So he beat these two lovebirds up?

[Um…. The angle of the person upstairs is strange, but it can be regarded as a reason. ].

[Baili Qingmiao pulled herself together, first she rushed to the sea of flames to save dozens of lives in Purple Spirit pavilion and even obtained mature Lock Core herb. Woo, what a peerless woman the female lead is. I was wrong. I don’t hate white lotuses as long as they are really kind and selfless.]

【The true white lotus is really fragrant but I am afraid that Baili Qingmiao will be abused when she returns to her sect, but I’m going to keep reading!]

【Probably not, after all, the heroine has recovered the Lock Core herb. She contributed a lot to Shangqing sect so how could they abuse her now.]

As readers guessed how to deal with Baili Qingmiao master and disciple, there was controversy in Shangqing sect.

After getting the Lock Core herb back to the sect, He Wenchao wanted to ask the well known medical cultivator Yao Jiaping of cultivation world to prepare a prescription for the master of the Shangqing sect. He Wenchao happened to meet Yao Jiaping when he was looking for a way to save the sect master and became acquainted with him.

As for Baili Qingmiao she was temporarily placed under house arrest in the Deacon Hall and not allowed to go out, waiting for the sect master to wake up to decide what to do with her.

As for the Purple Spirit Pavilion disciples, the Shangqing Sect arranged a place for them to live in the outer courtyard. After they accept the fact that their sect has been destroyed, they will decide what to do next. If they are willing to join the Shangqing sect which was recuperating after the Massive Demon war of righteous and demonic path they were more than welcome. But they will have to surrender the Purple Spirit Pavilion’s cultivation Method before they can join.

In the original book, the Purple Spirit Pavilion master married He Wenchao so the two sects also merged together and cultivation methods were exchanged so there was no big change in the plot.

He Wenchao returned with medical cultivator Yao Jiaping one day. Yao Jiaping who wore green robes was born because he was a scattered immortal. His face looked very young and quite handsome but compared to male lead of 《Abusive Love Affair》 he looked a lot worse but still a lot better than most people.

He quickly refined the pill, and after taking it, the sect master of Shangqing sect woke up. Baili Qingmiao was now considered to have made a great achievement which made it even more difficult to deal with her.

After waking up and hearing about what had happened in the thirty years of his coma, the sect master sighed weakly and said, “The battle between the righteous and the demonic path is not a trivial matter. It is also not something I can decide alone. Ask the deacon hall elders to invite the sect members above the Soul transformation realm to discuss this matter.”

In this way, the meeting was held in the council hall of Deacon hall, Baili Qingmiao and her disciple Xiu Huai sat in the middle of the hall, surrounded by more than twenty fellow Soul transformation realm disciplines. The Crane Hair Scholar Zhong Liqin had a special status so Shangqing sect invited him as a guest. He could not only be there but also express his own opinions but wherever they would be approved would be decided by the Shangqing sect.

Baili Qingmiao’s face was pale as she sat in the middle of the crowd. But she still was able to have enough energy to pat Xiu Huai hand comfortingly. Her gaze was firm, it looked like she already made mental preparation.

Since she was a direct discipline under Elder Qing Rong she spoke first: “Baili Qingmiao did not know that Qiu Congxue was a member of the Demonic sect, she was responsible for rescuing the disciples and there was nothing wrong with saving people. Qiu Congxue joined the Shangqing sect not by Baili Qingmiao’s decision, but by the unanimous consent of the elders at the time. This time the Lock Core herb was also obtained by Baili Qingmiao from a sea of flames at her own risk. I can guarantee with my own soul that Baili Qingmiao never betrayed the Shangqing sect and she is my very good disciple.”

Baili Qingmiao’s cheeks showed a hint of red as she listened to her master words, a small smile appeared on her face.

“But, my soul is in Qiu Congxue’s hands.” Liu Xinye said gloomily: “It was Baili Qingmiao who gave over Seven-colored Blue Lotus Heart to Qiu Congxue, who then forced me.”

There were two main opinions in the Shangqing sect. One was of elder Qing Rong who deeply cared about her discipline and believed that Baili Qingmiao was innocent. Another was Liu Xinye who thought that she must have had some secret dealing with Qiu Congxue. Baili Qingmiao had been traveling with Qiu Congxue for 30 years so maybe she already joined the demonic sect and returned to the sect just to continue bening undercover agent in Shangqing sect. Saving the sect master was also just for the show, maybe the Lock Core herb was not mature after all and it was given by Wen Renhe from Purple Spirit Pavilion master so Baili Qingmiao could go back to the Shangqing sect.

Zhong Liqian didn’t speak during this time so it seemed that no matter how Baili Qingmiao was treated he did not care.

He Wenchao also kept silent, after all, the person who advocated severe punishment for Baili Qingmiao was his wife Liu Xinye. He looked at Baili Qingmiao’s pale face, but his younger martial sister never looked at him.

Finally, he couldn’t help himself and ignoring Liu Xinye’s pleading gaze he stood beside Baili Qingmiao and said: “Master, senior uncles, fellow disciples, all of your words were heard by me, but can you listen to my words now?”

In the past 30 years, He Wenchao’s position in the sect had become more and more stable. Although he was a junior, his cultivation was higher than many elders, so his words carried a lot of weight. The crowd’s eyes were focused on He Wenchao who said: “There is no doubt that junior martiall sister Baili obtained the Lock Core herb, which proves that she is loyal to the sect. The current controversy is whether the junior sister was controlled by Qiu Congxue in these thirty years of travel, which is also already well resolved. Junior material sister had saved Qiu Congxue’s life and has her token in her hand, why not ask junior material sister to ask Qiu Congxue to come out so we can secretly ambush her and kill her? In this way we can not only free inner sect discipline Liu Xinye from the soul oath but also kill the demonic sect protector!”

His method would not only save his junior material sister from crisis but also help Liu Xinye release the soul oath. For He Wenchao and Shangqing sect it could be said to be the best of both worlds. Several elders of the Shangqing Sect deliberated and found it reasonable, Liu Xinye also had no reason to refuse it.

“Baili Qingmiao, are you willing?” Elder Qing Yue of the Deacon Hall asked.

Baili Qingmiao in front of the crowd stood up from her chair, knelt down on her knees and put her hands on the ground as she lowered her head to say: “Disciple is unwilling.”

“Why!” Qing Rong and He Wenchao said at the same time.

When it was discovered that Qiu Congxue was a member of the Demonic sect, Baili Qingmiao was also hurt. She wa also deceived!

Baili Qingmiao knocked her head so hard that her forehead was already red when she raised her head. She shook her head and said: “Master Qingxue has never done anything to hurt the Shangqing sect since she came. After the Massive Demon war the Shangqing sect suffered heavy losses and its position as leader of righteous path was in danger, until the news of a guest scattered immortal spread, then other sects did not question the status of the Shangqing sect, giving the sect a chance to breathe for thirty years.

“During 30 years of travel, master Qingxue has successively exposed the Nanguo family’s evil techniques to cultivate the heir. In Bijou Valley, disciples captured innocent wandering souls to refine quasi-immortal weapons. The Buddhist cult imprisoned women to cultivate joyful Budda and many other events. Baili has been with master Qingxue for 30 years and has seen her actions with her own eyes and heart.”

“She is a member of the demonic path but she never deceived me. She also never said that she was from a righteous path. It was Baili’s decision to save her. Yes, the righteous and the demonic path are on opposite sides, if there is another war and master and I meet on the battlefield it will be a different situation and Baili will never show mercy.

“But using her life-saving grace and using Master Qingxue’s trust in me to frame her, Baili Qingmiao doesn’t want to do it!”

Her gaze was firm as she looked straight at the elders at the top and said: “Baili knows that she is not guilty but it’s a crime to cause elder brother to be injured by Master Qingxue. It is also a crime to let Sister Liu’s soul to fall into the hands of a demonic path cultivator so Baili is willing to bear all the punishment of the sect.”

Her back was straight, and her little shoulders seemed to carry the whole world.

Zhong Liqian gently applauded and said to the Shangqing sect’s crowd: “Miss Baili makes Liqian admire her so Liqian will not plead for her and not hinder her choice.”

After he said this, he stopped speaking, as if Baili Qingmiao’s death or life had nothing to do with him. But everyone knew that Baili Qingmiao and the Crane Hair Scholar had been struck together by the compulsion Gu so If they really wanted to kill Baili Qingmiao, Zhong Liqian would definitely not allow it.

“Younger martial sister!” He Wenchao squatted down and grabbed Baili Qingmiao’s shoulder saying: “Why are you so stupid?”

“Don’t touch my master!” Xiu Huai casually took out his rod, as soon as He Wenchao saw this rod he felt pain in a specific place and let go of Baili Qingmiao.

Liu Xunye saw that He Wenchao had touched Baili Qingmiao in front of her and her face twisted into horrenderus expression as she screams: “ Baili Qingmiao has been bewitched by demonic path, I beg the master to get justice for me!”

The Shangqing sect was put in a difficult position, with Zhong Liqian on the sidelines, they could not easily deal with it. After deliberating for a while, Qing Yue said: “Baili Qingmiao, the sect has decided to imprison you and Xiu Huai in the back of the mountain. I hope that it will give you time and come to a clear understanding soon. If you end up not realizing it, don’t blame the sect for cleaning up the sect.”

“Baili understands.” Baili Qingmiao’s expression was bland as she accepted the punishment.

She and Xiu Huai were pressured into the back mountain forbidden area, and were imprisoned just like in the original plot.

In the original plot Purple Spirit Pavilion Master was going to marry He Wenchao after saving and waking up the Sect master. She said that Baili Qingmiao had a calamity body so she must be locked up, otherwise she would affect the entire Shangqing sect. The Shangqing sect did not believe it, thinking that she was jealous of Baili Qingmiao’s relationship with He Wenchao. Unexpectedly, the cultivator who knew how to predict the future was invited and Baili Qingmiao’s fate was actually crimson, heavenly tribulations were not as serious as her calamity and no one knew what kind of demon she was a reincarnation off.

In this chapter all readers, the female lead rival Purple Spirit pavilion master, was the one who framed Baili Qingmiao. But it was not the case. Wen Renhe knew that the master fortune-teller had not lied, Baili Qingmiao was really a calamity and her fate was also like this.

In the book, Baili Qingmiao did not believe that this was her fate. She also refused to accept the treatment of the sect and be locked up for life. How miserable it would be.

But now it was quite different, Baili Qingmiao insisted on her own principles, and was protected by Zhong Ligian. Although she was still sent to the back of the mountain, she had a clear heart.

After she was imprisoned, He Wenchao came at night to persuade Baili Qingmiao, but she said to He Wenchao: “Senior material brother, don’t make me a backstabber. Don’t be a man who betrays his trust and justice, who has a wife but cares for other women. Don’t ruin your image in my heart.”

In this way, He Wenchao could only return defeated. That night, he didn’t share the room with Liu Xinye and just gritting his teeth said: “It must be Wen Renhe and Qiu Congxue who wanted to hurt the sect and used some despicable way to control the younger martial sister. How can I save younger martial sister?”

“Well ……” the Blood Demon Ancestor who was living in He Wenchao body smiled grimly: “I do have a method, but I need you to lend me your body for a while.”

He Wenchao hesitated for a moment before he agreed, regretless of whether it was《Abusive Love Affair》or 《The God of Destruction》it didn’t show what happened next. After all, these two books were written from the perspective of male and female leads. After He Wenchao lent his body to Blood Demon Ancestor in 《The God of Destruction》 due to vague writing completely did not mention what happened.

Having three books in his hands he could observe the plot at any time, so it was surprising that the plot blank would suddenly appear when He Wenchao tried to deal with him.

What caused the plot blank, Wen Renhe was clear. After all, what was written in the books was only the tip of the iceberg. However, it was because this blank appeared while targeting the Xuanyuan sect that Wen Renhe became more vigilant.

Could it be that ……

He remembered the 《The God of Destruction(Volume 2 )》had not been found so far. Could it be that the second volume was different from the other two books, or that the person who got this book was so clever that he had hidden his tracks from it?

When Wen Renhe thought over the content of the revised version, he found that one person’s name did not appear in the revised version at all.

Cen Zhengqi!


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