In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 34.2 – Blooming

The day after Zhao Lingyu told him to take his time and not rush, all four of his flowers bloomed, and the stamens inside had fully developed.

Discovering this, Ren Sheng quickly wrapped the stamens with a cultivation technique and looked at the pistil in the middle thoughtfully.

He had been waiting for the flowers to bloom, but once it did, he was at loss as to what to do. Finally, he put on his holographic helmet and went to his online class. After class, he went to a chat room called “The Marshal is unparalleled in the world” to observe others exchange information about Zhao Lingyu.

“Although the Marshal has lost his ability, he is exercising these days and has become much stronger.”

“I went to the Marshal’s regiment on behalf of the First Military Academy and took pictures of the Marshal from afar, do you want them?”

“Hand over the photos and we will not kill you! I’m afraid I’ll never be able to see the Marshal with my own eyes, I can only collect photos…”


Ren Sheng watched for a while and found that everyone was saying good things about Zhao Lingyu. There were also many people who expressed their love, but none of them was as close to Zhao Lingyu as himself. Finally feeling satisfied, he returned to Star Net happily. He could never tell these people that Zhao Lingyu was his and he could see him everyday and even sleep with him!

In a few days, he might even have Zhao Lingyu’s child!

Zhao Lingyu checked the underage Internet account tied to his own and was equally happy.

His little ginseng absolutely loved him very much, that he even went to such a place every day. Speaking of which, it would be nice if this love included him and was not targeted at the refined soil in his body.

He was sure it would definitely change in the future! As soon as he dealt with the business at hand, the Marshal began to make an effort to get home early.

“I’m blooming!” Ren Sheng, who had been paying attention to the situation outside with his spiritual energy, discovered that Zhao Lingyu had returned and immediately announced proudly.

“Let me see.” Zhao Lingyu said, holding Ren Sheng as they returned to their room.

The petals of the four flowers on Ren Sheng’s head opened completely, revealing the tiny stamens in the middle. Zhao Lingyu looked at them for a moment before reaching out and touching the stamens.

Ren Sheng almost jumped up, but soon sat down again. He struggled for a moment and finally looked at Zhao Lingyu seriously. “Don’t touch just one flower.” He felt a little strange and couldn’t help rub the untouched flowers against Zhao Lingyu’s body.

So it is an invitation to molest all four flowers? Zhao Lingyu of course would not object to this, but before he could do anything, he suddenly felt Ren Sheng’s roots digging into his clothes.

Zhao Lingyu said, “Don’t touch anything there.” while pulling out the randomly digging root.

“It’s been half a month since you last had ‘seeds’ and now I am blooming. When will you have seeds?” Ren Sheng asked with concern. Turning the roots into hands, he touched Zhao Lingyu three inches below the navel through his clothes.

He just molested him and now he was molested back. Zhao Lingyu guarded against those roots that would always touch randomly, but didn’t do anything else. When Ren Sheng’s hands touched his body, he immediately reacted.

Holding Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu laughed bitterly. “Don’t move.” As soon as his words fell, he had already started cultivating.

Such a good technique was not used by him to extinguish his desire!

After one night of cultivation, under severe pain, the wet dream naturally became a floating cloud. It wasn’t until two days later that Zhao Lingyu seeded again and it was Ren Sheng’s action in the middle of the night that woke Zhao Lingyu up, making him find out about it.

Ren Sheng cleaned it up for him as usual and then uncharacteristically didn’t try sticking to Zhao Lingyu but turned around and said, “I have things to do, don’t follow me!”

What does Reng Sheng have to do in the middle of night? Zhao Lingyu was full of curiosity, but in the end he didn’t follow him and just started to monitor Ren Sheng’s general internet usage on his communication device.

Ren Sheng was not online, he was pollinating himself.

Zhao Lingyu produced many, many thousands of seeds, and Ren Sheng studied the four flowers as he picked the strongest four seeds before putting them into the stamens.

When the four seeds touched his stamen, Ren Sheng suddenly felt a little hot. Then the four flowers closed their petals, obviously to bear fruit.

Would they bear his and Zhao Lingyu’s children? How were children born? Ren Sheng touched his flowers with a puzzled face, wishing to know the answer right away. Unfortunately, it took him a long time to blossom and much longer to bear fruit, so even if he did conceive a child this way, it would take a long time to know what the child would look like.

In the past, the fruit he produced was green at first and later became redder and redder, finally becoming fierce red as it could be used in planting. But this time, he did not know if it would be the same.

He was a ginseng spirit. Unlike humans, some things were really troublesome to do. Ren Sheng slowly transformed his hair and slowly returned to his room, lying next to the “sleeping” Zhao Lingyu and falling asleep.

Only when one of Zhao Lingyu’s hands fell on Ren Sheng’s body did he truly fall asleep.

Four flowers became four fruits, but nothing changed in Ren Sheng’s daily life. He still ate and slept like usual, but Zhao Lingyu felt a little uncomfortable.

Because Ren Sheng was unwilling to let him molest the little flowers on his head for several days in a row, he felt a little uncomfortable.

“Ren, let me see your flowers?”

“I told you I don’t have flowers anymore.” Ren Sheng said and then touched his hair again in a good mood. He had been very careful these days for fear of something going wrong, but now that all four flowers bore fruit, he could relax.

“Let me see your fruits then?” Zhao Lingyu asked. “I want to see what the ginseng seeds I usually eat looked like in the beginning.” He still had to eat a ginseng seed every now and then. If it weren’t for the very large amount that Ren Sheng had saved, they would have run out of them a long time ago.

“The fruits I bear this time are bigger than all previous ones. Zhao Lingyu, you can’t eat the ginseng seeds I have produced this time!” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu seriously. Although it was slow and almost imperceptible, his fruits were slowly growing, which had never happened before, so Zhao Lingyu’s seeds that he had put in the flowers should have worked.

“Good.” Zhao Lingyu nodded.

Ren Sheng revealed four small green round fruits. The pink and tender fruits made people want to kiss and touch them personally. The more Zhao Lingyu looked at them the more he liked them.

“Do you like them?” Ren Sheng asked

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu said without hesitation. As long as it was a part of Ren Sheng, he liked it.

“It’s good that you like it, it’s our children!” Ren Sheng, who originally wanted to hide it, said it just like this. Even when he wanted to hide it, he was not sure how.

“Yes, these are our children, we can plant them together later.” Zhao Lingyu hugged Ren Sheng. He wanted to grow small ginseng children just like Ren Sheng.


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