In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 50.1 – Returning to Capital Star

The star pirates’ ship was very strong, but it was not difficult for Ren Sheng to make a small hole in it. When he made a small hole, his roots slowly poked in and began to stretch along the cabin of the spaceship.

This was completely unnoticed by the star pirates who were watching the battle between Corbien and Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu’s strength today was very strong and he could even smash through the ship’s protective shield with a single punch. But it was precisely because of this that he didn’t dare to use all his strength before, during the fight in the main control room of the warship.

But now he was in space so he was not worried at all.

After catching up with Corbien, thanks to Little Green’s delay, Zhao Ligyu directly took out the big alloy dagger he had specially asked someone to make a few days ago.

This knife was made of the hardest alloy in the Federation and was very, very heavy. Of course, this weight was not anything for today’s Zhao Lingyu, so holding the knife, he directly slashed towards Corbien.

“That damned star pirate will definitely be killed by the Marshal!” Wu Shui seeing this scene from the main control room, became excited. He knew the strength of his own Marshal.

However, what happened next was beyond the expectation of everyone in the First Legion.

After the collision between Zhao Lingyu knife and Corbien knife, Zhao Lingyu’s knife was actually split into two halves, and half of the blade flew up and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingyu’s expression became more and more dignified. The mecha that Corbien used had already surpassed Human Federation technology and this knife was even more powerful.

If Corbien had taken out something like this earlier, it wouldn’t be impossible to destroy the central main ship, however, Corbien obviously had some concerns.

Of course he also had concerns. Higher civilizations are forbidden to let lower civilizations know their technology, not to mention there was something wrong with Corbien’s identity.

Many thoughts flashed through Zhao Lingyu’s mind, while Corbien after a successful attack, tried to attack Zhao Lingyu again.

He had exposed too many things and if he doesn’t do some meritorious service, he was afraid that he would not be able to live a carefree life in the future! And right now, there was a big credit in front of him.

Zhao Lingyu was already dying, but suddenly healed and his body also became so good. There must be something fishy, if he could find out the reason…

The knife in Corbien’s hand shone brightly and the huge blade slashed directly at Zhao Lingyu. At the same time, his mecha also began to change shape.

Although his body quality was too poor to withstand certain movements of the mecha, in order to get Zhao Lingyu genes he could only fight.

Zhao Lingyu was hit on the shoulder by a huge sword, turning the clothes and protective shield on his body into flying ashes, but Zhao Lingyu’s body, surprisingly still had no wound.

How is it possible? Corbien froze, hardly believing what he saw. Although his knife did not actually hit Zhao Lingyu, this shouldn’t be happening. He suddenly remembered his previous inability to pierce Zhao Lingyu’s body.

How hard was Zhao Lingyu’s body? Was he still human?

Corbien has a way to kill Zhao Lingyu. After all, he still had the same thing on him to save his own life. But Zhao Lingyu was extremely prestigious in the Human Federation, if he really killed him, he might end up without a way out. Gritting his teeth, Corbien pressed on his own back and made a gesture. Instead of flying towards the star pirate starship, he rushed to outer space with super fast speed.

If Corbien wanted to enter the star pirate ship, Zhao Lingyu could always take advantage of the opportunity to attack, but he turned on the fastest speed and rushed to outer space. With Zhao Lingyu’s current equipment, he simply wasn’t able to catch up with him.

And at this time, those star pirates flew up to attack again, while opening the cargo hold and throwing all the energy ore they had dug up before to create obstacles in space.

“Ren!” Zhao Lingyu didn’t hesitate to rush towards Ren Sheng.

Before Zhao Lingyu got close, Little Green, who was originally stealing from the ship with Ren Sheng, suddenly stretched its body and entangled Zhao Lingyu’s wrist. Then Zhao Lingyu pulled Ren Sheng into his arms.

Tightly confining Ren Sheng in his arms, Zhao Lingyu began to control the thrusters on his feet to make various movements and dodge the cannon fire from the star pirates aimed towards him.

It was almost impossible to hit a person in space, after all the target was too small. Zhao Lingyu knew this very well and flew up and down towards the central main ship.

At this time, the star pirates retreated completely, leaving only the energy ores behind.

Carrying Ren Sheng back to the warship, Zhao Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief.

When he saw Ren Sheng being dragged away from the ship by the star pirate, his heart almost stopped. Fortunately, Ren Sheng didn’t have an accident and now hid obediently in his arms.

Touching Ren Sheng’s face with his hand, Zhao Lingyu wanted to give him a deep kiss.

Finally stopping on the platform of the central main ship, Zhao Lingyu grabbed Ren Sheng’s hand… “Ren, what you just did was too dangerous!”

Ren Sheng raised his head and buried it in Zhao Lingyu’s chest. “Lingyu, I didn’t expect…” He felt that there wasn’t much energy in that person’s body and he looked very weak, so he wanted to catch him. But he didn’t expect that there would be so much high-tech equipment on that person.

However, he didn’t get hurt and also got a treasure, which can be regarded as a blessing in disguise.

Ren Sheng’s face showed a smug expression when he thought of the large crystal stone that he grasped with his roots and then hid into his space.

Admitting his mistake, but still acting smugly… Zhao Lingyu pinched Ren Sheng’s butt, “You can’t do this next time, do you understand? I’ll worry.”

“I see.” Ren Sheng said, feeling comfortable with Zhao Lingyu squeezing him and his little butt rubbed against Zhao Lingyu’s hand a few more times.

“…” was this a way to seduce him? Zhao Lingyu’s heart moved and when he looked back he saw Ren Sheng looking at him openly, not even a bit shy. Seeing this he could not help sighing.

He didn’t know until now that he still had the potential to be a loving father. He couldn’t bear to blame Ren Sheng. No, Ren Sheng was not his son!

Zhao Lingyu’s expression changed again and again, seeing this, Ren Sheng directly took off Zhao Lingyu’s helmet and kissed him at the corner of his lips. “Lingyu, I am hungry!” Shen Qiushi taught him, if Zhao Lingyu was not happy he should let him know he was thirsty or hungry. In this way Zhao Lingyu would start taking care of him.

“Let’s go eat.” Zhao Lingyu no longer cared. He took Ren Sheng into the main control room and opened the food that Corbien had brought before. When he found that all the food was intact and had not been tampered with, he chose two nutrient solutions for Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng has lost interest in the nutrition solutions, but he still held them in his hands as he sat obediently on Zhao Lingyu’s lap, looking around at the people in the meeting.

Except for Zhao Lingyu, even if other people had special abilities, they wouldn’t be particularly strong. In the battle just now, some of them could not even see Zhao Lingyu’s and Corbien’s movement clearly, but they could still see Ren Sheng’s sudden outburst of attacking others.

The person who was like a little bully just now, was now lying meekly in Zhao Lingyu’s arms. The contrast was so big they couldn’t even believe that this little guy was the one who smashed a person with a chair before.

They must please the Marshal’s wife in the future and then keep a distance from the Marshal!

Many people made a secret decision and just at this time someone brought in the unconscious Ellie.

Ellie had already eaten some sobering medicine, but she was still dazed as if she had no bones.

“Marshal, Ellie should have been injected with something.” The spaceship’s doctor said as he examined Ellie.

“This is her good luck. Besides, that person’s ability should be unusual or maybe he has something special in his hands.” Zhao Lingyu said. Entering the main control room required scanning the pupil. Before, when they discovered that this person was fake, he thought that Ellie was killed but nothing had happened.

However, he really didn’t expect that the mysterious Corbien of the star pirates group would become a woman.

“Take Ellie back to the cabin and find a female soldier to take care of her.” Ivor said to the doctor who had a good relationship with Ellie and was now eager to see how Ellie was doing. Although the battle was over, the sweeping work was not finished yet and he still had a lot of things to do.

Only when Ellie was sent away, did Ivor look at Zhao Lingyu. “Marshal, what are we going to do next? What about those energy mines?”

The energy ores that were thrown off the star pirate’s ship were all over this area, forming a golden river in space, and some of them would eventually explode from the unstable energy inside them when they came into contact with certain rays in the universe, forming bright spots. Their warships definitely couldn’t be loaded with so many energy ores, but if they let them there, when they returned, they might already be gone. As for staying here and waiting for the spaceship to come… They didn’t have much time to delay.

“Let the Little Green bundle those energy ores and carry them back.” Ren Sheng suddenly said while holding the Little Green. In order to accept him as an apprentice, Elder Teng had told him a lot about himself and one of most important things he said, was that he used Little Green to tie up many star pirate ships before towing them back to the Human Federation.

Reng Sheng was longing for a chance to do it from the moment he heard about it, so now he was very eager to try it himself.

“So many energy ores can still be bundled?” Someone asked in disbelief.

“Little green can become very long or very small. Let’s find something to load it up in and let Little Green tow it?” Ren Sheng came up with another idea.

In fact, for him, the most convenient thing to do was to pull all this energy ores into his Qiankun bag, but he obviously couldn’t do that.

There were many containers on top of the central warship. In addition, some of the frigates that had run out of energy could also be used to hold energy ores.

Many soldiers of the First Legion changed into space suits and collected the small ores that were scattered and loaded them up before letting Little Green pack them up and haul them.

The First Legion’s central main ship set off at a very slow speed (for this kind of spaceship) to the nearby immigrant star. Behind it, there were a lot of miscellaneous things, making it completely devoid of its original dignity.


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