Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 70 – Everything Is Ready


Yin Hanjiang ordered Liu Xinye to come to him in the middle of the night and to not be found. If she disobeyed, he would crush the jade talisman with the oath, causing her soul to be seriously injured.

Liu Xinye had no choice but to take advantage of He Wenchao drinking wine to run out and enter the alchemy room, looking at “Yao Jiaping” with a frightened expression: “You, how do you have my soul oath?”

“When I entered Xuanyuan sect, I healed people. The left protector of the Xuanyuan Sect, Qiu Congxue, was injured, and after I cured her I took it as my medical fee.” Yin Hanjiang played with the soul oath jade talisman carelessly while saying: “I usually give two options for my consultation fee, one is the most important thing to the patient and another is… you should also have heard about it.”

Liu Xinye with tears in her eyes, was actually about to rip her clothes off while saying accusingly: “Once is enough, right?”

Yin Hanjiang: “???”

He hurriedly pointed at Liu Xinye with a finger filled with genuine Qi to prevent her from continuing to take off clothes.

Also, Yao Jiaping’s skin was not stable enough, without showing blush or panic it was like wearing a mask making Yin Hanjiang very relieved. He said calmly: “You think too highly of yourself, I’m not interested in you, I want what’s most important to you.”

“I won’t let you take away my Nascent Soul or soul bound magic weapon!” Liu Xinye said unwillingly.

Yin Hanjiang: “…… I don’t care about those either, I just want you to do one thing.”

During the conversation, “Baili Qingmiao” came over in silence, holding a transparent talisman in her hands, which was refined by Wen Renhe with chaos energy. He burned the spell and put it into a cup of water, pouring the water from a jade bottle before handing it to Liu Xinye.

“Find a way to make He Wenchao drink this.” Yin Hanjiang said.

Liu Xinye did not dare to take the jade bottle and said: “You, what are you going to do to Wenchao?”

“The worst thing it can do is turn him back to Foundation Building realm, after all he is not allowed to die and is my good “brother” as well.”: “Yao Jiaping”laughed: “If you don’t agree, it’s okay for you to become the Foundation Building cultivator instead.”

“I promise!” Liu Xinye grabbed the jade bottle and said decisively.

“Senior material sister Liu, aren’t you able to give up everything for your senior martial brother? Back then you lost your own cultivation to save him, why are you making this choice now?” The person who asked this was Baili Qingmiao herself. She had entered the path of mercilessness so even when she saw He Wenchao, her heart was still as calm as water. She also didn’t stop Yin Hanjiang who wanted to frame He Wenchao to replace the sect master, after all elder Qing Yue sacrificed his life to save the Sect master and He Wenchao. The sect master had the grace to raise and teach He Wenchao, as long as He Wenchao strength was sufficient, he should save Qing Yue for the same reason. If it was Baili Qingmiao, she would have given up her life.

She just didn’t understand why senior martial sister Liu made a completely different choice than she did back then?

“Hahahahahahahaha!” Liu Xinye suddenly laughed furiously, she laughed while she shed tears and said: “I love him, I have loved him since I was a child. I also worked hard to cultivate to be worthy of him, wishing that I could marry him!”

Her hands squeezed the jade bottle as her eyes gradually became rigid, her voice no longer soft: “But what about him? On the day of the wedding, do you know whose name he shouted when he hugged me? It was you, Baili Qingmiao!”

“Did he think I didn’t know what happened between him and Gongxi Jin when he was out on a training trip? Did he think I didn’t hear him say in his private talks with the others that he liked Gongxi Jin’s eyes because they were so much like yours?”

“I was married to him for thirty-three years, but did he look at me? Obviously …… In the past, when we cultivated together he would smile at me and quarrel with you to protect me. But after the marriage? Did he care about my feelings?”

“I already see it clearly, nothing is as good as being strong yourself.”

She looked at Baili Qingmiao with eyes filled with undisguised jealousy, but Baili Qingmiao didn’t care anymore.

If she had married her senior material brother, she probably would have become like this, blinded by jealousy, dazed, and eventually becoming the person she had once disliked.

Baili Qingmiao shook her head and let out a low sigh, “I understand,” and retreated, leaving Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang to handle it.

Yin Hanjiang cast the spell, and the jade token turned into a light and plunged into Liu Xinye’s body. After completing the task, the soul oath would naturally end but If it was not completed, the soul oath would directly cause Liu Xinye to explode and die. Looking at her now, she must no longer have the courage to sacrifice her life for He Wenchao.

After Liu Xinye left, Yin Hanjiang looked at “Baili Qingmiao” and asked: “Who taught you the method of treating Qing Yue and life transfer method?”

At this moment,it was Wen Renhe again so he said calmly: “Zhong Liqian taught me.”

Zhong Liqian was a brick of the Xuanyuan sect, moving wherever it was needed, and was particularly good at it. He knew a little bit about everything, and although his medical skills were not as good as Yao Jiaping, he still knew a lot. Qiu Congxue was cured by Zhong Liqian and it was also his idea to use altar master Shitan’s sickness Qi to stop Baili Qingmiao from killing herself. It was not surprising that Baili Qingmiao who had been with Zhong Liqian for so many years learned some skills.

Yin Hanjiang stared at “Baili Qingmiao”, put on the gloves and pinched “her” chin for a while, then shaking his head he said: “If it wasn’t for the way you treated Liu Xinye, I would have thought…”

He didn’t say any more as he hurried “Baili Qingmiao” to refine pills, returning to the inner room alone he thought: “Only three days have passed and I’m already confused, how can I miss Velnerable to the point of taking Baili Qingmiao as him, it’s really ridiculous.”

Thinking of this, Yin Hanjiang looked sideways at the illusion sitting on the chair next to him and stared at him for a while. He thought that when he returned to the sect, he would heal his soul and he was looking forward to it in his heart. But he was also a bit afraid, worried that he would vomit blood again when he saw his lord and cause him worry.

After thinking about it for a while, his mood was a little uncertain so he occupied himself with chanting the Clear Heart Mantra to prevent himself from being exposed in the Shangqing sect.

Before entering his soul for the second time, Wen Renhe couldn’t meet Yin Hanjiang and could only look at him with the concerned eyes of Baili Qingmiao.

After two more days, the pills were completed so Wen Renhe put them on a tray and followed Yin Hanjiang out of the room.

When the sect master of Shangqing sect received the pills, he felt something and waited outside the door with many disciples. After Yin Hanjiang went out, he glanced at Liu Xinye in the corner, who nodded secretly. She was extraordinarily attentive and gentle to He Wenchao last night, talking softly to him and drinking with her husband. He Wenchao didn’t like Liu Xinye very much, but he could not resist the softness and warmth. He drank a few cups of wine with Liu Xinye, and after warming up, drank the talisman water Liu Xinye prepared for him.

The talisman water was also a refining of chaotic energy,was odorless and colorless and helped He Wenchao advance to Mahayana realm in one night.

Yin Hanjiang had known about this through his soul oath, making everything ready.

He just took two steps with “Baili Qingmiao” when he heard several disciples gossiping about Baili Qingmiao, saying that she and Yao Jiaping were alone these days and no one knew how many immoral things they had done together. They also said that they didn’t know how she pleased Wen Renhe, Zhong Liqian, Yin Hanjiang and others in the past to have these skills.

Yin Hanjiang’s cultivation was extremely high so he could hear all voice transmission of cultivators below the soul transformation realm. Originally, he did not want to pay attention to this matter, but when he heard that they were talking about his lord, he became furious. A flash appeared next to several gossiping disciples and with this flash of cold light in his palm, several tongues fell down.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” The disciples of the Shangqing Sect both injured and uninjured, all screamed miserably.

“Noisy.” Yin Hanjiang said impatiently.

Suddenly everyone covered their mouths, not daring to say anything more, but the sect master said with a very ugly expression: “Master Yao, what is your reason for this?”

“If you can’t speak, don’t say anything.” Yin Hanjiang stared sternly at several disciples: “Do you need me to repeat the content of your voice transmission?”

Several disciples blushed deeply as they shook their heads frantically in fear. Seeing their appearance, the sect master knew that these people had offended “master Yao”by transmitting false rumors. But since they were so weak, they were overheard.

Although the “Yao Jiaping”method was vicious, in the end, it was the Shangqing Sect that was at fault. The sect master ordered: “Those who speak nonsense, slap yourself a hundred times and keep your mouth shut for ten years.”

Several disciples received orders and were just about to pick up their tongues and find a medical cultivator in the medicine hall to heal them when they heard “Yao Jiaping” say: “Hold on.”

Yin Hanjiang looked at “Baili Qingmiao” with pleasure in his eyes and said to her: “Pick it up, it’s yours.”

Wen Renhe: “…”

He could only say reluctantly: “Thank you master Yao but…Baili doesn’t need it.”

“How can you not need it?” Yin Hanjiang said without a smile: “They were talking about rumors about you, you can air-dry these tongues and string them up to make a necklace to hang around your neck. Looking at it will make you more alert so that you can remind yourself not to let the rumors go around in the future, right?

“Go now!”

The last  sentence was chilling. Wen Renhe sighed lightly, took out a handkerchief and wrapped the tongues generously saying to Yin Hanjiang: “Thank you for your teaching master Yao.”

“Is this how you’ve been treating junior martial sister?” He Wenchao was red from anger.

“So what?” “Yin Hanjiang looked at He Wenchao from his side: “It’s better than not speaking out to help her even though you know she is being insulted by the rumors, right?”

Without giving He Wenchao a chance, Yin Hanjiang said to the sect master: “These pills are for you, take it four hours before life transfer, in addition to the person who will perform the life transfer, you also need another expert to protect the array outside, preferably a lightning spirit root.”

He said that he wanted He Wenchao to protect the formation, He Wenchao was also saved by Qing Yue so it is only natural that he should protect the formation.

While arranging the formation, the blood demon ancestor said to He Wenchao in his mind: “Strange, at the beginning, Yao Jiaping did not need someone to protect the formation, why does he need someone now?”

“At that time, he and little sister were still outside so he just wanted to humiliate me, letting me watch my little sister suffer!” He Wenchao said angrily.

“Well, being in the Shangqing Sect, I don’t think he can make any waves. But this Yao Jiaping used to be so… radical?” Blood Demon ancestor asked.

He Wenchao remembered the days when he used to be Yao Jiaping’s person. At that time he didn’t feel anything but now thinking back he couldn’t help but shudder, he said: “Naturally, this is the case. Master, do you still remember what he did to me?”

“That’s true,” the blood demon ancestor sighed: “At that time, I only thought he was obsessed, but now it seems that he is a good seedling for demonic cultivation.”

“What did you say, Master?”

“Nothing, the formation is set up, you should go.” Blood demon ancestor dispelled his doubts before his awareness drowned.

For some reason, the blood demon ancestor was very tired today and wanted to sleep to recuperate.

He Wenchao stood at the position designated by Yin Hanjiang and saw “Baili Qingmiao” walking past, grabbing “her” wrist he said: “Younger martial sister…”

“Baili Qingmiao” with a flip of the sleeve, avoided contact with He Wenchao and said to him: “Senior martial brother, it is improper for men and women to touch each other.”

This was something he learned from Yin Hanjiang who wore gloves to touch even Baili Qingmiao. He really didn’t know what Shu Yanyan taught him!


The author has something to say:

Shu Yanyan: I can teach a lot, and I promise I know more than Zhong Liqian~ Do you want to learn?

Wen Renhe(pondering for a moment): Just send it to my room.


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