Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 13.2 – Breaking The Frontlines

The demonic path had been ruled by Wen Renhe over the years so the demonic cultivators knew that if Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang survived the war, for those who didn’t contribute to the battle it would not just end with a simple death. If you died in battle and saved your soul, you could go to Altar master Qiu and ask for help to turn yourself into a ghost cultivator, but if you provoked Wen Renhe, forget ghost cultivating, you wouldn’t be able to die even if you wanted to.

The demonic cultivators were not afraid of death and fought recklessly, but the righteous cultivators couldn’t be so reckless. After fighting for a while, Yin Hanjiang arrived at the rear camp with his bloody arrows like swords and saw the formation overflowing with Qi due to the different flags. He manipulated some of the blood arrows to carry Altar master Ruan to block the eye of the array.

“Yin Hanjiang! I’m not going to f*ck your grandmother anymore. If I survive, this time I’m going to f*cking f*ck you, so just you wait!” Altar Master Ruan cursed as he was thrown into the eye of the array.

In Yin Hanjiang’s eyes, there was only Wen Renhe who should be protected. He doesn’t find any value in his own or others’ life. So for Wen Renhe’s sake, he is ready to offer not just his own life but also that of the living beings in the entire world.

Ruan Weiyi was taken by Yin Hanjiang to block the eye of the array, so he summoned his own magic weapon, the Xuanwu armor. The earthy yellow armor wrapped around Altar Master Ruan’s body like a large turtle shell. When his entire body was covered and solid, he started getting bigger and bigger, just enough to block this strange spirit array.

At the same time, countless blood swords condensed into nine and demonic Qi filled the sky as the nine swords stabbed straight into the Dantians of the nine cultivators.

No one would doubt the power of these nine swords, if one was really pierced by one of those swords, their soul force would be invaded by the demonic qi, if not destroyed.

The nine cultivators were busy circulating their genuine Qi to protect their bodies. Unexpectedly, the nine swords split into two in the moment they were about to touch the cultivator, and the other bloody sword actually rushed towards the nine different flags.

No one had expected that Yin Hanjiang would actually use the blood swords condensed from his own flesh to attack the quasi-immortal weapon!

Although these flags were not considered an immortal weapon, they definitely exceeded the power of the cultivation world’s ordinary magic tools with room to grow into something even more valuable. These kinds of magic tools were called quasi immortal weapons in the cultivation world.

It was like hitting a stone with an egg and meeting a blade with bare flesh. The swords clashed with the flags creating a terrifying roar. Yin Hanjiang, who was covered in blood, stood on top of the earthy yellow turtle shell of altar master Ruan holding nine broken flags.

“If you want to fight, then fight fairly!” blood was flowing down from the corners of Yin Hanjiang’s mouth as his voice spread throughout the battlefield: “My Xuanyuan sect will never fear foreign enemies. My esteemed Lord welcomes all who have come to challenge him, but you must remember one thing, I, Yin Hanjiang, will not allow anyone who schemes on the battlefield to harm the esteemed Lord!”

With a casual toss,  nine tattered flags fell to the ground out of his hands. The nine guards of the array looked at Yin Hanjiang, who was running out of strength, but could not get close to him for a while.

Whether friend or foe under such determination, they could only feel respect.

The flag array was broken, and as if a huge stone fell from Yin Hanjiang’s mind he felt relieved. Now everyone had to use genuine Qi, nobody had an unlimited supply of heaven and earth Qi. If it’s like this, his lord would never lose.

As soon as he felt relief, he fell to the ground heavily.

Altar Master Ruan tortoise shell scattered as he carried Yin Hanjiang with one hand and ran towards the demonic cultivator’s group while cursing: “Fuck you! I lost over a hundred years worth of accumulated genuine Qi in this battle. Yin Hanjiang, if you go back and won’t give me these hundred years of Qi. I will go to Shu Yanyan to learn the Qi absorbing technique to suck you dry!”

Yin Hanjiang didn’t even hear Ruan Weiyi’s words, he had a faint smile on his face and muttered: “My Lord… I will never.. let… you die before me…”

“Fuck!” Hearing Yin Hanjiang’s words, Altar Master Ruan couldn’t help but curse again.

When the flag spirit formation was broken, both sides were in the same position so it was unknown who would win or lose this battle.

In the north of Xuanyuan sect’s mountain, both demonic and righteous cultivators retreated ten meters back, rearranging the formation that had been destroyed by Yin Hanjiang and preparing their magic weapons for the second round of confrontation.

Under tremendous pressure, Altar Master Ruan brought Yin Hanjiang back into the formation and threw the man to the Medicine Hall master saying: “Heal him, when he wakes up, I’ll kill him myself!”

Spitting blood as he spoke, the master of the medicine Hall said with a trembling: “Altar Master Ruan, you should also accept treatment. I don’t think your wounds are light either ……”

“Bah! I can’t be as weak as Yin Hanjiang…chicken…”

Before Ruan Weiyi could finish speaking he fainted.

The feminine looking Altar master Miao (he is a man) said to the Medicine Hall Master: “I used heart devouring parasites on him, he won’t wake up for a while. Take the wounded who can still be saved for treatment, recover them to 50% and throw them over to me for support. Don’t dare to slack off till your last breath.”

Master of the medicine hall wiped his cold sweat. Not only knocking out the Altar Master Ryan but still using such terrifying parasites like the Heart Devouring ones ? After this battle the Miao Altar Master mainly did not intend on taking back the parasites from Ruan altar master so he would be under the control of Miao altar master forever…

“Well?” The Miao Altar Master raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the Medicine Hall Master.

The look in his eyes seemed to say, this altar master has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, how dare you question it?

The Medicine Hall Master didn’t dare to offend any of the altar masters so he left with his medicine disciples carrying the wounded down for treatment.

At the same time, the twenty-one cultivators who besieged Wen Renhe stopped, and the Jiuxing Sect Master said worriedly: “If you want to kill Polis, you must stop Alkaid first. The flag array has already broken. As expected,we shouldn’t let Alkaid go.”

Wen Renhe however, smiled proudly and said happily, “Worthy of being my vanguard.”

Yin Hanjiang swore his loyalty to Wen Renhe with every move he made.

“I have disagreed with this approach for a long time.” The Heavenly Sword sect master said: “We have sent 21 cultivator experts to surround and kill Wen Renhe, so why do we still need this spirit array and not attack directly?”

“Sect Master of Heavenly Sword” Wen Renhe said: “You are greatly mistaken, without these formations, you are in no way my opponent.”

“Amitābha” ( the Abbot of Wuxiang temple took off his robe, revealing the Dragon subduing tattoo on half of his arm. The Buddhist staff glowed with Buddhist light as he said in a compassionate tone: “I wonder if this old man would be enough.”

“You’re pretty much the same.” Wen Renhe laughed, the Seven Killing Stars halberd burst out in an unprecedented light under the support of Wen Renhe.

The wind sped up due to Wen Renhe’s battle intent fluttering his robe!

Even if a Mahayana realm cultivator didn’t have the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, his soul force was still inexhaustible, and this unprecedented battle was ten years in the making!

Over the past ten years, disciples such as Baili Qingmiao and Yao Wendan have been collecting countless bodies of their fellow righteous disciples. The proportion of the dead was more than that of the wounded and more severely injured than lightly injured. Those who were lightly injured were treated slightly and then they had to go to the battlefield again.

Regardless of the righteous or demonic path, both sides suffered heavy losses.

With the fall of these cultivators, the sun, moon and stars shone brightly, and the weather for the past ten years was favorable, the wars had stopped and the world ushered in ten years of a prosperous dynasty.

After ten years, both righteous and demonic Qi have dried up.

Qiu Congxue dragged  Shu Yanyan, who was only interested in pleasure, out of the bed and said coldly: “It’s almost time.”

Shu Yanyan put on her clothes and light veil, before saying to Qiu Congxue: “I know, I’m a key part of this battle. You said, there is no Qi on the battlefield, is everyone spitting? If you spit, I will spit. “

“Shut up.” Qiu Congxue didn’t want to chat with Shu Yanyan at all, so she threw her into the ghost array.

Shu Yangyan circulated her soul force and gracefully turned around, landing on the Desperate Spirit Formation like a fairy.

Qiu Congxue cooperated by dispersing the blood mist, and He Wenchao in the Desperate Spirit Formation saw the veiled witch smile at him. With the palm of her hand, she actually entered the Desperate Spirit Formation from his side.

“How ……” He Wenchao didn’t expect that. They had been struggling for ten years just for demonic cultivators to watch them in pleasure and to leisurely enter the formation.

“Do you still remember me? He – “ Shu Yanyan’s voice was soft as she took off her veil and revealed a gentle and good-natured smile to He Wenchao.

“Shu, Miss Shu …… “He Wenchao was dumbfounded. Feeling the pain in his Dantian, he looked down only to see Shu Yanyan’s hand already probing into his dantian.

“It’s strange how I was able to enter the formation, isn’t it?” Shu Yanyan smiled: “The genuine Qi that this protector provided, can be taken back at any time of course. Don’t forget that you and I have cultivated for a half a year. Our Yin and Yang Qi have intertwined, you are in me and I am in you. I echo your genuine Qi. If I want to enter your genuine Qi it is equivalent to a door widely  opened for this protector ah~”

“Then why are you still struggling with us for ten years?” He Wenchao said in complete disbelief.

“Why, if it not for our Devil Venerable” Shu Yanyan sighed: “He said that the desperate spirit formation is good, otherwise we would absorb all spiritual energy of heaven and earth in this ten years and the entire world would run out of the spiritual energy and become scorched and barren not even blade of grass would grow. Now you are all at your wits end and can’t mobilize much of heaven and earth’s spiritual energy, so it’s the best time to break the formation!”

With a slight pull of her palm, she grabbed her genuine Qi from He Wenchao dantian abruptly: :What this protector gave will be taken back with interest. Your Nascent Soul cultivation, I will take it.”

“Have you… Miss Shu… ever… loved… me?” He Wenchao actually asked such a question at the moment when his Nascent Soul realm cultivation left his body.

Shu Yanyan’s thin lips opened lightly and uttered a heartless sentence: “For me, the art of Qi absorbing is no different than your righteous cultivators’ absorption of spiritual energy of heaven and earth. When you were cultivating, did you ever love the spiritual energy of heaven and earth?”

He Wenchao’s eyes widened, as if he couldn’t believe that he had actually heard such heartless words.

“Oh, by the way, even the spiritual energy of heaven and earth can be dense or thin, pure or impure. As far as this protector is concerned, your spiritual energy was extremely dull and arrogant, not at all comparable to those lovely disciples of this protector.”

She mercilessly yanked  the Nascent Soul cultivation out of his body. He Wenchao fell from the sky, breaking Destructive Spirit Formation!

Qiu Congxue hungry ghosts immediately entangled every disciple protecting the formation!


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