Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 64 – Moonlight Clears Clouds

Yin Hanjiang woke up in Wen Renhe room, there was still a dull pain of misplaced genuine Qi still lingering in his body, but it was already much better.

His mood was unexpectedly calm, as if he had a long, long dream, dreaming that his lord had returned and he was so overcome with grief and joy that he almost became possessed. Fortunately, when he woke up, he was able to recall two things: “Venerable was still alive” and “nothing could stop him.”

As long as Wen Renhe was still alive, Yin Hanjiang was at peace. As for the other things, he didn’t dare to think about them.

There were three books on his bed, the first one was《Abusive Love Affair》.

Yin Hanjiang did not move the book, but touched every illusion in front of him and became relieved after finding they were untouchable. He was unable to face these heart demons now and the thought that the real venerable might be hidden between them made Yin Hanjiang feel uncomfortable all over.

In the past, when following Wen Renhe he developed a habit of patience, but a few days ago he was too indulgent. He didn’t know how much of it was seen by the venerable but when Yin Hanjiang thought about it his throat became uncomfortable and he wanted to vomit the blood.

No, there seemed to be a time in his dream that venerable cannot be touched or felt. It was not possible to distinguish between the heart demons and the body without an aura or entity. Yin Hanjiang looked at the heart demons in panic, each of them were looking at Yin Hanjiang intently and affectionately, with a gaze that made Yin Hanjiang feel like he had no place to hide and made him want to completely disappear right there.

He grabbed his arms and scratched them with his fingertips, forcing himself to calm down and recall what happened last night.

In fact, his mind was very fuzzy, he only remembered that he seemed to have gone crazy, and venerable seemed to say many things to him that Yin Hanjiang didn’t seem to remember. The only thing that he remember clearly was the phrase “you have read the wrong page, when you wake up, read the content that has already been modified by venerable.” it was like venerable whispered it in his ear many times. After calming down from last night’s frenzy, he gradually believed that Wen Renhe was still alive. Initially, his emotions fluctuated and he was almost possessed but now that he calmed down he was able to treat the matter calmly. The sadness dissipated, leaving only joy.

Yin Hanjiang tried his best to keep his face as calm and introspective as possible. He picked up the book, making a note fall from it: [I am with altar master Zhong, I am not among the heart demons.]

The note was signed by“Wen Renhe”

Yin Hanjiang instantly felt relieved, his sitting posture becoming more casual as he leaned on the book in his arms thinking that Venerable was still alive and had returned. The joy that surged in his heart, make him smile.

“Does it make you so happy that this venerable has returned?” A heart demon leaned over the bed and asked.

Yin Hanjiang didn’t even look at the heart demon as he opened the book and started reading from the first page.

The plot had been changed beyond recognition, making the revised version completely different from the original version. The original plot could only be seen from the comments from a long time ago. However, Yin Hanjiang still found out from the reviews a few years ago what he has done after venerable death has not yet changed. When he thought that Venerable had read this book 40 years ago, Yin Hanjiang had an urge to punish himself.

He was unable to continue reading the book after reading just a little bit so he closed it and recited the Clear Heart Mantra silently.

Fortunately, Wen Renhe was not in front of him so Yin Hanjiang could remain calm. If it was like last night, Yin Hanjiang would have gone crazy again.

It was a good thing that it was a book, you could stop and take a break from reading at any time. After Yin Hanjiang took a rest, he was just about to start reading again when he heard someone knock on the door before altar master Shitan’s voice was heard: “Patriarch Yin, this subordinate has something important to report, it’s about Wen Renhe!”

Yin Hanjiang didn’t want to pay attention to him, but when he heard his lord’s name, he hid the books and let altar master Shitan enter.

Shitan Xin walked to the table and said to frigid Patriarch Yin: “Patriarch, this subordinate found out last night that venerable Wen Renhe is still alive! Cough cough cough!”

“Hmm.” Yin Hanjiang said calmly.

Seeing that Yin Hanjiang didn’t respond, altar master Shitan thought to himself that he must master his courage to remind Patriarch Yin! Now it was time to show his stance, Zhong Liqian had obviously followed Wen Renhe but he would have no future if he became devil venerable again so his only choice was Yin Hanjiang.

Thinking of Zhong Liqian, Qiu Congxue, Shu Yanyan and Xie Huai who stared covetously at the position of altar master, altar master Shitan felt like he had been a coward all his life. It was time to be brave for one! So he boldly said: “The patriarch might not know but last night Wen Renhe and altar master Zhong Liqian have already tried to assassinate you once, cough cough!”

“What did you say?” Yin Hanjiang had a hint of killing intent hidden in his eyes, altar master Shitan has the courage to slander venerable in front of him, he should be killed without mercy.

Altar master Shitan who knew nothing about his killing intent was still saying: “Last night, the devil venerable had commanded me to take Yao Jiaping to the room of the altar master Zhong. After this subordinate arrived,  he saw the patriarch unconscious and the devil venerable doing something to you. I don’t know what he did to you, do you remember this incident, Patriarch?”

“I don’t remember” Yin Hanjiang looked at Shitan Xin’s sickly face and reached out to the other person’s neck, palm of his hand against his artery: “And what did altar master Shitan see?”

Shitan Xin said: “Cough cough cough, although at that time Wen Renhe hair was hanging down blocking this subordinate’s view, I still saw that devil venerable probably absorbed your genuine Qi at that time Patriarch!”

He told the story of what he saw through the hair and made a gesture to his lips: “Absorbing genuine Qi through the mouth and nose, Patriarch you must check your dantian they might have been tampered with, Cough cough cough.”

Cough cough cough!” This time, the one who coughed was not Shitan Xin but Yin Hanjiang

After he heard the words of altar master Shitan, his face was flushed, and he coughed violently. He also retracted the hand on the neck of altar master Shitan to cover his coughing mouth.

Altar master Shitan: “…”

Could it be that his sickness qi overwhelmed patriarch Yin? That could not be right, his sickness qi was already taken by that girl Baili a long time ago, he himself was not sick and his power was greatly reduced. He also only pretended to be sick to not show it to others.

“I understand, you can go out.” Yin Hanjiang said after he had coughed enough.

Shitan Xin still wanted to say something but seeing that Yin Hanjiang turned his face away from him he could only disappointedly leave. When he reached the door, he heard Yin Hanjiang say: “Do you have any wood or other materials for making masks?”

“Yes.” Altar master Shitan took out a piece of good Stygian iron from his storage bag which he kept for polishing his own soul bound magic weapon at Mahayana realm.

“No need for such a good …… forget it, you can go.” Yin Hanjiang accepted the Stygian iron and drove away altar master Shitan.

He squeezed the Stygian iron and the flames from Burning Sky Drum wrapped around the material quickly turning the iron into a ghost mask.

Yin Hanjiang put a mask on his face, blocking his expression so his calm could calm down.

This time he prepared himself psychologically before he opened the book and picked² the chapter with Wen Renhe and read it. As for how Baili Qingmiao gets along with He Wenchao, the sect and what the four person group did during their 30 years of travel had; nothing to do with He Wenchao, so he just skimmed it with a glance.

In less than an hour, Yin Hanjiang turned to the last chapter of the revised version and saw Wen Renhe standing beside Baili Qingmiao’s bed and saying to her: “The words that this venerable wants you to hear it that Wen Renhe likes Yin Hanjiang.”

He had heard this once last night, but his mind was so confused that he didn’t know whether to believe it or not. More importantly, at that time, Yin Hanjiang already believed in 70% that Wen Renhe liked Baili Qingmaio and almost became possessed.

Now, after reading the original ending and comments, he knows that this was a revised part that had not yet happened. There was also the report from altar master Shitan, he put on the mask to reassure himself but reading Wen Renhe say these words in front of Baili Qingmiao had a different feeling.

He pressed the mask, afraid that it would fall down, enduring his frenzied heartbeat he continued to look down –

Baili Qingmiao asked nervously: “If you are in love with Lord Yan, why don’t you tell him directly?”

Wen Renhe smiled bitterly and said: “He may not believe it.”

Baili Qingmiao thought that Wen Renhe came to her to discuss his emotional problems so she thought about it and finally suggested: “Conveying feeling with words may be difficult so actions are often more reassuring. Just like me…. No, I am a wrong example, my elder martial brother could not reassure me no matter what he did. “

“Your counterexample can also serve as a warning.” Wen Renhe said.

Baili Qingmiao felt incredibly heartbroken for a moment, but she had a helpful nature so she had to talk about herself and her senior brother firmly, but the more she said the more she wanted to cry.

“This venerable knows and will take it as a warming.” Wen Renhe said: “That’s why I have to explain it to you more clearly, hoping that he will understand. Whether it’s the patient and introverted Yin Hanjiang or spontaneous and reckless Yin Hanjiang, this Venerable likes all of them. Yin Hanjiang is Yin Hanjiang, there is no need to pretend. “

Seeing this paragraph, Yin Hanjiang only felt that his whole body was on fire. His body was cold and his blood was also cold, even after absorbing snow flame it did not alleviate too much. He knew that it was because his obsession was too deep and his heart demons were too deep to get rid off. Now seeing this passage, his whole body became hot and his blood seemed to be boiling.

Then he looked at the revised version reviews –

[Strange, when I read the original version, I was afraid of Yin Hanjiang but now I think he is kind of cute? Taking a lady’s skirt to wipe his sword and hand and treating the silly little heroine as a rag?]

[A rag is better than lamp oil, I think he’s sick enough to be kind of cute, too. Oh my God, what have I experienced for so many years? 】

【I have changed from a simple girl to a strange aunt, not only is she not afraid of seeing abnormalities, but she also wants to scream, ahhhhhhh, give this master a little bit more!]

[I will go! You guys are still discussing the plot of the last chapter, so go read the latest chapter, something big is happening! In a typical Mary Sue novel male lead no.2 confessed to male lead. No.4 in front of the heroine!]

[What kind of cruel and ruthless thing is the person upstairs saying, I need to go and see it quickly.]

[After reading the latest chapter, I looked back at the tags of novels, fine, the author not only changed the plot, but also changed the emotional type of the novel from “Romance” to “unknown”.]

[What does “unknown” mean? ]

【It means everything is possible. ]

[Wait, why are you still so calm after Wen Renhe confessed to Yin Hanjiang? Screaming? Objection? Where is the surprise from changing romance to boy’s love!]

[Person upstairs did not read the hot posts of the forum – on the hidden emotional lines in the original and revised versions of 《Abusive Love Affair》 which has been analyzed very thoroughly. ]

[After seeing it, I suddenly realized that in the original version Yin Hanjang loved Wen Renhe so it was no wonder that he became crazy in the end. Originally I was afraid of him, but now, why do I suddenly want to hug the poor little Yin Hanjiang? ]

[It can no longer be called the original version or the revised version, but the past life and the present life. In addition to the discussion thread there is also some fanfic about the two of them, you should read it as soon as possible, before it gets deleted.]

【I came back with a nosebleed. Yin Hanjiang is so cruel to others while being so cute in front of Venerable. It’s so good!]

[What I also want for Venerable is a red ruthless patriarch little wolf or something. Can’t say it or I would be reported.]

Yin Hanjiang: “……”


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