Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 68

Yin Hanjiang’s kick was not light, although he was holding back his strength. After all Yao Jiaping was a scattered immortal but he still had to pretend a little, but of course his disguise was not very heartfelt.

But He Wenchao was only in the void realm and was unprepared for the kick, how could he withstand the full blow of a scattered immortal. If it wasn’t for the blood demon ancestor to protect him with genuine Qi in time, this kick would directly displace his internal organs. The blood demon ancestor still cherished He Wenchao, a host with the potential to ascend to a higher realm so the blood demon ancestor could go with him and absorb people of higher realms.

“What are you doing!” He Wenchao climbed up and said angrily.

He and Yao Jiaping were good friends, Shangqing sect master was also saved by Yao Jiaping who later decided to also help He Wenchao infiltrate the Xuanyuan sect and save Baili Qingmiao after he felt his deep love for her. Yao Jiaping always had a strange temper and the majority of the cultivation world knew his reputation but he always spoke to He Wenchao from the bottom of his heart so it was only natural that He Wenchao would be angry since he had never been treated in this way before.

It was too difficult for Yin Hanjiang to imitate Yao Jiaping and he was not able to fake another person’s personality. Luckily, he had read 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》and become familiar with Yao Jiaping catchphrases and what he used to say, so he recited the character’s lines from the book: “Oh, I just don’t like the harmony between happy couples.”

In the original book, Yao Jiaping was such a twisted character that he was quite upset whenever he saw a couple asking for his help. He would give the patient two options, one for the woman to give him her body and the other was to hand over what they cared about the most. When Baili Qingmiao brought Xie Huai seeking medical help, Yao Jiaping asked her to either surrender her nascent soul or give herself to him. But when He Wenchao, during his travels, brought Miss Gongxi to seek medical help…

At that time he could only say that he and Miss Gongxi were just a casual acquaintance and weren’t a couple. He was also not willing to let Yao Jiaping tarnish an innocent girl, so he was willing to become Yao Jiaping’s person.

After Yao Jiaping saved Miss Gongxi, he tortured He Wenchao for about a month while He Wenchao gritting his teeth endured it. Later, he made a breakthrough by chance or coincidence, making his cultivation increase greatly under the effect of medicine. From then on, Yao Jiaping became extremely curious about He Wenchao while also admiring his chivalrous heart as the two of them became good friends.

He Wenchao met Yao Jiaping within the 30 years of being separated from Baili Qingmiao. The two had been friends for more than 20 years and he never expected that one day, Yao Jiaping would say something to himself that would make things difficult for the other cultivator.

Thinking of Yao Jiaping’s habit, he immediately asked “Baili Qingmiao”: “Junior sister, did he do anything to you?”

A bad idea arose in He Wenchao’s heart, looking pale. He took a two step back as he shook his head and said: “No, it can’t be like this.”

Yin Hanjiang didn’t care what He Wenchao thought, he only had one purpose this time – to capture He Wenchao. Now he was in the vicinity of the mountain protection array and He Wenchao was alone, the blood demon ancestor could be captured with one move of seal. The mountain protection formation was easy to get out of and hard to get into, so it would be much easier for him and “Baili Qingmiao” to leave.

Yin Hanjiang was not in the mood to entangle with “Baili Qingmiao” and He Wenchao and only wanted a quick fight before capturing and bringing the person back before he could wait for the next soul healing from the devil venerable.

To subdue the blood demon ancestor in an instant, the power of alkaid triangular bayonet was enough, and the burning sky drum didn’t need to be used. Yin Hanjing’s cause of the illusion was not only heart demons but also Burning Sky Drum. The heart demons only made Yin Hanjiang insane, but the illusions’ manifestation was definitely caused by the Burning Sky drum.

It was only normal for people who were not strong enough to use a top-level immortal weapon to suffer a backlash. After estimating the consequences of the backlash of the Burning sky drum, Yin Hanjiang believed he could bear it so he secretly spread his hand and secretly performed the spirit technique to activate the Burning sky drum in his sleeve.

At that moment, the Shangqing Sect master came in person and said with some delight seeing “Yao Jiaping”: “When I saw He Wenchao open the array I guessed that master Yao should have come back. Master Yao came just in time, this way sir.”

Yin Hanjiang’s face twitched when he saw the Shangqing Sect’s master. His two enemies right in front of him, he was so happy that he almost couldn’t maintain the outside skin.

When Wen Renhe saw this, he stepped forward to hold Yin Hanjiang’s hand, worried about his impulsiveness. Even Wen Renhe, who borrowed Liu Xinye body last time to come to Shangqing sect endured his nausea as he meet He Wenchao. If it was He Wenchao alone, it wouldn’t be too difficult for the two of them to join forces to capture him and take him away quickly.

But now that the sect master of Shangqing Sect was here and they were on the other side’s turf while the number of hidden cards in Shangqing Sect hand was still unknown they couldn’t make any rush moves for the time being.

He Wenchao saw that “Baili Qingmiao” took the initiative to hold the hand of “Yao Jiaping”and became so angry that his eyes were almost bleeding. However,“Yao Jiaping” shook her hand off and looked at “Baili Qingmiao” with stern gaze, reciting the lines of “Yao Jiaping”from 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》: “How can you compare yourself to Xiao Yi?”

At the same time, Yin Hanjiang said with a voice transmission: “I know what you mean, I have other plans for the sect master of Shangqing Sect so I really am not going to kill them both at this time.”

He took a deep breath, calmed down, and said coldly to the sect master of Shangqing Sect: “Seeing this urgent look on your face, you want me to heal someone, right?”

“Exactly exactly,” The sect master of Shangqing Sect ignored the strange atmosphere between He Wenchao, “Baili Qingmiao” and “Yao Jiaping”for the time being. He was ashamed of Baili Qingmiao but could not interfere with the feelings of the younger generation so he just ignored them and said to “Yao Jiaping”: 

“My sect discipline was trapped in Xuanyuan sect and master Yao has risked his life to save the, The Shangqing Sect already owes you a great debt of gratitude, so I can’t bother master Yao anymore. But at this moment, Qingyue’s life is in danger and only master Yao can save him in this world! Whether master Yao can save my younger martial brother Qingyue, as long as you are willing to try, in future as long as it does not go against the way of heaven, the entire Shangqing Sect will go through fire and water to assist you!”

When Yin Hanjiang heard the sect master words he raised his eyebrows slightly, he didn’t need to come in future to have something that Shangqing Sect should do, he also didn’t need them to “ go against the way of heaven” or “go through fire and water”, it was just a very small thing.

In that case, it was okay to pretend to be fooled.

“Well, take me there.” Yin Hanjiang nodded.

He followed the sect master into the flying boat of Shangqing sect, “Baili Qingmiao” also followed closely behind. When He Wenchao saw that his ‘younger martial sister’ didn’t even look at him and followed Yao Jiaping” he was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

“Come quickly.”The Sect master gave He Wenchao a warning look.

This disciple was good at everything, but he was too indulgent with the female sex. It was not like he was unaware of the fact that even though He Wenchao was married to Liu Xinye, he still secretly communicated with the eldest lady of the Gongxi aristocratic family, and had an affair with several fellow martial sisters. While still thinking about Baili Qingmiao in his heart.

If not for the fact that He Wenchao could pacify these few women properly and did not cause trouble, had high cultivation and was the future pillar of the Shangqing sect, the sect master would have already punished him.

Now, well he had to turn a blind eye.

But Yao Jiaping was the benefactor of the Shangqing sect, when the sect master was previously injured, he was healed by him. Now Elder Qing Yue’s injury also needed Yao Jiaping help so how could he let He Wenchao turn against Yao Jiaping for a woman.

He Wenchao received the sect master’s warning and finally suppressed the resentment in his heart, clenching his fist tightly, thinking in his heart that the revenge of taking his wife must not be forgotten! After this incident, he must find Yao Jiaping to seek justice. He asked him to help him save his beloved but how could he take her for himself, aren’t they still brothers? He and younger martial sister were childhood friends who grew up together. How could he let Yao Jiaping interfere!

Yin Hanjiang, of course did not know the art of medicine and only wanted to keep up the appearance as well as know how this person became injured.

Coming to the side hall he glanced at the elder Qingyue who had a head full of wait hair and face full of wrinkles and discoloration. He took his pulse in solemnly while the sect master was telling him the cause of Qing Yue’s injury: “A year and a half ago, in the battle against the devil venerable at Underworld Blood Sea, the new patriarch of Xuanyuan sect was so desperate that he used his immortal weapon against the heavenly tribulation. We were lucky being able to return to the sect but that man tried to break the array with the Burning sky drum, in order to protect the Shangqing Sect, Master Qingyue used our sect’s immortal weapon to protect the array and had his genuine Qi drained by the immortal weapon, suffering five failures of celestial beings. The Shangqing sect used various pills to keep him alive but he can’t survive any longer and his lamp is almost dried up.”

It turns out that he was the one who blocked me that day… Yin Hanjiang looked at Qingyue’s face and thought *it could be called karma, right? His lamp is almost drying up? Don’t worry he will let this lamp wither, making the Qing Yue the first one.*

When he came to the Shangqing sect this time, Yin Hanjiang only felt like he had encountered a treasure trove, randomly meeting people he had grudges against was too wonderful!

“Yao Jiaping”‘s face twisted again, as if the flesh under his skin was laughing wildly, but the skin was motionless. It was very strange.

Seeing his expression, the sect master anxiously asked: “Could it be that even master Yao can’t cure him? Younger martial brother… It was the elder martial brother who hurt you! “

In order to maintain the dignity of the sect leader, he deliberately made himself look like a middle-aged man, with dark hair and long beard, like a mortal official which was the most beloved appearance among mortals at this moment. From the sect leader’s eyes dropped a line of tears, half kneeling in front of Elder Qing Yue bed, he sobbed uncontrollably.

“Baili Qingmaio” came forward and looked at Qing Yue and couldn’t help but voice transmits to Yin Hanjiang: “He can be saved.”

Wen Renhe directly used Baili Qingmiao’s body to transmit the message, even if it was a voice transmission, the voice was also of Baili Qingmiao. He had previously absorbed Yao Jiaping memory and knew that this disease could be healed so he transmitted his voice to tell Yin Hanjiang: “As long as a Mahayana realm cultivator is willing to use up his genuine Qi to share his life with him and use pills to supplement it he can recover to soul transformation realm. But at most to the soul transformation realm, there will also be no further possibility of advancement.  Another way is to find the legendary five souls of heavenly beings, except for innate gods who are born from heaven and earth, the five failures of celestial beings are a calamity for all things. Cultivation is only delaying the process. The only thing that can cure suffering from five failures of celestial beings is five souls of heavenly beings but that is a thing of the divine realm that even gods wanted to get.”

Yan Hanjiang glanced at Baili Qingmiao. Why would she speak about things that could not be obtained?

“I can.” “Baili Qingmiao” voice transmitted.

In the original plot, Baili Qingmiao got it when she mistakenly entered an innate small world, and then naturally gave it to He Wenchao. The five souls of heavenly beings were destined to be attracted to the innate gods. This time, even without He Wenchao injury as an opportunity, five soul of heavenly beings were obtained by Baili Qingmiao during her thirty years of travel, but she, Zhong Liqian, Qiu Congxue and Xie Huai could not recognize this thing, only that it was a divine object, so they kept it in their collections.

Yin Hanjiang secretly warned: “Don’t even think about messing with my business.”

Then he turned his head to look at the Shangqing Sect’s only remaining Mahayana realm expert, the sect master and smiled kindly as he spoke: “There is a way.”

He didn’t mention the matter of the five souls of heavenly beings at all and only the first method adding: “I can teach you the method of sharing life and can also refine pills. Whether or not you will use the Mahayana realm in exchange for a soul transformation cultivator who will never be able to advance and will still experience five failures of celestial beings for the next 500 years, it is up to you to decide.”

“This ……” Sect master of Shangqing Sect said with a shocked expression: “Isn’t there any other way?”

“What can I, a scattered immortal do about five failures of celestial beings that even gods in upper realms cannot escape.” Yin Hanjiang sat down on a chair in the side hall and looked coldly at the Shangqing Sect master and said: “To save or not to save, it depends on you.”

“As for my consultation money, also do not say ‘in future”” Yin Hanjiang looked at He Wenchao and smiled maliciously. He put on his gloved hand at the back of “Baili Qingmiao’s” neck and said to He Wenchao: “How about giving her to me?”


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