Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 69 – Rumors Spreads

As a doctor, Yao Jiaping was above everyone else, his contempt for other people, his so-called affection for Xiaoyi and his disdain for other women. Yin Hanjiang’s imitation was not particularly good, but with the treatment method that Wen Renhe gave him, it was enough to pretend to be this person.

When He Wenchao saw that “Baili Qingmiao” was still held by “Yao Jiaping”, looking “docile” he was so angry that his body trembled as he pointed at Yao Jiaping and said: “I thought of you as my best friend, my righteous brother but you treat me like this. Besides, you are infatuated with Xiaoyi. What do you want my junior martial sister for?! “

“Oh.” Yin Hanjiang slowly responded, enjoying looking at He Wenchao’s expression as he used “Baili Qingmiao’s” skirt to wipe his hand that just touched Elder Qingyue: “This woman is qualified to become my rag.”

“Junior martial sister! Are you willing to be humiliated by him like this?” He Wenchao yelled at “Baili Qingmiao.”

If Shu Yanyan pretended to be Baili Qingmiao, her eyes would fill with tears showing her desire to speak, showing a kind-hearted woman who had to be aggrieved for the sake of her master. Unfortunately, the person who was there was Wen Renhe, the disguise of Yao Jiaping allowed him to see another side of Yin Hanjiang.

No longer sad, acted spontaneously.

It turns out that this was Yin Hanjiang’s true nature, he ..… was indeed not suitable to be a sword cultivator. The first stage of sword cultivation was sharpness and clarity , the second stage was ‘restrain’ and the final stage was no sword was better than a sword, every movement should show the edge of the sword. But Yin Hanjiang was only sharpness, so when his realm was still low he cultivated very fast but after reaching the void realm, it was difficult for him to make progress. But after he stopped sword cultivation, he instantly broke through to the Mahayana realm and reached its peak.

Wen Renhe felt that in the past, he had delayed Yin Hanjiang’s growth but this time also felt new. The way he put his gloved hand and squeezed the back of Baili Qingmiao’s neck, made him feel he was obedient and cute. But in such a state of mind, how could he perform the feeling of being forced while still remaining righteous?

The only thing that Wen Renhe couldd was to use his sleeve to hide his almost uncontrollable laughter, and turn his head to the side as if he was aggrieved. Not allowing He Wenchao see his face, but in fact his heart nearly burst into laughter.

This action of his, barely qualified. In He Wenchao heart Baili Qingmiao became a woman who was heartbroken and helpless after being bullied, feeling unworthy of himself, she didn’t even dare to look at him anymore.

“Yao Jiaping, I’ll break off friendship with you…”

Before He Wenchao could finish speaking,sect master of the Shangqing sect waved his long sleeve, standing in front of He Wenchao as he bowed politely to Yao Jiaping and asked: “Younger martial brother suffered this serious injury to save me and He Wenchao, I must save him. Although he can only be alive for five hundred years, he might still encounter other chances to advance. I am the only Mahayana realm cultivator in Shangqing Sect, so naturally I will be the one to save my younger martial brother.”

Sect master looked at Baili Qingmiao and said after being silent for a moment: “Master Yao, as for the consultation fee, this poor cultivator thinks that Baili Qingmiao could not be the consultation fee. She is a disciple of the Shangqing sect, even if she had gone astray, the Shangqing sect will not exchange her out as an object. I have watched Baili Qingmiao grow up, she is a kind and simple woman, perhaps easily cheated, but will not do things that go against the way of heaven. If Master Yao needs a medicine boy or rag, this poor cultivator can take care of it, but Baili Qingmiao can never be given to you.”

Hearing his words, Yin Hanjiang and Wen Renhe looked righteous. Yin Hanjiang had a gloomy and somewhat harsh personality, but he had been influenced by Wen Renhe since he was young. He had considerable admiration for such acts of willingness to give his life to protect others. Of course, if he didn’t know that Wen Renhe was still alive even if he admired it, Yin Hanjiang would never go easy on them, so it was a good thing that Wen Renhe survived so Yin Hanjiang could become a lot softer.

He got up and said: “What is the meaning of people in the foundation realm? What is the use of Baili Qingmiao? I still lack a rag, but it’s just a joke that she will be exchanged for the medical treatment… let’s treat him first.”

Yin Hanjiang wrote down the method for the life transfer method and prescription the complementary pills, the herbs were all common and Shangqing sect warehouse was well stocked so they could be refined at ant time, but it still would take three to five days to be refined. But how could Yin Hanjiang refine pills? The prescription was provided by “Baili Qingmiao”, so he ordered “Baili Qingmiao” to be a medicine boy to help with the fan or something.

After the sect master of the Shangqing sect received the prescription, he felt so happy that he sat in front of Qing Yue’s bed and cried with joy: “Younger martial brother, you are finally saved!”

“Senior material brother ……” Elder Qing Yue reached out his hand and feebly grabbed the prescription and tried to tear it apart: “No, you are on track to ascend, you shouldn’t waste your talent for me, the sect also needs you.”

The sect master said with a straight face: “ Younger martial brother, gain and loss is sometimes not measured by value. Saving you is my heart’s desire, although I will fall back to the Foundation Building realm and cultivating will become more difficult than before, it’s still not without hope. As for the sect, He Wenchao is already an adult so I can safely leave the Shangqing sect to him.”

“Yao Jiaping” stood aside and coldly watched the sect master of Shangqing Sect and elder Qing Yue, the flesh under moving a little, his expression gloomy.

Qing Yue needed to take some pills before he could bear the life transfer method. “Yao Jiaping ” would refine pills in front of the medicine furnace these days and would not allow others to approach him so he arranged an array outside the door and stayed in the room with “Baili Qingmiao”.

At this time, a lot of rumors about Baili Qingmiao have been spread within the sect. After He Wenchao went back to his rooms, he cursed Yao Jiaping and was overheard by Liu Xinyue who later secretly publicized Baili Qingmiao’s affair with Yao Jiaping in the sect, saying that not only did she pay homage to the Xuanyuan sect but she also became Yao Jiaping’s person. She said that not only did she study under Protector Qiu of the Xuanyuan sect but she also practiced the cultivation method of the right protector of Xuanyuan sect Shu Yanyan. In order to improve her cultivation she had to double cultivate with Yao Jiaping, but after double cultivating with him she was discarded by him as a rag.

There were even rumors that the reason why Baili Qingmiao cultivation increased so quickly was because of the benefits she gained from repeatedly double-cultivating with Zhong Liqian during her thirty years of travels, and she did not even spare her young apprentice Xie Huai. There were even more people who said that Baili Qingmiao’s soulbound magic weapon was broken, but she was able to come back alive so maybe when she was in Xuanyuan sect she was able to heal thanks to receiving the favor of the two previous sect masters.

In less than two days, Baili Qingmiao’s reputation in the Shangqing sect had become that of a woman who can be used as a cheap substitute, the target of the rumors was not only Yao Jiaping, but also Wen Renhe, Zhong Liqian and Yin Hanjiang, the four supporting characters in 《Abusive Love Affair》.

In the original plot, Liu Xinye in order to destroy the relationship between He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao spread the same rumors making He Wenchao misunderstand Baili Qingmiao. No matter how she explained it, he didn’t listen to it and abused the heroine severely.

In these days of rumors, Yin Hanjiang and “Baili Qingmiao” concentrated on alchemy.

The main work was done by “Baili Qingmiao” who refined the pill while Yin Hanjiang sat in the chair in the medicine hall, taking out the 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》to contemplate.

He meditated on means to change the person who performed the life transfer method from the sect master to He Wenchao.

The requirement for a life transfer method was that the person had to be in theMahayana realm and He Wenchao realm was not enough. However, Yin Hanjiang could see that he had already made a breakthrough, especially when he was angered by “Yao Jiaping”. He Wenchao was so angry that he advanced on the spot.

It was also mentioned in 《The God of Destruction (Volume 2)》 that every time Baili Qingmiao was taken away by someone, He Wenchao cultivation would advance before or during the battle and defeat his stronger opponent and rescue the beauty. In his current void realm, if he fought against the “scattered immortal” “Yao Jiaping” and overcame a much stronger opponent there was still hope to promote him to the Mahayana realm.

The Mahayana realm was enough to save his life.

Making He Wenchao become a Foundation Building cultivator and let the sect master of the Shangqing Sect watch the future pillar of the sect become a waste, making Qingyue elder regret it for the rest of his life, it seemed more interesting than killing him.

The sect master of the Shangqing Sect and elder Qingyue were both traditional and virtuous practitioners of the righteous path, if they were killed by demonic cultivators, they would only think of making contributions to the righteous path, thinking they deserve to die. Killing them was meaningless, rather watching them suffer would be better.

Yin Hanjiang pushed the skin on his face, making Yao Jiaping’s expression look more happy according to his mood.

Wen Renhe, who was secretly watching him from the side: “……”

The most difficult part of alchemy was starting the fire and collecting the pills, the process was not very complicated since you just needed to stabilize the furnace fire, so for the rest of time Wen Renhe was very idle.

Yin Hanjiang has nothing to say to Baili Qingmiao in private, so the two of them avoided each other, one stayed in the inner room and another in the outer room so they would not interfere with each other. Wen Renhe also took advantage of Yin Hanjiang’s distraction to read two books using the pill furnace to block the view.

Before reading the book, Wen Renhe deliberately shielded Baili Qingmiao’s perception, not allowing her to see the contents of the book, to prevent readers outside the book from discovering that the characters in the book already knew that they were in the book.

The comments below the《The God of Destruction》poured like water, cursing the author. They didn’t expect that Baili Qingmiao, who had always been regarded as part of He Wenchao harem, would be given to the protagonist’s good brother… This kind of plot with wearing a green hat was simply disgusting, many readers abandoned the novel while others said since it was a revised version, it didn’t cost money and insisted to see it until the end, to see how this novel could abuse the protagonist even more.

The readers of 《Abusive Love Affair》through the perspective of Baili Qingmiao, knew that this Yao Jiaping was actually Yin Hanjiang in disguise and the person who was in Baili Qingmiao’s body was Wen Renhe. The female lead herself was also able to perceive what was happening but did not interfere, presenting the readers with everything that happened in the Shangqing sect, making the comment section explode for a while…

【Ah ah ah ah! Baili Qingmiao started cultivating the merciless path and the author changed the type of novel to CP! I have followed romance novels for so long, and there is finally a novel about the feeling of a heroine that can go against the way of heaven. I should have scolded the author but why does it feel so good?]

[The reason is that it is really cool, in the revised version, the heroine did not suffer any grievances. Every time the vicious villain of the male lead tried to bully her, there was always some strong sister or handsome brother to help her!]

【The term ‘strong sister’ upstairs is used very vividly, referring to a certain person completely. 】

[You can say her name out loud, elder Qing Xue, our favorite protector Qiu Congxue! An independent woman, a woman who regards even her perfect body as no more than dirt, a woman who is bent on making herself a white bone skeleton (in the biological sense of the word). The plot really changed from the moment the female lead saved Qiu Congxue instead of the devilish male lead no.2 after the battle between the righteous and demonic path.]

[Yes, He Wenchao was injured, Qiu Congxue dragged the heroine away, preventing her from taking care of him. He Wenchao slept with elder martial sister Liu, and elder Qing Xue arranged the marriage. During the wedding of He Wenchao, Elder Qing Xue interfered and took the female lead to Xuanyuan sect to bind her to Zhong Liqian, making the four person group travel for thirty years. Where is the abusive love from this novel? It is always so funny and good now!]

[Giving the first merit to protector Qiu is right, but the second should be given to the devil venerable. What kind of brain circuit can think of using the tracking spell and the compulsion Gu to pull a match? Devil venerable you don’t understand love.]

[The third merit should definitely be our Liqian! I beg the author, please feel sorry for our Liqian. In the Xuanyuan Sect, protector Shu devotes herself to enjoying beautiful men. Protector Qiu is abusing people and being abused, altar master Miao is said to be researching new gu worms, altar master Ruan is like a turtle in hibernation making little appearance, altar master Shitan is doing errands all day long. And the only one doing the work is Liqian! There are so many people in Xuanyuan sect but the sect’s internal affairs are all handed over to a newly appointed main altar master? Don’t you feel guilty? Liqian’s hair is almost gone, save him!]

[Fourth nomination Yin Hanjiang, Yin Hanjiang really impressed me this time. Not only did he not use female lead to refine oil for a lamp but he also woke her up and helped her cultivate the merciless path.]

[In the first version, Yin Hanjiang makes people feel like they’re reading a horror novel, but the more you look at the revised version, the more adorable he seems?]

[He was very handsome, kicking He Wenchao.]

[Pinching the skin on the back of the heroine’s neck while saying that he wanted her, what a fright! I suddenly started fantasizing about overbearing president. 】

[ I always thought that the best way to abuse the scum is to return what he has done to the heroine, but that would be too much of a disadvantage for us girls. But now, Yin Hanjiang made me feel fulfilled. He Xizhi, now you finally know what it’s like to watch your sweetheart have a relationship with someone else, right? Forgive,  be magnanimous and still have unrealistic ideas! There is no third party in love, so you can’t be magnanimous. ]

[Well said! But there’s a problem. Who is He Xizhi?]

[If I can hear the Way in the morning, in the evening I can die content (Confucius -You can die at night if you understand benevolence in the morning), he is a scum.]

【If it weren’t for the female lead without CP, I would almost pair Yin Hanjiang and Baili Qingmiao, covering my face. 】

【Stop your dangerous thoughts, now the person who uses Baili Qingmiao’s body is Wen Renhe, and Yin Hanjiang is Wen Renhe person!]

Wen Renhe’s fingertips traced the words “ Yin Hanjiang is Wen Renhe” and smiled softly.

Although 《Abusive Love Affair》is from the perspective of the female lead, but occasionally when there is a vicious villains who wanted harm the female lead, it will still give a little bit of text from god perspective, so that the reader can see the bad things the villains did and worry about female lead.

Wen Renhe found out what Liu Xinye was doing and was thinking about how to fight back when he heard Yin Hanjiang say from the inner room: “Wipe…. Baili Qingmiao, come here.”

Wen Renhe quickly put away the books and came to Yin Hanjiang’s side, seeing him smiling cheerfully, he extended his hand to Baili Qingmiao and said: “Give me Liu Xinye soul oath, this patriarch has a plan.”


The author has something to say:

Yin Hanjiang pushed his face, practicing smiling in the mirror to look more natural.

Wen Renhe: cute!

Onlookers: Please, please stop laughing. Is this a horror novel?!


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