Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 40.1 – Who are you, handsome?

As He Wenchao spoke he used his genuine Qi to force Yin Qi from his body. After all he was a cultivator at void realm, Xiu Huai cultivation was too low so even if it had some effect after he forced out Yin Qi he would be fine.

However, Xiu Huai made a fool out of He Wenchao in front of his fellow disciples and his wife, so his expression was not good. If it hadn’t been for Baili Qingmiao’s protection, he would have already taken action to teach this Golden Core cultivator a lesson.

“He is my disciple, Xiu Huai.” After Baili Qingmiao regained her sanity, her emotions were suppressed by Zhong Liqian so she could talk normally to her senior material brother. She put her hand on Xiu Huai’s shoulder as she introduced him.

“Then why don’t you come over and pay your respects to the elders of the sect?” Liu Xinye walked to the side of He Wenchao, her expression not very good.

Xiu Huai face twisted, he only recognized Baili Qingmiao as his master reluctantly. He was a ghost cultivator so he had no sense of belonging to the Shangqing sect. On the other hand, after making peace with Qiu Congxue, protector Qiu promised to introduce him to the Xuanyuan sect Underworld Fire Altar. If he behaves well, she would also help him kill the current altar master and help him become the new altar master of Underworld Fire Altar.

In this state of mind, Xiu Huai was not willing to kowtow to these people in front of him whom he had never met.

Baili Qingmiao was brought up with traditional education of the righteous sect so just as she was about to tell Xiu Huai to bow she heard immortal Qingxue say: “Huh? I’m also an elder, right? Why don’t you guys pay respect when you see your elders?”

Xiu Huai duly bowed to Qingxue: “Greetings to Master Qingxue.”

The Shangqing sect crowd: “……”

“And you” immortal Qingxue took out a soul-binding jade with a wisp of Liu Xinye soul locked inside, “When are you going to pay me back? Did you change your mind? The nascent soul of soul transformation realm is not worth Seven-colored Blue Lotus Hear, plus your daoist partner is enough.”

Liu Xinye: “……”

He Wenchao: “….”

He Wenchao hurriedly took Liu Xinye’s hand and led the disciples to bow to Qingxue: “Greetings to Senior aunt Qingxue.”

As they paid their respects, Xiu Huai followed Zhong Liqian’s instructions and stood beside Qingxue, arching his hands and saluting. The two sides saluted together so no one was losing.

“Material aunt, in the past 30 years, in order to help Master find medicinal herbs, we have no time to take care of your heavenly herbs. The good thing is that lock core herb is the last spiritual plant needed. When master wake up, this disciple will be relieved of the affairs of the sect and can accompany his wife to help you find the heavenly herbs. I hope you will forgive me.” Although He Wenchao successively ran into a brick wall in front of the three masters and disciples, he suppressed his emotions and thoughtfully pulled his wife to make a promise to Qingxue.

Senior brother he …… was really a good husband. Baili Qingmiao secretly thought in her heart and couldn’t help feeling smitten.

Zhong Liqian tapped his palm with a bamboo slips as Xiu Huai immediately drew out Emotion Extinguishing Rod. Baili Qingmiao hurriedly said: “Don’t fight don’t fight, I’ve calmed down!”

He Wenchao , seeing the huge magic weapon, also quickly dragged Liu Xinye to dodge. Xiu Huai not being able to hit anyone, curled his mouth and put away his Emotion Extinguishing Rod.

The situation between the two sides became tense so Zhong Liqian spoke: “Why don’t we go and see how to start a mountain fire, Sect leader is still the most important.”

This sentence dissolved the immediate stiffness as all of them went to an underground crater together.

According to He Wenchao and the others, after they arrived at the Purple Spirit Pavilion, the pavilion master took one look at them through the curtain and sent them toward an underground crater, telling them to figure out how to do it themselves so that the seedlings they cultivated could be taken away directly. These days, everyone tried various methods on the top of the mountain, but they couldn’t control the mountain fire within an appropriate range.

Baili Qingmiao group of four people didn’t even enter the main hall as they were led directly to an underground crater.

No one dared to say that the Purple Spirit Pavilion was rude, after all the Purple Spirit Pavilion has not been in contact with the righteous path for so many years and they wanted something from the. It was already good enough that they let them come to the underground crater.

It was said that Taiyin Mountain has been dormant for three thousand years and was very safe. Baili Qingmiao boldly steps forward. Zhong Liqian, Qingxue and Xiu Huai also did not find anything strange about it. But unexpectedly, as soon as Baili Qingmiao poked her head over a flame rose straight to the face of Baili Qingmiao.

She cried out in alarm and narrowly avoided the mountain fire but her black eye patch was burned and fell into the underground crater.

“Younger martial sister, are you ok?” He Wenchao pushed Liu Xinye away and quickly rushed up to check if Baili Qingmiao’s face had been burned.

As soon as Baili Qingmiao opened her eyes, her right eye saw her senior material brother’s concerned expression. But before her heart moved her left eye was glued to Zhong Liqian’s face. Her one eye was concentrating on Zhong Liqian while the other was full of He Wenchao, making her almost become cross-eyed.

She pushed away He Wenchao and closed her eyes before turning her head sideways and saying: “Get an eye patch for me.”

Xiu Huai handed over a piece of black cloth, and after Baili Qingmiao wrapped it around she sighted a long sigh of relief. Only then did she see He Wenchao’s injured expression. She wanted to explain and took a half step forward, but suddenly she saw Liu Xinye step forward to help push away He Wenchao and give Baili Qingmiao a provocative glare.

Baili Qingmiao took half-step back, thinking that it was for the best.

“After so many days, the mountain fire has finally responded!” Yao Wendan did not notice the atmosphere between several people and spoke directly to Baili Qingmiao: “Sister, what have you just done to make the mountain fire ignite so accurately that it only erupted in one direction?”

“I did not do anything ……” Baili Qingmiao was also puzzled, she just gently probed it when the mountain fire ignited, but after she retreated, the mountain fire disappeared again.

It was as if it was directly headed toward Baili Qingmiao… .Zhong Liqian, standing next to the underground crater, pondered.

After getting along with Baili Qingmiao for 30 years, he actually had a faint feeling that it was particularly easy for her to obtain heavenly treasures. In the short period of 30 years, he also advanced from the Soul combination realm to Mahayana realm. In addition to the cultivation of Zi buyu and comprehending the teacher’s path, there were also many encounters with heavenly treasures that supplemented his genuine Qi.


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