In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 75 – Four Little Children

Elder Teng’s words were a bit abrupt, but Zhao Lingyu’s expression didn’t change at all. “How did you know that I was going to the Ruoya Empire?”

“You guys will definitely go.” Elder Teng smiled bitterly. “You guys are going to find someone and I’m going to take revenge. How about going together?”

“Good.” Zhao Lingyu nodded his head. Elder Teng was going to take revenge, how could he not? The child in his arms was soft and depended on him, but the one who was kidnapped…

Hearing Zhao Lingyu’s promise, Elder Teng turned back and looked at the man lying in the crystal coffin.

He worshipped his cousin from an early age. When he was very young, he cried loudly because his ability was different from that of his cousin. Later, when he grew up, he also pursued this man passionately.

At that time, this man rejected him many times, but he only became more and more frustrated and brave. He finally got together secretly with the other person, but there was always a feeling of unease in him.

He didn’t understand the reason at first, until later both of their parents objected fiercely.

In this life, they spent more time apart than together, but no matter what, this person was still the most important person to him.

In the previous battle his plant ability was really useless. Had it not been for this man’s protection, he would have died earlier than he did.

Now that this person was dead, it was impossible for him to not avenge him.

“That person from the Ruoya Empire, how is the questioning going?” Zhao Lingyu asked again. He was very disgusted with that female ability user who sneaked in, so he didn’t even go through the formal procedures to interrogate this person and instead directly handed her over to Elder Teng.

He knew very well that Elder Teng should hate her even more than he did. But because he wanted to stay by Ren Sheng’s side, letting Elder Teng interrogate her was the best choice.

He believed that Elder Teng would take good care of her.

“She didn’t say anything.” The woman was very tight-lipped and didn’t say anything. She even tried to kill herself. Fortunately, the Human Federation’s technology was good enough to make her defenseless and not give her a chance to commit suicide.

Elder Teng’s face, which had become younger, flashed with a ruthlessness that had never appeared before.

Seeing this expression on Elder Teng’s face, Zhao Lingyu frowned slightly. “What did you do?”

“I had someone operate on her and remove all the bones in her body.” Elder Teng said.

Even if the people of the Ruoya Empire were strong, after being drained of their abilities and having the bones removed, the threat they posed became very small. Zhao Lingyu immediately sighed in relief, but Ren Sheng suddenly said, “She can also use spiritual power.”

Ruoya Empire people could use spiritual power, however from what Ren Sheng felt, their spiritual power was not strong and their control over it was also relatively weak, so the threat was not particularly great.

“Spiritual power?” Elder Teng asked curiously.

“You also have it, I will teach you.” Ren Sheng said. In the past, in order to hide better he didn’t dare to take out many things, but now he no longer has such thoughts.

When he said this, Ren Sheng also looked at the two children in his arms. He held the smaller two…one was lying on his shoulder squinting and the other was seriously looking around.

They were both weak now, so he would do his best to protect them.

“Ren Sheng is from another higher civilization.” Before Elder Teng could ask, Zhan Lingyu explained.

Elder Teng was silent for a while, but soon took another deep breath. “So that’s how it is.” There were many secrets around Ren Sheng, such as his age and body suddenly changing. He had always felt it was strange before, but now he felt that he finally understood it.

Elder Teng understood, but there were still many people who looked curiously at Ren Sheng.

In the few days they haven’t seen Ren Sheng, he seemed to have become younger, but he seemed to look like this before… Zhao Lingyu’s partner was really young!

Many people were curious, but no one came to ask. Zhao Lingyu now has extraordinary control over the Human Federation and after seeing his means against the Yang and Locke families, no one dared to question him.

At this time, the entire funeral scene at the entrance suddenly fell silent.

As soon as Zhao Lingyu turned around, he saw Keith who had white hair and red eyes.

Keith’s expression was no different from before, but now he was holding white tranquil flowers,  which was the Human Federation’s representative symbol in his hand.

Keith’s identity was not unfamiliar to the people of the Human Federation now.

When Zhao Lingyu started to target the Yang family and the Locke family, the Locke family head had sworn that the reason why the higher civilization had attacked was because Zhao Lingyu had offended them. At that time, Zhao Lingyu pushed Keith out, saying that the Human Federation had originally cooperated with the Ruoya Empire for mutual benefit and it was the Yang and Locke families that had colluded with certain rebels of the Ruoya Empire which led to the previous incident.

Keith said nothing about this and quietly acquiesced to all of it.

Although Zhao Lingyu mentioned that the Ruoya Empire originally intended to cooperate with humans, Keith was also a member of the Ruoya Empire. Therefore, the people who came to attend the funeral showed vigilance to Keith, but Keith didn’t mind. After putting the white tranquil flowers in his hands in front of the coffin, he went to Zhao Lingyu. “Crohn sent a message back.”

“Any news about the child?” Zhao Lingyu immediately looked at the other person and unconsciously hugged the child in his arms. The child grabbed his ear discontentedly and then took a bite with his toothless mouth.

After that, he looked at Ren Sheng with tears in his eyes and shouted “Ah.” Unfortunately, Ren Sheng had his two younger brothers in his arms and couldn’t hold him.

“The child hasn’t been found yet, but the identities of the two perpetrators have been identified.” Keith said.

“Who is it?” Zhao Lingyu asked immediately.

“This is the information.” Keith put a chip in Zhao Lingyu’s hand, while his eyes lingered on the children Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were holding.

“Let’s find a place to look through it together.” Zhao Lingyu said. Hearing this, Elder Teng smiled and quickly stood up to lead the way.

The Ruoya Empire had a small population and the registry was managed very strictly, so these two level seven ability users who came to the Human Federation, naturally left a trace.

They had both joined the military, but their lives didn’t intertwine after they were discharged. Their biographies didn’t show much, except that they were not friendly to lower civilizations and were even disgusted by them, especially the female ability user. She was demoted and had to leave the military because she had recklessly fired on a primitive planet that had already given birth to life. Because of this, she became even more disgusted with lower civilizations.

Not being able to see much from the chip, Zhao Lingyu put down the chip and looked at Keith. “We’re going to the Ruoya Empire.”

“Yes.” Keith nodded. “Crohn’s warship is ready.”

Keith said very little and after he finished his gaze fell back on the children Ren Sheng was holding. The youngest child in Ren Sheng’s arms looked back at him with a pair of black eyes.

Both sides stared at each other for a long time, the child in Zhao Lingyu’s arms couldn’t help but ‘giggle.’ Because Keith still had no expression on his face, the youngest child also frowned with a serious face.

The child lying on Ren Sheng’s shoulder changed positions as Keith looked back and unconsciously touched his stomach.

“We’ll leave tomorrow.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Good.” Keith nodded. Just as he was about to leave, he looked back at Zhao Lingyu. “What is the name of the child?”

What’s the name? Zhao Lingyu faintly froze, and then understood that the other party was referring to the child’s name. It was only at this time that he realized that he had not yet named the four children.

Originally, he had thought of many words with beautiful meanings, planning to draw lots to name his children when the time came. But now, one of the children wasn’t around…

The Big Baby, the Second Baby, the Third Baby, and the Fourth Baby.” When Ren Sheng said ‘big baby’ his voice trembled a little, but when he said the last three names, he pointed to the children in his own arms and Zhao Lingyu’s respectively.

Ginseng spirits were actually one of the materials for alchemy and in the recipes they were usually expressed as “child ginseng” so his children could be called ‘babies’.

Weren’t these names too perfunctory and rustic? Elder Teng was a bit surprised, but Keith nodded seriously. “It’s simple and easy to remember.”

“Thank you.” Ren Sheng said, “I wonder where Big Baby is now…”

A certain baby named Big Baby by Ren Sheng, was now a member of the rag-picking team, no, a treasure hunter team.

Originally McCarthy’s team, after finding the robot with great collectible value planned to go home, but now they have a child!

McCarthy has decided to adopt the child, but it wasn’t simple to adopt a child.

“The Empire has a rule that only people with fixed residences, no debt, and bank assets of 50 million can adopt children. Now …” McCarthy sighed when he took out all of his team members’ assets.

He was very poor, really poor!

“If we look around on this planet, maybe we can find something useful?” Lorina, the female ability user on the team, looked hopeful.

“Yes, isn’t it just a lack of money? How can this defeat us? Let’s go through the planet a few times, I don’t believe we can’t find more things!” Another person said.

The atmosphere was immediately heated up, when the team doctor suddenly said, “The child is awake!”

Since they found the child, although it wasn’t injured, it had been unconscious. His ability also tended to riot. According to their analysis, it should be because of stimulation. But now, the child is finally waking up!

McCarthy, Lorina, and the others rushed over and surrounded the child lying on the bed  which was prepared using their softest clothes.


The Big Baby stared blankly at the people in front of him, who were saying words he didn’t understand at all. Several tender, white tentacles stretched out of his finger because of the tension, but they didn’t look soft. Instead, they were all tensed up and trembling slightly.

“This child’s natural ability is strange, is this a tentacle type of ability?” McCarthy grabbed the big baby’s tentacles and after rubbing them and finding that they were soft, he gave them kiss after kiss. “So cute!”

The tips of the taut tentacles all curled up and after the others reached out, they hurriedly shrunk back.

After a while, McCarthy suddenly remembered something. “Is there something wrong with this kid’s IQ?” The child must be three years old, right? So why didn’t they seem to understand them at all? Not crying and not making a fuss was a little strange.

“It seems to be…”

“His psychic ability is not low, at least level five, but his IQ…” the team doctor frowned, “Should be stimulated by witnessing the death of a loved one? I think we need to find a psychiatrist.”

“We must make more money to cure him!” McCarthy immediately said, “The boy is so poor!” While he said that, he took the dull child in his arms and didn’t let the others touch him.

Just born and received the inherited memories. He was pretty smart for a baby, but because he strayed to a place where he didn’t understand the language, he accidentally was suspected to have IQ problems…


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