In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 89 – Entering The Finals

Ren Sheng’s  movements were very fast and it seemed that he was able to beat his opponent in a very short time, but every time he was about to win, he slowed down and gave his opponent time to recover. In such a confrontation, his movements became more and more fluid and he was able to deal with various attacks with ease. Of course, others didn’t know that he had improved in just one match, they all thought he was pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger at first and later just used his real skills.

This… was simply a deliberate twist! This number 78 was really too bad! Some people couldn’t help feeling upset, while others couldn’t help cheering for Ren Sheng loudly. In this competitive situation, no matter what method he used, it was obvious that he could win any time he wanted. Moreover, was there any reason for such a strong man not to be applauded by them? But Ren Sheng’s opponent couldn’t stand it any longer. When Ren Sheng accelerated his hand to attack again, he shouted, “I admit defeat!”

Hearing the other side’s words, Ren Sheng stopped and left the playing field directly. Suddenly, many people shouted “No. 78.” Such an overwhelming victory was enough to prove Ren Sheng’s strength. Anyone with eyes could see that Ren Sheng’s ability was beyond the reach of many professional mecha pilots.

They were afraid that this person not only had a strong mentality, but also had amazing hand speed! Nowadays, there were very few people, so an online competition could even end in one day. The online competition also didn’t give participants too long of a break, so Ren Sheng had another match the next day.

This time, Ren Sheng’s opponent was number 276. He had already vented before, so instead of using his tentacles at the beginning, Ren Sheng used his hands to fight his opponent with his spiritual power. Last time Lola narrated No. 78’s fight, which increased the ratings of her channel so now that she saw there was another match with Ren Sheng she immediately switched the screen over. 

“Do you remember No. 78? Now it’s his turn to fight again! Let’s see what kind of great performance he will have this time! If I didn’t believe in the impartiality of the central computer, I would have thought that this is a different person! Everyone, look! When 78 was about to lose, he did a 360-degree backflip and then did two more difficult moves in a row! He also did them very smoothly! So he was actually just teasing his opponent with his messy behavior, right? This is really a master full of bad taste, but unfortunately even if I watched many of the previous sparring videos, I still can’t guess who is inside…”

While Lola narrated Ren Sheng’s match with great interest, Ren Sheng was using his roots to keep himself from losing, before retracting his roots and then fighting his opponent. His memory was very good and his hand movements were also not slow. At this time, he still used only his hands, but he has already improved a lot since the beginning, so his movements became even faster.  However, it hasn’t been long since he started to learn mecha operation and had very little combat experience, so after losing the advantage from having fast movements, he took several more hits as his opponent gained the upper hand.

At this time, Ren Sheng’s root system reached out again, occupying every button on the console… “78 is starting to fight faster again, bouncing back just when it looks like he’s about to lose! There’s a lot of talk on the internet now as to why this guy is doing this, but as a fan of his, I firmly believe he’s doing it so we remember him and watch him fight just a little longer. 78, your moves are awesome! I can’t believe that you avoided the attack of No. 276 so accurately!” Lola kept on commenting, from time to time mixing her own infatuation in it.

After learning all his opponent’s attack methods, Ren Sheng finally directly defeated his opponent. At this time, his opponent’s mecha was already tattered but the co*kpit was still intact. The match was over, and Ren Sheng once again left without looking back.

Compared to other contestants who cheered at the people around them when they won, Ren Sheng’s behavior was very low key. While his maverick behavior annoyed some people, it was also highly respected by others. Although only a number was made public now, Ren Sheng had already gained some fans.

At this time, posts that questioned the inclusion of the minor in the competition on anonymous forums had long been squeezed out of sight by all kinds of new posts, while two other posts became popular. One of the two posts was called ‘Guess who is the minor’ and the other was called ‘Guess who is 78.’

In the post of guessing who the minor was, many people posted videos of the battles and felt that the one who lost should be the minor, but no one could come out with real evidence. As for the post that guessed who 78 was… Many people wondered who number 78 was. Some people even posted some videos of the matches. But just like no one knew who the minor was, there was also no one who knew who number 78 was.

“This guy is so good at pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger and his combat style is also very versatile. It would be strange to be able to guess who he is! But I am really curious who that person is…” Lola looked at the post and sighed. Then she went to see the posted videos and felt that many of them were suspicious. These two posts that speculated on his identity were becoming so popular that even Ren Sheng learned about them. He flipped it over and finally fixed his eyes on one of the answers on the post guessing who number 78 was.

“I flipped through all the previous combat videos and felt that none of them looked like this 78, and only the minor had not fought before. Do you think that 78 could be that minor?”

This person may be joking, but that was the truth. Unfortunately no one believed it at all and others were still telling him not to joke around. The truth was only known by a few. Ren Sheng tossed the post aside and started his third match.

This time, Ren Sheng’s opponent was stronger than the previous two. If it wasn’t for Ren Sheng’s previous two fights where he learned a lot, he was afraid that he simply wouldn’t dare to use just his two hands to fight the other person. Faced with such a situation, Ren Sheng was very excited and wanted to fight a few rounds. But unfortunately, before his idea could be realized, the person on the other side said, “I admit defeat.”

“You didn’t lose at all.” Ren Sheng said in a system generated voice.

“But I can’t win, so I won’t waste any more time.” The man said. He also didn’t want to be portrayed as a clown!

“Oh.” Ren Sheng nodded and then turned around and left. After answering Ren Sheng, the man who wanted to leave in a chic manner found that Ren Sheng left earlier than he did. For a moment he became speechless, but in the end he could only turn around and leave like Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng’s opponent was very eye-catching in other matches, but he still admitted defeat. Many people thought that 78 would become the champion, but they still didn’t know who 78 was. Ren Sheng didn’t care about it at all and was just happy to have the opportunity to gain experience through real combat. 

Apart from the competition, he spent most of his time with his children. That day Ren Sheng climbed out of the simulation pod when he heard Zhao Lingyu’s voice. “The mysterious 78?”

“Yeah.” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu and at the same time took out his tablet to play the video of other people’s battles, while developing the relationship with his children. Turning the roof transparent, Ren Sheng moved four small buckets and one large bucket and then filled them with nutrient solution, letting the children soak in nutrient solution and bask in the sun, accumulating energy.

The virtual mecha competition was very fair, which meant that every person who entered the finals had to go through each round many times to make sure that the people eliminated were really the weakest. Ren Sheng was happy with this situation, but unfortunately the people who usually had a chance to start over were the ones who had lost before, so he didn’t have any more matches which made him disappointed.

Along with the disappointment, the matches finally eliminated all the competitors except for three people. In addition to Ren Sheng who was number 78, there were also 193 and 472 left. These three people were very eye-catching in the previous battles. 193 and 472’s special style of combat and strength pointed to their special identity. It was just Ren Sheng that no one still knew who he was.

The first match of the final was between Ren Sheng and No. 193.This time, Ren Sheng still treated it as an exercise like before, wanting to pursue progress, but unfortunately his opponent, after realizing that he couldn’t win against him directly admitted defeat when the battle began. These people were too quick to admit defeat. No one was willing to practice with him anymore? Ren Sheng was a little disappointed.

Ren Sheng won. If 193 had won, Ren Sheng wouldn’t need to continue in the competition and would directly become the champion. If 193 lost, then 472 would still need to fight against Ren Sheng. Ren Sheng expected 193 to lose and in the end 193 really lost. 472 was a very famous amateur mecha expert and the winner of the last virtual cyber mecha competition was his defeated opponent.

The champion would be decided between Ren Sheng and No. 472. After the champion was decided, the real identity of the contestants would be announced. On the huge playing field, there were only two people left standing. Ren Sheng was ready, looking at the person in front of him with concentration, not daring to relax in the slightest.


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