Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 39 – Emotion Extinguishing Rod

It was impossible for Wen Renhe to leave the Xuanyuan sect without an explanation. According to everyone’s duties, when the venerable master was not in the sect, Yin Hanjiang , the new vice patriarch who had only been in office for thirty years, should take over the sect affairs.

Wen Renhe was planning to leave Yin Hanjiang in Xuanyuan sect and go to the Purple Spirit Pavilion in Taiyin Mountain alone. The complicated affairs of the Xuanyuan Sect were nothing important, and it didn’t matter if his subordinates rebelled after he left, anyway, they would surrender when he would return. Yin Hanjiang was so close to Wen Renhe and was at the peak of Void realm but he did not have the slightest sense of defense against Wen Renhe. If Wen Renhe said: “I need a blood soul to absorb,” Yin Hanjiang would have willingly offered his own blood soul.

It was too dangerous to depart with him, and it would be easier to restrain oneself if he was alone.

So before he left, Wen Renhe called Yin Hanjiang and directly said he was going to Taiyin mountain.

Yin Hanjiang was completely unaware that Wen Renhe was planning to get rid of him so he silently followed behind his lord, preparing to set off with Wen Renhe,

Seeing him like this, Wen Renhe stopped, considered his words, and slowly said: “Patriarch Yin, the sect affairs and investigation of the traitor after this venerable leave…”

At this point, Yin Hanjiang’s expression changed from calm to blank. He quietly watched Wen Renhe quietly, seemingly thinking nothing, only waiting for the order from the venerable lord.

As long as Wen Renhe ordered, Yin Hanjiang would execute it perfectly, even if he did not want to.

Wen Renhe did not continue speaking but Yin Hanjiang still maintained the listening posture, waiting for his lord to declare the final result.

“…… traitor can be handed over to Protector Shu, she is already very skilled and even several altar masters have been tricked by her. They must be on guard against each other and will not easily strike to break the balance. The traitor’s matter is not urgent, after all, there are not many clues now, maybe after you and I leave the Xuanyuan sect Cen Zhengqi will reveal himself.” Wen Renhe said to expressionless Yin Hanjiang.

With these words Yin Hanjiang’s expression became more hopeful as he deeply bowed his head and said: “This subordinate will obey the orders.”

Wen Renhe frowned upon hearing this, he had never been separated from Yin Hanjiang in the past. The Devil Venerable always went his own way and went wherever he wanted, there was no need to report to Yin Hanjiang, Yin Hanjiang also never asked. However, after getting《Abusive Love Affair》because of fear that Yin Hanjiang would go crazy, he rarely separated from him. At this moment, he wanted to walk away but he restrained.

This was not right.

Originally, Wen Renhe hoped that Yin Hanjiang’s emotions could be calmed down so that he would not do something unpleasant after Wen Renhe death, so he paid attention to him. But now, on the contrary, he had become even more uneasy.

In the past, when Wen Renhe wanted to go anywhere, he never checked whether Yin Hanjiang appeared lonely but now for some reason his heart softened.

“Yin Hanjiang,” Wen Renhe said, calling him by his name: “This venerable is not your god, but just one of the countless cultivators who, like you, are on the path to ascension..”

“This subordinate knows.” Yin Hanjiang said, still with his head bowed.

“Longing is one thing, but your own path must also be followed. Do you understand?” Wen Renhe moved closer to him and reached out to hold the back of Yinjiang’s neck, pressed his thumb behind his ear. The strength of his palm forced Yin Hanjiang to look up.

The two of them were too close to each other that a red tinge appeared on their faces. Wen Renhe only felt a sweetness emerge in his chest as Yin Hanjiang genuine Qi, which belonged exclusively to sword cultivators, came to his face. There was a fit of dizziness in the brain of Wen Renhe, who  had not been able to absorb the real qi of heaven and earth for the past 30 years. The palm on the back of Yin Hanjiang’s neck became heavier, as the secret of blood soul cultivation was replaying in his mind. As soon as he released the power of his palm Yin Hanjiang would turn into blood under his palm, and his genuine Qi and soul would belong to Wen Renhe.

When Wen Renhe blused due to blood, Yin Hanjiang also blushed for some reason. After some resistance he fled from Wen Renhe palm and said: “Subordinate understands, I will advance to Mahayana realm as soon as possible so I can share your worries.”

Yin Hanjiang’s retreat caused Wen Renhe to regain traces of his sanity, he suppressed the blood energy that kept churning in his body, turning around and said: “Send a message to Protector Shu, order her to temporarily take over the position of patriarch.”

After sending the transmission talisman, Wen Renhe did not look back as he directly transformed into transient light and left, Yin Hanjiang hurriedly took out Alkaid sword to keep up with him.

He bit his lip, what did his lord mean by his? Had he discovered his feelings? In the conversation just now, did his expression reveal any kind of weakness?

Yin Hanjiang repeatedly told himself in his heart that he must be cautious when getting along with his lord in the future. As a vice patriarch it was only natural for him to stay in the Xuanyuan sect and preside over the general situation, so he shouldn’t lose his heart just because he could not follow his lord. Even if he was really sad inside, he mustn’t show it on the surface.

The two people with their own thoughts came to Taiyin Mountain, Wen Renhe landed outside the Purple Spirit Pavilion formation, avoiding the patrolling disciples, and took out the book to observe how far the plot had developed. Which he would use to decide whether he would break into the Purple Spirit Pavilion or order it to open its doors to welcome him.

Three days ago, Baili Qingmiao group arrived in Taiyin Mountain. Baili Qingmiao turned around in front of the Purple Spirit Pavilion’s magic weapon, the Misty Morning Bell, wondering if she should ring it.

According to Elder Qing Rong, the Purple Spirit Pavilion told He Wenchao and other disciples that the Purple Spirit Pavilion only had one lock core herb, so it would be difficult to give it to the Shangqing sect. Unless they can find a way to make another lock core herb seedling grow up. However, for the  seedlings to grow, they must be immersed in the mountain fire in Taiyin Mountain.

He Wenchao and others have been staying in the Purple Spirit Pavilion during this period of time, trying to find a way around it, gathering around the hole where the mountain fire had erupted once every 3,000 years but half a month has passed without the slightest progress.

The purpose of Elder Qing Rong’s letter was not to ask Baili Qingmiao to complete this difficult task, but to persuade immortal Qingxue and Crane Hair Scholar to do it. Immortal Qingxue was a guest elder of the Shangqing sect so she should help, but with Immortal Qingxue temperament… it was said that the Nanguo family was still hunting her. The Shangqing sect knew that Qingxue was very good to Baili Qingmiao so they counted on Baili Qingmiao to persuade her.

Over the years, the reputation of the Crane Hair Scholar has spread throughout the cultivation world, the Zhong family repented, and the Shangqing sect also knew that this Crane Hair Scholar and Baili Qingmiao shared the same heart because of compulsion Gu so Baili Qingmiao could persuade him.

With the help of Zhong Liqian, they believed they would be able to meet the Purple Spirit Pavilion’s conditions.

As for Xiu Huai, he was just a disciple of the Golden Core realm so no one expected him to play a role. Baili Qingmiao took him just to let her disciple travel a million miles and gain experience.

Xiu Huai, who had a gloomy expression, was the most arrogant one in the four person group. Xiu Huai originally planned to plot against Baili Qingmiao in order to avenge the ghost exorcism she performed. If it wasn’t for the birth of stillborn child that allowed him to save his soul, his cultivation would have been really scattered and he really would have had a deep blood feud with Baili Qingmio.

When he learned that Baili Qingmiao came to town again and intended to take him as a disciple, Xiu Huai immediately agreed and was determined to be a good and obedient disciple. He wanted to trick Baili Qingmiao, a member of the righteous path, and let this silly woman think from the bottom of her heart that he was her sweetest and best apprentice so that later, when he assassinated Baili Qingmiao, her shocked and sad twisted expression would be even more beautiful.

After paying homage to his new master with this idea, Xiu Huai followed the line of sight that gave him slightly creepy feelings.

He looked in the direction of that gaze and saw that his nominal master was licking his lips at him, making him shudder in fear.

When Baili Qingmiao was meditating that night, Xiu Huai was carried to hut by Qiu Congxue. Xiu Huai simply couldn’t resist the power of scattered immortal, Qiu Congxue also laid formation making Xiu Huai unable to escape so even his  cry for help could not be heard.

“Help!” The eighteen-year-old boy knocked desperately on the door of the room, but the tall woman behind him grabbed him mercilessly.

“Don’t move, let me have a good look at you.” Qiu Congxue’s eyes glowed as she pressed Xiu Huai to the ground. The palm of her hand pointing to his heart as her eyes brightened and she said: “There is really a heartbeat, you are a living ghost cultivator”

“You know that I am a ghost cultivator?” Xiu Huai exclaimed.

He thought he had disguised himself well and had concealed himself from Baili Qingmiao and others, but he didn’t expect that the immortal Qingxue would see through his identity at a glance.

“How did you manage to have a physical body and still be able to cultivate the hungry ghost path?” Qiu Congxue frowned as she stared at Xiu Huai heart: “Will you still be alive when I dig it out?”

“I don’t know!” Xiu Huai crumbled under immortal Qingxue hungry wolf-like sight: “When my soul was about to disintegrate, I felt the birth of a stillbirth. The child was born in difficult labor and the soul that wanted to be reincarnated in this body has already left but the baby still had traces of life so I possessed it. Becoming a living person but not really a living person, a ghost cultivator but not a ghost cultivator.”

The reason why Xiu Huai was able to enter the Qi Refinement realm without being taught by anyone was because he often catches the hostile ghosts around the town to eat. Originally, only ghost cultivators could absorb the malicious ghosts but Xiu Huai has a special physique, he could absorb the souls of malicious ghosts with a living person body and transform them into his own genuine Qi.

After listening to his explanation, Qingxue thought deeply for a long time and said: “It seems that the problem lies in this body of yours, if I swallow your soul, and then take your body I probably will be able to restore my ghost cultivator body!”

This person who looks like an honorable lady thought about it all night and only came up with such a bad idea! Was her head just for decoration?

Xiu Huai desperately fled, weak, pitiful and helpless, just as he was being held down by immortal Qingxue who wanted to absorb his soul, Baili Qingmiao’s voice came from outside the hut: “Master Qingxue, apprentice, where are you? It’s already dawn, we should leave.”

“I think they should be in this thatched hut.” The blindfolded man’s gentle voice sounded: “immortal Qingxue is helping Miss Baili train her new disciple.”

“Is that so? I’ll go and take a look.” Baili Qingmiao smiled and pushed open the door.

When she opened the door, Qiu Congxue let go of Xiu Huai and released the formation in the room, allowing Baili Qingmiao to see the two of them without any problems.

“Master!” For the first time, Xiu Huai felt that Baili Qingmiao was really a righteous cultivator with a beautiful heart. He threw himself around her waist and secretly swore that he would be kind to Baili Qingmiao in the future and would never be separated from his master and would be alone with this immortal Qingxue.

“Elder Qingxue must think that Xiu Huai is naughty, and secretly taught him to listen to the master, right? Hmm?” Zhong Liqian used a nasal sound to say hmm, which made both Qingxue and Xiu Huai shake their bodies.

Qiu Congxue cultivation was higher than Zhong Liqian’s, but every time she saw his  blindfolded cloth, she felt fear in her heart. Unlike Wen Renhe’s straightforward, violent and suppressive way of doing things, Zhong Liqian was gentle, not pressuring anyone, it was comfortable to get along with. But his insight into everything was always intimidating.

After this incident, Xiu Huai put aside the hatred of being nearly beaten to death and sincerely recognized Baili Qingmiao as his master, sincerely taking care of her.

Now seeing Baili Qingmiao pacing back and forth in front of Misty Morning Bell, he narrowed his eyes and said: “Master, why are you so timid?”

Baili Qingmiao who was in the center of the matter, blushed and said: “It’s not really true that I will be infatuated with my elder martial brother again. Elder martial brother and elder martial sister Liu are affectionate couples in Shangqing sect so I don’t want to get involved with them. I am just worried that after not seeing each other for 30 years, my restlessness will affect Big Brother Zhong.

Xiu Huai was originally afraid of the immortal Qingxue, but after Zhong Liqian practiced Zi buyu so he became friends with Qingxue and the relationship between the two eased. Then Xiu Huai also learned that Qingxue was in reality a ghost cultivator, and was Xuanyuan sect Underworld Fire Altar master.

The Xuanyuan sect Underworld Fire Altar! This was a big organization that he couldn’t even think of as a minor cultivator. From then on, Xiu Huai began to learn from the immortal Qingxue and his acting style gradually got dyed in Qiu Congxue colors.

“Master don’t worry. When the time comes and you are confused, we will knock you out and drag you away, You will never affect senior Zhong.”Xiu Huai dryly said, and helped Baili Qingmiao ring the Misty Morning Bell.

Baili Qingmiao: “……”

Were they related to each other? Her apprentice was becoming more and more like Master Qingxue.

When the Misty Morning Bell rang in the fog, Baili Qingmiao presented a greeting card made by the Shangqing sect secret heart method to show her identity. A Purple Spirit Pavilion disciple led four people inside to see He Wenchao, but none of the Purple Spirit Pavilion leaders were present.

He Wenchao came with Liu Xinye and several other disciples of the Sect who were close to him. When he saw his younger material sister whom he had not seen for thirty years he froze as he looked at her from a distance, unable to look away. Even when Liu Xunye pinched his arm he didn’t feel it.

Baili Qingmiao was still the same, over the years she has experienced two consecutive heavenly tribulations at the soul transformation and soul combination realms. Each time after the heavenly tribulations she wanted to put aside her stubbornness to look for her elder material brother, even if she could only look at him from afar it would still be good.

If it wasn’t for Zhong Liqian who always felt Baili Qingmiao’s heart and brainwashed her in time as well as powerful immortal Qingxue who was guarding her, Baili Qingmiao would have secretly run back.

This time when she saw He Wenchao again, Zhong Liqian only felt his beating wildly, even though his eyes could not see, he could feel how gentle and handsome that silhouette was in the distance.

The feelings that have been pent up for thirty years were so strong that even Zhong Liqian could not control Baili Qingmiao state of mind for a while.

Fortunately, as soon as Baili Qingmiao moved half a step forward, she felt a chill on her back and a cold wind hit her. She turned her head to avoid it, but when she turned around she saw Xiu Huai wielding his own magic weapon, the Emotion Extinguishing Rod and swinging it over.

The full length of the rod was forty meters and it was as thick as Baili Qingmiao waist. Zhong Liqian and Qiu Congxue helped to refine it so it could become larger or smaller, longer or shorter.

Xiu Huai directly turned the Emotion Extinguishing Rod into the largest one. Baili Qingmiao avoided it in time, but He Wenchao, who was still watching Baili Qingmiao lost in thought, was hit by the rod in the head. A waist-thick gold magic treasure smashed the head, even if He Wenchao was already master in the void realm, he would not be able to take it well!

The first blow did not hit Baili Qingmiao so the Emotion Extinguishing Rod fleshed and turned into two slender sticks before trying to hit Baili Qingmiao again. Baili Qingmiao who had regained her composure with the help of Zhong Liqian, quickly reached out to catch her discipline weapon and said: “Disciple, don’t fight, I’m fine.”

Zhong Liqian then smiled lightly and said: “Xiu Huai magic weapon, thanks to the immortal Qingxue, absorbed the grievances of thousands of ghosts before becoming the Emotion Extinguishing Rod. These ghosts are all female ghosts abandoned or killed by men, so although this Emotion Extinguishing Rod is only a quasi-immortal weapon, it has a special power. “

“When a woman is hit by this weapon, her love will turn into hate. The more she loves that person, the more she would want to kill that person. If a man is hit, the Yin Qi would enter his body and he would lose his ability in some aspect.” Some special effects Zhong Liqian couldn’t explain so Qiu Congxue proudly helped him to continue, this was after all the proud work of hers and her disciple grandson’s masterpiece.

He Wenchao’s head was obviously hit but some other part of his body  was also extremely painful. He could not check the wound in front of several disciples, so he could only bear the pain and grit his teeth as he asked: “Martial sister, who is that boy behind you! Why did he hit you?”


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Xiu Huai : I was actually forced to use such a weapon. Can you believe it?


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