Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 36 – Closing the Sect

“Miss Baili,” Zhong Liqian said  softly to Baili  Qingmiao: “No matter what mood you are in at this moment, Liqian will not stop you. No matter how happy or sad you are, I will share the burden with you at this moment.”

Zhong Liqian was already prepared for grief. After waiting for a long time, she was still very calm so he looked at Baili Qingmiao in confusion.

Baili Qingmiao covered her heart and said: “It’s so strange …… obviously I should be very sad, but why am I not? I had some guesses about miss Shu from a long time ago and since then I intended to say goodbye to my brother but when I saw him injured after the war, I couldn’t help but let go of the past. When my elder martial brother married elder sister Liu I also decided to let go but at that time I had a feeling that if I went back to the sect and met my brother I might make the same mistake again. “

“You are also really a bit strange.” Shu Yanyan withdrew her hand, and the softness around her disappeared as it turned into the casual appearance of the right protector of the demonic sect.

Protector Shu said to Wen Renhe: “What can this subordinate do for you, Venerable?”

“It’s none of your business.” Wen Renhe gave Shu Yanyan a “you can go” look.

He called Shu Yanyan to come only to let Baili Qingmiao know what He Wenchao had done. After his purpose was achieved, there was no need for Shu Yanyan.

Shu Yanyan who rushed over: “…”

In front of the devil Venerable she could only hold her anger so it was better for her to go.

“Does Miss Baili also want to get rid of this love affair?” Zhong Liqian asked.

“Of course, I …… don’t want to become the kind of person I would spit on.” Baili Qingmiao said in confusion, “But how can I control myself not to be deluded?”

She was not stupid just infatuated. Everyone understands the reasoning, but how many people could really do it?

“Letting go is a very difficult thing, not something that can be done overnight,” Zhong Liqian said meaningfully: “Liqian would like to help Miss Baili, and hope that Miss Baili can help Liqian find his way.”

No one forced Baili Qingmiao to let go immediately, everyone was encouraging her, helping her and giving her time. Gradually, she was no longer embarrassed and instead thought of something as she said softly: “I had planned to travel for ten years before returning to the sect, but when I thought about it the idea itself was despicable. Zhong Liqian I want to go back to the sect once I settle my heart. Can you come with me? Before I get confused again. “

“Liqian also hopes that Miss Baili can go to the Zhong family one, seeing you, my family elders will probably be more willing to train a new heir.” Zhong Liqian said.

Baili Qingmiao: “?”

Why would it be easier to give up on Zhong Liqian if the Zhong family sees her?

Wen Renhe silently watched the harmonious and not the slightest ambiguous atmosphere between the two, he felt that they could make a vow in the next second but it would still be impossible for them to have a relationship.

But it was also good, compared to Baili Qingmiao moving to new love, Wen Renhe hoped more that she would not love anyone so that she could cultivate merciless path, the path of mercilessness was the best way to accommodate her divine personality.

“Right!” Baili Qingmiao slapped her thigh and said, “Senior Wen Renhe, where is my, my master? Is she alright ……”

Her right eye was full of expectation, since this matter was because Senior Wen Renhe was helping her get rid of heart demons; her master’s disappearance was definitely part of that. Therefore, her master should be fine.

“She is not necessarily okay.” Wen Renhe said indifferently.

Qiu Congxue had just returned to the sect and fought with Shu Yanyan, but it was only thanks to Wen Renhe support that they did not tear the main altar. Now Devil Venerable, vice patriarch and right protector who could check Qiu Congxue’s situation have all left the main altar and the left protector was the only one left so he really did not know what happened at the main altar during this time.

“When I left, she was asking Altar Master Miao to use Gu on her.” Shu Yanyan picked up a bone and came back. She heard several people discussing Qiu Congxue so she spoke naturally.

“Gu?” Zhong Liqian asked curiously.

Ever since listening to Baili Qingmiao briefly recount the way her master acted he had been curious about what this person’s identity was before the massive demonic war. After all, the Qingxue incident described by Baili Qingmiao was extremely terrifying. Zhong Liqian hoped he was wrong.

Shu Yanyan rolled her eyes and spoke to three people other than Baili Qingmiao: “She used to be a ghost cultivator without a physical body so she was never afraid of altar master Miao Gu worms. Now that she is a scattered immortal, altar master Miao told her gloomily that he had Gu worm that could even hurt scattered immortals. Still she didn’t want to admit defeat and wanted to try. She wanted to see if she would die.”

Zhong Liqian: “……”

He probably guessed who the elder of Qingxue was. Xuanyuan was really straightforward and comfortable with their circumstances.

After getting in contact with Protector Shu, Devil Venerable Wen Renhe and this Protector Qiu, Zhong Liqian couldn’t help but feel that his past self was overly bound so his true nature was never released. He wondered what kind of Zhong Liqian he would become after taking off his responsibilities.

The people of the Demonic Sect have different cultivation styles as they wished, but there was only one person that Zhong Liqian was still concerned about.

His divine consciousness probed Yin Hanjiang, the newly appointed vice patriarch of the Demonic sect, with his eyelids drooping and only half of his eyes exposed as he looked deeply at the hem of Wen Renhe robe.

Zhong Liqian could not help transmit a voice message to Yin Hanjiang: “Patriarch Yin, the seven sufferings of life, birth, old age, sickness and death are unavoidable but resentment, hatred and love can be avoided.”

Yin Hanjiang shifted his eyes with extreme difficulty from Wen Renhe to Zhong Liqian, the son of a hidden cultivation family who was blindfolded and seemed to be very wise even through the blindfold.

“Liqian respects the lord extraordinarily, he is powerful and has a fierce style of dealing with things. Few things in the world can enter his eyes and heart, so if you ask too much, you will inevitably be resented. Lord Yin might as well let go as soon as possible and stop the loss in time so he will not deal with heart demons in future.” Zhong Liqian sincerely suggested.

Yin Hanjiang did not understand the truth, but just as it was difficult for Baili Qingmiao to let go of He Wechao, how could he not adore Venerable?

He did not want to retreat? The more he retreated, the deeper he fell. The tenderness and attentiveness that his lord unconsciously revealed when they were together make his heart flattered.

Baili Qingmiao wanted to let go, but he only wanted to hold on.

“If there is no desire, there will be no suffering, if there is only love there will never be resentment.”

If there is no desire, there will be no suffering, If there is only love, there will never be resentment.”

” Yin Hanjiang decisively transmitted his voice to Zhong Liqian.

He would not expect the same feelings from his lord and he did not seek for feelings that were impossible to obtain. Yin Hanjiang would be happy just to accompany the venerable and embrace his small attachment.

Zhong Liqian shook his head, the Yin patriarch was more stubborn than he thought. If it continued it would eventually become a bigger disaster.

Several people who had already spoken with each other returned to the main altar, Zhong Liqian and Baili Qingmiao were placed outside the main altar. Wen Renhe said that Qingxue would return completely to being Baili Qingmiao’s elder after the meeting, which made her feel completely at ease.

Baili Qingmiao sat in the waiting area and waited. When Zhong Liqian thought of Protector Shu’s description of Protector Qiu, he felt that Wen Renhe’s promise was a little difficult to fulfill.

As soon as Wen Renhe entered the main altar, he saw Qiu Congxue, who was only half eaten by the parasites, stepping on the altar master Miao who was laughing hard: “Hahahahahaha, what did this protector say? Even if you have a physical body, you can’t help me! “

Wen Renhe looked at the Qiu Congxue who had only half of her face left, half of her internal organs and half of her flesh and blood had been chewed up by the parasites. Remembering that he had just told Baili Qingmiao that he would reunite her with her master, he really felt like Qiu Congxue was beating him in the face with her own life.

When Yin Hanjiang saw Wen Renhe unhappy expression he used his sword Qi against Qiu Congxue, who was already at the end of her strength as he fought with altar master Miao gus so she naturally had little resistance as she smashed into the wall, spitting out another mouthful of blood.

Wen Renhe took a deep breath to surpass his anger and said: “I don’t care what method you use, first make your appearance appropriate for other people to see, like you are treating it after injury.”

Qiu Congxue did not dare to say anything as she ran out of her genuine Qi. She moved her still good flesh to her face and wrapped black robe tightly around herself while blood still dripped from her head.

Seeing Qiu Congxue’s embarrassed appearance, Shu Yanyan laughed so much that she threw the bone to Qiu Congxue saying: “Your bone, take it. You must have missed it.”

Wen Renhe went to the top chair in the main hall and took his seat, followed by Yin Hanjiang who stood next to the chair. Qiu Congxue and Shu Yanyan were standing in position of left and right protectors while the four altar masters, each of them still injured, supported each other to stand up.

Wen Renhe scanned the crowd and said sternly: “After the war between righteous and demonic cultivators, this venerable was busy with other matters and neglected the internal affairs of Xuanyuan sect. You all seem to have forgotten your places to fight like this, sooner or later, the Xuanyuan sect will be torn apart.”

“These subordinates are guilty.” All six of them said in unison.

“From today on, Xuanyuan sect will close its array and no discipline would be allowed to leave the sect. The four altar masters would go to their respective branches to recuperate, and strive to restore their strength and prestige from before massive demonic war within a hundred years.” Wen Renhe said.


“Protector Shu was rebellious and self-absorbed so she has been punished for a hundred years to think about it. However, before the war, she had been promised a chance to cultivate on a burning sky drum. After sealing the mountain, Protector Shu can cultivate on the Burning Sky Drum until her punishment ends.” Wen Renhe said to Shu Yanyan.

“I can cultivate for a hundred years?” Shu Yanyan’s eyes lit up.

“Venerable!” Altar master Yuan said hurriedly: “After cultivating on a burning sky drum for  a hundred years, not to mention ascension to scattered immortal realm she might even be able to ascend to the immortal world. This is not a punishment, it is clearly a reward!”

The other three altar masters and the left protector Qiu Congxue also disagreed.

“This Venerable decided to reduce the time of protector Shu punishment by ninety-nine years so only one year is left. What do you think?’ This is what he promised Shu Yanyan before for the work she did, not for the Xuanyuan sect but for Wen Renhe himself. But if he still wanted to reduce punishment time he still needed to appease the others, after all, altar master Ruan and altar master Shitan were sent to Shu Yanyan’s bed.

“Yes, you can.” The rest nodded hurriedly.

Shu Yanyan also felt it was reasonable after all she was a person who felt cultivation and enjoyment was equally important and after cultivating for a hundred years she would feel tired.

“Protector Qiu will go down the mountain and continue to work undercover in the Shangqing Sect.” Wen Renhe said.

“Do you need this subordinate to pass on the news of the Shangqing Sect?” Qiu Congxue seriously said.

Wen Renhe: “… this is not necessary, Protector Qiu can act according to her own mind. Even if you try to help the Shangqing sect it will only end as a disturbance to them.”

Qiu Congxue: “……”

Venerable was complimenting her, right? It’s better to take it as a compliment.

Shu Yanyan covered her mouth. If she hadn’t been acting very serious now, she would have laughed herself to death.

“Give altar master Shitan hundred ghost banners, from now on ghost cultivators below the void realm are not allowed to come near.” Wen Renhe thoughtfully looked at the altar master Shitan.

Altar master Shitan was so overjoyed and happy that he coughed up blood, after receiving hundred ghost banners he returned to Underworld Fire altar.

The other three altar masters were also awarded to a greater or lesser extent, even the physically and mentally traumatized Ruan altar master was rewarded with soul forgetting water, after drinking it, he would forget some of the things he least wanted to recall.

After the war between the devil and the righteous path, the Xuanyuan Sect was disorganized, and even Wen Renhe was injured. But the fact that the sect under him was so easily reorganized would make his subordinates not dare to cause trouble again in the next few decades.

After the order, each altar master left, Qiu Congxue reunited with Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian. The Xuanyuan sect also declared that their sect would close for the next 30 years and no longer have any contact with the outside world. Yin Hanjiang and Wen Renhe would also go into selection and integrate with their new magic weapons.

The place where people went into selection cultivation was divided into two rooms: the inner room and the outer room. The area of the rooms was very large and inside you could easily put Shu Yanyan’s Cold jade bed which was 100 meters long and wide. This was also due to Wen Renhe strength who would release some of his power when he was in seclusion. If the room was too small, he would need to rebuild his house every day.

The outer room and the inner room were respectively arranged with formations so he and Yin Hanjiang would not interfere with each other, but look after each other.

After entering the inner room and finally being the only person left, Wen Renhe covered his arm and left the fake arm he condensed with blood mist to dissipate.

All the people, including Yin Hanjiang, thought that the arm lost by Wen Renhe for refining the Alkaid sword would recover quickly. But only Wen Renhe himself knew that the arm was a fake, a fake made with his genuine Qi who would not have any use at all.

These days, even if he took countless elixirs, whether it was to replenish the body or restore the soul it would have no effect.

Blood needed to be paid with blood and soul needed soul to mend. What he needed was not heavenly treasure or pills, but to absorb the soul of the cultivator.

No wonder the old blood devil was besieged by the entire cultivation world ten thousand years ago, blood cultivation was also recognized to be destined to become a devil. Wen Renhe became a blood cultivator only to find that his body no longer has meridian, dantian and even his previous cultivation method could not be used. If he wanted to improve his strength and restore his body, there was only one way – devouring blood souls.

He does not even have a realm limit and he no longer needed to experience the Mahayana realm’s heavenly tribulation, as long as the blood soul of the absorbed cultivators was enough, he could even single-handedly challenge the immortal world upper immortals. But without controlling his emotion with an unlimited expansion of power he will eventually become a slave to blood cultivation and become a monster without heart who would only want to devour.

Blood cultivator eventually became the true devil, and there was no turning back from this road.

Wen Renhe pressed his arm, the blood in his body tumbled. He did not care about the lives of cultivators, and killed many experts of the righteous path during the massive demonic war. He could kill but he would never absorb the blood souls of other cultivators. Some people may think that absorbing an enemy’s blood soul was not a big deal which could not only defeat the opponent but also improve the cultivation. But this was the bottomless pit, the desire of the human heart was like an abyss that could never be filled, sooner or later he would have no psychological barrier to devouring others. At that time, he would make a move on the people closest to him.

In this step, even if he does not ascend for eternity, gradually weakens and dies, he would never do it.

He asked the Xuanyuan sect to go into seclusion for thirty years to think of a solution in these thirty years. Even if the solution could not be found within thirty years, Yin Hanjiang cultivation would make great progress which would be enough to change the balance in Xuanyuan sect.

At least to be strong enough that one day when Wen Renhe was so weak that he had to break into the Underworld Blood Sea, Yin Hanjiang could keep up with him.

After adding another layer of formation in the inner room, Wen Renhe took out two books, through which he needed to observe the outside movement at all times. He could not remain ignorant for the whole thirty years.


The author has something to say.

Baili Qingmiao, Zhongli Qian and Qiu Congxue who were on road together.

Baili Qingmiao: Mr. Zhong you had something on your mind today?

Zhong Liqian: … I know too much.

Qiu Congxue: What are you talking about?

Zhong Liqian: …


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