Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 67 – Learning the Cultivation Technique

Baili Qingmiao said she was changing clothes, but Yin Hanjiang waited outside the door for three days and nights!

After half an hour, Yin Hanjiang began to become impatient. He walked around and wanted to break the door with a hit but since Baili Qingmiao said that she was changing clothes, he was worried that he would accidentally see something if he entered.

Yin Hanjiang originally did not care about accidentally seeing the woman’s body, for him it was just a skin not to mention nakedness. He had seen a lot of dead bones without flesh and blood. Shu Yanyan and Qiu Congxue, two Xuanyuan sect protectors, one regarding the skin as disgrace while other dressed casually. He had been dealing with these two for years so Yin Hanjiang really had a hard time with the concept of gender distinction.

When he finally wanted to kick the door open, Shu Yanyan, who was hanging out somewhere these days, smiled and blocked Yin Hanjiang’s kick at the door by standing in front of it.

“Patriarch Yin, don’t be hasty, how can you barge in when a girl is changing her clothes?’ Shu Yanyan looked calm but in fact she was cursing inside.

Just now, Wen Renhe sent her a message that Baili Qingmiao was in meditation, Zhong Liqian was too busy so he didn’t want to bother him therefore he ordered Shu Yanyan to come and stop Yan Hanjiang from breaking the door so that Baili Qingmaio would not be disturbed and the merciless dao that she had finally understood would not be broken.

Wen Renhe wanted to go out and explain it himself but Yan Hanjiang’s internal injuries would be triggered if he saw him and also because Wen Renhe who had always been as thick as a hundred-year old tree, had finally learned to be more gentle and considerate after experiencing the situation where his beloved was so close to vomiting blood and dying when he showed his heart. He thought that if he came out of the Baili Qingmiao’s room, Yin Hanjiang would be affected by the original plot and might think about it again.

Therefore, they entrusted Shu Yanyan, who was the closest to Qiu Congxue’s pavilion to solve the problem. As for why he did not choose Qiu Congxue… does it even need a reason?

When Shu Yanyan visited Zhong Liqian earlier and painfully picked up the other person’s lost hair, she knew that Wen Renhe had returned but still handed over the responsibility of taking charge of Xuanyuan sect to Yin Hanjiang. Wen Renhe himself was intimidating to the Xuanyuan sect so Shu Yanyan instantly understood that from now on her boss would change from one person to two, making her feel a trace of sadness in her heart.

Especially this time that Wen Renhe pointed out that Shu Yanyan could not mention that it was his order so protector Shu felt even more embarrassed. To the extent that she understood why Zhong Liqian, a Mahayana realm cultivator, would have symptoms such as hair loss.

Stroking her thick and beautiful black hair, Shu Yanyan smiled and said softly: “Patriarch Yin, you are a man but it’s a pity that your understanding of what men like and what they think is still not as good as it should be.”

She walked to Yin Hanjiang’s side, approached his ear and whispered: “If you barge in like this, do you think Venerable will be happy that you saw Baili Qingmiao without clothes?”

Shu Yanyan thought Yan Hanjiang would suddenly realize it but unexpectedly he just looked at the door in disdain and said proudly: “Venerable does not like Baili Qingmiao.”

Shu Yanyan: “…”

She realized that she had really overestimated Yin Hanjiang, and seeing this man glancing at her smugly and wanting to enter the door again, she pulled him back and gritting her teeth she transmitted her voice: “I naturally know who venerable likes, but the point of this matter is that you should not see Baili Qingmiao changing clothes. You can’t see anyone expect Wen Renhe changing their clothes, regardless of gender!”

Yin Hanjiang’s foot was already pressed against the door ready to kick it down but hearing Shu Yanyan words, his face suddenly turned red. Then he very slowly withdrew his leg and raised his face and chin forcing the other to look at his nostrils and said to Shu Yanyan: “Protector Shu is a pillar of Xuanyuan sect, this matter… What does Protector Shu think should be done?”

Shu Yanyan rolled her eyes in her heart, but on the surface she respectfully said to Yin Hanjiang: “How about I go in first and take a look to help you urge Baili Qingmiao? This is how subordinates should be used, isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Yin Hanjiang stood with his arms folded and turned around with a calm expression, letting Shu Yanyan do it for him.

Shu Yanyan went in and turned around, after she came out she said: “Baili Qingmiao is sitting quietly and meditating.”

Yin Hanjiang: “…… can changing of clothes make you want to meditate?”

“How do I know?” Shu Yanyan said: “If you break in rashly, you may become possessed. If patriarch Yin can’t wait…”

She recalled seeing Wen Renhe in the room and Wen Renhe asked her to persuade Yin Hanjiang to take it easy. They couldn’t stimulate the other side, otherwise Yin Hanjiang might become possessed by heart demons again.

Shu Yanyan finally understood why Zhong Liqian, who was usually like a clear moon and breeze, had become more and more haggard recently. She thought, how could there be anything in this world that can stump such a wise person like Zhong Liqian? Now that the problem was right in front of her, she came to realize what it was!

But the two of them were in different situations. Wen Renhe wanted her to persuade Yin Hanjiang to be careful and handle it gently, never provoking the other side. The devil Venerable only thought of how to be considerate to Patriarch Yin, but he never considered whether he can be gentle when he was teaching her a lesson!

Fortunately, she was Shu Yanyan, a woman who had assisted three Xuanyuan sect leaders, old patriarch, Devil venerable Wen Renhe and Patriarch Yin. When she saw Yin Hanjiang’s expression getting worse and worse, she smiled more and more sweetly and transmitted another message: “If Patriarch Yin can’t wait, why don’t you take advantage of this time to practice other techniques, how about it?”

“I am in a transitional period of heavenly tribulation, what other cultivation techniques in the cultivation world could be beneficial to me?”Yin Hanjiang coldly said.

“That’s not necessarily true, like ……” Shu Yanyan approached Yin Hanjiang and made a very easy to read gesture.

Yin Hanjiang’s skin was white and thin so everything tended to show on his face when he got a little emotional. The redness on his face that had just faded surfaced again, suddenly, he flung out his red robe blocking Shu Yanyan sight so when protector Shu saw Yin Hanjiang again, there was already a ghost mask on his face.

“Although this patriarch is very powerful, it is not a bad idea to practice more mind techniques. Baili Qingmiao still needs to spend some time in seclusion so we will see if your mind techniques can let us pass the time.” The voice under Yin Hanjiang’s mask was very calm.

Shu Yanyan: “…”

Just pretend, this protector has so many mind techniques, that you couldn’t learn them in a year! She will not only teach them to you but also to Wen Renhe. At that time when this pair of dogs go into seclusion for 30 or 50 years,  Xuanyuan sect will become mine!

After cursing in her heart, Shu Yanyan still obediently invited Yin Hanjiang to her pavilion and taught him for three days and three nights in a row.

Baili Qingmiao had a merciless path foundation for a long time but when she went through heavenly tribulation she was taken advantage of by her divine consciousness, suppressing her understanding. At this moment, with the help of the divine blood, Yin Hanjiang, Wen Renhe, Qiu Congxue, Zhong Liqian and others she was enlightened in one stroke, and in only three days she greatly improved. At the end of her meditation, there was a great enlightenment in his eyes, and she advanced to the void realm just one step away from Mahayana realm.

“Look at you, this time the heavenly tribulation of the soul merging realm to void realm had no impact on you.” Wen Renhe said with satisfaction.

“Thanks to Senior Wen Renhe’s guidance, Baili already has a heart as calm as water.” Baili Qingmiao said indifferently.

“Then this venerable has one more thing to ask for.” Wen Renhe said: “This time to enter Shangqing sect, this venerable hope that you will let him use your body.”

Yin Hanjiang’s mind was haunted by heart demons so although he was strong, the Shangqing Sect had the Immortal Weapon Moon Departing Bell as well as the blood demon ancestor so Wen Renhe was worried about the consequences. He did not feel comfortable with Yin Hanjiang going alone, but whenever the two of them met, Yin Hanjiang would go mad because he could not distinguish between him and the illusion. In this way, the best way was to follow Yin Hanjiang by possessing Baili Qingmiao so if they encountered trouble he could secretly help them deal with it.

In the past, Baili Qingmiao definitely would definitely not agree to this. It was already difficult for her to go lure He Wenchao by herself, let alone let Wen Renhe borrow her body.

However, at this moment her thoughts were different. He Wenchao was a stumbling block to her cultivation of the merciless path, it was not easy to understand this dao. It would also be bad if she made another mistake after seeing him so this method would not only reassure senior Wen Renhe but also prevent her from wavering.

“Of course it’s no problem. But first I want to thank you senior Wen Renhe.” Baili Qingmiao said.

Wen Renhe was different from the time he was a blood cultivator. He already used the trap to get rid of his blood cultivation and at this moment his soul had a body made from chaotic energy. Chaotic energy was the only energy between heaven and earth before the beginning of the world, everything was made from chaotic energy so he could blend into any object without being discovered even by the blood demon ancestor.

The person who walked out of the room was no longer Baili Qingmiao, but Wen Renhe who wore the shell of Baili Qingmiao. Knowing that Yin Hanjiang still had a grudge due to the original plot, he didn’t intend to tell him that he possessed Baili Qingmiao for their trip to the Shangqing sect.

Yin Hanjiang had already returned from Shu Yanyan’s pavilion and it took him a lot of effort to suppress the flush on his face with genuine Qi. Taking off his mask he said coldly to “Baili Qingmiao” : “You told me to wait and made me waste time, now let’s set out quickly and go back quickly.”

Then he put on the skin of Yao Jiaping and without saying anything to Baili Qingmiao, got up and flew to the Shangqing sect.

Wen Renhe was not good at disguising himself as another person, so seeing that Yin Haniiang didn’t wait for his response, he silently followed after him.

Yin Hanjiang could have flown with Baili Qingmiao, but after he had practiced the heart method taught by Shu Yanyan he completely rejected the idea of physical contact with another person. For example, in the past, when Yin Hanjiang killed someone, he would never object to using his own hands to strangle them. But after understanding some cultivation methods, Yin Hanjiang may choose to use a rope to strangle his opponent’s neck or use other weapons to dig out his heart when he attacks others, preferring to use some medium rather than his own hands.

He could turn into a vanishing light to take her with him or let her ride alkaid triangular bayonet with him, but Yin Hanjiang decided against these two options so he had to go first and wait for Bali Qingmiao on the way.

The speed of Wen Renhe’s vanishing light was not slow, but because he was disguising himself as Baili Qingmiao, he could not move so fast. With her cultivation in the void realm it would take half a day to travel from Xuanyuan sect to Shanqing sect. It was not convenient to take out the magic weapon made from divine blood, after all if Wen Renhe touched the divine blood, it would make him manifest himself so it would be hard to possess her again.

So he could only slowly control his speed and seeing Yin Hanjiang disappear in the distance he thought that this was not what he wanted.

After flying for about an hour, Yin Hanjiang, who looked like Yao Jiaping, flew back and said angrily: “You are too slow, this patriarch has been waiting for you at the foot of the Shangqing sect mountain teahouse for half an hour!”

We Renhe was thinking about the reasons for the explanation, when he saw Yin Hanjiang take out from his silver storage belt a robe made from heavenly silk. This rope could become shorter or longer and was used by Xuanyuan sect people to tie people. Before when Yin Hanjiang caught the dozen or so scum of the righteous path, he used this rope to bundle people into a ball and drag them back.

“Wait ……” “Baili Qingmiao” was about to speak when Yin Hanjiang already tied her up into a dumpling and carried “her” on his shoulder all the way to the foot of the Shangqing Sect.

After arriving at the place, Yin Hanjiang coldly snorted, withdrew his robe and threw “Baili Qingmiao” down.

Wen Renhe turned beautifully in the air, avoiding the landing on his face and calmly landed on her feet before saying to Yin Hanjiang: “You could just let me ride on your sword, why do you have to do that?”

“This patriarch is not close to you,” Yin Hanjiang glanced coldly at the “Baili Qingmiao” : “This patriarch will not hold you in his arms all the way and protect you.”

“You ……” Wen Renhe just wanted to say something, and then remembered that in the original plot of 《Abusive Love Affair》devil venerable protected Baili Qingmiao in his arms as they traveled by vanishing light.

Yin Hanjiang seemed to be very concerned about the plot in the book.

At first, Wen Renhe thought that Yin Hanjiang cared about him liking Baili Qingmiao in the plot and that was why he treated “her” badly. He didn’t know that Yin Hanjiang was angry because in that original plot, the devil venerable was so good to Baili Qingmiao but that woman only kept thinking about He Wenchao!

The person he had longed for for so long had been abandoned like an old shoe, how could Yin Hanjiang not be angry?

Therefore, even if these things did not happen at this moment, nor would they happen in future, Yin Hanjiang still felt a hint of… an indescribable displeasure towards Baili Qingmiao.

Thinking of this, he snorted coldly and used the body purification technique to wash his hands, wiping them with the corner of “Baili Qingmiao’s” clothes.

When he arrived at the Shangqing sect, Yin Hanjiang was a bit more restrained, after all he was Yao Jiaping now.

Before Yao Jiaping left, He Wenchao give him his own token, once Baili Qingmiao was rescued and they returned to the feet of the Shangqing sect, Yao Jiaping only had to crush the token and He Wenchao would go down the mountain and open the mountain protection array to meet them.

Yin Hanjiang crushed the token and when He Wenchao saw that from the outside the mountain protection formation that it was indeed Yao Jiaping and Baili Qingmiao he excitedly opened the mountain protection formation and welcomed them in, greeting Yao Jiaping first before opening his arms to hug Baili Qingmaio while saying: “Junior martial sister, I didn’t mean to hurt ……”.

Before he could say the last word “you” he was kicked by “ Yao Jiaping”.

Yin Hanjiang kicked away He Wenchao while also glaring at “Baili Qingmiao” thinking that she refused venerable and still dared to let this thing hug her?

Wen Renhe: “…”


The author has something to say:

Zhong Liqian: protector Shu, this does not seem appropriate.

Shu Yanyan: I don’t think so, they will thank me later!

Wen Renhe after double cultivation: Protector Shu although you acted boldly…. You did a good job, this Venerable would like to thank you.

Yin Hanjiang after double cultivation: The last heart method is not proficient enough, protector Shu should explain more to this venerable, this venerable… thank you in advance.

Zhong Liqian: ……

Shu Yanyan:  Look at it, a group of straight men can’t do anything without this old lady!


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