Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 27 – Dozing Off In Literacy Meeting

Cangdome mountain, outside Wuliu village.

Devil Venerable stood there with his left and right protectors. The left protector stood with his Alkaid sword and the right protector held a lute. She was covered with a light veil and wore a graceful water blue shirt as she was playing her lute for the people. She unintentionally revealed a scar on her right arm, as if she had suffered some kind of injury before which looked hideously across her jade arm, making people feel sorry for her.

This was the courtyard outside of Wuliu village, where mortal scholars like to come to recite poetry and discuss their teachings. This was also the stronghold of the Zhong family who recruited talented people who came here.

The biggest difference between the cultivation family and the major sects is that in sects, members are various people of the world while in cultivation family, members were born. The Zong family was a family of scholars whose elder was a cultivator who lived in Wuliu village. But the branch families would enter the imperial court through imperial examination to assist the appointed emperor.

This was the “path” of the cultivation family, just like Wen Renhe fought in the wars to seek his path, the Zhong family was walking the path of the Holy Wisdom, using poetry and preaching books and sought after the scholarly path as a path of cultivating truth. The ancient poet immortal Qinglian Sword Immortal’s “ten steps to kill a person, a thousand miles to not leave a trail” was also practiced on this path.

Therefore, all four major cultivation families will enter the world to collect disciples, in each generation the family head and his heirs will cultivate their own roots . These disciples who worship them, and the Holy Wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation become the foundation of the Zhong family cultivation. The more scholars there are in the world, the more people will read their words, the higher the cultivation power of the Zhong family could become.

Their realm was the same as the cultivators from the righteous and demonic path, though their powers were very different. The descendants of the family with supporters are extremely powerful, and the more people in the world admire their ideological and literary talent, the stronger their power is. But for the children in that family without supporters, they may not be able to beat the cultivators at Mahayana realm and they were very weak.

In the book, their cultivation family was initially unknown until the massive demonic war in which cultivation suffered heavy losses and the world ushered in a flourishing dynasty in which more and more poor children had the opportunity to study. Even a simple peddler could read a few words, recite a few lines of poetry, remember the names of a few scholars which ushered in the prosperity of the cultivation family. The mortal world became prosperous after the massive demonic war and after fifty years of this prosperity Zhong Liqian had the courage to take away the female lead who was imprisoned in Shangqing sect back mountain.

This time, the massive demonic war was planned personally by Wen Renhe so more aura returned to the world than in the book. In the short period of 12 years, the Zhong family has gained great fame. In the courtyard outside Wuliu village Wen Renhe and others sat in the window seat, which was bought by Shu Yanyan.

They appeared today in this courtyard because today was the day when several young masters from the Zhong family would have lectures and discuss their teachings. Students from all over the world were coming to visit but one cannot enter without an invitation.

It would be easy to gain an invitation by using illusion technique and hide from the headmaster of the Academy, but the seats were not arranged well. Shu Yanyan stuffed several pieces of silver into the shopkeeper’s hand, and deliberately rubbed him. The shopkeeper was just a casual cultivator at the Foundation Building realm so how could he resist Shu Yanyan’s charm? He took silver in dazzled manner and arranged a clean seat for several people.

At this time the several sons of the Zhong family had not yet arrived and many people saw that Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang were dressed in martial artists clothes and not in scholar clothes but were still able to sit in such a good position so they were not satisfied and came to challenge him.

Naturally they did not challenge them to fight but in their ability to recite poetry.

Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang could beat them with no problem but when it came to the poetry they felt like countless flies buzzing in their ears and even Shu Yanyan’s twelve heavenly demons were better than the sound of their poetry reciting.

Fortunately, Shu Yanyan was a literary person who held her lute to play a few songs and sang while playing. Both music and singing were very good so these few students became ashamed of themselves. They could only bid their goodbye as they left, Wen Renhe and others who sat firmly in their seats.

After Shu Yanyan chased those scholarly students away she returned to her seat and said in a coquettish manner to Wen Renhe: “Venerable, is it okay if I do this?”

Wen Renhe nodded slightly and extended a finger.

Shu Yanyan eyes lit up as she said excitedly: “My punishment, can it be reduced by ten years?”

Wen Renhe shook his head.

“One, one year?” Shu Yanyan flattened her mouth.

But who would have expected Wen Renhe to say leisurely: “One month.”

“Only one month?” Shu Yanyan, hearing it acted a little impatient and asked anxiously: “Venerable, you said that as long as I behave well, the punishment time can be reduced?”

“The reward will be given only after capturing Zhong Liqian, how could this just now be considered as a merit?” Wen Renhe said.

Shu Yanyan did not dare to offend the devil venerable again so she shrunk her back as her eyes containing tears looked a little melancholic, almost charming nearby scholars to angrily scold Wen Renhe and Yin Hanging for not being sweet to such jade-like women.

Fortunately, several sons of the Zhong family arrived at this time which prevented the tragic case of the Devil Venerable washing academy courtyard with blood.

The Zhong family had three outstanding sons in this generation, the first one was Zhong Liqian who was dressed in white looked gentle and elegant. Holding a bamboo scroll he slowly walked into academy ground and sat in the main seat. Zhong Liqian has an extraordinary aura, and his every move is covered with a dashing calmness.

“Green cloud clothes and white neon clothes, raising a long arrow and shooting the wolf.” When Shu Yanyan saw Zhong Liqian come out, her eyes, which had fallen on him, couldn’t move.

She sent a voice transmission to Wen Renhe: “Venerable, do you know why I studied poetry and books so hard back then? It was just to develop a talented girl temperament, so that I could hook up with a scholar like Zhong Liqian, he is really …… fantastic!”

Zhong Liqian was the most outstanding heir of the Zhong family who had countless admirers these years. Just a few days ago he broke through to the Void realm so naturally he was able to feel Shu Yanyan’s unconcealed gaze. With a slight nod to Shu Yanyan, he moved his eyes away and stopped looking at her.

“Venerable!” Shu Yanyan excitedly transmitted: “The person I am going to catch today is him, right? He’s wonderful! When he looked at me, I had already used my charm technique, but I did not expect him to still have such a clear gaze! Is he really a rare gentleman?!”

“If you can seduce him, he is yours.” Wen Renhe transmitted his voice.

If Zhong Liqin could be attracted to Shu Yanyan, then he does not need to find him to attract the female lead. Wen Renhe did not want to make another He Wenchao and he might as well wait for that ghost cultivator to grow up, adding another eight years would be almost the same.

The best way was to use Shu Yayan to see if this Zhong Liqian was the true gentleman or not.

Zhong Liqian was followed by two other sons, one was Zhong Liheng and another was Zhong Lifei.

Zhong Liheng was dressed in a plain green robe and looked very stable as he followed Zhong Liqian. Zhong Lifei on the other hand was dressed in a brocade robe as you could see reckless and frivolous character from his eyes. When Shu Yanyan carelessly looked at him, he even raised his wine glass to toast Shu Yanyan.

In the face of Zhong Lifei’s interest, Shu Yanyan did not have much of a reaction, ignoring his toast she turned her head to drink her own tea in small sips.

Before Wen Renhe could ask her, Shu Yanyan replied: “I’ve seen too many people with arrogant personalities and a taste for beauty and wine. If I had seen him on an ordinary day I would have hooked up with him because of his skin. Unfortunately now that I have seen Zhong Liqian my appetite has been spoiled and I can’t see anyone else for the time being.”

Zhong Lifei seeing Shu Yanyan ignore him, showed a wicked smile as his eyes became much more interested.

If it wasn’t for Zhong Liheng who silently pressed the corner of his robe, Zhong Lifei would have walked straight to Shu Yanyan to toast.

The three Zhong family’s gentlemen took their seats and the meeting began. The first topic was raised by Zhong Liheng who then let several schoolars express their views and Zhong Lifei would interject two sentences to refute several people’s views, which attracted countless people’s approval. When everyone curses without spitting out dirty words, the battle of words becomes lively. Then Zhong Liqian’s palm bamboo arrow knocked down the table as he said a sentence Wen Renhe completely did not understand while the entire gathering suddenly arose in respect, all of which was led by Zhong Liqian.

Wen Renhe saw Shu Yanyan pick up pen and paper as she recorded it quickly, reluctantly wiping her face with her hands. Suddenly he felt something touch his shoulder and looked sideways. It was Yin Hanjiang who dozed off and knocked his head on his shoulder.

When he found that he had misbehaved and offended his superior, Yin Hanjiang bit his lower lip and blushed to his ears: “Lord, this subordinate has fallen for the skill of Zhong family and unknowingly fell into the path, which is why I feel sleepy. It was because my cultivation is too low that I disgraced you my lord.”

Wen Renhe held back his laughter and said, “If it wasn’t for Protector Yin knocking this time this venerable would probably have fallen asleep too. Ever since I was a child, when I heard the sound of poetry being recited in the academy, I drifted to sleep. But I never thought that even after becoming a cultivator I would not be able to escape from this spell.”

“So did this subordinate.” Yin Hanjiang replied with embarrassment.

After chatting for a moment, the two of them were quite refreshed, but in the end, they could not resist their sleepiness. The scholar meeting continued and when Zhong Lifei made another comment of his own, Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang had already wandered with their souls far away even though their eyes were open. In fact, both of their heads had knocked together, waking each other up again.

Zhong Lifei had been paying attention to Shu Yanyan and naturally noticed that the two men beside that beautiful woman were actually asleep with their eyes open while he was speaking so he angrily asked the two of them: “I wonder what the two gentlemen have to say?”

In this academy, people other than the three brothers from the Zhong family were all addressed as gentlemen. Wen Renge didn’t expect that one day he would be addressed as ‘gentlemen’ so for a while he didn’t realize that Zhong Lifei was calling him and he did not answer.

This completely irritated Zhong Lifei who got up and said: “I wonder what your names are, where you live and who recommended you?”

The eyes of the audience were focused on them, and seeing that they were not dressed like scholars, there was an uproar.

Zhong Lifei was so rude that Yin Hanjiang was dissatisfied with his disrespect towards his lord and after receiving Wen Renhe secret approval, he said in a loud voice: “We did not come here for admiration, we just heard that there is a literary meeting today. My master and I have been plagued by insomnia for many days so hearing the noise of the academy we thought that we could finally fall asleep and thought we found a good place to sleep. We hurriedly came in, and indeed slept well, thank you very much.”

Yin Hanjiang’s words immediately offended the entire academy, Zhong Lifei was a little more composed, he held the pen and secretly used his genuine Qi to give these two people a lesson.

Who knew that at this time Zhong Liqian would rise and say: “The Zhong family is holding a literary meeting for the purpose of solving problems and confusion in the world. Although the two gentlemen do not know poetry and literature, if this literary meeting can solve your sleep problem this can also be considered as a virtue. “

He said it so comfortably that even Yan Hanjiang could not lose his temper, and his unusually soft words eased the stiff atmosphere in the room.

Wen Renhe looked at Zhong Liqian with an appreciative look and said an arch of his hand “Thank you, gentlemen Zhong for clearing up the confusion, we have benefited a lot and it was not a vain trip.”

Zhong Liqian became relieved and the literary meeting continued, Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang dozed off again but no one cared about it any longer. After all, young master Zhong said that books could cure the heart and insomnia was also a kind of heart disease.

“Protector Shu, I’m afraid you can’t get your hands on this person.” Wen Renhe transmitted.

“I didn’t expect that there were real gentlemen in this world.” Shu Yanyan looked at Zhong Liqian puffing her cheeks “Come to think of it, if I can’t hook up with him, wouldn’t it be more of proof that he is consistent with his words and actions? Such a person is good enough even just looking at them.”

Everyone in the room was praising Zhong Liqian except Zhong Lifei who was sitting to the left of him, even with a little bit of malice flashing in his eyes.

Wen Renhe accurately captured this malice and looked at Zhong Lifei thinking how to use this person in his plot. Suddenly, he saw a space abnormality above his head and a book looming in that space.

The Devil Venerable suddenly thought of the way he received 《Abusive Love Affair》, Zhong Lifei realizing the change in the space above his head reached out to grab the book.

Seeing that the book was about to fall in Zhong Lifei arms, Wen Renhe casually picked up a book on the table and smashed it against Zhong Lifei’s head just in time to catch the falling book!

“What are you doing?” Zhong Lifei could not stand it anymore, slapped the table and stood up.

“My hand slipped and I accidentally threw two books over.” Wen Renhe did not change his expression as he said to Shu Yanyan: “go and pick up those two books.”

He focused on the number “two”, When the lord orders how could Shu Yanyan whose punishment period depended on it not listen. She got up and walked to Zhong Lifei, seeing his steeping on two books. Her eyes showed a dilemma as she said with some grievance: “Sir, can you please give me a way?”

She had tears in her eyes, which made people pity her. Zhong Lifei in front of the public eye could not act difficult to a woman. Seeing that Zhong Liqian was also looking at him he had to remove his feet and let Shu Yanyan pick up the two books.

After Shu Yanyan gracefully thanked, she bent down to pick up the books and saw that one of them was her own collection of poems and the other was a book as thick as a brick.

She handed the book to Wen Renhe and with some afterglow, she saw a few big words written on the cover of the brick-thick book – 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1 )》.


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