Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 65 – A Blow To The Head

Inside, Yin Hanjiang under the mask could not express happiness or anger.

His fingertips rubbed repeatedly on the words “Venerable is still alive” several times, making his heart beat wildly with joy.

Although his memories were still chaotic, making the reality and illusion intertwined, the experience last night told Yin Hanjiang that Wen Renhe was still alive, he heard it from altar master Shitan and even this book which he regarded as evidence, also stated that the venerable was still alive.

This was more important than anything else, a hundred times more important than the fact that Venerable also liked him.

He couldn’t wait to see venerable, even if such intense emotions made the blood in Yin Hanjiang’s body boil and his mind rampage, it didn’t matter.

Yin Hanjiang grabbed the note, yes, venerable must be in Zhong Liqian place. He squeezed the note tightly and flew to the main altar’s council chamber, where he saw Zhong Liqian handling sect affairs alone. There were four or five “Wen Renhe” beside him, all holding the divine blood on their hands.

Seeing such a scene, Yin Hanjiang stopped in his tracks. Why was this happening? Even though he knew that venerable was still alive, the heart demons simply did not want to disappear, so he couldn’t even recognize which one was the real Wen Renhe!

Zhong Liqian felt Yin Hanjiang’s arrival and left the council chamber peacefully, leaving space for the two.

Knowing that Zhong Liqian had left, Yin Hanjiang felt even more uneasy, without someone to help him confirm, he could not discern.

At this time Wen Renhe said: “This venerable will only become an entity after he holds the divine blood.”

Yin Hanjiang rushed over, gently holding the person who was solid.

“Venerable!” He knelt down on one knee, his voice repressed: “You’re still alive, it’s really…”

For a moment Yin Hanjiang could not speak, and vomited out a mouthful of blood. He didn’t want it to be seen by Venerable so he swallowed the blood back.

Last night he had lost his mind but today he would not let his lord see him like this again.

Wen Renhe pulled him up and said seriously, “Yin Hanjiang I don’t like you kneeling to me.”

He slowly took off Yin Hanjiang’s mask and smiled gently: “Did you read what I have said?”

“Read ……” Yin Hanjiang only said one word, and blood spilled from his mouth. He hurriedly covered it with his hand but blood flowed between his fingers.

“Yin Hanjiang!” Wen Renhe never thought that the two of them would meet again like this. He had thought that …… they could at least meet and touch normally, but he did not expect that Yin Hanjiang was that tolerant; he almost didn’t notice the other person’s pain.

He hurriedly put his hand on Yan Hanjiang’s heart, injecting chaotic energy and found that Yin Hanjiang internal genuine Qi was in a great disarray. He had clearly been treated last night, but seeing him today caused Yin Hanjing to become injured again.

“Venerable, this subordinate is fine.” Yin Hanjiang said: “This subordinate is just happy, I ……”

When Wen Renhe saw his reluctant appearance, he hurriedly put on a mask for him. With this barrier, Yin Hanjiang felt much better.

At this moment, Yan Hanjiang was very upset. It’s clearly a day of happy reunion, but he was ……

“Don’t force it.” Wen Renhe covered Yin Hanjiang’s eyes with his hand to prevent him from looking at himself again.

In the darkness, Yin Hanjiang heard Wen Renhe say: “Yesterday, I was anxious and that affected your cultivation. Even a slight up and down in your mood will arouse your heart demons. You have no immortal aura to nurture yourself in the cultivation world so if you don’t resolve your heart demons, it will be difficult for you to recover.”

“This subordinate is useless.” Yin Hanjiang clenched his fist.

“Who says you’re useless!” Wen Renhe said: “You have done a good job during this period this venerable was absent. You subdued the two protectors and four altar masters, stabilizing the sect and not letting Xuanyuan sect fall into chaos. You also re-integrated “Xìnxiāo” while discovering those who are against Xuanyuan sect, no one could do better than you.”

With eyes that were unable to see, Yin Hanjiang did not have to identify which one was real Wen Renhe from a group of illusions, he also wore a mask so that Wen Renhe could not see his expression, these two assurances calmed Yin Hanjiang’s mind a little, so he could ask about what he was the most concerned about: “Venerable, why do you have to rely on divine blood to solidify your form?”

Wen Renhe briefly talked about what happened in the Underworld Blood Sea, and Yin Hanjiang understood it as soon as he heard it. These people from the cultivation world most likely destroyed Wen Renhe’s physical body. So with his body lost, he could only use his soul to cultivate, although his cultivation increased greatly after he absorbed the chaotic energy, it was not a way to regain his body.

Knowing Wen Renhe’s experience in the past year or so, Yin Hanhiang hated He Wenchao in his heart even more, making his expression under the mask twist even more.

“The power in the divine blood has to be preserved for Baili Qingmiao for the purpose of subduing the divine consciousness so I can’t use it willfully. Xuanyuan sect still needs you to manage it, about the blood demon ancestor’s matter, you can do whatever you want.” Wen Renhe said.

Through entering his soul last night, Wen Renhe knew that he was depressed in his heart, and had been living in his own shadow all the time. If he was not allowed to stand in front of others to rebuild his confidence, it would be impossible to eliminate his heart demons. The only way was to let him vent out, and He Wenchao and the blood demon ancestor would be the best breakthrough.

Yin Hanjiang immediately cheered up when he heard that he could protect Wen Renhe. Yes, the people of Xuanyuan sect must not find the weakness of the devil venerable, he must protect his lord!

Seeing Yin Hanjiang spirit perking up, Wen Renhe said again: “Last night, the situation was urgent so I needed to use the art of entering the soul to appease your spirit temporarily.  This technique can only be used once every 15 days, and needs to be used several times for you to be completely cured. Do you… Would you like me to enter your soul again?”

Yin Hanjiang said, “It is an honor for this subordinate that the venerable is willing to save me, how could I not want to!’

Wen Renhe sighed, he said helplessly: ‘Yin Hanjiang, I don’t want you to call yourself a subordinate, and I don’t want you to call me venerable.”

Yin Hanjiang froze, asking him to call Wen Renhe by his name, how… could it be possible.

Wen Renhe did not want to force Yin Hanjiang to do anything so he just said: “For the time being, when the heart demons are not cured you can still call me like this, but after they are cured I will be angry if you continue to call me like this.”

Wen Renhe knew that Yin Hanjiang was very upset because he could not tell him apart from the illusion, and did not want him to see his more dark side, so he thoughtfully said: “I need to refine my soul, so I will practice at the spiritual spring in the back of the mountain.  You can just do your things or come to spiritual spring the next time I will need to enter your soul or… you can come to spiritual spring when you want to see me.”

Yin Hanjiang naturally wanted to see Wen Renhe all the time, but he also knew that his state was not right, forcing himself to go would only add to the worries of Venerable so he just nodded in response, he felt a warmth in his hand and touched something soft.

Wen Renhe gently kissed Yin Hanjiang palm and took away the 《Abusive Love Affair》 from his arms and disappeared.

He was gone for a long time before Yin Hanjiang slowly took off his mask. He stood alone in the hall, sometimes smiling and sometimes gloomy, his expression terrifying.

Yin Hanjiang thought about a lot of things, but he didn’t seem to be able to think about anything. He went to the table on which the information that Zhong Liqian had received from the “Xìnxiāo” was placed upon, and that he had still not had time to process.

Before, Yan Hanjiang ordered the “Xìnxiāo” organization to investigate the whereabouts of those scums who slandered Xuanyuan sect. “Xìnxiāo” organization, which was washed clean through a bloodbath by the new patriarch, worked very hard and collected the movements of more than a dozen people in just one day. Yin Hanjiang left with the list and brushed past Zhong Liqian who was standing in front of the door.

Zhong Liqian: “……”

Three days later, Yin Hanjiang came back with several disciples of the righteous path tied up and carried them to the main altar before throwing them to Zhong Liqian: “I’ve got these people.Next I will also get He Wenchao. Think of the way to lure those experts out. I want the blood demon ancestor to have nowhere to hide in front of everyone”

Zhong Liqian: “… A few days ago, Patriarch Yin gave his subordinates a month’s time, and it’s only been three days. Even if you capture these disciples, we still need to find a way to control them and then sneak back to their respective sects to create momentum and cooperate from the inside and outside. It will take some time.”

Moreover, he also had to be the emotional guidance of Wen Renhe who obviously could see through everything and pretend to know nothing, making Zhong Liqian very tired. Yesterday Shu Yanyan came to visit him and picked up a strand of white hair from the ground. Her words were full of disgust as she said that Crane Hair Scholar sounded nice but he shouldn’t become bald.

After becoming linked with Baili Qingmiao through the compulsion Gu, he had sold himself to Xuanyuan sect and embarked on the road of no return.

He was highly respected in the Zhong family, and no one dared to speak loudly in front of him, the scholarly disciples of Zhong Liqian were also highly esteemed. But in Xuanyuan sect he was called upon by the two rulers, trying in good conscience to find ways to help the demonic path eradicate the scum of the righteous path while occasionally being molested by the right protector. The three grandchildren of the left protector also gave him a headache. While he still needed to be Wen Renhe’s and Yin Hanjiang’s emotional guide.

The strange thing was that he did not want to escape from the roles, but rather liked the headache that came with taking upon these complicated tasks.

“I’ll leave these men to you. If the altar masters don’t listen to your dispatch, come to this patriarch. Be sure to solve this matter in the near future, we can’t make Venerable wait long.” Yin Hanjiang said.

Zhong Liqian touched the hair on the top of his forehead and responded helplessly.

Then Yin Hanjiang immediately went to find Shitan Xin and barged into the Underworld fire Altar with a fierce aura that scared a crowd of ghost cultivators to hide as far as they could.

“Have you finished skinning Yao Jiaping?” Yin Hanjiang asked impatiently.

Cough cough, it’s done!” Altar master Shitan presented a set of well-folded human skins with both hands, and handed the shape-shifting instructions to Yin Hanjiang.

Yin Hanjiang accepted the skins with slight disgust, then he took Shitan Xin to the main altar and put him in Baili Qingmiao’s room and said: “Suck back the sickness Qi, I want to take her back to Shangqing school, her being so sickly will slow down this patriarch.”

Baili Qingmiao knew that Yin Hanjiang was going to use her to lure out He Wechao, so unable to bear it, she whispered: “I heard Brother Zhong explain that the person who wanted to kill me that day was not senior brother, but the blood demon ancestor who possessed him, can…”

Yin Hanjiang did not have Wen Renhe’s patience when he dealt with Baili Qingmiao, so he just grabbed Baili Qingmiao neck making her unable to continue to speak and said ruthlessly: “It is an indisputable fact that He Wenchao colluded with the blood demon ancestor. Even if he was being used, the karma can be counted on him. If you refuse to cooperate, I will find a way to break the mountain protection array and slaughter the entire Shangqing sect. The whole sect or one He Wenchao, you can choose one.”

He threw aside Baili Qingmiao and vaguely remembered the ending of the 《Abusive Love Affair》, Baili Qingmiao dared to reject Wen Renhe. He suddenly sneered and said: “You are willing to give up everything because He Wenchao taught you to cherish all living people in the world, then when it’s people against He Wenchao, who will you choose, Baili Qingmiao?”

Yin Hanjiang was too straightforward, he threw the question directly in front of Baili Qingmiao, making it difficult for her to choose: “I ……”

She opened her mouth but was unable to make a decision.

“Is there any need to hesitate about this?” Yin Hanjiang forced her to look at him: “If it were me, there would not be a second answer except Venerable. Baili Qingmiao, you claim that you love He Wenchao and you are willing to ignore Venerable’s goodwill for you because of him, but now it’s just Shangqing sect and He Wenchao and you are unable to choose? Is it He Wenchao you love or are you indulged with someone’s obsession? Think about it! “

His words were like a blow to the head, hitting Baili Qingmiao’s heart.


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