Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 63 – The Art of Entering the Souls

Yao Jiaping hadn’t been skinned yet, Yin Hanjiang wanted intact skin but Yao Jiaping neck was already pierced by Yin Hanjiang. In order to complete the task given by the new patriarch, the master of the Underfire Altar Shitan Xin first carefully treated the wounds of Yao Jiaping with a pill and then put him into the medicinal solution to soak. He must soak for 24 hours before it would be possible to get his exact appearance, otherwise it would be easy to reveal a flaw after changing shape.

Shitan Xin had always been obedient to Xuanyuan sect, but he had never been too important. But today protector Shu and altar master Zhong were reprimanded by patriarch Yin, but he got a task so he was a little happy.

Ever since he took the position of Qiu Congxue and became the altar master of Underworld fire Altar, Shitan Xin heart had been frightened all the time. Altar master Yuan who promoted him, colluded with the righteous path and was killed by Patriarch Yin. Protector Qiu brought back a man named Xie Huai who was a ghost cultivator with a psychical body and said that she would help Xie Huai kill his followers and take over the Underworld fire Altar, when Xie Huai’s cultivation became high enough.

Zhong Liqian, the new altar master of main altar was appointed by Patriarch Yin also regarded Xie Huai as his own disciple, making altar master Shitan silently weep in his heart, feeling that he will one day be killed off and it was difficult to live a long life in a high position.

Fortunately, Patriarch Yin took over the position of sect master and reappointed him so he must complete the task assigned by Patriarch Yin properly, cough cough!

But who knew that just three hours later after he started soaking Yao Jiaping, he received a summons from Devil venerable Wen Renhe.

Venerable had returned? Then who would he listen to from now on?

He didn’t dare to offend anyone, so he picked up the half-dead Yao Jiaping and brought him to Wen Renhe.

After Wen Renhe came back, he came to the room of altar master Zhong. Had the two of them been plotting how to get the Xuanyuan sect back from Patriarch Yin? It was time for him to make his stance clear. Altar master Shitan made up his mind to pass the news to Patriarch Yin so he could make preparations in time. When the time came… Qiu Congxue, Shu Yanyan, Zhong Liqian, Xie Huai…. cough cough!

Altar master Shitan who was still thinking smugly walked into the room and saw that the Patriarch Yin he wanted to defect to had been seriously injured and was lying helplessly in Wen Renhe arms. His cough became even worse.

“Shut up.” Devil venerable, wearing a blue robe was even more powerful than in the past. He didn’t even look at Shitan Xia as his gaze never left Yin Hanjiang’s face, his fingertips tracing the corners of Patriarch Yin’s lips.

The thoughtful Zhong Liqian pulled Shitan Xin aside and transmitted a message: “Don’t disturb the venerable for the time being. Yao Jiaping is not dead, is he?”

He must not want me to behave well in front of devil venerable! Shitan Xin secretly thought, but on the surface, he was still provocative in the voice transmission: “Thank you for your advice, altar master Zhong, he is not dead yet. Cough, cough.”

Zhong Liqian’s face turned to Shitan Xin, he was obviously blindfolded, but it still made Shitan Xin feel like all his thoughts were on display. It must be the moonlight that just happened to shine through the window on Zhong Liqian’s face, which gave him this illusion!

Shitan Xin transmissed: “Is there something wrong with me for altar master Zhong Liqian to look at me like this? Cough cough.”

“Nothing, I just didn’t expect you to bring a cough with your voice transmission.” Zhong Liqian transmitted his voice.

Shitan Xin: “…”

It was just a habit. He cultivated seven earthly suffering so naturally he had to suffer all the time. Even if his sickness was sucked by Baili Qingmiao, he could still pretend to be sick! Cough cough cough!

Shitan Xin did not dare to look at Zhong Liqian afraid that this person would detect his own small thoughts so he looked at the patriarch intently, only to see Wen Renhe lowering his head and approaching Yin Hanjiang face. Their faces got closer and closer, so close that Shitan Xin blushed. When he was about to see what the venerable wanted to do, his hair slipped down and blocked their faces.

After a while, Wen Renhe raised his head and said in an extremely painful and suppressed voice: “This venerable was too hasty.”

Altar master Shitan shrank in the corner of the wall and was so frightened that he bit four fingers with his teeth to prevent himself from making a sound.

Just now he still saw a little something through the gap in the hair. What was venerable doing? Absorbing patriarch Yin cultivation? Zhong Liqian who stood nearby like a blind man did not respond, oh, maybe he wasn’t able to see it.

Wen Renhe didn’t even look at altar master Shitan as his hand stretched out to Yao Jiaping, making him fly to him. Wen Renhe’s five fingers rested against Yao Jiaping heavenly spirit and with a casual jerk, he drew out from Yao Jiaping.

“This is ……” Zhong Liqian couldn’t help but question.

“This venerable learned in Underworld Blood Sea a cultivation method that can completely extract a person’s memories, abilities and collect them for their own use. But it’s just a side effect, not worth mentioning.” Wen Renhe said carelessly.

Underworld Blood Sea sealed 180,000 demon gods, so it was not easy for Wen Renhe to be there for more than a year. He used demon gods to destroy the blood lines on his body, which was the same as destroying the foundation of his blood cultivation. He was also pierced by nine experts before falling into a sea of blood, making him lose all his cultivation.

He gambled on the stone in the book that protected Baili Qingmiao and awakened her divine consciousness. As long as he could get this divine blood, Wen Renhe would be able to cultivate in the sea of blood and absorb chaos energy.

The first thing that happened was that the soul of Wen Renhe was temporarily protected by the divine blood, but likewise, the divine consciousness in the depths of the sea of blood echoed with divine blood constantly dragging Wen Renhe to the bottom of the sea of blood.

That year, Wen Renhe learned the method of cultivating from the divine blood, and absorbing chaotic energy while fighting against the divine consciousness.

There were countless demonic gods at the bottom of the blood sea and they all wanted to kill Wen Renhe and take his place in the cultivation world. The more Wen Renhe fought the braver he became, killing many demonic gods and obtaining their cultivation methods.

He had long wanted to return to the cultivation world, but the divine consciousness bound by the divine blood didn’t let Wen Renhe leave.

It was not until a few days ago that the power of godhood suddenly became weaker, and Wen Renhe had the opportunity to gather his strength to break out of the Underworld Blood Sea.

He later learned from the book that Baili Qingmiao’s heart and soul were badly injured in Underworld Blood Sea, making her extremely close to her divine consciousness and being controlled by divine consciousness, making her want to die. It wasn’t until Yin Hanjiang’s killing intent awakened Baili Qingmiao, making her willpower prevail that the divine consciousness’s binding power over the divine blood became weaker.

Yin Hanjiang did a really good job, he didn’t refine Baili Qingmiao for lamp oil because of hatred but also inadvertently awakened her mind and gave Wen Renhe the opportunity to escape from the Underworld Blood Sea.

Yao Jiaping thought highly of himself and thought that his medical skills are unparalleled. However, Wen Renhe didn’t care whether he was willing to treat Yin Hanjiang because he only needed him for one thing.

It was also because Wen Renhe knew that Yin Hanjiang heart demons could be cured that he dared to tell him that he could be treated first and then change his shape. But after hearing Yin Hanjiang’s reasons, he couldn’t control himself.

It was him who was too careless.

Wen Renhe quietly absorbed Yao Jiaping memories, skimming over his past with Xiao Yi, as well as the pain that was unbearable every time he saw a woman similar to Xiao Yi. He could only remember his past with his beloved when he was with some soft body. For Wen Renhe this was basically a blasphemy of feelings.

No one could replace Yin Hanjiang, and the replacement itself was an insult to Yin Hanjiang.

Soon, he found a way to cure Yin Hanjiang.

Yin Hanjiang’s problem lies not in his body, but in his heart. There was also no problem with his cultivation, only his state of mind couldn’t support his cultivation.

Strong power required a strong state of mind.Once the state of mind could no longer suppress the cultivation realm, you would become possessed. There were two kinds of people that ended up becoming possessed by heart demons, first in order to relieve the frenzy in their body, they became bloodthirsty while others no matter how uncomfortable they were, would never hurt other people.

Yin Hanjiang was obviously the latter, he had become accustomed to enduring.

This kind of injury required a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, channel his genuine Qi in his body and on the other, use a soul art to find the crux of the problem and defeat the demons.

It was easy to channel the genuine Qi , Wen Renhe chaotic energy could be transformed into various kinds of Qi, it was after all the most fundamental energy. Any kind of genuine Qi would be subdued in front of  chaotic energy.

Wen Renhe stuffed the heavenly spirit back into Yao Jiaping body and returned him to altar master Shitan, telling him to do what he needed to do, and to perform the art of skinning as soon as possible while Yao Jiaping was still alive.

He glanced at Zhong Liqian, who had already left the room to set up a guarding array for Wen Renhe leaving only two of them in the room.

Wen Renhe carefully let Yin Hanjiang lie flat, then he bent down and pressed his forehead to Yin Hanjiang’s forehead.

At the moment, he had no entity, the body was the soul and the soul was the body. The light flashed and Wen Renhe disappeared, leaving only a blue robe covering Yin Hanjiang.

Yao Jiaping’s experience told Wen Renhe that it was impossible for him to heal the wounds on heart at once, and he would have to enter his soul several times to do so. What Wen Renhe had to do at this stage was to look for the point in Yin Hanjiang’s memory that made him crazy, and temporarily return Yin Hanjiang to normal. Then he could move a little forward, and constantly install the message “Wen Renhe is not dead, Wen Renhe likes Yin Hanjiang” in Yin Hanjiang’s memory. After Yan Hanjiang slowly accepts it, Wen Renhe could slowly show it and tell Yin Hanjiang about it.

He followed Yin Hanjiang’s memories to a few hours ago to “see” Yin Hanjiang confronting himself.

This time, through Yin Hanjiang’s memory, Wen Renhe finally “saw” how many other illusions were around Yin Hanjiang at that time.

They all had different expressions, from affectionate to indifference to calmness to dominance, “Wen Renhe” surrounded Yin Hanjiang and each of them was a little bit like the original.

“Seeing” this scene, Wen Renhe smiled bitterly, laughing at Yin Hanjiang stupidy and his own conceit.

In Yin Hanjiang’s eyes, there are at least a dozen people who were him so how could he tell which one was true and which was false? It was too difficult.

He looked at the man in memory who, after pouring out his heart, made Yin Hanjiang go crazy. He could have changed the conversation before he said it, but he didn’t do it.

He did not want to change Yin Hanjiang’s memory casually, and even less erase what he himself said. He would not change what had happened.

In his soul Yin Hanjiang read 《Abusive Love Affair》, spitting blood from his mouth, unable to see with his eyes or hear with his ears. Only when he was deep into his soul, Wen Renhe could appreciate how much pain he really was feeling.

It’s not that he didn’t want to believe it but there was nothing he could do about it. When his sense of sight, hearing and even touch was betraying you, how could you believe in anything that was happening around you?

Looking at Yin Hanjiang, who was kneeling on the ground and flipping through a book, Wen Renhe walked over and opened his arms hugging Yin Hanjiang, who did not hide his vulnerability in front of Wen Renhe and whispered: “You can see me as a heart demon, I will no longer force you to believe me. But at this moment at least allow me to say something, at least hear my words and don’t push me away.”

Entering the soul he became nothing more than a soul body, because everything here already happened, Yin Hanjiang would collapse again because of memory. He stopped and felt the warm body temperature of the person behind him.

No one forced him to believe anything more so Yin Hanjiang leaned in Wen Renhe arms and quietly closed his eyes.

As soul body Wen Renhe kissed Yin Hanjiang forehead and grasped his cold fingertips as he said softly: “You might not believe it, but at least look forward to it, accept that I am still alive, okay? You know that there are very few things in this world that can hurt you. “

Venerable was still alive, it made Yin Hanjiang very happy just to hear it so he closed his eyes and nodded meekly: “mm-hmm.”

Seeing that he was willing to believe this, Wen Renhe became quite relieved. Now that Yin Hanjiang’s mind was traumatized, it would hurt his soul if he stayed here for too long. Wen Renhe knew that it was about time and it was already too late to explain some things so he just reminded him in a low voice: “Yin Hanjiang, you have read the wrong page, when you wake up, open the 《Abusive Love Affair》and read the content that has already been modified by venerable.”

After saying that, Wen Renhe left Yin Hanjiang’s soul and returned to reality. Being in the room he placed Yin Hanjiang gently on the bed, and left behind three books: 《Abusive Love Affair》, 《The God of Destruction》volume 1 and 3 before turning around and leaving.

Baili Qingmiao did not know how many times she woke up from her coma, but she was so scared by Yin Hanjiang during the day that her fever would not go down. She was having nightmares, when she finally felt better and got up in a daze to get a drink of water she saw a man standing at the head of her bed in the dark.

“Senior, Senior Wen Renhe!” Baili Qingmiao was covered in a cold sweat, but the fever subsided considerably.

“This Venerable has just come to tell you something, you should understand it after hearing it.” Wen Renhe said.

“The junior will listen, senior Wen Renhe, are you alive or dead?” Baili Qingmiao asked.

“This Venerable is still alive.” Wen Renhe said: “The words that this venerable wants you to hear it that Wen Renhe likes Yin Hanjiang.”


The author has something to say.

Baili Qingmiao: Wait, why are you telling me this?

Zhong Liqian patting her shoulder: You need to learn how to stay quiet just like me, just smile.


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