Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 38 – Crane Hair Scholar

Wen Renhe closed his sense of smell and avoided seeing Yin Hanjiang as much as possible.

After thirty years of seclusion he not only failed to find a way to recover his body, but as time went on, his thirst for the blood soul became even greater than in the past.

When he cut off his five senses to cultivate, he even learned the method of using blood soul cultivation without any teacher. First, wrap the other person’s body with the bloody mist, melt it into blood, and then guide the blood to flow through the cut marks. After 36 days of rotating it the cultivator would be completely absorbed, not even dregs are left. Even his genie Qi could be preserved without any loss.

It takes at least 100 years for a Mahayana cultivator to cultivate this realm even if he is gifted and meets countless divine opportunities. While it only took three days for a blood cultivator to fully absorb the skills of the Mahayana cultivator.

If he changed to the art of soul carving during his foundation building period, and there were enough cultivators to absorb it would only take less than a year to reach the Lofty Golden Immortal, within ten years he could ascend to the immortal world and become a god.

Wen Renhe once said that ‘cultivation’ of the righteous way was completely different from the ‘cultivation’ of the demonic path. What was a demon? Within a world, as long as there was a ‘demon’ this realm would not birth to an inch of grass and all living things would be wiped out. This was the true ‘demon’.

Three thousand paths and countless small worlds give birth to countless demons, the ancient innate gods worked together to seal 180,000 demons. After most of them became injured, they sealed the 180,000 demons in the demonic world. The only passage between the demon world and other worlds was the underworld blood sea, which escaped death.

Yin Hanjiang received the order from Wen Renhe and went to altar master Yuan to check the list of Xuanyuan sect members. This kind of trivial matter was ignored by Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang, so all personnel affairs were generally managed by the relatively smooth altar master Yuan. If he wanted to find Cen Zhengqi he needed the help of altar master Yuan.

It was only after he left that Wen Renhe slowly turned around.

Thirty years have passed, how much he hoped that  Yin Hanjiang would reach the Mahayana realm,

To be able to reach the level of forgetting things so he would not become crazy after his death, so that he could enter the netherworld with peace of mind.

In 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》He Wenchao together with blood demonic ancestor along with Cen Zhengqi, took advantage of the news of the Baili Qingmiao’s death to lead Wen Renhe to underworld blood sea. After the battle they knocked him into the Underworld Blood Sea.

Some things seemed to be fated so Wen Renhe was destined to enter the Underworld Blood Sea where his bones would be buried.

During the massive demonic war he got rid of the fate of being saved by Baili Qingmiao. Baili Qingmiao, with the help of Zhong Liqian, finally also let go of He Wenchao. Wen Renhe thought that after doing so much his fate finally deviated a little bit. But who knew that after 30 years of cultivation he would make no progress, the Underworld Blood Sea seemed to be the place that he had to go.

Then Yin Hanjiang going crazy, was it also a predetermined fate?

No it was not, Wen Renhe looked at his only remaining hand and clenched his fist.

After making preparations for the worst, Wen Renhe began to prepare for going to the Underworld Blood Sea. First he needed to solve the aftermath.

When he got the《The God of Destruction》more than 30 years ago, Wen Renhe didn’t pay attention to Cen Zhengqi, the traitor of the demonic sect mentioned in the book. For one thing, he really didn’t remember this name and there were so many people in the Xuanyuan sect. Four altar masters and his two protectors were all put in charge of it. Earlier Wen Renhe met  Shu Yanyan’s subordinate named “Helian ” so how could he remember Cen Zhengqi?

He ordered Yin Hanjiang to search, hoping that he would be as far away from Wen Renhe as possible but still relatively close to him, keeping a distance that could avoid the blood cultivation instincts but not make Yin Hanjiang feel alienated.

Wen Renhe didn’t care whether his subordinates had a rebellious heart or not, if you didn’t want to be a disciple of the Xuanyuan sect of this devil venerable you were considered not a good disciple. But Cen Zhengqi in the original book has three sins: First, colluding with He Wenchao to kill Shu Yanyan. He Wenchao who had a grudge against Shu Yanyan, and after befriending the plain-looking Cen Zhengqi he set a trap to kill Shu Yanyan. Second, he helped He Wenchao get rid of people who did not support him as the main person in the righteous path and put it all on Wen Renhe. Third, he joined hands with He Wenchao to kill Wen Renhe.

After the death of Wen Renhe, Cen Zhengqi returned to the Xuanyuan sect while He Wenchao and Baili Qingmiao ascended. He didn’t know if the second volume would still have the plot about Xuanyuan sect and how many of four altar masters and two protectors were left.

Even if he wanted to enter the Underworld Blood Sea in future, it would be better to enter by himself than to be forced by a traitor.

Altar master Yuan was the most suitable person to complete this task and the only person who would never ask questions was Yin Hanjiang.

Yin Hanjiang found altar master Yuan and took the list of disciples. The list was very detailed, including the names of the people who had fallen down when the old patriarch was there. There were also mentions of when and where they entered Xuanyuan sect and by whom they were introduced, and what changes had occurred in the middle. Altar master Yuan remembered it all clearly.

“This old man joined Xuanyuan sect 300 years ago and became altar master 200 years ago. After that, there are all kinds of records. The records from two hundred to three hundred years ago are not very complete. There are also no records from three hundred years ago.” The altar master Tuan called himself an old man but actually he was not that old. He was just a little fat so he looked like an ordinary middle-aged man.

Yin Hanjiang looked at the record carefully and found that there was no one with the name Cen Zhengqi on it. He returned records of the last 200 years to altar master Yuan, leaving only a list of incomplete records from 200 to 300 years ago. He joined the Xuanyuan Sect three hundred years ago and was still alive, he planned to investigate these people one by one.

“What’s the use of asking for a record? Can’t this old man be of any help? ” Altar master Yuna said with a grin to Yin Hanjiang.

“No need.” Yin Hanjiang put away the record but did not say the name “Cen Zhengqi” aloud.

If he was really a traitor and had changed his name,  it would only alarm him if the news got out.

Facing the list, he first ruled out those who were under Nascent soul realm, in  Xuanyuan Sect their cultivation was too low to even have the chance to become a traitor. Those who had been alive in the past two hundred years were only protectors and altar masters as well as their confidantes.

Three hundred years ago, Qiu Congxue was a ghost cultivator of the Underworld Fire Altar. But she did not have the brain so she couldn’t be a traitor, excluded. Shu Yanyan came one hundred and fifty years ago. She relied on the old sect master to become the right protector when she came to the Xuanyuan sect, she could also be excluded. However, there was a person named Helian under Shu Yanyan, who had been a disciple of the Xuanyuan Sect since three hundred years ago and had no detailed records about him. It was strange that such a person had been content to be Shu Yanyan’s male favorite all this time.

 In the end, the candidates selected were Helian and the three altar masters, Miao, Ruan, and Yuan, who were not easy to investigate.

Yin Hanjiang returned and reported the results of the investigation to Wen Renhe sitting in the chair who was holding Abusive Love Affair in his hand and nodded slightly in praise.

Cen Zhengqi did not appear until a hundred years after the development of the plot so it was possible that he would join in the future. However, at present, the four people investigated by Yin Hanjiang could not be ignored and needed to be observed in secret.

In addition to taking care of the traitor, he was also concerned about Baili Qingmiao’s side.

Baili Qingmiao, elder Qingxue and Zhong Liqian have been wandering for 30 years. Judging from the details in the book, Qiu Congxue repeatedly got exposed and it was all thanks to Zhong Liqian cover up and Baili Qingmiao simple-minded nature that it was easy to deceive that her identity was not discovered. There has been no plot conflict in the past 30 years, so the author only wrote a few chapters about their daily lives. But it still made Wen Renhe feel cold sweat for Qiu Congxue, not to mention Zhong Liqian, who was in the center.

It was written that twenty-two years ago his hair turned white overnight, and now his white hair he looked like an immortal.

Why would Zhong Liqian hair turn white twenty-two years ago? The reason was that Baili Qingmiao took in a “young”, “youthful”, “sunny” and “kind” 18-year-old disciple at that time. Speaking of this disciple, Baili Qingmiao and him had quite a backstory. Eighteen years ago she went down the mountain for the first time to gain experience. After passing by a haunted village she helped this village to exorcise the ghost, for this reason she arrived at Wanli ice fields a few days late, and  made Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang wait for her.

Eighteen years later, by coincidence, Baili Qingmiao came to this village again and found that a young man who had been practicing martial arts since childhood had entered the Qi Refinement realm  without a teacher and was just one step short of Foundation Building. At that time, Baili Qingmiao had already achieved the Soul Transformation realm when she saw such a good qualification, she was inspired to take on a disciple. Taking advantage of the fact that Zhong Liqian was helping Qiu Congxue get rid of the righteous cultivators who were chasing her and had no time to take care of her she helped this teenager advance to Foundation Building. When Zhong Liqian came back after taking care of righteous cultivators, the teenager had already bowed three times to Baili Qingmiao as his teacher, and Baili Qingmiao led him to introduce him to Zhong Liqian and Qiu Congxue.

Divine consciousness perceives the young man as “sunshine” in front of Baili Qingmiao, but when his back was turned to Baili Qingmiao his expression became gloomy and his eyes vicious. Qiu Congxue vigorously praised the teenager as a good boy so grandmother and grandson quickly hit it off. But Zhong Liqian covered his head with a headache.

He then heard Baili Qingmiao say happily: “Elder brother Zhong, Xiu Huai was born on the day I exorcised ghosts. We are especially destined, right?”

Zhong Liqian was filled with worry and wanted to stop her from accepting disciples, but could not beat Qiu Congxue, so he could only  sit silently all night and when the sun went up his scattered hair became white.

Baili Qingmiao: “……”

“Brother Zhong, is it because I took in a disciple last night and you are afraid that I will not be able to teach him well that you sat down all night which made your hair white?” Baili Qingmiao said sadly.

Zhong Liqian shook his head slowly, Baili Qingmiao said one thing wrong. In fact she was very happy and looking forward to it after accepting her disciples. The reason why he was sad all night was because that night Zhong Liqian looked up at the stars in the sky and was sure that he would never be able to teach Baili Qingmiao well, Baili Qingmiao affected by his emotions was sad all night.

“Cultivators will be able to reshape their physical appearance after the Nascent Soul realm. No matter how worried I am, I will not have white hair overnight.” Zhong Liqian tied up his loose hair and tidied himself up in a neat and decent manner.

The implication was that he turned his hair white himself, and did not intend to change it.

Baili Qingmiao was puzzled, readers of a revised version of 《Abusive Love Affair 》also didn’t understand.

 [This trip of three people is absolutely incredible. These three people share a total of three eyes, which happens to be one for each person. This is fair, but what’s the matter with three people sharing one brain? Is Zhong Liqian a little too tired to care!]

[I was wrong. I only knew that Qingxue was full of energy. I thought she was a good match for the silly sweet flower heroine, but I didn’t know that she would go this far. If it wasn’t for Zhong Liqian, these two people would have been killed when they wander the word. Either elder Qingxue would kill everyone she met on the way, or the two of them would be killed. Fortunately, there is Zhong Liqian.]

[No, why is Qing Xue’s character getting more and more wrong? When Nanguo family invited their friends to attend a banquet for their newborn child on the night of the banquet, she overturned the spirit tablet in the backyard of the family revealing the truth that the Nanguo family deprived spiritual root of their concubine sons and branch children to raise a first son with a single spiritual root, releasing the grievances of countless children who died tragically. ]

[Upstairs, isn’t this a good thing? What a kind-hearted person Qingxue is!]

[The problem is that she not only did not join her fellow members of the righteous path to accuse the Nanguo family but she captured the head of the family with an excited expression and asked how they cultivated such excellent resentment souls… she also asked if these resentment souls could be given to her? If not for Zhong Liqian’s explanation that she was being sarcastic, the righteous cultivators that day would have suppressed her along with the resentful souls of the Nanguo family.]

[The first time she heard about the evil art of stealing spiritual roots, she stared so brightly at Baili Qingmiao. I was creeped out by it, I was afraid that once Baili Qingmiao woke up from her sleep, her spiritual roots would be gone.

[I don’t believe it. Anyway, I think Madam Qingxue favors Baili Qingmiao the most. She must be trying to save the poor children. ]

[The person who said this upstairs is as silly and sweet as Baili Qingmiao, right? The problem of Madam Qingxue, even Zhong Liqian, a blind man can see, The eyes of Baili Qingmiao that can’t notice anything shouldn’t they be donated to Zhong Liqian? Give them to Zhong Liqian!]

[I don’t care about the struggle between Qing Xue and Zhong Liqian to steal the silly sweet flower heroine’s spiritual root. I only care about one thing. Author check out your own work title 《Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change》 If you pat your conscience, are the things in the text worthy of this title? 】

[This novel is irrelevant to the subject, I’m glad to see it.]

[ I’m glad to see it +10086]

Baili Qingmiao did not understand why Zhong Liqian became white-haired, but Wen Renhe who was reading the book, understood that he was practicing a spell to restrain ghost cultivation – Zi buyu.

This was a spell that could only be learned by those of the four great families who study Confucianism and those who acquire it will experience the vicissitudes of life overnight, as evidenced by their beautiful hair. After learning Zi Buyu, ghost cultivators would not dare to approach them and would be suppressed by the aura of the great virtues.

Sure enough, since Zhong Liqian’s hair turned white,Qiu Congxue and male lead no.5 ghost cultivator Xiu Huai became much more honest. At least Qiu Congxue, a former ghost in the Xuanyuan Sect, learned to think twice before acting. She knew that she should discuss it with Zhaong Liqian first so there would be no more tragedies in which three people were hunted and killed by dozens of cultivators.

After Zhong Liqian cultivated Zi buyu, he took advantage of his travels to sow ideas among the people to teach rural children how to read and discussed literacy texts with them. The three generations of Qiu Congxue, Baili Qingmiao and Xiu Huai also obediently listened to Zhong Liqian command and set up schools together. Twenty years later, Zhong Liqian realized his own dao “these who learn and preach the dao accept the karma to dispel doubts” and completely broke away from the shackles of Zhong family’s fame and advanced to Mahayana realm by virtue of his own strength.

After the Mahayana realm he could already make his hair black, but Zhong Liqian himself felt that white hair was more conducive to education, so he didn’t change it and called himself Crane Hair Scholar, leaving his name in the cultivation world.

Thirty years later, everyone has progressed and Baili Qingmiao also became more and more quiet in the years of her school career, but the author seems to have finally remembered that he this novel title was 《Abusive Love Affair》so Baili Qingmiao received a letter from her master.

Immortal Qing Rong wrote that the sect leader who had been in a coma for many years could recover only by using a lock core herb as the main medicine. The Shangqing sect got the news that the Purple Spirit Pavilion, which has been secluded for many years, had this medicine, and He Wenchao has already gone to the Purple Spirit Pavilion to ask for this medicine but met with a lot of difficulties from the Purple Spirit Pavilion so they were afraid it would be difficult to get the medicine. If it was convenient for Baili Qingmiao, she hoped that she could go to the Purple Spirit Pavilion to help her elder martial brother seek medicine.

After reading the words “He Wenchao” Baili Qingmiao’s heart ached again after a long silence.

Zhong Liqian felt Baili Qingmiao’s heartache and said indifferently: “Let’s go together, the teacher’s kindness has to be repaid, the sins of love have to be overcome. Avoidance is not the way, after traveling for so many years it’s time to see if your state of mind has grown. “

The group of four, currently led by Zhong Liqian seeing him agree, set off for the Purple Spirit Pavilion.

The Purple Spirit Pavilion on the Taiyin Mountain in the far north, it was a secluded and neutral sect. They also did not send anyone to fight in the massive demonic war which was very mysterious.

The modified version of the plot ended here, Wen Renhe did not forget that Purple Spirit Pavilion’s hidden scattered immortal was beaten by him, but also remembered the method of taking over the body.

In fact, the scattered immortal and the blood cultivator have the same characteristics, they both have lost their physical bodies and their souls were integrated. He wondered if the method of possessing the body of the scattered immortal of the Purple Spirit Pavilion could temporarily relieve the blood cultivator’s thirst for blood souls?

Wen Renhe closed the book and decided to also depart for the Purple Spirit Pavilion.


The author has something to say:

Zhong Liqian: In these thirty years, I seem to have grown up a lot, and witnessed the vicissitudes of the world.

Qingxue, Xiu Huai (whisper): This village seems to have ghosts, why don’t we go to ……

Zhong Liqian: Hmm?

Qingxue, Xiu Huai (head held high, revealing a red scarf) Let’s go to fulfill her wish so she can cross over and enter the reincarnation circle.

Baili Qingmiao (happy): brother Zhong Liqian, look how well behaved my disciple is!

Zhong Liqian: …… my heart is tired.


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