Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 12.2 – Mountain rain is approaching

Yin Hanjiang changed his grip on the sword and the magic sword flashed in response to his Qi. He held the sword that was trying to use the illusion to lure him into the nightmare. His body was overflowing with blood, as he used his sword Qi to blow away the surrounding illusion!

Wen Renhe, feeling the familiar sword Qi, showed an imperceptible smile, with his halberd braced against the ground, he stood on top of the mountain, quietly guarding Yin Hanjiang.

Soon, three months went by.

Shu Yanyan’s subordinates informed her that the righteous path started to make their move and cultivators above the Golden Core realm gathered and started marching in the direction of Xuanyuan sect.

“Meet the enemy first, this Venerable will need some more time.” Wen Renhe ignored Shu Yanyan’s anxiety, and the halberd remained motionless.

The Massive Demon War was going to last for ten years, so few days didn’t matter.

Shu Yanyan was almost anxious to death when she received the order from Venerable. As Devil Venerable of the demonic sect shouldn’t he be eager to kill all those righteous cultivators at this time? What was he waiting for? Wait! Before the righteous senior cultivators make a move, shouldn’t they kill all disciples under Soul Transformation Realm  like chopping vegetables to show the power of the demonic sect?!

After sulking for a while, she made the command of Wen Renge into a token. After transferring it to the other four altar masters she picked up the veil and covered her face.

A subordinate stepped forward and hugged Shu Yanyan waist, biting her ears and asked ambiguously “Protector, why are you wearing a veil? It is such a pity to cover such a beautiful face.”

Shu Yanyan chuckled: “This time I joined hands with altar master Qiu to cut off the Desperate Spirit Formation (need to check previously used formation name), which contains people. I don’t want them to see me for the time being.”

“Eh?” The subordinate wondered: “Is there anyone, that Protector is afraid to see?”

Shu Yanyan pinched his chin, with a restrained smile but her gaze was sharp: “It’s not that I’m afraid, but some desserts are more interesting if you leave them to tease till the end.”

Shu Yanyan and Qiu Congxue rendezvoused at the place of Xuanyuan Sect’s spiritual vein. Soon a bunch of righteous disciples arrived, led by an Elder. Shu Yanyan looked at them, alert and slightly panicked: “This is Xuanyuan sect gate. No outsiders are allowed!”

The soul combination realm elder said: “This is the witch, who cultivates the art of enchantment, everyone silently recite the Clear Heart Mantra and focus on setting up the formation, don’t be bewitched by her!”

The disciples listened to the order and ran to their respective positions according to the plan, 108 disciples holding 108 Demon Descending Flags, using their true power to insert the Demon Descending Flags into the Earth Vein Intercept Point, circulating their true Qi and setting up the Desperate Spirit Formation.

He Wenchao silently recited the Clear Heart Mantra but his heart was still agitated.

It had been three months since junior sister Baili had been at odds with him, and no matter how he tried to explain his relationship with Shu Yanyan and coaxed her, Baili Qingmiao only shook her head in frustration, saying that she wanted to be alone.

After all his coaxing, she would even ask He Wenchao with a sad face: “Aren’t you sad that Miss Shu is dead?”

Of course he was sad, it was a rare Yin body. Thanks to her, He Wenchao’s cultivation progressed extremely fast. How could he not be sad? But at this time, no matter what he would answer it would be answer of death. If he answered that he was ‘sad,’ younger martial sister would believe they really had a relationship. If he answer he wasn’t sad, younger martial sister would say that the woman he knew died in front of him and if he wasn’t sad, he was really too cold-hearted.

He Wenchao understood Baili Qingmiao, she was very lovely, but sometimes she was too savagely. So his answer was: “We knew Miss Shu for a while, she died in front of you and me. It’s impossible not to be sad, after all I’m not a heartless person. But Sister, we need to look forward, that’s how the path of cultivation is. We may face more life and death in the future, we have to learn to understand.”

He cleverly transformed Baili Qingmiao’s suspicion of himself and Shu Yanyan into the fragility in the face of life and death. His sister always listened to him, and sure enough, she thought about life and death and gradually let it go.

It was really a pity that he hasn’t been forgiven yet. He hoped that after the Massive Demonic War and life and death separation, Sister would cherish this relationship even more.

He Wenchao wasn’t worried about Baili Qingmiao’s safety, she was at the back with Yao Wendan, ready to rescue the injured disciplines, which was the safest place. He Wenchao would also be there after the Desperate Spirit Formation was set up, the Demonic Qi would soon collapse without the support of Heaven and Earth Qi. 108 Demon Descending Banners would open borders to protect the disciples who set up the formation. This was an immortal treasure formation, so even if Devil Venerable himself came, he might not be able to break it.

Under the protection of the soul combination realm elder, two demonic cultivators could not stop them at all. Soon the formation would be formed, and the Qi of the entire Xuanyuan Sect mountain range would be completely drained.

He Wenchao looked at the two witches who were fighting with the elder and thought that the woman wearing a veil was somewhat familiar. He Wenchao might have met her in the past when he went down the mountain to get rid of the demons.

He found himself distracted, busy reciting the Clear Heart Mantra and concentrating on supporting the formation.

When the elder saw that the array had been completed, he quickly retreated. Planning to retreat into the protection of the array. But unexpectedly, the black robed woman who was beaten down by him suddenly smiled strangely. The black robe was blown away by the wind, revealing countless hungry ghosts and eerie white bones beneath her robe.

This woman actually only had one head, with not even a bit of flesh and blood under her!

Qiu Congxue stretched out her right hand and white bones clasped the shoulder of the elder, then countless hungry ghosts rushed to the elder along her fingertips. The miserable cry of ghosts made the elders numb. He wanted to cast a technique to disperse these fierce ghosts. However, a vicious spirit surged into his dantian, making him unable to mobilize half of his genniue Qi!

“Mahaya… you, you are Qiu Congxue, the Mahayana realm ghost cultivator!” The elder of the soul transformation realm shouted. He wanted to tell the disciples to retreat as soon as possible, but one of the hungry ghosts already bit off his tongue, making him speechless.

Mahayana realm expert was here. How could they defeat her? How could they be allowed to successfully set up an array? The demonic path was prepared for this!

Oh no. ..

This was the last thought of the soul transformation realm Elder, who was surrounded by countless hungry ghosts, his consciousness fading as he was dragged into the dao of hungry ghosts.

This elder was from the Biluo Sect. Seeing the tragic death of the elder, Biluo Sect’s disciple’s eyes turned red as he shouted: “Martial uncle!

“Hush ……” a white bone finger was held against this crying disciple’s mouth across the array. The pale woman showed her white teeth and laughed lightly: “Set up the array carefully, don’t let your martial uncle die in vain. Don’t even think of withdrawing the array and ruining away, you might still be protected by the array. But if even one flag is pulled out, everyone will die and I won’t let you escape.”

She didn’t know how many hungry ghosts were under her black robe. Within a short time, she covered all ten-mile radius. There was blood mist outside the Desperate Spirit Formation, and the disciples couldn’t see outside at all, so they could only struggle to support the array.

Obviously they were the ones who had cut off the spirit veins, so why did they have the feeling that they were the ones being trapped?

The 108 disciples heard Qiu Congxue’s voice in the blood mist, “If the righteous path wants to provoke a war against the demonic path, my Xuanyuan Sect will welcome it with open doors. But it’s best to have a fair fight. I don’t like such trickery as cutting off spirit veins.”

He Wenchao immediately said: “ Everyone, don’t panic! There’s no way for her to break through the Desperate Spirit Formation, as long as we persist, division elders will come to our rescue after our win. This time, even scattered immortals are out, they are mare Mahayana realm cultivators! Her words are meant to shake our minds and make us unable to maintain the array, so that she can break through without attack. Don’t fall into her trap!”

His words appeased all the disciples and they immediately sealed their five senses and focused on maintaining the array. The boundary became stronger, and the fierce spirits couldn’t get close.

Shu Yanyan asked her subordinate to move her reclining chair and lazily laid on it. Watching Qiu Congxue frighten the disciples, she couldn’t help yawning and saying: “We’re really bad guys.”

“What?” Qiu Congxue’s icy cold gaze swept over Shu Yanyan’s delicate body.

“It’s nothing,” Shu Yanyan rested her chin, “This is the true nature of the demonic patch. I like to be the bad guy.”

“Be patient, don’t spoil the Lord’s plan. He wants to draw the righteous experts out for a battle.” Qiu Congxue warned.

“Che, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Shu Yanyan rolled her eyes in an unsightly manner. 

Unknown to all, Devil Venerable stayed in the valley. The Desperate Spirit Formation didn’t affect the aura around the Burning Sky Drum at all. He patiently waited for another forty-nine days and then he saw a powerful sword piercing the black fog in the valley. Yin Hanjiang’s demonic sword flew to the front of him.

The restless spirit of the demonic sword was so weak that Yin Hanjiang firmly held it in his hand making it unable to set off any more waves.

“Second level of Void realm.” Wen Renhe patted Yan Hanjiang shoulder in satisfaction, and with a swing of his long sleeves, he turned around: “Follow me to meet the enemy!”


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