Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 62 – Love Never Lasts

Even though he knew that it was an illusion in front of him, Yin Hanjiang could not let go of the shadow of Wen Renhe. Even if it meant that his life wouldn’t be long, Yin Hanjiang wanted to see Wen Renhe even if it was an illusion.

The reason why heart demons were an obstacle to cultivation was precisely because those who were caught up in it, did not want to leave.

When reading 《Abusive Love Affair》carefully the point that Wen Renhe paid most attention to was always Baili Qingmiao, he didn’t understand the heroine’s willingness to hold out her bloody heart to be trampled by He Wenchao.

At this moment, when Yin Hanjiang also offered such a vividly beating heart, Wen Renhe once again didn’t understand He Wenchao. When faced with such a heart, how did He Wenchao manage to fail her, hurt her and still demand her endless devotion in the name of love? He was able to hurt Baili Qingmiao just because Baili Qingmiao loved him.

Now, a heart was in front of him.

Wen Renhe took out the divine blood and held the stone tightly, ignoring the fact that he now had no clothes he grabbed Yin Hanjiang hand and pressed it to his face.

Yin Hanjiang never dared to pierce through this invisible barrier so Wen Renhe came to break it for him.

This last step was taken by him.

In Wen Renhe’s absence, the Yin Hanjiang he saw became even more dazzling and glowing than usual, and even more attractive than when Wen Renhe was there. Wen Renhe also saw Yin Hanjiang’s heart, It was not a whim, it was a century-long attachment, it was so deeply rooted that it could not be removed.

As for Wen Renhe feelings, whether Wen Renhe could accept Yin Hanjiang’s heart, Wen Renhe could respond to such profound feelings, the answer has long been self-explanatory.

When Yin Hanjiang kissed him, he did not push back, Wen Renhe was willing to secretly observe and let Yin Hanjiang take charge of the Xuanyuan sect, when he was determined to go into Underworld Blood Sea, he was worried that Yin Hanjiang would lose control, when he saw something good he wanted to give it all to Yin Hanjiang. The seed of love was planted long ago and took root when he read 《Abusive Love Affair》and could not accept that Yin Hanjiang became crazy because of him.

Yin Hanjiang was special. From the very beginning, when Wen Renge passed by the mass grave and a pair of tiny hands grabbed his robe in a deadly grip, Yin Hanjiang took a special place in his heart.

Wen Renhe squeezed Yin Hanjiang’s hands and did not let go, turning sideways he kissed his palm gently: “Yin Hanjiang, this venerable allows you to like me but Patriarch Yin, do you allow me to love you?”

He didn’t know that in Yin Hanjiang’s eyes, there were countless “Wen Renhe” confessing in front of his eyes, and the real Wen Renhe mixed in among them, seemed extraordinarily false.

Wen Renhe thought that Yin Hanjiang’s heart demons were because of his death and desire, so at this moment by revealing his identity the heart demons would also speak for itself. He did not see the images in front of Yin Hanjiang’s eyes, and did not know how false it all seemed. Not only his senses of sight and hearing were blinded by illusion, but even his sense of touch had become unreal.

“No, no, no! Impossible!” Yin Hanjiang wanted to pull out his palm as he shook his head: “You can’t be venerable, you are just my heart demon.”

Compared to the person in front of him, the words of the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven in the second volume of 《The God of Destruction》seemed to be more convincing. Yin Hanjiang’s gaze became frozen as he tilted his head, looking unnatural as he said: “It was the future me who said that, venerable once said that this second volume is a record of fate and venerable is dead, he can’t like he, he likes…”

Yin Hanjiang did not say “Baili Qingmiao” because he didn’t even want to mention this name.

 “I am!” Hearing that Yin Hanjiang believed more in the content of the book, Wen Renhe took out 《Abusive Love Affair》and 《The God of Destruction》volume 1 and 3: “These three you saw me obtain with your own eyes, but heart demons will never show them because you never read them at all. You can open and read them now, the plot has changed so our fate can be changed to.”

Wen Renhe did not forget to take out an ordinary dark blue robe for himself to put on, as he held onto the divine blood with one hand, while the other was wrapped around Yin Hanjiang waist to prevent him from escaping.

When Wen Renhe wanted something he never let the other party have a chance to refuse.

He was now more and more sure that Wen Renhe in 《Abusive Love Affair》definitely never loved Baili Qingmiao, silently loving her and feeling at ease as long as he could see her happy with He Wenchao? Big mistake! Wen Renhe was always selfish in love so if the person he wanted was not his, Wen Renhe would never give up even if it meant going against the heavens.

“Yin Hanjiang, the one who drank with you at the spiritual spring that day was me, in your heart you also know it.” Wen Renhe’s forehead pressed against Yin Hanjiang’s forehead as he said: “Since you like this venerable, you are not allowed to look at heart demons, do you understand?”

“What did you say?!” Yin Hanjiang could not believe it at all, from that day when he took the initiative to respond to heart demons, the one in front of him was no longer an illusion but venerable?

He did not respond to Wen Renhe, his mind was numb, and his headache was almost splitting his head open.

Yin Hanjiang pushed Wen Renhe away and held his head with both hands, feeling himself being divided into several parts.

One side was telling him, believe it, believe that the person in front of you is real. Regardless of whether he is real or fake, just enjoy happiness, and Venerable’s love for you. But the other side was telling him, how can Wen Renhe like you? He has always been fond of Baili Qingmiao and you saw it with your own eyes, he also died in Underworld Blood Sea to protect her. Another part of him was saying, all of it was heart demons, everything was false.

Wen Renhe saw Yin Hanjiang split into several parts and each of them wanted to break out of his body. But he did not dare to pressure any side, busy injecting a chaotic energy into Yin Hanjiang’s body to help him stabilize his soul.

Devil venerable didn’t understand, Yin Hanjiang liked him, so did he. Heart sickness needed a remedy, as long as you are true to your heart, the heart demons would disappear, and everything should be solved? Why would it turn out like this?

“Which one is true and which one is false?” Yin Hanjiang scattered over his red eyes, that made him look nearly insane.

Wen Renhe grabbed the divine blood and said: “Yin Hanjiang, look at me, look at this venerable!”

Yin Hanjiang calmed down a little as his eyes fell on Wen Renhe face, then he titled his head again seeing the red stone in Wen Renhe hand.

“What is this?” He asked, pressing his hands on the stone.

“It’s divine blood.” Wen Renhe replied.

“I’ve seen this stone,” Yin Hanjiang put his hands on the stone, his eyes hesitant as he said in a trembling voice: “Is it real?”

“It’s the one I got in Underworld Blood Sea…”

Before Wen Renhe could explain the origin of the divine blood, which had a very complicated story behind it. Yin Hanjiang had already merged the divine blood with the stone that was thrown to Baili Qingmiao in his memory so he asked: “Will Venerable give this thing to Baili Qingmiao? Venerable entered the Underworld Blood Sea just for it right?”

“It’s not all, I…”

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-” Before Wen Renhe could finish, Yin Hanjiang spewed out a mouthful of blood and let out a bleak laughter.

His almost split soul gradually fused together, but it was not in the way Wen Renhe wanted.

It seemed that Yin Hanjiang heard Venerable say “like”, “Innate goodness” and “destiny” with his ears, but he couldn’t hear it clearly. His vision was blurred and it was hard for his ears to hear the outside world, what was true?

Yes, Venerable said that what was written in the book was true.

Yin Hanjiang grabbed 《Abusive Love Affair》from the ground and casually flipped it to the last page and read aloud what he saw: “Yin Hanjiang grabbed Baili Qingmiao’s neck, his expression hideous and twisted as he said sinisterly: “Venerable died for you, shouldn’t you mourn for him?”

In that moment, he could not hear or see anything and only saw the words before his eyes. He quickly looked at the bottom of the page and saw that he had failed to kill Baili Qingmiao, who had jumped into the Underworld Blood Sea with the divine blood in her arms and regained her divine consciousness. When fusing with her divine consciousness, Baili Qingmiao’s heart secretly lamented that if it wasn’t for Wen Renhe giving her this stone before he died, this time she would have died for sure.

“That’s enough!” Wen Renhe, seeing that Yin Hanjiang only read the content before the revision and didn’t listen to what he said, grabbed the book and tapped in Hanjiang’s forehead with the tip of his finger. The chaotic energy entered Yin Hanjiang’s body, strongly suppressing his genuine Qi that was about to burst.

Yin Hanjiang fainted with his brows still furrowed. Wen Renhe picked him up and in flesh appeared in Zhong Liqian room.

“Why is this happening!” Wen Renhe said as he placed the unconscious Yin Hanjiang on Zhong Liqian’s bed.

Zhong Liqian put down the jade slip in his hand and did not ask what happened, as he checked Yin Hanjiang pulse and asked after a while: “Venerable, why did Patriarch Yin’s mind suddenly in a state of turmoil? He was completely unable to suppress his current strength, which had reached the Immortal realm, causing his genuine Qi to go out of control and nearly explode his immortal soul?”

“This Venerable also wants to know.” Wen Renhe half-hugged Yin Hanjiang, he didn’t understand why things had turned out like this. Isn’t it just a heart demon? Didn’t the heart demon disappear after uniting the heart knot? Could it be that… Yin Hanjiang’s heart knot was not that at all?

Zhong Liqian was silent for a moment then removed his blindfold and looked at Wen Renhe expression. He endured the constant appearance of Baili Qingmiao in his vision to discern Wen Renhe expression and then froze. Wen Renhe probably did not know what his eyes looked when he stared at Yin Hanjiang right now, they were full of heartache, compassion and… fear.

The devil venerable had never been afraid in his life, but in this moment he was afraid of losing Yin Hanjiang.

“Did Venerable say something to Patriarch Yin?” Zhong Liqian asked as he put back his blindfold.

“This venerable …… wanted to become a dao couple with Yin Hanjiang for the rest of his life.” Wen Renhe said this not to Zhong Liqian but to Yin Hanjiang, but Yin Hanjiang couldn’t hear him.

Zhong Liqian’s heart was clear as he said calmly: “Venerable, when I first met Patriarch Yin, I could see the appearance of heart demons in him. I advised him not to ask for it, but he replied that he never asked for it.”

“Although Liqian doesn’t understand love, for many years he has read poetry and books. He also saw miss Baili’s deep love and observed some truth. It is impossible not to ask for those who are in love.”

“Those who do not ask are either not in love enough or don’t dare to ask, venerable what kind do think Yin Hanjiang is?”

Probably not daring to ask, Wen Renhe secretly observed Yin Hanjiang these days and found that he seemed to be sure of one thing, that was, Wen Renhe couldn’t like Yin Hajiang. If it was otherwise it must be a heart demon, a delusion, a falsehood.

“Venerable, whether one is overjoyed or overwhelmed with grief, one’s mind is prone to insanity. Patriarch Yin has just suffered the pain of losing his beloved, and has been unable to believe that venerable may respond to his feelings. His mind is hunted by heart demons. When he encountered a great joy, it was like a cup of porcelain in a blazing fire encountering cold water, when the flame was extinguished, the cup was not able to withstand the impact of the heat and coldness so it broke.” Zhong Liqian said.

Yin Hanjiang’s feelings were not as firm and powerful and unshakeable as Wen Renhe, his feelings were hidden in his heart for years and he didn’t dare to say them to the illusion. If there were no heart demons, and Wen Renhe guided him, boiling him slowly in warm water Yin Hanjiang might have believed it. But now it was too abrupt.

The combination of hot and cold could indeed balance the temperature, but the object inside could it still bear such a huge energy?

Zhong Liqian said: “Venerable, have you heard that if you are in deep love, your wisdom will be hurt? Protector Shu has been playing with people, why did you never pay attention to her? It is because the word ‘love’ is too harmful to the body. Patriarch Yin relied on the ‘obsession’ to forcefully enhance his strength, but the backlash was also stronger than with other methods. Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and great Dao is merciless, on the way to the dao, there is only the path of emotionlessness, there is no path of infatuation.”

“This venerable understands, it is this venerable fault.” It was him who overlooked Yin Hanjiang’s nature and the fact that his heavily traumatized soul was not able to withstand such news.

Wen Renhe pressed his lips to Yin Hanjiang’s burning forehead and firmly said: “But this venerable will not admit his mistake.”

He sent a transmission talisman to the altar master Shitan: “Bring Yao Jiaping to his venerable!”

When the heart was moved it wasn’t easy to put it down. Yin Hanjiang must accompany Wen Renhe, life after life and must not escape even after death. 


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