Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 8.1 – The Master of Ziling Pavilion

Wen Renhe looked at the boiling magma under his feet, and the Seven Killing Stars halberd in his palm shook slightly. Pointing it to the woman dressed in blue, he obviously didn’t intend to let her off the hook so easily.

“Wait a moment!” the woman in blue said. “I have no enmity or resentment against you. You also took the snow flame, so why don’t we just leave it at that?”

She couldn’t beat him, so now she wanted to run away.

“Let you go, sure,” Wen Renhe said. “Left Protector, you have been following me for many years. What kind of opponents do I let go?”

Yin Hanjiang came behind Wen Renhe with his broken arm and said respectfully, “His Lordship is magnanimous and seldom kills potential opponents.”

In fact, few people were killed by Wen Renhe himself. When he attacked Xuanyuan Sect, most of the people were killed by Yin Hanjiang, and Wen Renhe killed only the old patriarch. The rest were killed by Shu Yanyan and other experts. Seeing that Wen Renhe didn’t budge, Yin Hanjiang explained to the woman dressed in blue, “The Venerable seldom fights against cultivators with lower cultivation, they are not worthy of the Venerable’s trouble. For cultivators with potential the Venerable will step back and wait for the other side to improve their strength before fighting.”

The Path of Slaughter was a road paved with death. If you didn’t push yourself to the limit, if you didn’t kill the opponents with the equal standards, and if you couldn’t win against your weakness and gain strength, you wouldn’t be able to advance. Even though Wen Renhe had enjoyed every step he had taken since he stepped on the one-way road and could not turn back, every step he took was a walk on thin ice.

“Can you still improve your strength? Is there anything valuable in you that is of enough worth for this venerable devil to spare you?” Wen Renhe asked. 

The women dressed in blue gritted her teeth and pointed at Baili Qingmiao. “My reason is her.”

“Huh?” Wen Renhe raised an eyebrow. 

Baili Qingmiao was being struck by lightnings, and the 100 meters radius around her was full of silver thunders which looked huge, but it was only the Core Formation stage thunderstorm, so none of the three people took it seriously.

“Speaking of which, why would you give her the snow flame?” Wen Renhe still did not understand.

In the original plot, Baili Qingmiao spent five days looking for the snow flame to treat He Wenchao, but she never met any scattered immortal.

“The snow flame isn’t something I gave her, it was being drawn to her.” The blue-dressed woman knew that it was useless to lie in front of these people, so she said honestly, “I have been in closed door cultivation in the ice field of Wanli for eight hundred years, sleeping under this cold ice thanks to this snow flame. But even though I have been guarding it for so many years, I haven’t absorbed any yang Qi. When it was drawn to her, I had to come to see what was so special about this little girl.”

Yin Hanjiang recalled that the Devil Venerable once said that the snow flame was a chance that no one but only Baili Qingmiao could get. As expected, whatever the Lord said was the only  reasonable in this world. The scattered immortal had been guarding it for so long, but it only took five months for Baili Qingmiao to take it away.

“I already have the Immortal Spirit Qi and can see things that ordinary cultivators cannot. On the verge of death, a divine light from between her eyebrows attracted the snow flame to her. I guess she is related to the remains of an ancient god, so I marked her for future investigation.”

“That’s all?” Wen Renhe looked the woman dressed in blue up and down. “If it was just marking her, why did you need to appear?”

“Isn’t that just because I sensed your presence?” The blue-dressed woman said, ”I was afraid you also saw that this little girl is special and came for the relics of the ancient god. I was afraid that you will get the advantage first, so I was going to expose your identity as a demonic cultivator in front of Baili Qingmiao and kill you to gain her trust, and then find an opportunity to follow her and seize the chance.”

It was very reasonable, this was also what a cultivator should do, so Wen Renhe nodded his head in approval. It was just that this blue-dressed woman was not mentioned in the original plot, why was that? Until the end, you didn’t see her coming out or harming Baili Qingmiao.

“If it hadn’t been for us, would you have contacted Baili Qingmiao?” Wen Renhe asked. 

The blue-dressed woman was silent, seemingly unwilling to answer.

With the slight rise of Wen Renhe’s eyebrows, the Seven Killing Stars halberd glowed with a dark golden light and a great force trapped the blue-dressed woman. Wen Renhe pressed her head towards the magma. It was no ordinary magma, it was sun fire sealed under the ice field of Wanli. Even a single touch would cause great damage to the soul.

When Wen Renhe fought with her before, he found out that it was not her main body, but an clone. With the help of the cold air of the ice field, it was a powerful force. If he could not find the main body, there was no point in killing the clone.

So he directly used the Seven Killing Stars halberd, his own soul-bound magic weapon that was linked with the dark gold pattern on his robe. It could also borrow the power of the sixth star of the South. It used the body as foundation of the array and the killing aura of many years as the center, making the Seven Killing Stars halberd display its power as it was used to melt the snow of the ice field of Wanli and uncover the fire hidden under the ice layer.

It was ridiculous that this land had been frozen for eight hundred years and nobody knew that less than hundred meters below was the fire of the sun.

The blue-dressed woman was born extremely beautiful, her whole person emitted a cold and noble temperament. Her and Shu Yanyan’s beauty was of two different types. She was extremely in love with her own appearance, so when Wen Renhe pressed her down like this, the wound on her face would never be cured unless she ascended to the Immortal Realm and reshaped her body.

“No!” She shrieked and said resignedly, “I’m the Supreme Elder of the  Ziling Pavilion and scattered immortals have no physical restraints. The Master of Ziling Pavilion and I have a pact of dedication, so I need a body I can use in the Ziling Pavilion to do things. I can see that this little girl cultivates the Heart Method of the Upper Qing Sect, so If it wasn’t for you here, I planned to go back to the Ziling Pavilion to discuss it again.”

The Master of Ziling Pavilion? He Wenchao’s wife, who married in order to revitalize the sect, knew that He Wenchao had a childhood sweetheart and was crazy about killing Baili Qingmiao. She was a vicious woman with strong fighting ability.

In the original plot, Baili Qingmiao dragged He Wenchao to the ice field of Wanli. With the craftiness of the scattered immortal, it was easy to see that He Wenchao was Baili Qingmiao’s weakness. Therefore, He Wenchao was turned upside down for his divine power.

Wen Renhe felt all of this was reasonable while reading, except for Baili Qingmiao’s attachment towards He Wenchao. Wen Renhe also didn’t understand the monopolistic desire of those women who were paired with He Wenchao. He didn’t understand why they fought for and even committed murder for this indecisive man. He never thought that love could make people crazy to this extent, but if it was done in order to gain power or success, he could relate.

The remains of ancient gods were extremely valuable for every true cultivator. It was only a pity that this scattered immortal, with all her cultivation, didn’t realise that Baili Qingmiao was not related to the ancient gods’ relics, but that she herself was one of the ancient gods and her divine character could not be taken away by others.

Unless Baili Qingmiao herself would give it to someone else.

Wen Renhe remembered that the leader of Ziling Pavilion spent half of her life sticking to He Wenchao and laying her hands on Baili Qingmiao, yet her strength did not increase, so there was no need to spare her worthless life.

Thinking like this, Wen Renhe’s face remained unchanged as he directly pressed the blue-dressed woman’s head into the hot magma.

The blue dressed woman struggled frantically, using her scattered immortal’s soul force to resist with all her might, but she was still suppressed by the Seven Killing Stars halberd, only slowing down Wen Renhe’s speed slightly.

However, it was in these few seconds that Baili Qingmiao finished her heavenly tribulation, and entered the first layer of Golden Core. She woke up from her heavenly tribulation and opened her eyes.

She blinked blankly first, then looked at her own Dantian. When she saw that she had reached the Golden Core stage she jumped up happily and said, “I finally entered the Golden Core stage, so when I enter the Nascent Soul stage, I can finally be with my elder martial brother!”

Wen Renhe: “?”

He let go of the blue-dressed woman and instantly moved in front of Baili Qingmiao. Yin Hanjiang immediately followed him, standing behind Wen Renhe and watching the blue-dressed woman warily, to prevent her from attempting a secret attack due to a grudge.

With Yin Hanjiang around, Wen Renhe never had to worry about being attacked from behind.

“What did you just say?” Wen Renhe said with a cold face.

“Be with my elder martial brother…” Baili Qingmiao stamped her feet with a red face and said, “Oh, Elder, stop talking about it!”

Wen Renhe grabbed Baili Qingmiao’s wrist, checked her soul force and then looked at her strangely. “Where is your merciless path?”

It was clear that she reached the Golden Core stage because she was enlightened in the merciless path and she had no use for Shangqing Sect’s cultivation method at all. However, after the heavenly tribulations, the merciless path method had disappeared and the soul force in her body was exactly the same as that of He Wenchao, which was the cultivation method of Shangqing Sect.

“Merciless path?” Baili Qingmiao seemed not to remember. “What is the merciless path?”

She had also forgotten the memory of Wen Renhe enlightening her.

“Ah, your brain was indeed struck by lightning,” Wen Renhe sneered.

Otherwise, how could you explain that after the heavenly tribulations, Baili Qingmiao only forgot the matter of the merciless way but was also preoccupied thinking about He Wenchao?

“Take her away from the ice field of Wanli!” Wen Renhe picked up Baili Qingmiao with one hand and threw her to Yin Hanjiang.

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